In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 71.1 – Attacked And Coming Out Of The Shell

The effect of the Qi Replenishing Pill plus the nutrient solution was so good, that the eggs Ren Sheng carried now all weighed over two kilograms each. So although these baskets were not small, one basket could only hold two of them.

Perhaps noticing the attention he was getting, the egg lying in the basket suddenly twisted, causing Shen Qiushi’s eyes to light up. “Quickly let me hug it!” It was only recently that she discovered that Ren Sheng’s eggs were surprisingly soft and she could not only feel the baby move inside but also stroke it. Just as she would normally stroke the child through the pregnant woman’s stomach.

This discovery made her want to sleep together with her grandchildren.

“Mom, you have a baby in your belly, and it’s not good for the baby to be seen by others.” Ren Sheng said. Zhao Lingyu was worried about what Keith would find out if he left the children at home, so he asked him to take the child to the robot exhibition. However, he also told him to not show children in front of others.

Their children were really different.

“Oh…” Shen Qiushi sighed and watched with disappointment as Ren Sheng covered the children with a piece of cloth.

The speed of the aircraft was very fast, so it wasn’t long before they came to the convention center. The convention center was very, very large, with a round spire in the middle of a large island on Capital Star. It covered an area of two million square meters and was built from metal and some other synthetic materials. It was one of the largest and strongest buildings on Capital Star, and many large events were usually held.

For this robot exhibition, in addition to Capital Star, people from almost every planet belonging to the Human Federation were coming. It was very grand and the entrance was crowded with people.

Such a lively atmosphere made Ren Sheng look around in a good mood, but Gerd felt a little uncomfortable. Just at this time Fang Chengjun walked over with a smile. “What a coincidence, you guys came to see the exhibition too?”

What a coincidence! Obviously you’ve been waiting here for a long time! Gerd looked speechlessly at Fang Chengjun, but didn’t say anything else.

These days he has been watching Keith and Crohn, Keith’s attitude of looking for Crohn to conceive a child has more or less shocked him.

Gerd didn’t say anything so Fang Chengjun became calmer, smiling and introducing the various robots inside.

Although Gerd liked research, his main research direction was weapons and warships. He doesn’t know much about robots for general household use, so he listened very carefully at this time.

“This is the latest model of a home cleaning robot. It has eight tentacles and can sweep every corner of the home, including climbing up to the ceiling. Of course, what attracts most people’s attention is that it can analyze the composition of garbage, kitchen garbage, and dust will even be automatically mixed into mud for greening.” Fang Chengjun pointed to a robot that looked like a crab and then led everyone to a small machine table. “This is a kitchen machine. If you put in different ingredients, it will clean them up and make them into meals. It can make many different types of meals and some may be even better than a chef. For example, this roasted fish is made exactly the same as that of Huifu restaurant. At the same time, it is also innovative. Recently, some programs have been added to allow it to take the initiative to select ingredients to cook for its host. For example, when a meal is for a child it will be much more careful in terms of seasoning and will specially make food more suitable for children.”

There were quite a few robots that came from the Fang family’s factory, so Fang Chengjun introduced the main ones.

The convention center was almost endless and there were many different kinds of robots, including many human-shaped ones. Human-shaped robots were more troublesome than ordinary robots in terms of maintenance and used more energy, but there were still many people who would pursue them for their appearance and buy them.

“The latest humanoid robots feel exactly like real people and can also be set with different personalities and appearances. Now some people who want company, but don’t want a human companion who needs to be accommodated in return, would buy one to keep at home.” Fang Chengjun said.

Nowadays, many people are happy to live alone and only occasionally want company when they feel lonely. Humanoid robots were a very good choice. They could also help with household chores, which couldn’t be more cost-effective.

“These are fragile, but very well designed.” Gerd said. Every time he saw a different robot, he would reach out and touch it, using his ability to feel the structure inside. It didn’t take him long to overuse his ability, making his face look not too good.

Fang Chengjun noticed Gerd’s face. “Do you want to take some nourishing potion?”

“No, the potion can’t restore my ability.” Gerd shook his head. He could take the potion for free in the Zhao family, but Fang Chengjun needed to spend money on potions, so he couldn’t help feeling sorry every time he ate one.

“Then don’t use your ability for the time being.” Fang Chengjun added.

“I know.” Gerd nodded.

“Gerd, this can restore your ability!” Ren Sheng smiled and placed a small piece of energy crystal in Gerd’s hand.

Fang Chengjun, who was planning to take care of Gerd properly, helplessly found that his chance to care for people was snatched by others again.

“Energy crystals?” In a room on the top floor of the convention center, a young man looked at what Ren Sheng had given to Gerd, his gaze flashing. “If one supports human beings, would there still be a Ruoya Empire years later?”

“Human beings themselves are only our experiments, so why should we let them climb on top of us?” The woman next to the man snorted. “When we catch Ren Sheng and that Gerd, I don’t believe that with Ruoya Empire technology we can’t find a way to improve the fertility rate… do it!”

As soon as the woman said the word “do” the computer beside her lit up.

The convention center was now crowded with people and all kinds of robots.

Gerd no longer dared to use his ability and only took the energy crystal to slowly recover while looking at the introduction of various robots.

When he stood next to a gardening robot, this robot suddenly started for some reason, and then swung out the chainsaw in his left hand at him.

This robot did it without warning and the chainsaw used to trim the lawn was running at full power. If Gerd’s ability were at full strength, he would have been able to turn the other side into a puddle of iron, but now, he could only melt the chainsaw. But at this time several robots around him rushed towards him.

Fang Chengjun who followed Gerd with a wave of his hand, froze several robots around him and only then did he realize that they were not the only robots that appeared to be moving differently.

“Oh my god! These robots are crazy!”




All sorts of voices rang out and many of the people who came to see the convention screamed as they tried to run away in fear. What was happening in front of them today was really too scary!

Originally, most of the robots in the convention center were stationary. Occasionally, a few would move to showcase their functions, but now all the robots were moving.

When they first discovered this, the people at the exhibition thought it was a show, so they were looking forward to it. But soon, they found out that they were wrong because these robots started to attack the guests.

A pair of parents who brought their child to see the robots were originally holding their child to tease a simulation robot, when that robot suddenly threw a punch. If the father hadn’t reacted quickly and protected his wife and child, their child might have had his head blown off. But thanks to him, the child was fine, but he spit out a mouthful of blood and nobody knew whether he was still alive or had already died.

A group of students were working together on the latest toy robots. Those toy robots that were talking to them, suddenly rushed towards them and even began to hit their legs.

An old man sat on a machine wheelchair and listened to the shopping guide talks about the magic of this machine wheelchair, when the machine wheelchair, which was originally motionless, suddenly threw him out.



In just a few seconds, the whole venue was in chaos. The original arrangement in the venue for security was not to protect the comfort of the guests visiting, but toward the guests launching an attack.

Since ancient times, there have been countless films and TV works about robots turning against human beings in the Human Federation, but before today, no one believed that such a thing would come true.

At this time, the scenes from these movies become real. The crab-like sweeping robots that Ren Sheng and others had seen before were now tightly entangled around the person’s head, sucking all of that man’s flesh into the machine and making him scream miserably.

“What’s with these robots!” Zhao Peng picked up a robot and smashed all the robots beside Ren Sheng and Shen Qiushi.


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