Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 30 – One Love

Zhong  Liqian watched Zhong Lifei’s spirit and body puppet leave, and his tense expression finally showed a trace of relaxation.

He doesn’t like his younger brother, it had nothing to do with his family, he simply didn’t like him as a person. When he returned home, how would the Zhong family deal with Zhong Lifei whether they saved him or sent him to the reincarnation cycle had nothing to do with Zhong Liqian.

Wen Renhe said: “You are a straightforward gentleman so this venerable will not take anything from you out of respect. This Venerable is Xuanyuan sect leader, Wen Renhe.”

“So it was lord Wen Renhe.” Zhong Liqian looked surprised, and then cupped his hand and said: “Twelve years ago lord Wen Renhe fought against twenty-one masters of the righteous path and became the strongest person in the cultivation world. Although I am different from you, I have admired Lord Wen Renhe for many years and I want to thank you on behalf of the people of this world.”

The Zhong family was not part of a righteous or demonic path but was a neutral cultivation family. The massive demonic war was such a big deal that the four great cultivation families have naturally discussed it many times. All of them were naturally people who understood the heavenly will and knew whatever it was righteous or demonic path they intentionally hid from the heavenly will to stop 10,000-year calamity. Two years ago the demonic path easily broke righteous sect formation so they easily guessed the real purpose of war and Wen Renhe.

The rise of the cultivation family was not unrelated to Wen Renhe and since they were not righteous path cultivators they still have a trace of gratitude to Wen Renhe.

He sincerely said thank you without a slightest bit of hypocrisy so Shu Yanyan also could not help wondering why Devil Venerable Wen Renhe was so focused on Zhong Liqian. The Xuanyuan sect have no involvement with the cultivation family, much less any enmity. Wen Renhe was also not a person who would redirect his anger on innocent people so he might not kill Zhong Liqian and this matter could be turned around.

“You are a true gentleman, this Venerable has no intention of hurting you, he just wants you to be a guest of Xuanyuan Sect for a period of time.” Wen Renhe said: “This Venerable is a reasonable person so you can choose if you want to be a guest with an intact body or not.

Zhong Liqian was slightly stunned, when he learned that the three people in front of him were from the Demonic sect and that they were merciless to Zhong Lifei, he did not think he would be able to save his own life. To be honest, if there was any hope, Zhong Liqian would have fought to resist, but now knowing that it was Wen Renhe in front of him, even the strength of the whole Zhong family might not be able to protect him, not to mention he was only one person.

“Liqian naturally hopes to visit the Xuanyuan Sect with an intact body.” Zhong Liqian said.

“Well I see you still have some sense to come with us.” Wen Renhe nodded satisfied: “Right protector on your way back look after Zhong Liqian. If the one who arrives at Xuanyuan sect is you without him, this venerable will take your cultivation and feed it to the spiritual beasts on the mountain.”

He was serious and did not mean it as a joke, so when he went back to the Xuanyuan sect with Yin Hanjiang, he was not afraid that Zhong Liqian would take advantage of being alone with Shu Yanyan to escape.

Shu Yanyan’s tears flowed down on the spot as she said to Zhong Liqian: ‘Sir Zhong Liqian, you can rest assured that I am Xuanyuan’s right protector. Even if there are countless people who want to replace me, Venerable…. Will not necessarily feed dogs with my cultivation.”

Crying pitifully she also added: “Young Master Zhong, also couldn’t bear to be tortured by those monsters in Xuanyuan Sect so if you want to run away on the road Yanyan will not stop you. Even if I really am fed to a dog, it will definitely not be because of Master Zhong running away. “

Zhong Liqian: “……”

He was a gentleman not a fool. Wen Renhe and Shu Yanyan were both using words to tie him up so he would not dare to escape. He also knew that Wen Renhe was in no way someone who would use empty threat, when he said it there was not the slightest emotion in his eyes. Only when he looked at Yin Hanjing was there a trace of endless tolerance so when he said he would feed Shu Yanyan cultivation to spiritual beasts he really meant it.

“Protector Shu doesn’t need to worry, I will not run away.” Zhong Liqian thought thoroughly “Lord Wen Renhe is bent on inviting me as a guest so even if I escape I am afraid I will only bring disaster to Wuliu village. Since he has no intention of killing me at the moment, he must have something he needs me to do.”

As for what the matter was, he decided not to think about that for the time being and take one step at a time.

Shu Yanyan’s tears fell when he said that, then she wiped her tears with her handkerchief and said: “I thought all scholars were wooden headed but I did not expect you to be so smart.”

Zhong Liqian cupped his hands and said: “Thanking protector Shu for her trust in Liqian.”

“Hmm? What does that mean?” Shu Yanyan raised her eyebrows.

Zhong Liqian calmly said: “Protector Shu showing weakness to Liqian is part of your strategy. You believe that I will never leave you to escape, and you also believe in Liqian character, so naturally, I have to thank Protector Shu for her trust.”

Shu Yanyan stared at him, shook her head and let out a long sigh: “Sleeping with me would be the best way.”

Zhong Liqian: “……”

During this conversation, the two returned to the main Altar of XuanYuan Sect without any problems. At this time, all the servants in the altar were replaced by Shu Yanyan’s subordinates so all kinds of beautiful men wearing different colored robes were cleaning the main altar. They were also not allowed to use their cultivation. So when they saw Shu Yanyan return with a better looking man than them and of the type she had never touched before, all of them suddenly felt a sense of crisis.

The subordinate surnamed Helian came over, reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist, looked at Shu Yanyan with deep affection as he said: “Protector, I haven’t seen you for a few days and this subordinate misses you very much.”

Shu Yanyan pulled out a book from her arms and slapped it on his heart saying: “Read more books and cultivate your mind.”

After taking Zhong Liqian to a guest room, she begged to see Venerable. At this time Wen Renhe had already told Yin Hanjiang the story about Baili Qingmiao and Zhong Liqian and said: “What this Venerable want to do is to make Baili Qingmiao owe countless human debts to Zhong Liqian, so much that it can offset the divine calamity of her previous life. Then send Baili Qingmiao to the reincarnation cycle, and instruct Zhong Liqian to find the reincarnated Baili Qingmiao so he can raise her to adulthood. In this way Baili Qingmiao will be able to forget about He Wenchao.”

When Yin Hanjiang heard Wen Renhe’s solution he did not find anything wrong in it at all, instead he sighed in admiration and said “My lord is very insightful.”

Wen Renhe never took credit for a solution that he did not come up with so he waved his hand and said: “It was also the words of altar master Yuan and altar master Qiu that reminded this venerable. The altar master Yuan came up with the idea of moving on, and altar master Qiu told Baili Qingmiao that He Wenchao could be killed so she could raise his reincarnation. This lord thinks that Baili Qingmiao is probably hopeless in this life so we can only count on her reincarnation in the future.”

When he heard the words “moving on” Yin Hanjiang was torn and thought about it for a moment before he said to Wen Renhe: “If it is a very deep feeling, even if you are reincarnated, you may not be able to forget it. I am afraid that the bond between Baili Qing Miao and He Wen Chao cannot be washed away even by Meng Po’s soup.” ( Meng Po goddess of forgetfulness in Chinese mythology, who serves soup on the Bridge of Forgetfulness. This soup wipes the memory of the person so they can reincarnate into the next life without the burdens of the previous life.)

“Will it?” Wen Renhe looked at Yin Hanjiang.

“This subordinate believes it.” Yin Hanjiang said firmly.

Wen Renhe pondered: “This can be troublesome, but we still should try first. Let’s first arrange for Zhong Liqian to meet Baili Qingmiao.”

Yin Hanjiang was trying his best to help his lord share his worries in his own way at this moment, so he straightened out the whole thing according to what Wen Renhe said and asked: “With my lord’s intervention, this encounter between Baili Qingmiao and Zhong Liqian would be very different from their destined one. Will Zhong Liqian be able to fall in love with her with all his heart?”

The room suddenly fell into a strange silence.

It was only after a long time that Wen Renhe slowly spoke: “This is a matter that this lord has overlooked.”

At that moment, Shu Yanyan asked for an audience, saying that she had brought back Zhong Liqian and asked how the venerable wanted to deal with him.

Wen Renhe ordered Shu Yanyan to come inside the meeting hall and asked: “Protector Shu has always been good at love affairs, do you know how to make a man fall in love with a woman?”

“It depends on what kind of man that man is.” Shu Yanyan said.

“Zhong Liqian.” Wen Renhe did not try to hide it, after all Shu Yanyan was involved with the whole process so there was nothing left to hide.

When she heard that it was Zhong Liqian, Shu Yanyan became energized, raised her head and said: “Venerable, Zhong Liqian is a rare intelligent person and he is more perceptive than we can imagine. I am afraid that conspiracies and trickery will not work, such a person can only follow his own heart. For example, my lord you asked this subordinate to seduce him in front of you, but this subordinate was not able to do it. If he doesn’t have a sweetheart, he might go along with it but he does not like me. But if he has a sweetheart no matter what kind of conspiracy it is, it will not work.”

“The woman this venerable is talking about is not you.” Wen Renhe coldly said.

Suddenly Shu Yanyan became very uninterested as she softly said: “This subordinate has never asked for love, I have always only asked for greedy pleasure, that kind of bone-crushing love, this subordinate does not understand.”

“Is there anyone in the Xuanyuan sect who understands?” Wen Renhe asked.

No one answered, their Xuanyuan sect had very few people who knew what love was.

Wen Renhe ordered Shu Yanyan to leave and took out 《Abusive Love Affair》to see the plot of Zhong Liqian and Baili Qingmiao repeatedly, hoping to find a hint of inspiration from it. Yin Hanjiang followed behind Wen Renhe quietly, not even peeking into the book but just looking at Wen Renhe intently.

Yin Hanjiang did not know what love was, all his strong feelings in his life were tied up to Wen Renhe. Not just because Wen Renhe saved him back then, but because Wen Renhe represented all of Yin Hanjiang’s yearnings and longings.

“Venerable, is there anything written in the book about what love is?” Yin Hanjiang asked.

“There are some mentions of it.” Wen Renhe flipped through the book and found the paragraph where Baili Qingmiao dissected her feelings for He Wenchao.

It was when Zhong Liqian confessed to Baili Qingmiao, hoping she would leave Shangqing sect and go with him, what female lead said was ——

“I don’t know what exactly is good about my elder material brother. I only know that when he appears in the crowd the first thing I see is definitely him. I am happy when he is happy and I can’t bear it when he’s sad. You ask me when I started liking him. I am not sure, probably… love doesn’t have starting points, it’s just deep.”

Saying it, Baili Qingmiao smiled bitterly and added: “I have also tried to forget my elder brother, because this love is too painful. But I can’t do it, this is probably just my life.”

Wen Renhe pointed to the paragraph in the book and said to Yin Hanjiang: “It’s this paragraph and these three points that can make Zhong Liqian move.”

He copied down the three points and thought of countermeasures one by one.

First ‘when he appears in the crowd the first thing I see is definitely him’ he can put tracking spell on Baili Qingmiao and Zhong Liqian by taking a drop of their blood and dropping it into each other eyes so when he cast a spell their eyes will only see each other.

The second point was ‘I am happy when he is happy and I can’t bear it when he’s sad.’ He can ask altar master Miao to refine the same heart Gu worm so when he plants it in their bodies they will be able to feel each other’s feelings from two miles away.

The third point ‘love doesn’t have the starting points, it’s just deep.’. This sentence is a bit complicated and he was not clear about its meaning. In any case he knew what to do about the first two points and he will think of the way for the third.

Finally, thinking of the methods Wen Renhe became slightly relieved If all these things were done and Baili Qingmiao was still so blind he could only try reincarnation.

He sent orders to the master of the spell and the altar master Miao to prepare for the first two points and also send message to Qiu Congxue, asking her to find a way to coax Baili Qingmiao down the mountain in the near future so they can go to the Xuanyuan sect.

Yin Hanjiang picked up the piece of paper written by Wen Renhe and looked at the three lines on it, his fingertips trembled uncontrollably.

He carefully stole a glance at Wen Renhe and silently read the last line – love doesn’t have the starting points, it’s just deep. 


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