TOFUH – Chapter 98.1 – Finally Home

Jiang Zhen’s hand was on Zhao Jinge’s stomach when his whole person froze.

Although he knew that Zhao Jinge was pregnant, and he was worried about the birth, he was always worried about Zhao Jinge and not the child in his belly. So while others would like to see their pregnant wife eat more to make up for the baby in her belly, he was not willing to let Zhao Jinge eat more, for fear that the child will be too big to give birth to.

He was also happy to have a child, but he was even more surprised when he noticed it. He didn’t actually have much affection for the child who was nothing more than fertilized egg at the moment.

For example . . . if there was an accident and the child would need to be aborted, he would not feel distressed. He would feel more distressed for Zhao Jinge’s body. After all, he had not really felt this child’s existence yet. But at that moment, beneath his hands, there was a little life that moved.

The movement was faint, making Jiang Zhen worried, worried that if he pushed hard enough, that little life would be harmed.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Jinge looked at Jiang Zhen in puzzlement, wondering why Jiang Zhen suddenly didn’t move anymore.

“It moved.” Jiang Zhen pointed at Zhao Jinge’s stomach.

“It seems that my stomach moved . . .” Zhao Jinge tried to recall, but he still didn’t understand what happened to Jiang Zhen.

“The child moved,” Jiang Zhen said.

Zhao Jinge was still confused.

Although he had always wanted a child, Zhao Jinge wasn’t really prepared for it. He didn’t know much about pregnancy and childbirth. At least, he didn’t know that the baby would move in his stomach.

“Why is he moving when my belly can’t be seen yet?” Zhao Jinge couldn’t help but ask. Was everyone else like this too?

“I don’t know,” Jiang Zhen said. He knew that there would be some fetal movement when pregnant, but Zhao Jinge’s belly, though it was a bit softer from not exercising these days, hadn’t gotten any bigger yet. The baby was very, very small, so why was it moving?

The two of them stared at each other with big eyes, and the original intimacy could no longer be carried out.

Waking up early the next morning, Jiang Zhen took Zhao Jinge with him, planning to visit Dr. Hu.

The imperial hospital was busy studying the matter of stitching up wounds, and Dr. Hu couldn’t interfere with it. But the Zheng family already told several generals about it, so he studied it with several military doctors who were staying at his house.

“In the past, we used bandages, which was very expensive. But this method only uses needles and threads, so we can save a lot of money.”

“The wound can’t get dirty. No wonder when we reused the bandages, those people became feverish.”

“I’ll make a note. In the future, in the place where the military doctors are staying, we need to specially allocate a few people to wash bandages and boil them.”

 . . .

That morning, everyone had gotten up early. When Jiang Zhen arrived, the military doctors’ discussion had already started.

When Jiang Zhen heard this, he realized that the medical technology at this time seemed to be even worse than he thought. Those who were still alive after being wounded on the battlefield were definitely very lucky!

However, at this age, no one had used antibiotics, and their own immune system was much stronger than those in the modern times.

“Jiang Zhen, you’re here! Is there something else you want to tell us?” When Dr. Hu saw Jiang Zhen, he immediately asked.

Those other military doctors also looked at Jiang Zhen without blinking their eyes.

“I’ve said everything I could,” Jiang Zhen said.

After hearing those people’s conversation, he actually kind of wished that he used to be a doctor, but in the end, he was not.

“Then why have you come here?” Dr. Hu looked at Jiang Zhen in puzzlement.

“I come here this time because I felt Zhao Jinge . . . His belly moved.” Jiang Zhen was a little anxious.

Doctor Hu: “. . .” Which pregnant ger’s belly won’t move?

Before Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge left Dr. Hu, Zhao Jinge received another evaluation from him, that was, he was as strong as an ox. But even so, Jiang Zhen, who suddenly realized that there was an actual person inside Zhao Jinge’s belly, inevitably became cautious again.

But because of this, they left three days later than they originally planned. Jiang Zhen felt that he hadn’t prepared enough for the return trip.

During this period of time, Jiang Zhen felt the presence of his child several times. Although the movement was very weak, he did feel it. There was a baby in Zhao Jinge’s belly. Jiang Zhen felt that all this was very magical. At the same time, he finally felt a little bit like a father, becoming too embarrassed to disturb the child in Zhao Jinge’s belly . . .

While Jiang Zhen was thinking about this, Zhao Jinge was a little tangled. Jiang Zhen used to touch him all the time, seemingly in love with him, but now his hands were fixed on his stomach. He no longer wanted to be intimate with him. If it weren’t for the fact that Jiang Zhen had been with him all day and cared for him so much, he would have wondered if Jiang Zhen didn’t like him anymore.

The night, before he set off, Zhao Jinge gritted his teeth and grasped Jiang Zhen’s key parts, touching them . . . Jiang Zhen suddenly forgot all about not disturbing the child in his belly, but his actions were much more careful than before. His Jinge was pregnant with his child.

Although Zheng Yi was not going back, the Zheng family’s fleet of ships was going back. Originally, it would take a few more days for the fleet to leave the capital, but Jiang Zhen was leaving, but Zheng Yi sped up the cargo preparation. Allowing the Zheng family’s fleet to leave with Jiang Zhen’s fleet.

He felt that his fleet would be much safer if it traveled with Jiang Zhen’s fleet.n

When Jiang Zhen left the capital, Zheng Yi made a special trip to see him off. In addition to Zheng Yi, Shen Anxin also came.

Jiang Zhen did not know many people because he stayed mostly at home, making Shen Anxin the person who he got to know the best. But even so, Shen Anxin, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, came to bid him farewell, making him surprised.

“Young Master Shen?” Jiang Zhen went up and greeted Shen Anxin in some surprise.

“Hearing that Master Jiang was leaving the capital, I came over to see you off.” Shen Anxin looked at Jiang Zhen with a smile and beckoned his servants to give some special products from the capital.

This time, Shen Anxin’s words and actions were the same as when Jiang Zhen first met him. Jiang Zhen looked at him and thanked him, and even Zhao Jinge became relieved seeing him like this. Although they were about to leave, it would be better if this man didn’t miss Jiang Zhen.

After they spoke for a while, it was time to sail. Jiang Zhen said goodbye to Zheng Yi and Shen Anxin, and immediately, someone put the widened board between the ship and the river bank.

When Shen Anxin saw Zhao Jinge being escorted away by Jiang Zhen, he took a long breath before looking at Zheng Yi with a smile, saying, “Master Zheng.”

Since he promised his father that he would carry forward the Shen family, he couldn’t be afraid of this and that like before. He should seize every opportunity that comes his way . . .

Shen Anxin and Zheng Yi chatted with each other.

On the other side, Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge were sitting on the ship, slowly leaving the capital.

“Jiang Zhen, will you still come to capital in the future?” Zhao Jinge asked.

“I won’t come back there for a few years.” Jiang Zhen was sure that Zhao Jinge was going to give birth, and after that, the child would be too young to travel too far away. He didn’t plan to go to faraway places in these few years.

It was better for him to open up his escort agency and train more manpower.

After hearing Jiang Zhen’s words, Zhao Jinge became relieved, then he heard Jiang Zhen say again, “Jinge, when we return home this time, it can be considered returning home successful. Our parents will very, very happy.”

In addition to learning characters, Jiang Zhen would read him some idle books, so he knew the meaning of returning home successful. He was glad. He and Jiang Zhen left home for four months. He was a little homesick, but what was going on with his parents?

Hexi Village

Zhao Fugui walked from the east end of the village to the west end of the village before opening his own house gate and walking in.

“Old man, what are you doing out again?” Zhao Liu asked while counting duck eggs.

“It’s nothing. Just went out to wander around.” Zhao Fugui said.

Zhao Liu glanced at her husband. “Still did not see Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge come back?”

Although Zhao Fugui didn’t say anything, she knew that Zhao Fugui was going out to see if Zhao Jinge and Jiang Zhen returned.

“No.” Zhao Fugui sat down, a little unhappy.

“We sold ducks again. Why haven’t they come back yet?” Zhao Liu sighed. “How far is this capital city?”

“I don’t know,” Zhao Fugui said.

“I don’t know if they encountered any danger along the way. Did they suffer . . .”

“Definitely not.” Zhao Fugui was very sure.

“I also wanted to find a doctor to take care of Zhao Jinge. But they ran out as soon as they got married. If this goes on, when can we have grandchildren?” Zhao Liu said again.

“Wait a little longer.”

“Can’t you just say a few more words?” Zhao Liu looked at her man discontentedly.

“Didn’t you say everything?” Before Zhao Fugui could say what he wanted to say, Zhao Liu already said it. She even said it more than once.

“You still dislike me for talking too much!” Zhao Liu glared at Zhao Fugui.

“No.” Zhao Fugui said.

“Okay, clean up and eat. I fried your favorite eggs for you. You’re too picky, aren’t boiled eggs quite tasty too, but you still have to eat fried ones.” Zhao Liu said.

Zhao Fugui didn’t speak, just ate.

In the past when they didn’t have anything to eat, the boiled eggs were indeed already delicious, but Jiang Zhen made them eat eggs every day. When they ate them, wouldn’t they get tired of always eating boiled eggs?

Now that the Zhao family raised a lot of chickens and ducks, no matter if it was Zhao Liu or Zhao Fugui, they were still reluctant to kill the chickens and ducks to eat. Every day, they would just eat some eggs while, in accordance with Jiang Zhen’s words, they would also eat fish and buy some meat when they had the chance.

They didn’t know if it was because they were well-fed, but after four months, Zhao Fugui looked much younger. His face was dark and wrinkled before, but soon it had become fleshy, and the wrinkles couldn’t be seen.

After taking a bite of scrambled eggs and taking another bite of white rice, Zhao Fugui couldn’t help but say, “I didn’t expect that when I become old, I would have such a good life.”

Eating eggs every day, having money in his hand, and having so many chickens and ducks on the mountain . . . were something that Zhao Fugui didn’t even dare to think about before.

“Yes . . .” Zhao Liu nodded. “It’s just that Jiang Zhen and Jing still haven’t come back, making me worried.”

After dinner, Zhao Fugui and Zhao Liu went to rummage over the freshly harvested grain harvested this year and was drying outside. Then Zhao Fugui went out again.

Relying on his family’s abundance of chicken and duck manure, there was no shortage of fertilizer. He planted grain in the drained paddy field this year. The yield of winter wheat wasn’t high, but if he planted it the next year, their family would have flour.

Zhao Fugui went to the field and carefully worked.

The land bought by the Zhao family belonged to Jiang family before, so not far away, there was still the Jiang family land. In the land of the Jiang family, Butcher Jiang was also working.

The rice harvest of the Jiang family this year was not too good, so Butcher Jiang planted winter wheat as well.

The two of them worked in the field separately for almost an hour; they sat down on the ridge beside them to rest.

Wang Haisheng’s youngest son, Wang Daniu, ran from a distance and gave Zhao Fugui a basket. “Grandpa Zhao, Grandma Zhao asked me to bring you tea.”


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