TOFUH – Chapter 121.1 – We Won’t Sue

Before, the people outside the county courthouse almost overwhelmingly denounced Jiang Zhen but now everyone becomes confused.

“The emperor even send an imperial edict to this Jiang Zhen, what is the origin of this Jiang Zhen?”

“That Jiang Zhen married in someone else family.  From this point of view, it is not right for imperial envoy to ask him to for his parents old age…”

“The whole village, are speaking for that Jiang Zhen ah ……”




The people of Hecheng County were talking but at the same time people who followed Zhou Maohe to this place to study, were also a bit confused – this Jiang Zhen, was he good or bad?

However, Zhou Maohe only becomes angrier.

These people, Jiang Zhen’s people must have paid them to come!

“You are so obsessed with Jiang Zhen money that you perjured yourselves for him?” Zhou Maohe said angrily.

“Your Excellency, we did not ……” Jiang Ping was looking at Zhou Maohe, he was scared by Zhou Maohe so he could not speak smoothly.

However, even if he could not speak fluently, someone else could Zhao Liu’s kneeled down to the ground and said directly: “Your Excellency, you are wrong! Jiang Zhen has never committed crime of unfiliality. He has been filial since he was a child and helped his family with work, since he was five or six he helped to take care of his younger brothers and since he was seven or eight he worked in the fields. Ar 11 or 12 he worked more than his father!”

“Everyone in our village knows that, before he comes to our house he did all the farm work in Jiang family.”

He also single-handedly brought up Jiang Chengxiang and Jiang Xiaomei!”




Zhao Liu continued to say and when she was finished people from Hexi Village immediately reacted.

Yes, Jiang Zhen used to be very filial!

That’s right. In the past, when Jiang Zhen was still in the Jiang family he did all the hard work of the Jiang family.”

If Jiang family had good food it was only given to the two younger sons to eat eldest Jiang did not even have a bite to eat but he was never angry about it.”

Old lady Jiang always beat him, he also suffered hard.”




People of Hexi village spoke one after another.

The people outside were very noisy but Zhou Maohe did not frive them away and even let them talk.

But he did not believe them.

Those rich people are the most treacherous, they were also good at using money to buy others, these people are most likely to be bought!

Zhou Maohe looked at these people with a cold expression: “Don’t talk nonsense, if you perjure yourselves for money and disrupt the public court, each of you will be beaten with board twenty times!”

Twenty boards? The people of Heni Village become a little scared hearing it.

They were already a little afraid of the government so now hearing that they would be beaten they naturally flinched a little. But none of escort working under Jiang Zhen flinched.

“Your Excellency, what we said is the truth!”

He Chunsheng looked at his father, and his father also said loudly, “My lord, when my youngest son was still not married and lived at home I treated him better than this Jiang family treated Jiang Zhen. My lord he should also give me money! How can he not give me money?”

When Zhou Maohe was in the imperial court, he could talk a lot but in front of these people he could not say much.

He was dedicated to people so how could these people not understand it? He could not belive that they were still helping that Jiang Zhen!

What kind of good person can a man like Jiang Zhen be?!

“Lord Zhou, I have something to say.” Jiang Zhen suddenly said.

Jiang Zhen had been in a bad mood till now but now he had already figured it out.

He can’t live a peaceful live at all so when it was time he had to fight for it.

Of course, the top priority was to solve the problem before him first.

Jiang Zhen looked outside the Yamen officers and saw Zhao Jinge standing at the door anxiously as well as people from Hexi village.

He suddenly calmed down.

He’ll be fine.

Jiang Zhen looked at Zhou Maohe and said directly: “Lord Zhou, you came to me at my mother’s birthday banquet last time. I am afraid that you already knew that Jiang’s family wanted to sue me so may I saw a few words now?”

Hearing Jiang Zhen mentions the birthday banquet, Zhou Maohe becomes so angry that he did not even want to fight with him.

At that time, he had a good intention to persuade Jiang Zhen, but he did not expect that Jiang Zhen would not listen at all and even ask people to drive him out!

Looking at Jiang Zhen’s attitude at that time you could tell that he was bad to his parents….

Then say it, I like to see what you have to say! ”Zhou Maohe said.

Jiang Zhen didn’t say a word. Instead, he pulled his belt, ripped off his clothes and taking it off.

Although it was winter now, Jiang Zhen was not afraid of the cold because he has been exercising a lot. He also did not wear much clothes so at this time he could simply strip his clothes very simply.

You!” Zhou Maohe was about to criticize him but he suddenly couldn’t say what he wanted to say anymore.

There were many old injuries on Jiang Zhen’s body.

The wounds on Jiang Zhen’s body belonged to the former eldest Jiang.

During his years in the Jiang family, eldest Jiang was beaten and injured by Jiang family. There were many wounds on his body that had never been treated. Naturally now all of those wounds turned into scars.

Jiang Zhen pointed to a deep wound on his arm: “Lord Zhou, this wound was caused by my mother when I was seven years old.”

He then pointed to the burn on his other arm: “Lord Zhou, this wound was cause by my mother when she burned my when I was sixteen years old.”

“When I was 15 years old, my father burned it with hot bamboo.”

“This wound…”




Eldest Jiang had a  lot of wounds on his body. In fact there were not just left by old lady Jiang and some of these wounds were left by people of the same age from Hexi Village who bullied him.

But at this time, Jiang Zhen blamed it all on old lady Jiang and Jiang butcher. Anyway, they will not able to remember how many times they beat eldest Jiang.

But at this time, Jiang Zhen blamed talking, but he couldn’t say anything. He didn’t know that Jiang couple was so bad to Jiang Zhen.

The scholars who followed Zhou Maohe to come here were also silent at this moment.

People sympathize with the weak. Before, the Jiang family looked too pitiful, so they sympathized with the Jiang family, but now ….

“Your excellency, he is my son, so what if I beat him? Your excellency, he hit us! ” Old lady Jiang cried.

It was just that if she was crying now there were obviously not as many people who sympathize with her as at the beginning.

Zhou Maohe frowned and immediately said: “Jiang Zhen, your parents have given you flesh and blood, it just some chastisement you suffered from…”

“Lord, I have not finished talking!” Jiang Zhen said, “Lord Zhou, I’m not trying to win sympathy, I just want to tell Lord Zhou that their words should not be taken lightly …… they should not have told you that I had lived a life worse than cattle and horses in the Jiang family for more than twenty years.”

Zhou Maohe face stiffened, he previously, really did not know that Jiang father and mother were bad to Jiang Zhen.

“My lord, they did not treat me well, but as my lord said, I was born and raised by them, that why no matter what they did to me I suffered in silence.” Jiang Zhen said, “Your Excellency before I left home, I have been working as they wanted and never complained. I also never had done anything to them after I left home, so please be aware of it!”

“You are talking nonsense, you clearly beat us repeatedly!” Old lady Jiang and the others said one after another.

“Your Excellency, if I really wanted to beat them, why didn’t they leave Hexi village and flee to somewhere else?” Jiang Zhen said.

“You don’t support your parents, seeing that your parent don’t have enough to eat you were still indifferent. What do you have to say about it?” Zhou Maohe asked again.

“I’d like to ask my Lord to search these people.” Jiang Zhen suddenly said.

“Search?” Zhou Maohe was stunned.

“Your Excellency let someone come and search them, then we can know if my parents really did not have enough food to eat!” Jiang Zhen said, he was extremely good at observing people, and after observing these people from Jiang’s family before, he found out one thing.

Old lady Jiang must be hiding some silver.

“On what ground you want to search my body?” Old lady Jiang immediately said, and then said towards Zhou Maohe: “My lord, didn’t you say that you will give us justice? My lord, why don’t you arrest him already?”

Among the Jiang family, Jiang Chengxiang was the smartest one so after hearing what Jiang Zhen said about searching their bodies his heart jumped and he panicked a little.

Before that young master Shen gave them a lot of silver, they divided this silver into three parts, he, Jiang Chengwen, and his mother all have one share.

Jiang Chengwen share was probably taken away by Huang Min, but he only gave Zhu Shufen 20 silver of his share and rest of the silver….. was hid on his body.

He was afraid to kept it at home, fearing it would be stolen so he naturally had to put it on him. His parents probably did the same.

n the past, they would never have done this, but recently, they have not been at peace at home and have been bullied in the village. How could they dare to leave it at home? But if it was found…


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