TOFUH – Chapter 120.1 – The Farce Of The County Government

When Jiang Zhen left Hexi village, he was in a bad mood.

Although he transmitted to the ancient times, he didn’t have a great sense of identity with the world at this time so he now had a feeling of powerlessness.

His people were everywhere on the dock in Hexi Village and those people all looked at him anxiously, but they did not dare to come near him who was surrounded by government officials because they were afraid of the government.

It was just him who was not afraid of the government.

In modern times, although it  was not 100% fair at least everyone was equal. But here?

This was the place where the imperial power was supreme, and the power of the government was even greater.

The Jiang family was fine and their life was not unbearable. He did not do anything to Jiang family for a long time but under such circumstances, Jiang’s family could still sue him. The imperial envoy mentioned by Zheng Yi before, arrested him.

A long time ago, Jiang Zhen actually had some worries that his life would not be guaranteed in this time and place. When he first discovered that Zhao Jinge was  pregnant, he also worried about the future of his child and that she might suffer injustice in the future.

But now he himself has encountered injustice.

Jiang Zhen, whose expression was very heavy, followed the government officers to board the ship and then asked: “Where am I going?”

Jiang Zhen was just a civilian but he was not afraid to look at them and even behaved like an uncle… One of Yamen officers become dissatisfied and reached out to push Jiang Zhen: “Be honest with me… Ouch!”

His hand was caught by Jiang Zhen.

“What do you want to do?” All the Yamen officers around him looked at Jiang Zhen warily, but at this time, Jiang Zhen looked at Zhou Maohe who was following them and said: “Lord Zhou, even before we get to the Yamen you are going to have people torture me?”

“Nonsense!” Zhou Maohe said angrily, he didn’t like being wronged so he immediately said, “Let go of this man. After the trial, let’s see what else he can say!”

The Yamen officer angrily let go of Jiang Zhen, who ignored him and directly went into a nearby room.

At this time this matter was not big or small.

But, that Lord Zhou obviously wanted to make a big deal out of it. He even involved the Hecheng county magistrate so at this time he was obviously aiming at Zheng family.

He did not know whether the Zheng family implicated him or he was just a way to get to Zheng family.

Jiang Zhen heard Zheng Yi mention this lord Zhou, at that time Zheng Yi obviously did not care much about him and he must have made some preparations, but he didn’t know why he would suddenly appeared in Hexi village.

Jiang Zhen was confused, but he didn’t think much about it. He soon thought about his present situation and began to think about what he should do and what he could do.

Then he found that there was nothing he could do for now.

He actually had the ability to escape from this ship, but he was no longer alone. He had Zhao Jinge,  Zhao Mingzhu, Zhao Liu and Zhao Fugui.

As soon as he escapes, what will these people do?

But if he stays here…

Jiang Zhen clenched his fists tightly, he could no longer control his emotion. At the  same time, he suddenly thought of many people who died unjustly in history.

After returning to Hexi Village from the capital, he wanted to live a good life, open an escort agency to earn some money and have a little influence to just live a peaceful life in Hexi Village….

However, was there really a peaceful life in this world?

Even Zheng Yi’s uncle, the second-ranking official of the current dynasty may be dismissed and killed if he makes a mistake at some point, let alone such a small person like him.

Now he was like an ant for other people that could be crushed at will.

He was not capable of being an official, but could become a big merchant but what if he was big? He may still be killed as a fat chicken by others.

In this world, was this kind of thing something rare? Throughout history, people have been killed for no reason sometimes.

Not to mention the war.

Perhaps, he might be able to avoid all of this but what about his Mingzhu?

What about his Mingzhu children?

If it was in modern times, he could graciously say that children and grandchildren have their own blessings, because there, without running into a very small probability of some events their live would be safe. But how could he guarantee it here?

Jiang Zhen’s heart, which had been slowly settling down because of the birth of his daughter, suddenly beat faster.

Closing his eyes, Jiang Zhen slowly let himself calm down.

The people who were taken away by Zhou Maohe from Hexi village were not only Jiang Zhen, but also old man Jiang and his wife, as well as Jiang Chengwen and Jiang Chenxiang.

As for Zhu Shufen and Huang Min, they stayed home with their children.

The Jiang family also had a separate cabin to stay in. Looking at everything around them old lady Jiang was surprised.

She touched the furnishings in the room and hated that she could not carry it away in her arms…

“Mother, don’t move around, it would be bad if you break something.” Jiang Chengxiang reminded. “

Alright I will not move around.” Old lady Jiang no longer moved and asked: “Chengxiang, this time …… we can make it, right?”

“Mother I am sure we can. The imperial envoy has come to help us!” Jiang Chengxiang said, he also read the laws of Daqi. What Jiang Zhen did was definitely a violation of the law!

“That’s good, that’s good.” Old lady Jiang burst into laughter.

The Jiang family was very proud at this moment. But Zheng Yi who stayed in Zheng’s house was filled with anxiety.

Jiang’s family was all right and Jiang Zhen didn’t poison Jiang’s family. In addition, Jiang Zhen married into Zhao family and never put that Jiang family in mind but now it seems… If he had known this, he should have sent this family far away.

Zhao Jinge has already told Zheng Yi the previous situation, and what happened. Then he asked Zheng YI: “Young master Zheng, what can we do now?”

“You did a good job, let’s do it like this ……” Zheng Yi and Zhao Jinge started to discuss it but just after a few words someone came to report that Zhou Maohe ship had docked at the pier, and he had brought many people with him as he was heading toward the Yamen building.

“Let’s go take a look.” Zheng Yi said, taking Zhao Jingo with him and heading out. But just as they went out, they met Feng Jingyuan.

“Young master Zheng, I heard that something happened?” Feng Jinyuan looked at Zheng Yi worriedly.

Zheng Yi didn’t have time to talk to him, and together with Zhao Jinge walked outside.

Seeing this, Feng Jinyuan hurriedly followed.

For the people at this time, government officials were legendary figures.

Zhou Maohe did not conceal his identity this time, and brought many people with him, so naturally, his identity soon become known.

Originally, people did not dare to approach Zhou Maohe and his entourage after becoming aware that government official had come but still dared to watch from afar for a fear of what Zhou Maohe come here to do.

However, this time Zhao Maohe have a lot of people around him.

In addition to the yamer officers there were also many Zhou Maohe readers. A great scholar from  Wexing House, who was friends with Zhou Mao, even asked his disciples to follow Zhou Maohe. He also let Zhao Maohe borrow more than  20 subordinates from his own family.

These scholars thought they had come to do something big so they naturally felt very excited at this moment. They wanted to let everyone know what they were doing so in the end they explained it to the people around them.

As a result, when Zheng Yi and others arrived, more and more people were surrounding Zhou Maoge and his party and everyone was still talking about it.

“I heard that an imperial envoy come here to  catch the head of the Jinzhen escort agency.”

“Yes, I heard that Jiang Zhen is disobedient and unfilial and he beat his parents!”

“The people of Jinzhen escort agency are very nice, but I didn’t expect that they were such a person in charge.”

“It’s a good thing I didn’t work for Jinzhen escort agency.”




When Zhao Jinge heard these words, he became more and more anxious, and Zheng Yi also frowned.

Jiang Zhen did do a lot of things.

Now that Zhou Maohe has incited the people like this, if it was badly handled…

“This kind of unfilial person should have his head chopped off!” An old man said, blowing his beard and glaring.

“I didn’t expect Jiang Zhen to be that kind of person.

“Not only Jiang Zhen, but also the county magistrate …… heard that when Jiang Zhen’s mother tried to sue him before, she couldn’t. The Yamen officers directly threw her out.”

“Isn’t that normal? There is nothing good about the people in the Yamen. “




Zheng Yi face sank.

“Young master Zheng if this matter is not handled well, it will affect you. Young master Zheng should make a prompt decision.” Feng Jingyuan persuaded Zheng Yi.

“What is the prompt decision?” Zheng Yi looked at Feng Jingyuan.

“Naturally, a strong man breaks his wrist.” Feng Jingyuan said, he felt that Zheng Yi should give up Jiang Zhen and not let the matters of Jiang Zhen implicate him.

When Feng Jingyuan first spoke, Zhao Jinge did not understand, but he knew the meaning of “A strong man breaks his wrist” so he soon become inspired and quickly understood Feng Jingyuan’s implication.

Without thinking about it, Zhao Jinge swinged his fist and punched Feng Jingyuan on the nose.

Zhao Jinge has always had a good temper, but now Jiang Zhen has been arrested!

He was already upset but at this time someone still advised Zheng Yi to break his wrist… Zhao Jinge did not stop after one punch and grabbed Feng Jingyuan’s clothes to throw him to the ground.

Feng Jingyuan’s fat body was just thrown to the ground, but he was not angry. He just sighed and said: “Zhao Jinge this is really the best way. Don’t worry young master Zheng will protect you.”

When Feng Jingyuan spoke like this, he secretly glanced at Zheng Yi. He felt that what he came up with was definitely a good idea for Zheng Yi, without Jiang Zhen wouldn’t Jinzhen escort agency and Qingfeng Building become only Zheng Yi?

Zheng Yi kept a calm expression and did not speak, at this time Zhao Jinge gave Feng Jingyuan another kick.

“Zhao Jinge, let’s take a look at the front.” Zheng Yi said to Zhao Jinge.

When Zheng Yi said this it was obvious that he was not willing to give ip on Jiang Zhen, Feng Jingyuan frowned slightly.

He had already offended Jiang Zhen, and wanted to take this opportunity to suppress Jiang Zhen, but he didn’t expect it to happen.

However, Jiang Zhen now, even if he will not end up dead will end with only half of life.

Feng Jingyuan wiped his nosebleed, rubbed the place kicked by Zhao Jinge and got up from the ground. Then he followed like everyone else, at this time a servant boy from the Zheng family ran from afar with a smile on his face: “Young master Zheng, young master Zheng….”

Zhou Maohe came from Fucheng overnight so it was still early when he took Jiang Zhen away. But after all this trouble it was already past lunchtime.

As soon as he arrived at the Yamen building in Hecheng County, he asked his people to take control of the whole building and then let the county courthouse doors open, to interrogate Jiang Zhen in public.

When Jiang Zhen was brought to the lobby, the entrance to the courthouse was already full of people.

Song Li was outside the courthouse, constantly propagating what Jiang Zhen had done, before no one had been to listen to him, but now all the people who listened to him just nodded their heads.



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