TOFUH – Chapter Chapter 154 – Means Of Fighting

After Jiang Zhen had interrogated the people from the Changlong Fighting Business and learned that someone wanted to make trouble for him, he became more on guard. However, he really didn’t expect that something would happen over at the chicken farm in the blink of an eye.

“Are people okay?” Jiang Zhen frowned and asked: “What happened to those chickens? How could he die? “

“Boss, people are fine, as for those chickens, they have been poisoned!” The person who came to report the incident was a bit furious: “How dare they lay hands on our chickens! Those people are really impatient! “

Someone poisoned our chickens?

Jiang Zhen couldn’t help becoming a little speechless when he heard that.

He had already guessed that someone would have to make a move against him and try to make trouble but… poisoning the chickens of the chicken farm . . . was this really giving him trouble?

Over such a small loss, Jiang Zhen was completely unconcerned.

Even if he didn’t care about this loss, something happened at the chicken farm, so he headed there to check the situation.

Jiang Zhen had the people from Changlong tied up, and then headed over to the chicken farm.

There were not many mountains near Fucheng and the existing ones were all located in one place so the chicken farm was not far from the barren mountain where Jiang Zhen was now staying.

It didn’t take long for Jiang Zhen to arrive at that mountain.

The people in charge of raising chickens in the chicken farm were from Hexi village or people that Jiang Zhen brought back from the Hongjiang Salt Field. Most of them were women or elderly people, and they were already frightened. Some of these elderly people were even wiping away their tears.

“Evildoers! Such good chickens are all dead. “

“Those bastards who poisoned the chickens should die as well.”

“What should we do with these chickens?”


. . .


These old people loved the chickens from the chicken farm very much. Occasionally when a chicken got sick they would raise them separately and take care of them meticulously. Now that all the chickens have died, they were particularly sad.

Of course the women also felt the same.

Zhao Jinge would buy a certain number of chicks for them to raise from time to time. He did not stipulate how many they should raise or how many should live, but he promised that if the survival rate of the chickens were more than 90% he would reward them.

In other words, if they raise 91, the remaining chicken would be theirs.

If they raise ninety-two, then they can get two!

At the beginning of raising them they were not able to do it. After getting more experience, it was not difficult to do, so among these chickens, some of them were theirs!

These people were very sad, but Jiang Zhen took people with him and started checking out the mountain.

So many chickens died at the same time, this was definitely not caused by some chicken plague and was definitely poisoning. Maybe the source of poison was still here.

Jiang Zhen did not feel comfortable with a source of poison being left around so naturally he wanted to find it so it wouldn’t harm other animals and people.

“Where did you get all the water that these chickens drink?” Jiang Zhen asked.

“From the nearby waterhole.” The man in charge of managing this chicken farm said.

“What about the water that people drink?” Jiang Zhen asked again.

“People live at the foot of the mountain so they drink water from a well.”The man hurriedly replied.

Zhao Jinge has always told them they should keep themselves and these chickens clean, so they always paid attention to hygiene. Although washing clothes would be done outside in the river, the water used for cooking and drinking was all drawn from the well.

“Take me to this waterhole,”Jiang Zhen ordered.

The waterhole in the mountain was not big, but because it was rainy here, there was water there basically all the time.

There was not much pollution these days and chicken farmers would remove any impurities so the water was quite clear, but now there were dead frogs floating on the clear water.

Whoever did this didn’t mean to hide it at all. Of course there was no need to hide it in this day and age. For example, Jiang Zhen didn’t expect the government to help him find out who did this.

“The water in this waterhole is poisonous. Get rid of the water and clean up this waterhole as well.” Jiang Zhen looked at the waterhole and immediately gave commands.

“I’ll have someone do it right away.” The person in charge of the chicken farm was startled and hurriedly said. Although they already thought that chickens were poisoned before, they didn’t know that they were poisoned by water from this waterhole.

This water must be disposed of as soon as possible!

Jiang Zhen asked people to deal with the waterhole as soon as possible and then asked them to gather together before asking if anyone saw anyone suspicious yesterday.

Some people said they saw a suspicious person, but they just thought that the person was a chicken thief so after driving him away they didn’t think about him anymore.

“Boss, I am sorry I really didn’t expect…“ The man who let the suspicious man go was an old man. He felt so guilty and tearful that he almost blamed himself to death.

Because of his carelessness, so many chickens were killed. He already thought that he should apologize with his death.

“It’s all right. I already know who did it so I will make them pay compensation.” Jiang Zhen comforted the old man. This time this accident really had nothing to do with these people so he couldn’t blame them.

“Boss, you are really good.” The old man no longer felt so guilty.

“Well, you can all rest assured, but you should be more careful in the future.” Jiang Zhen said.

The old man nodded happily and said: “I’m not much good anyway. I’ll keep watch here at night from now on. I still remember what the man looked like, I’ll definitely help you catch him. “

Jiang Zhen did not pay much attention to the words of this old man and just got on his horse to return to Fucheng when someone rode up to him.

“Boss, there has been an accident in the city.”

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Zhen’s heart jumped as he asked. When he thought that those people were actually thinking of kidnapping Zhao Mingzhu just last night, he couldn’t help but feel his heart jump.

“Boss, someone is causing trouble at our store in the city. He says that after eating a chicken bought from our shop, his father died and that all the chicken in our shop has the chicken plague.” Jiang Zhen’s man whispered.

This matter? Jiang Zhen frowned and then said: “Let’s go!”

He urged the horse to move, but after it took a few steps he turned around and said: “Burn all the dead chickens, not a single one can be left.”

After Zhao Jinge raised more and more chickens he opened a shop in Fucheng.

This shop was mainly used to sell chicken and ducks eggs, as well as chickens and ducks so it was quite popular. Nowadays, people in the city basically knew of the existence of this store so when they wanted to buy eggs, chickens or ducks they would come to this store. Sometimes during the New Year there were not even enough things to sell here.

The business of the store has always been very good, but in the past, there was no queue to buy things. However, now the outside of the shop was full of people and everyone was pointing their fingers at the shop.

In the middle of the crowd, there was a man lying in a white cloth or rather a corpse covered with white cloth. There were also two adult men crying beside him.

“Father, you died so tragically!”

“Father, how did you meet such a black-hearted merchant? They even sell chickens with chicken plague!”

“Father! My poor father!”



The two adult men were crying so when the people around them saw the situation, they began to talk one after another, pointing fingers at the shop opened by Zhao Jinge.

Originally, at this time of day there were quite a lot of people who wanted to buy chickens, ducks or eggs but now everyone was watching the commotion and no one went in to buy anything.

Although they didn’t know if what these men said was true or not, it was always better to be careful.

“This store has always been very problematic, it has been selling sick and dead chickens all this time!”

“Don’t buy anything from this store!”

“Last time I came to buy eggs I was tricked.”

“I heard that the chickens in their chicken farms have all died!”



In the crowd, someone began to talk about it again.

All the chickens in their chicken farm got sick and died? The people of Fucheng were shocked.

Suddenly, the men who were crying about their father yelled again: “My father is dead, you have to die to pay for his life!”

“We’re going to sue them at the Yamen. You don’t have to die!”

As these people were talking, in the distance, the sound of horses’ hooves could be heard.


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