In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 49.2 – Battle Against Corbien

Most ability users did not have the ability to check out other people’s abilities without touching them, unless an ability user revealed his or her energy, but Ren Sheng was different.

Cultivators were much more sensitive to energy, not to mention the energy of ability users were generally very domineering.

Ellie was a fire ability user, so when Ren Sheng first came in contact with her, he felt like he had encountered a large furnace. Later, this feeling became more and more clear, so although he liked Ellie he could not help but stay away from her. But now Ellie…

Other people may think that there was high-tech equipment in front of the main control room, so even if Ellie acted eccentric she would not be fake. But Ren Sheng was different.

He knew little about high-tech stuff, but this Ellie did not give this furnace-like feeling to him, so he was immediately convinced that this person was not Ellie.

Ren Sheng secretly reached out his roots and shook Zhao Lingyu’s feet as he warily looked at ‘Ellie.’

Corbien who was pretending to be Ellie did not know that he was already suspected. His eyes scanned several screens in the main control room and lingered on the door leading to the outer platform for a while.  He then immediately came to Zhao Lingyu, all his attention focused on him.

A small automatic syringe was held between Corbien’s fingers. When he saw that he was close enough, he immediately stuck the syringe towards Zhao Lingyu.

The needle of this syringe was very, very thin so you wouldn’t feel it when it was used. When he met Yang Ye in the past, he used it to steal Yang Ye’s genes, but Yang Ye didn’t feel it at all.

Corbien’s eyes were a little smug, but in the next second his expression froze again.

The needle of this syringe actually bent! The material used for the syringe was very special and very hard, but now it had bent!

The last time he used this syringe to pierce the warship, so what was Zhao Lingyu’s skin made from? It was even harder than a warship.

Was he still a human being? It was just a lump of metal!

“You’re just going to use this thing to deal with Zhao Lingyu?” Ren Sheng looked at the syringe in Corbien’s hand incredulously. Could such a small needle hurt people?

Corbien’s expression changed. He didn’t expect that his small action would be discovered by this little guy. With a move of his wrist, a blade ejected from above and cut Zhao Lingyu’s hair.

This person pretending to be Ellie pricked Zhao Lingyu with a syringe at first and later wanted to cut Zhao Lingyu’s hair. Ren Sheng frowned and suddenly thought of a possibility.

He didn’t want to get a piece of Zhao Lingyu’s body, right?

With this thought, Ren Sheng immediately became angry and used his root to roll up the syringe in Corbien’s hand and stab him. He also picked up his seat in the main control room and smashed it directly at Corbien. “How dare you covet Zhao Lingyu, I’ll kill you!”

The fact that Ren Sheng used the root to roll that syringe did not attract the attention of others, only that he used his plant ability. However, it was the fact that Ren Sheng ripped off a metal seat with his bare hands that really surprised everyone present.

Wasn’t Ren Sheng a plant ability user? How come he was so strong? He looked like a violent maniac. They hadn’t said anything bad about him before, right?

“What’s going on?” The few people present, including Ivor, were a bit confused. Hasn’t Ren Sheng and Ellie’s relationship always been good? How come they suddenly hit each other?

Although Zhao Lingyu became like Iron man, his skin was still very sensitive, so he also felt the stab of the syringe just now. He also sensed that something was wrong. “You’re not Ellie!”

“What?” Ivor’s face changed and then he quickly took cover behind his chair, using it to move to another corner. He had no ability and his body was not very good. It was better for him to hide at this time.

Although Zhao Lingyu’s hair felt the same as before, after cultivating his technique, the inside was different. Corbien was unable to cut it and now Zhao Lingyu had already reacted, kicking Corbien out.

However, just as Corbien was kicked out a protective shield suddenly appeared on his body, blocking most of Zhao Lingyu’s strength.

Although Zhao Lingyu did not use his full strength when he kicked him in order to not damage his warship, the strength he used should not be underestimated. As a result, he was stopped by the protective shield on Corbien’s body.

Not only that, this shield was obviously not made due to his ability, but was a high-tech product. It was the first time Zhao Lingyu had seen something like this.

Something that he hadn’t even seen before as a Marshal… Zhao Lingyu’s gaze darkened, but Ren Sheng had already hit Corbien.

Ren Sheng’s strength certainly could not be compared with Zhao Lingyu, but he was a plant spirit after all. If he could cultivate for a few more years, his strength could absolutely not be underestimated.

The metal stool smashed Corbien’s shield, making the entire shield shaky. Inside Corbien still had Ellie’s appearance, looking embarrassed and pitiful.

Although it was interesting for Zhao Lingyu to see Ren Sheng hitting people, he did not want to give the enemy too much time and give him a chance to escape. Zhao Lingyu smashed the shield with one hit… “Catch him!”

Corbien had already experienced Zhao Lingyu’s strength and naturally knew that his shield could not prevent Zhao Lingyu’s attack. While his ability was very useful in some places, he was very weak when it came to fighting. Propped up by the energy shield, Corbien took advantage of Zhao Lingyu’s strength and flipped in the air, surprisingly falling towards the small platform leading to Elder Teng and the others.

What is wrong with this person? Humans could not stay in space for a long time, if he escaped at this time he would only die! Zhao Lingyu was very confused.

Corbien pressed the space button as fast as he could and then a mecha appeared out of thin air.

The black mecha had smooth lines and although it was not very big, you could tell just by looking that it must be very sensitive. Corbien entered the co*kpit automatically and then continued to rush out, with speed comparable to an A-class speed ability user.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Lingyu’s gaze flashed. The Human Federation has been researching mechas and has also made a fairly good mecha, but it has never researched the space equipment that could store a mecha.

Who was this person in front of him?

Zhao Lingyu and other people present were shocked for a moment, but Ren Sheng didn’t feel it at all. He thought that this man should be Zhao Lingyu’s enemy and that’s why he wanted to catch him so he simply wrapped one of his roots around the other person wanting to keep him.

Ren Sheng wanted to stop him, but Corbien was determined to flee as he rushed toward the outside platform.

Zhao Lingyu did not have a weapon at hand and was not fast enough, so he could only give another kick.

Corbien’s mecha’s leg broke, but it didn’t affect his movement and it became even faster. He used his hands and feet to go to the small platform and smashed the protective window, as he punched Ethan at the same time.

Ethan was hit so his shield became shaky. It was at this time that Corbien rushed out.

It was also at this time that elder Teng realized he was not able to catch with Corbien and threw Little Green while Fang Chengjun threw out a large ice bomb.

“Finally escaped…” Corbien took a deep breath, somewhat helpless.

This time when he boarded Zhao Lingyu’s warship, not only did he not get Zhao Lingyu’s genes, he also revealed a lot of his cards and may even have exposed his identity.

His heart was full of remorse, but when he saw his own fleet from a distance and thought that there was still a large piece of energy crystal there, Corbien’s mood finally became better.

This piece of energy crystal can more or less make up for his losses. Corbien couldn’t help but count the money he needed to repair his battle armor.

“I’m going to catch you back.” Ren Sheng said. His roots wrapped around Corbien as he escaped, bringing him back. Corbien was also wrapped by Little Green.

Corbien looked at Ren Sheng with a helmet on his face and was shocked speechless.

There was no air in space and all kinds of rays, so people generally wouldn’t go into space without protection, because they would die soon after. Even if they don’t die, they would immediately shrivel up, but now…

Ren Sheng’s face still looked great.

What the hell is going on here? Corbien frowned and wanted to grab Ren Sheng as a hostage.

But Ren Sheng grabbed Little Green and flung him. At the same time Zhao Lingyu appeared with thrusters and a protective helmet.

Corbien didn’t dare fight Zhao Lingyu, so he rushed toward his star pirate group with a wounded leg. At this time the Little Green who was wrapped around him, became longer and surrounded him.

He was really out of luck! Corbien took out a big knife from his space button, while his heart dripped blood.

The more he reveals now, the more difficult it will be in the future…

Corbien’s knife looked different, with very strong energy on it. Little Green who had already opened his spiritual intelligence, sensed it and let go of him without thinking and then wrapped around a star pirate ship not far away.

“We need to be careful.” Ren Sheng laid on the surface of the star pirate ship so that no one could attack him.

Little Green, of course, would not object and quickly nodded with its leaves.

Ren Sheng smiled and suddenly felt that his children moved again.

The star pirates had something they wanted? Also, the star pirates should have dug up a larger piece of this yellowish-brown crystal.

Letting his roots slowly grow longer, Ren Sheng carefully poked into the Star Pirate ship.


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