In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 70.2 – Participating in the Exhibition

He has already planned that when he gets the Pregnancy Pills, he would get back to the Ruoya empire and find a beautiful girl at the seventh level to have children. Thanks to the temptation of the Pregnancy Pill, there will certainly be many girls scrambling to marry him!

When it comes to children, his IQ is definitively lowered. When Crohn entered the room, he found that there was another person inside, so he immediately became alert. “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” On the bed, a naked man sat up, his half-length silver hair covered half of his face, hanging over his bare shoulders. He looked at Crohn with a slight sideways glance.

The man’s face was clearly devoid of any expression yet it still looked very seductive.

“Keith?” Crohn looked at the person in front of him in shock. This researcher who always had even the top button buttoned up was now laying naked on his bed in such a seductive posture. This should be an illusion, right?

“Want to relieve some of your desires?” Keith lifted his head and scanned Crohn up and down. The man in front of him, although he behaves like a mother-in-law sometimes, his genes were not bad.

“What did you just say?” Crohn could hardly believe what he was hearing.

“I don’t want a human.” Keith said again, sticking out his tongue and licking his lips.

Crohn felt heat rising inside of him, but was too afraid to take a step.

This man in front of him could easily take his mech and break into his room, so he wouldn’t dare to be careless in front of him.

“You can’t?” Keith asked again, lifting the covers off his upper body to reveal a stunningly white body.

“Who said that? I’m good!” Crohn swallowed and pounced.

The night was very pleasant for Crohn, though he always felt as if he had forgotten something when he kissed the person beneath him.

After the fun was over, Crohn looked smugly at the person next to him. “How was it? I was good, right? Was it a long time?”

“Go on.” Keith said expressionlessly, his red eyes focused only at Crohn.

Crohn became excited and pounced again.

After another round, Crohn was content to go to sleep when Keith pulled out a pill. “Harmless aphrodisiac, go ahead.”

“…” Crohn stared at the pill, gritting his teeth. He said firmly. “I don’t need to, just take a rest!”

At the end of the third round, Keith’s eyes remained bright. “Go on.”

Crohn took a deep breath and took the medicine without a second thought.

After doing it six times in row Crohn collapsed on the bed and had no time to think if there was something wrong. He had only one thought in his mind now – Iceberg Keith turned out to be such a sultry man!

No, sultry was no longer enough to describe Keith, he simply could suck people dry like a vampire!

It was no wonder that in so many years he never heard of Keith having a lover. No matter which man, after such a night, he would certainly avoid him and no longer be willing to be his lover. Also… they wouldn’t have the face to speak about it outside.

The drained Crohn didn’t want to move at all, but Keith picked up his clothes and then quickly left, walking without the slightest sign of discomfort.

He was swollen and almost bruised there, but he was still all right? This was too much! Crohn really admired him at that moment.

The next day, Crohn woke up late and felt that he was not as energetic as he used to be.

Fortunately, he was very strong, otherwise he would have to support the wall today.

“Mr. Crohn, where is Mr. Keith?” Gerd asked. Keith always used to get up very early, but surprisingly he didn’t see him yet.

How could I know?” Crohn said, a little depressed. Was he not satisfied with him and went to find someone else? Should he take more medicine and take good care of his body? So he could hold up longer next time?

Gerd wanted to ask something else when he saw Keith walk in from outside.

Keith was still wearing his usual tight black clothes, but his lips were somehow swollen and very red. He nodded to Gerd and then sat next to Crohn before looking at him. “You did great.”

“Did what?” Crohn was a little surprised. Keith was happy with his performance? Sure enough, he was still very good!

“Yes.” Keith added, then put a lot of high-protein food onto his plate.

“Didn’t you used to have a preference for vegetables?” Crohn asked curiously.

“I’m going to change my diet.” Keith said.

Crohn was a bit confused, but Zhao Lingyu vaguely guessed something. These high-protein foods were exactly what Keith recommended to Gerd before as a pregnancy meal.

This person must have gone out of his way for the sake of his research.

Crohn ate up his breakfast and suddenly thought about the matter of the Pregnancy Pill. “Zhao Lingyu, didn’t you say before that you would give me the Pregnancy Pills in a few days? When will the Pregnancy Pills be ready?”

“I already gave it to Mr. Keith yesterday.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Yesterday he gave it to Keith… Crohn was not stupid. After just a moment, he felt like he was struck by lightning and then immediately looked at Keith.

Keith ate slowly as he said, “I’m having a baby.”

“With?” Crohn asked in shock.

“You did a good job, so I won’t have to bother you in the future.” Keith said a rare for him long  sentence. If he wanted to study the Pregnancy Pill, he couldn’t rely on others to get good data and needed to do it himself.

Used and thrown away? This person was really a scum! Crohn didn’t know what kind of expression to have for a while, but suddenly thought of Fang Chengjun, who had been coming from time to time.

Perhaps, he needed to learn from that person? That being said, Keith was much better looking than Gerd, but wasn’t easily satisfied. Last night he should’ve been like that, because he wanted to have a baby, right? Normally, once or twice a day should be enough, right? If so, he wouldn’t have to worry about satisfying him.

Thinking of this, Crohn slyly stared at Keith without blinking. “This child is not yours alone!”

“You want a child too?” Keith frowned slightly and added. “I don’t mind if he can inherit the surnames of both sides.”

Huh? Crohn looked at Keith in surprise, not expecting that things could be so simple.

Gerd was also very surprised. “Mr. Keith.”

“The child is entitled to the care of his parents.” Keith added. If Crohn didn’t want it, he had no problem with raising the child alone, but if Crohn wanted it, they could raise it together. The latter would also make it easier for him.

Hearing Keith’s words, Gerd was slightly stunned, but Crohn was beaming. “I’ll have someone prepare the wedding right away and we’ll hold it immediately when we get back.”

“Simple.” Keith said, then put down his dinner plate and left.

Keith’s expression was too calm. Watching him leave, Crohn’s gaze became profound. “Do you guys think that he was already in love with me? Want to use a kid to tie me up this time? In fact, he doesn’t need to.” Such an iceberg beauty like him, he would surely accept with pride.

Zhao Lingyu was speechless for a while. Looking at Keith’s appearance, Crohn was more like his child accessory, dispensable.

Crohn used to like to run around outside, but from that day on, he completely changed his hobby and began to revolve around Keith. Even if there was only one fertilized egg in Keith’s stomach, he liked to take care of it hundreds of times a day.

Because of this, Gerd couldn’t even study with Keith like before and didn’t see Keith even at dinner.

“Gerd, Elder Fang is here.” Just after dinner, there was a sound outside.

These days Fang Chengjun would come almost every day to deliver something, but wouldn’t be able to see Gerd. As for Elder Fang, he would come every other day and if he couldn’t see Gerd, he would just continue to sit there. Every time Gerd would come out to meet him.

Gerd, I got some rare metals for you.” Facing Gerd, Elder Fang would never mention the children’s affairs. He would just give Gerd the gifts he liked and talk about topics he liked, so that Gerd would not bear the slightest ill feeling towards him.

“Thanks.” Gerd said. After getting it in his hand, he could not resist fiddling with it.

“I knew you would like it.” Elder Fang laughed and took out another small box. “Here are twenty Nourishing Potions. That little brat of my family asked me to bring them to you.”

Hearing Fang Chengjun being called a little brat, Gerd couldn’t help laughing a little, becoming a little embarrassed. But at this time Elder Fang had already quickly moved the topic away from his own grandson.

Today, Elder Fang and Gerd had a good chat and what they mainly talked about was the upcoming robot show.

Nowadays, there were robots of all kinds and Capital Star would hold a showcase every year. Just in few days, the showcase would open.

“I’ll go to see it then!” Gerd, who was very interested in robots, immediately said.

“You should really go and have a look, I think you will be inspired a lot. I will pick you up then.” Elder Fang said with a smile and without waiting for Gerd to refuse he looked at Elder Teng. “You also used to like robots, let’s go together then.”

“Good.” Elder Teng nodded. Elder Fang had worked so hard to help his grandson chase his daughter-in-law and there was no need for him to tear down the stage.

I’m going, too!” Ren Sheng said. He has always been curious about robots and liked them very much, but unfortunately there weren’t many robots in the Zhao family.

“Let’s go together then. You can also buy some of the latest robot nannies or robot toys there!” Shen Qiushi said. There would be a lot of children in their family soon, so she needed to start preparing early.

Soon it was agreed and just a few days later, they all changed their clothes in the aircraft.

This time, except for Crohn and Keith, who were busy studying and had no interest in the backward robots of the human federation, and Zhao Lingyu who went to the first Legion, everyone else planned to go. Most of them didn’t bring anything, except Ren Sheng, who carried two baskets.

“Ren Sheng, why are you carrying so many things?” Gerd asked curiously. The contents of the two baskets seemed to weigh a lot. “Do you want to have a picnic? The convention center doesn’t have a venue like that.”

“What picnic? These are my children!” Ren Sheng lifted the cloth covering the basket, revealing the big red eggs inside. Recently the children were getting bigger and were much more active. It seemed they would come out of their shell soon, so it wasn’t safe to leave them alone at home. Because of this, he simply carried them with him.

Children… just put them in a basket? The other people’s expressions were somewhat helpless.


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