Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 29.2 – Scorpion Beauty

But in the valuation of Zhong Liqian in 《The God of Destruction》——

[Men who steal other people wife must die!]

[Zhong Liqian is so disgusting, what does he mean by : if you can’t give her happiness you should let her go? Is he not aware that all the women in the world are for my brother He Wenchao?]

[Brother He finally killed Zhong Liqian, so happy!]

[Little sister is also a little too unruly. To be reasonable, the younger martial sister is brother He’s favorite among his many wifes and every time she is in distress, he is trying to save her. But she is not virtuous at all, she runs around and hooks up with other men and even beats Li Xinye! God, how lovely sister Liu is, she always liked brother He and to save him she even took the initiative to give him her cultivation. I like such sisters the best. But He Wenchao let go of sister Liu to protect his little material sister, Baili Qingmiao who still colluded with other men, this kind of woman! Huh!]

[ How did Baili Qingmiao have the heart to say to brother He “Zhong Liqian is doing it for my own good,” and “Although Wen Renhe is demonic path leader he is a frank person whose words and deeds are worth of admiration” She says such nonsense! ]

[Can the author see what I’m saying? I suggest that this kind of woman should not be given to bother He, she is far worse than his first wife Purple Spirit Pavilion Master.]

Wen Renhe decided to hide 《The God of Destruction》 tightly he must not let Yin Hanjing see it lest he would be so angry that he would go off the rail.

Zhong Lifei’s soul knelt in the air, begging Wen Renhe to let him live.

Wen Renhe smiled at him and then told Shu Yanyan: “Refine him for this Venerable!”

“I have already started to refine him.” Shu Yantan said while performing the spirit technique to refine the puppet while looking at the soul: “What should I do with this soul? It would be good if altar master Qiu was still around, I could give it to her so she could refine the Ghost Mother Devouring Heart Formation.”

Wen Renhe did not tell the truth that she become Xuan Yuan Sect undercover agent in Shangqing sect so Shu Yanyan only thought that Qiu Congxue had died during fight with peaco*k Wang Faxiang so when she mentioned altar master Qiu she showed a trace of gloomy expression on her face.

“Take out a soul and refine it into a talisman and then send it to Zhong Liqian asking him to go down the mountain alone. He can’t bring others with him, otherwise we will throw Zhong Lifei’s soul into the path of hungry ghosts so he will never be able to enter the circle of reincarnation again.” Wen Renhe said.

“No, don’t!” Zhong Lifei cried: “I can use the Zhong family’s secret technique to trick Zhong Liqian to go down the mountain, please don’t refine my soul, please!”

You have three souls and seven emotions, missing any of them makes you unable to reincarnate. If even one of three souls is missing it’s already good if you are reincarnated as an animal for eternity and you will never be a human being again. Zhong Lifei would rather reincarnate now than lose one of his souls.

Unfortunately, he was faced with three ruthless demonic cultivators so no one paid attention to his screams. Shu Yanyan simply pulled one of the souls to refine the token and Zhong Lifei  was dazed after losing his soul so his cry became quieter.

The seven main emotions of the souls are love, hate, desire, sadness, sorrow, anger and joy. Shu Yanyan pulled on hate emotion which was directed at Zhong Liqian and bypassed other family members.

“What are you crying for?” After releasing the transmission talisman, Shu Yanyan flicked Zhong Lifei’s mutilated soul and said: “Venerable wants to see with his own eyes if Zhong Liqian is a true gentleman.”

The way she extracted the soul was extremely gentle so even if one soul was refined into a transmission talisman, it could still be fused back into the divine soul with a secret method. When Zhong Liqian sees that talisman he will naturally understand that Zhong Lifei could still be saved, of course only if he was willing to take risks by himself and he was a good brother who loves and cares for his young brother.

When Wen Renhe and others set up a heavenly net in a mountain range to wait for Zhong Liqian, Zhong Lifei’s soul cried out: “He will never come, he can’t wait for us concubine born sons to die! Zhong Liqian, this hypocrite having this chance, why would he fall on the sword?!”

By midnight, under the fresh breeze and clear moon, a white shadow came to the place agreed in the transmission talisman. Zhong Liqian said in front of the formation of Wen Renhe and others: “Liqian has arrived as promised, the purpose of all of you should be Liqian alone. I hope you can release my little brother’s soul into the cycle of reincarnation.”

Shu Yanyan appeared, carrying Zhong Lifei divine soul and said: “Zhong Liqian, you should know that our purpose is you. You are the future heir of the Zhong family and are much more important than Zhong Lifei, a concubine son. There is no need to put your life at risk for Zhong Lifei.”

“What is important is not Liqian, but the Zhong family.” Zhong Liqian said steadily, “The reason why Liqian is better than the other brothers is not because of my high cultivation but because of the great reputation gained by the side branches and branches of the Zhong family for many years focusing on me. Without the Zhong family, Liqian is just an ordinary cultivator. Liqian can die but the Zhong family will never, never give up any of its disciples, when each of them is the pillar of the Zhong family.”

Shu Yanyan secretly appreciated Zhong Liqian, but on the surface said: “I extracted Zhong Lifei hatred. You should be able to read his hatred for you, he wants to discredit you and break you to pieces. Even so, do you still want to save Zhong Lifei? Saints should also have a limit! This protector likes gentlemen like you, but not fools.”

“Liqian knows.” Zhong Liqian’s face remained unchanged as he arched his hand and said: “To be honest, I also don’t like my own little brother who is too arrogant and unpredictable in his heart.”

“Then you still want to save him?” Wen Renhe also appeared. He looked at Zhong Liqian and was somewhat unable to understand his thoughts.

When Wen Renhe released the pressure of a Mahayana stage expert, Zhong Liqian’s face changed slightly. knowing that he had indeed met an expert today, he let out a long sigh and said: “To save him, Zhong Liqian can die, but the ‘Way’ of the Zhong family cannot be broken!”

The path of the gentleman was the heritage of the Zhong family.; If he lost his way, the Zhong family would be destroyed. He came today to save Zhong Lifei, the worst result was his death. However, the “path” of the Zhong family could not die. The Zhong family had countless side branches so if you were the best one you would be able to inherit their “path”.

But at this time, if Zhong Liqian doesn’t come to rescue him, the ‘path’ in his body would dissipate and the Zhong family would never recover.

Cheating the heaven means cheating the heaven, deceiving until you completely believe in it yourself but at this point you had already become this kind of person and it can no longer be considered a lie.

In the 《Abusive Love Affair》Baili Qingmiao once said that Zhong Liqian always looked tired and hoped that he could be free to laugh a little. Zhong Liqian’s reply was that he was tired but had no regrets when he carried his own burden.

The only time in his life that he unloaded his responsibilities and put aside his gentleman path was when he asked Baili Qingmiao if she wanted to go with him, so that he could choose another son from Zhong family to transfer his qi and path so he and Baili Qingmiao could live together and be a couple.

Unfortunately, Baili Qingmiao refused him.

Shu Yanyan looked at Zhong Liqian sighed secretly and said to Wen Renhe: “Venerable, this subordinate can’t get her hands on this person.”

Wen Renhe did not say anything so Shu Yanyan continued: “If I wanted to get this person, I would probably have to abandon the entire forest to get it. Unfortunately this subordinate is greedy by nature and is reluctant to save her body for only one person.”

She ordered the puppet made of Zhong Lifei corpse to take Zhong Lifei soul and she herself came closer to Zhong Liqian and said in a soft voice: “Don’t move, close your eyes, don’t say anything, and I will return that waste to you.”

Zhong Liqian obediently closed his eyes and Shu Yanyan touched his good-looking face, wanting to kiss the side of Zhong Liqian’s face.

After the light kiss, Shu Yanyan turned around and said desperately: “Venerable, do you want your subordinate to dispose of Zhong Liqian as well?”

Even Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang were amazed by Shu Yanyan deep love in one moment and her heartlessness in the next.

Hearing it Wen Renhe said: “No need, take Zhong Liqian back to Xuanyuan sect, as for Zhong Lifei… Let his puppet and soul go back to Zhong family and use yours soul searching technique to make Zhong Lifei tell his whole heart out so it will be up to Zhong family to clean their own mess.”


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