In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 65.2 – Ruoyan Empire

Zhao Lingyu knew how to read lips. Although Ren Sheng did not understand it, it was still very simple for him to ask him to not make a sound when he spoke.

“The man behind that guy is the Star Pirate that tried to stab you with a needle last time.” Ren Sheng said silently. Although that man’s appearance had changed, his smell didn’t, so he could recognize him.

Corbien? He had thought that Corbien was a woman, but now he looked like this? Zhao Lingyu was a little curious, seeing Ren Sheng lips puffing up… “That monster seems to want to eat me, Lingyu, what do we do?”

Ren Sheng was a real ginseng spirit, but he was afraid that this man wasn’t trying to eat him, but wanted to gig him up for his own corner. Zhao Lingyu held Ren Sheng’s hand. “Don’t be nervous, I’m here. It will be fine.”

“Mm-hmm.” Ren Sheng nodded and became a little less nervous.

Seeing Ren Sheng like this, Zhao Lingyu left with Ren Sheng.

Crohn didn’t say why he came here at the beginning and the Human Federation government couldn’t figure out why he was there, so they carefully asked if he wanted a welcome party to be held in the evening.

“A banquet? Good. Bring all the S-class ability users and A-class ability users on this planet. Also, those people I met directly just now, I hope they won’t be absent.” Crohn smiled and nodded.

Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng hid quickly, but there were some things that couldn’t be avoided just by hiding. If Crohn said so, it was only natural for others to make this thing happen.

Gerd received this message immediately.

Knowing that he had two children in his belly, Gerd began to plan what he was going to do next.

First of all, he needed to contact Ren Sheng so that he could buy enough Nourishing Potions, and secondly, he had to live in seclusion for the next few months.

Now that the babies in his belly were exactly one month old, he paid more attention to them. In another  four months, he could have an operation and take out the children, so he could raise them in an incubator. At that time, his belly shouldn’t be too big.

During this time, he can no longer conduct dangerous research, so he had to go to another planet so that others won’t know that he was pregnant with a child. As for the child’s abilities…

Children generally inherited the ability of the person with the higher level ability. He was on the same ability level as Fang Chengjun, so…. the children should inherit his ability, right? He was the one who worked so hard and got pregnant!

With such a plan, Gerd wanted to contact Ren Sheng as soon as possible, but it wasn’t safe to say it clearly. Gerd finally decided to find Ren Sheng by himself.

With this in mind, Gerd received a message that there was a visit from a higher civilization and that all S- and A- class ability users had to attend a welcome banquet and could also bring companions.

Higher civilization? Gerd read these words with a pounding heart. As a researcher, the higher civilization’s technology was far more attractive to him than to others.

Not only that, Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng should also be at the banquet. Gerd packed himself up and quickly set off, walking a few steps before turning back and putting a Nourishing Potion in his pocket.

Before, he would wait until his body couldn’t stand it to take the Nourishing Potion, but now he no longer dared to do that. He was carrying two children in his belly.

Gerd arrived at the banquet venue early. The people of the higher civilization had not yet arrived so he simply found a place to sit down and then asked the waiter to get him some food.

“Get me some steamed fish and some fresh fruit.” Gerd chose the food that was good for his children.

“Didn’t you always like grilled fish? How come you want to eat steamed ones now?” Fang Chengjun walked over.

“I like to eat steamed ones now, what’s wrong with that?” Gerd glared at Fang Chengjun, but quickly averted his gaze when he met the other party’s smiling expression.

He felt that he was simply crazy to think that Fang Chengjun was good looking. Besides, how did Fang Chengjun know that he liked to eat grilled fish? He had never been a picky eater and had a hobby of eating a few bites of every kind of dish, so no one had ever found out about his preference before.

Could it be that Fang Chengjun really liked him? This possibility flashed through Gerd’s mind as he immediately shook his head again.

Fang Chengjun and he were of very different ages and he had always targeted Fang Chengjun before. This person really has no reason to like him.

Saying it was just to humiliate him, right?

“It’s good to eat steamed ones, it’s healthier.” Fang Chengjun sat down next to Gerd and added. “Are you really not considering staying with me? If the child would look like me it would grow up to be very cute.”

Fang Chengjun’s eyes were so attractive that Gerd’s heart tickled. Two miniature versions of Fang Chengjun appeared in his mind, exactly the same as when he first met Fang Chengjun more than a hundred years ago. No, he was giving birth, so why should they look like Fang Chengjun and not like him? Gerd looked at Fang Chengjun and suddenly remembered something. “Your mother once asked me if I wanted to date her. I almost became your father.”

Many years ago, before Fang Chengjun was born, the eldest lady of the Fang family looked at him with peach blossom eyes very similar to Fang Chengjun’s… “Little Ged is getting cuter and cuter. Do you want to follow this sister? This sister will be nice to you in the future….”

Although Fang Ru was only joking, this didn’t prevent him from refusing Fang Chengjun.

Fang Chengjun was stunned when he heard this, but Gerd still underestimated the thickness of his face. After being stunned for a moment he just smiled. “My mother’s vision is as good as mine. See, my family liked you for two generations. You have already  rejected my mother so you can’t reject me! That would be too cruel.”

“…Fang Chengjun, can your face be even thicker?”

“Since when do I need to save face?” Fang Chengjun asked with a smile, as he held Gerd’s hand.

Fang Chengjun was really shameless! Gerd wanted to pull his hand from Fang Chengjun’s grip, when the door opened and a blue haired and red eyed man came inside. This man came inside with a group of people.

This was the person from the higher civilization? Besides human beings, Gerd had seen many races, so he had thought that the people from the higher civilization would be very different from humans, but didn’t expect them to look so similar.

After Zhao Lingyu had shown him how the higher civilization’s piloted mechs looked like, he had a lot of ideas about mechs, so he couldn’t help having a glow in his eyes. These higher civilization’s people should also know something about mechs?

What’s so good about aliens? Fang Chengjun put his arm around Gerd’s shoulder, but didn’t expect Gerd to suddenly stand up and walk toward the alien.

Fang Chengjun hurriedly followed.

Crohn didn’t bother paying attention to the people around him, that just wanted to flatter him at this time. Instead all his attention was on Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu. “You guys are hiding really fast.”

“What did Mr. Crohn mean? We’ve been here the whole time.” Zhao Lingyu immediately said.

“Is that so?” Crohn smiled and asked rhetorically, after finding out Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng were missing earlier, he was really angry. These two were really too insensitive.

“Of course.” Zhao Lingyu said. He took Ren Sheng away earlier while Crohn was being pestered and then waited here with Ren Sheng, so indeed, he was ‘here all the time.’

“Then I must have remembered it wrong… Marshal Zhao, my coming to the Human Federation this time has something to do with you.” Crohn also didn’t beat around the bush and said in front of everyone. “I want to know the formula for the nourishing potion and in addition, I also want to see the Lord Marshal’s children.”

Zhao Lingyu knew that Crohn had most likely had intentions for the nourishing potion, but didn’t expect him to say it in public.

Regardless, Crohn looked around with a smile. “If Marshal Zhao is willing to give me the formula for the Nourishing Potion and let me see his children, I will leave scientific and technological data of our advanced civilization, at least a hundred years ahead of human civilization.”

When Crohn made a request to Zhao Lingyu, everyone became quiet one after another. At this time only the unemotional voice of the voice translator echoed throughout the banquet hall.

This emotionless voice made the deal proposed by Crohn look even more like a threat.

Unfortunately, everyone except the Zhao family wanted to agree to this threat.

Zhao Lingyu sold Nourishing Potions so expensively, that they were already very jealous. In the past, the Zhao family was so strong that they didn’t dare to say a word, but now when they were even more powerful people than the Zhao family, they could go after the Zhao family.

“Lingyu, in exchange for this potion formula, you can gain progress for the whole human federation. You can’t disagree.” Yang Ye said.

“Yes, Marshal, it’s just a potion formula….” Said an ability user close to the Yang family.

“Marshal, it’s just a potion formula. It can be developed sooner or later.” Said another person who had a close relationship with the Locke family.




People around him were trying to persuade him one after another, but Zhao Lingyu just sneered in his heart.

If there was really a formula for the Nourishing Potion and he really gave it to him, Crohn’s gentle-looking appearance might fall off.

“Mr. Crohn, I’m afraid that even if I tell you the formula, it will be useless to you. There is actually no special configuration method for the Nourishing Potion. In fact, it has such an effect entirely because the special herb used to make it contains a special energy and this herb can only be cultivated by the Zhao family for now.”

Zhao Lingyu’s disagreement was expected by Crohn, so he smiled like he didn’t care. “What about Marshal Zhao’s children? I always liked children and I heard that Marshal Zhao gave birth to quadruplets, I really want to see them.”

Zhao Lingyu remained unchanged like he was paralyzed, but his heart was beating violently.

His children… his children have not yet grown up, but this alien already has some intention toward them…

“Thank you Mr. Crohn, but my children were born prematurely and needed to be placed in the nursery. I’m afraid they cannot be brought here.”

“Then I will just go to the marshal’s house and see them.” Crohn said. In the Ruoya Empire, everyone would go to see the family in which the child was born, so of course he didn’t think it was strange to go to another person’s house to see their children.

What’s more, he had to determine whether the four children really had abilities.

Zhao Lingyu was thinking about how to solve this matter when Crohn’s watch sent out a string of music. He looked at his watch in some surprise: “Someone here is pregnant? Also with twins?”


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