TOFUH – Chapter 97.1 – Getting Ready To Leave

After Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge went home, they couldn’t play cards immediately. They were stopped by Feng Jingyuan and Feng Chenglin, who were at the door of their house.

In fact, Feng Jingyuan wanted for a long time to find Jiang Zhen and apologize to him, but he could not find him anywhere.

He went to the dock to inquire about Jiang Zhen and learned that Jiang Zhen and Zheng Yi came together from the south of the Yangtze River and he lived in the Zheng family house for a while. After teaching his son a lesson, he began to look for Jiang Zhen, but only found Jiang Zhen’s house that day. He immediately brought his son to come with him. After knocking on the door, he was told that Jiang Zhen was not at home, so he waited near the door.

Jiang Zhen made a fool of Feng Chenglin twice in a row, so he didn’t want to come here. But after being forced by his father, he still came and he even had to squeeze a smile on his fat face.

The father and son were both a bit fat, so two chubby people were standing at the entrance of Jiang Zhen’s house were like two door guard gods with the same smile on their face.

“Master Jiang, I am sorry. I am really sorry. My son was too reckless before and spoke disrespectfully to Master Jiang several times . . . Master Jiang, I’ve brought him here to make amends,” Feng Jingyuan said with a smile and pointed to the things held by two servants beside him. “A small gesture of my respect.”

Jiang Zhen had to go to the Zheng family banquet in order not to let the Feng family trouble him. But he didn’t expect that, because of this, the Feng family would come to apologize to him and send him gifts. 

“Master Jiang, this time, it’s all my son’s fault, so please be generous . . . ,” Feng Jingyuan said again, his posture very low. 

He came to apologize, so naturally, he should show sincerity. And . . . after his apology was done, he became acquainted with Jiang Zhen. He might even be able to get a bit of news about the Zheng family from Jiang Zhen . . .

At first, Feng Jingyuan also thought that this Jiang Zhen wanted to marry Shen Anxin, so he could take over the Shen family property. However, after seeing that Jiang Zhen was valued by Zheng Yi and he had not much contact with Shen Anxin, he realized he was wrong. 

Since that was the case . . .  if he had good talk with Jiang Zhen, the two sides might even be able to establish a relationship.

“I see,” Jiang Zhen said. “I won’t bother to care about that.”

Feng Jingyuan was overjoyed. “Master Jiang, I set up a banquet at the Heavenly Fragrance House—”

“I’ll take this gift, and I won’t bother you or your son as long as he doesn’t mess with me in the future!” Jiang Zhen interrupted the other party’s words.

Since the gifts were already delivered to his door, Jiang Zhen certainly won’t refuse to accept them. But for a banquet and such, let’s forget about it. 

“Somebody, move the stuff in,” Jiang Zhen shouted towards his own house and said loudly, “He Chunsheng, come and see the guests off.” There weren’t many smart people under his hand, so He Chunsheng was considered ranked pretty high among them. 

Feng Jingyuan was still thinking about pulling strings with Jiang Zhen. But who would have thought that Jiang Zhen would be so sharp and didn’t even let him say a word? He was stunned for a moment.

At the same time, the door of the mansion that he had knocked on for a long time without reaction opened. Dozens of strong men came rushing out of the house.

Feng Jinyuan’s heart jumped, and he subconsciously took a step back. Feng Chenglin even hid behind his father.

So many people came out of the mansion all at once! This Jiang Zhen has called so many people out, is he going to beat them?

“Boss, you’re back!”

“Boss, what should we move?”

“Boss . . .”


. . .


Those people gathered around Jiang Zhen and talked nonstop.

“Just those things.” Jiang Zhen pointed to the things that the two servants of the Feng family were holding. 

As soon as he finished speaking, someone snatched the things from the Feng servants’ hands.

Meanwhile, He Chunsheng also came out. With a glance, he saw Feng Jinyuan and Feng Chenglin; he naturally knew who Jiang Zhen wanted him to see off.

He Chunsheng was indeed quite smart and relatively clever, but he had never served as a servant before. He had no idea how the servants of other families would send their guests off. He was even training before, so his clothes were unbuttoned. 

He Chunsheng, whose clothes were unkempt revealing a lean body full of muscles, arrived in front of Feng Jinyuan and his son, saying, “Master Feng, Young Master Feng, I’m here to see you off!”

Feng Jingyuan: “. . .” This person looked . . . like he was going to beat them up if they didn’t want to leave!

In business, who didn’t slander a person behind their back but still put on a smiling face in front of that person? What the hell was wrong with these people?

Feng Jingyuan still wanted to talk with Jiang Zhen; however, Jiang Zhen was surrounded by a group of men and had already gone inside. But the voices of his men was still drifting out.

“Boss, this is all there was. No need to have two people carry it . . .” 

“Boss, who are those two? Why did they come to give gifts?”

“They waited for a while.”


 . . .


 “Irrelevant people,” Jiang Zhen said.

Feng Jingyuan could only take Feng Chenglin to leave in the end. After a few steps, he grabbed his son’s hand and twisted the flesh on it. “You loser!”

Feng Chenglin was in great pain, but he did not dare to utter a word. Instead, he asked worriedly, “ Dad, what does Jiang Zhen mean by that?” 

“He wants to keep well water out of the river.” Feng Jingyuan said, “If you hadn’t provoked him before, he probably wouldn’t even bother to pay attention to you!”

Feng Chenglin was also feeling regretful at that moment. What was he doing provoking Jiang Zhen?  In the end, he didn’t gain anything good from it . . . 

“Although he doesn’t care, the Zheng family must have had a bad impression of our Wanlong Merchant Firm.” Feng Jingyuan frowned, he had wanted Jiang Zhen to put in a good word for him, but it seemed . . .

Feng Jingyuan left with Feng Chenglin feeling depressed, but Jiang Zhen checked the gift he received. 

There were many kinds of gifts, all of which were valuable, including ginseng, deer antler, and other rare medicinal materials that Jiang Zhen did not know. There were also several kinds of jewelry and ten gold ingots.

This apology gift could be considered very heavy. 

Looking at these gifts, Jiang Zhen was inevitably moved. He had already sold all the goods he had on hand, so he had more than hundred thousand taels of silver in his hand.

He was going to use this silver to buy goods to sell in the south of the Yangtze River. But he never thought about what kinds of goods he should take to the south of the Yangtze River. However, now that he saw these things, he had an idea. He could buy some of these furs he thought about before, as well as some herbs, spices, and jewelry. Although these things were expensive and one hundred thousand taels of silver might not be able to buy much. These goods could be sold at great price in the south of the Yangtze River.  They could definitely make a lot of money when they were resold.

After Jiang Zhen thought about what to buy, he went to the treasury of the mansion and calculated his own property. After thinking about it, he simply called all his subordinates and gave them their silver rewards.

Previously, when he fought in that pirate’s nest, Jiang Zhen gave fifty taels of silver to each person who went with him. However, those who were injured couldn’t go with him, so he supplemented them with a bit of the silver Zheng Yi had given to the injured, except there were people who had silver in their hands, so this time, Jiang Zhen give them their wages and a part of the reward.

“Tomorrow, you can go shopping in the capital and buy something to bring home, but there is one thing you must pay attention to. You must not make trouble for me,” Jiang Zhen said.

Jiang Zhen’s subordinates all responded, even Liu Heitou, who had been dissatisfied with Jiang Zhen before becoming very obedient.

In the beginning, he was displeased with Jiang Zhen and didn’t miss any chance to provoke him. But as Jiang Zhen became more and more powerful and the gap between them widened, he stopped looking for trouble with Jiang Zhen. He even quickly adapted to the identity of Jiang Zhen’s subordinate and worked just as diligently as the others.

When Liu Heitou used to be a thug in Qiaotou village, he lived a good life and had a lot of money. But in the end, he was just an ordinary person who had never even left the countryside, but now? He came to the capital and even fought pirates on the way! He felt that his life had become meaningful.

After being robbed and beaten by Jiang Zhen, Liu Heitiu resigned himself to his fate. But after three months he was actually becoming more and more satisfied with his current life and was planning to make a career under Jiang Zhen.

In fact, Jiang Zhen didn’t like Liu Heitou, but this person was now very obedient, so he naturally didn’t want to lecture him.

This time, Jiang Zhen gave each of these people about 50 taels of silver, some of them received more, some less. But this silver was enough for these people to buy a lot of things in the capital and bring them back.

After being so busy and eating dinner it already became completely dark.

No matter whether it was Zhao Jinge or Jiang Zhen, they had been reading and practicing calligraphy every day all this time.

Jiang Zhen was now able to read books with traditional characters; however, he still often made mistakes when writing it. As for Zhao Jinge, he already learned hundreds of characters. At this moment, although it was dark, Jiang Zhen still took out the books and taught Zhao Jinge a few characters and then they practiced together.

Zhao Jinge looked at Jiang Zhen and was slightly disappointed. Jiang Zhen seemed to have forgotten what he had said before . . . However, although he was slightly disappointed, Zhao Jinge quickly practiced seriously.


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