In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 46. 2 – Showing Off Affection

The liaison added, his words  might be heavily criticized by members of parliament when he went back, but he knew he had to say so, otherwise some people might be disobedient and slow down the rescue.

His words were really useful. After finding out the star pirates ran away, some people wanted to go home and get their own things, but they no longer dared to do such a thing anymore.  They could only obediently wait for rescue at the designated place.

Before he came to Planet 12534, Zhao Lingyu was very busy. Now that he had told everyone what to do, he felt empty as he stood in the main control room of the main ship, watching the situation on the planet.

The army came to the planet and everyone could board a spaceship as long as they went through weapons sweeping and alien scanning. The process could be said to be very fast, but even so every rescue point was in chaos. Many people scrambled just to get on the spaceship early, resulting in crowding which caused a lot of problems.

Seeing a middle-aged man throw his child up in order to get his son on the spaceship earlier, but instead causing the child to fall and be trampled, Zhao Lingyu’s expression became gloomy.

“Can we finish saving all the people?” Ren Sheng looked at the scene in the picture and asked anxiously.

“Certainly.” Zhao Lingyu said, suddenly lifting his foot and walking out.

“Lingyu, what are you doing?” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu in confusion.

“I’m going to stabilize the army.” Zhao Lingyu said. The scene was too chaotic. All those people pushing forward not only did not speed things up, it just slowed it down even more.

“I’ll go too!” Ren Sheng said without hesitation.

Zhao Lingyu gave him a deep look and picked him up.

Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng’s destination was the largest rescue point on the planet. Their aircraft landed slowly, before finally stopping above the rescue ship.

There were many people gathered below the rescue point and although most of them were busy crowding forward, there were many who noticed this scene. They looked up and saw a man holding a teenager.

The man in uniform stood above the airship looking very tall, his face was also very familiar to everyone. First the people close to him called out “Marshal,” then everyone called out, looking excited and full of admiration.

Still hovering on the main ship outside planet 12534, Ivor zoomed in and said, “The camera is aimed at the Marshal and the Marshal’s appearance is broadcast live across the planet.” 

At this moment, all the computers, communication terminals, and communicators on Planet 12534, showed Zhao Lingyu’s appearance. Every rescue point also released the image of Zhao Lingyu with a projector.

Zhao Lingyu’s title of ‘Hero’ was not adulterated. Those people who were struggling to push forward, crying and fussing, for the first time became much quieter. All of their attention was focused on Zhao Lingyu.

“I know you all must be anxious to leave, but now you are too anxious. It will only slow down the speed of registration and boarding. I hope everyone can calm down and move forward in order. Here, I promise that I will be the last one to board the spaceship.” Zhao Lingyu said.

The last one to board the airship? Did their Marshal mean that he would stand here until they all got on the spaceship?

The people who had been desperately pushing forward below had completely stopped moving at this time.

Zhao Lingyu stood on the top of the airship and quietly looked at these people. “The Human Federation will not abandon the people of the Federation no matter what. You can be rest assured, my soldiers and I are here.”

Previously, the soldiers of the First Legion had to maintain order and guard against the star pirates who might be mixed with the evacuees. They were all worried in their heart, but now with Zhao Lingyu’s presence, the people of the rescue point became orderly.

People at other rescue points saw the live broadcast and the situation at other rescue points also relaxed a lot and stopped pushing forward.

Knowing this, Zhao Lingyu stood even more stable.

Zhao Lingyu just stood there and let the people of 12534 quiet down. He really had the ability…. Cohen stood at the end of the crowd, looking up at the ship with Zhao Lingyu standing above it. His face was as fanatical as others, but he didn’t let it enter his heart.

This self-proclaimed sergeant of the captured garrison is actually the federal SSSS grade wanted criminal Corbien.

Corbien’s ability was so special that in the entire Human Federation, he was estimated to be the only one with that ability. He named it ‘mimicry.’

He could change his appearance at will and if he got someone else’s genes, he could also completely change the surface appearance of his genes.

It was because he had such a special ability, that even after he became the leader of the Human Federation’s largest Star Pirate group and an SSS-class wanted criminal, the Human Federation still could not get a picture of him.

“The Marshal is really admirable!” The middle-aged fatty looked at Zhao Lingyu in admiration. “That teenager in the Marshal’s arms is the Kay who never leaves the Marshal, right? He’s a good man too!”

“Obviously the Marshal is so tall and that Kay is so thin. But when they stand together they unexpectedly match each other.” The middle-aged woman next to him also said.

The upper echelons of Capital Star, basically already knew that Ren Sheng was not a Kay and not the Roy from the Freedom Alliance, but ordinary people were not clear about this. So at this moment they all whispered about Ren Sheng’s identity.

“I heard that the Kay comes from the Freedom Alliance and is a plant ability user. Although he isn’t human, he’s still very good.”

“Yes, I wonder when the Marshal will marry him…”

“The Marshal is holding him even at this time, he must love him very much. Maybe in a few years, we will be able to see the little Marshal!”




All the people here were ordinary people without special abilities. They didn’t know how difficult it was for a powerful ability user to conceive a child. Therefore, they were full of blessings for Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng.

The more Roy listened to these words, the uglier his face became and he finally could not help but speak. “What is the status of the Zhao family? Can they really marry?”

“The Zhao family is all about commitment! Can’t you see that Lord Marshal and he are very close?”

Zhao Lingyu was standing on the airship, holding Ren Sheng in his arms. They could be described as intimate.

Roy looked at the scene from a distance and gritted his teeth.

Zhao Lingyu was more handsome than what he saw in the video before. Not only that, he was also a Marshal of the Human Federation and successor of the Zhao family. Even without his ability, there were very few people who could match him in the whole Human Federation.

How lucky it was to stand side by side with this person and be held in his arms?

At this moment, Roy regretted that he had escaped from this marriage. If he hadn’t ran away from the marriage, the one who would be envied and blessed at this time would be him!

Roy was so jealous that he could hardly stop his urge to identify himself. However, at this moment, he saw Ren Sheng, who was held in Zhao Lingyu’s arms kiss him on the face.

The huge projection released a clear image of these two people, so at this moment everyone could see the corner of Zhao Lingyu’s mouth curve slightly and his eyes became much warmer.

Roy covered his mouth.

He has no evidence and no identity card now, so even if he yells rashly, Zhao Lingyu would not believe him. Not to mention, he might be killed or disposed of by Zhao Lingyu or that imposter.

He had to hold back and find a suitable opportunity for himself.

Roy could not help it when he looked at Ren Sheng the resentment in his eyes became stronger.

Corbien seeing this scene showed a playful smile.

Ren Sheng did not even know that someone was staring at him and hating him. He was in a state of excitement at the moment.

For Ren Sheng, Zhao Lingu being loved by others was even more fulfilling, than him being loved by others. He looked at Zhao Lingyu and felt his face become hot for some reason. Later when he saw Zhao Lingyu looking at the people below seriously, he couldn’t help kissing Zhao Lingyu’s face.

What’s wrong with him? Zhao Lingyu cultivated almost every day so his skin would not give him even a little bit of refined soil, so why would he still want to kiss Zhao Lingyu? After kissing, he even wanted to kiss him a second and a third time…

Zhao Lingyu gave a wink to the person following behind him and only then asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing… Lingyu, you really want to board last?” Ren Sheng asked.

“Of course, I mean what I say.” Zhao Lingyu smiled.

“I’m with you!” Ren Sheng said without hesitation.

“I know.” Zhao Lingyu’s expression became much more relaxed as he patted Ren Sheng’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, this planet won’t explode only disintegrate, and even if it disintegrates, this aircraft can still take us to the main ship. So we’re very safe.”

Ren Sheng quickly covered Zhao Lingyu’s mouth. “Don’t say it, everyone can hear it!” If those people heard what Zhao Lingyu said, wouldn’t what Zhao Lingyu had done be wasted?

Zhao Lingyu’s expression became even more joyful as he pulled away Ren Sheng’s hand that was covering his mouth and kissed Ren Sheng’s head. “I already had someone block the sound.”

“How can you do that!” Ren Sheng frowned discontentedly.

“What? You think it’s not good for me to do this?” Zhao Lingyu was a little puzzled.

“No, why are you always kissing the children and not me? You should kiss me.” Ren Sheng said. Recently, Zhao Lingyu especially liked to kiss his head but not his face!

Zhao Lingyu was stunned when he remembered that Ren Sheng’s four ‘children’ were growing on one of his hairs. It’s just that he didn’t kiss his hair just to kiss his ‘children,’ he just felt it was not suitable to kiss such a young man’s face or lips.

“Do this!” Ren Sheng held Zhao Lingyu’s head and kissed him on the lips. This scene was broadcasted live for the whole 12534 planet.

“That Kay of the Marshal’s is so enthusiastic.” Corbien said admiringly. “Tiny, soft, and so enthusiastic it’s no wonder the Marshal is so good to him.”

Although the conversation between Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng could not be heard and even their mouths could not be seen because of the blocking, everyone could see the warmth and love between them.

Unlike most people who suddenly felt relieved when they saw such a scene, Roy’s eyes were almost red.

What Kay? That man was not a Kay at all, but some wild man from nowhere! However, that person was smart and even hooked Zhao Lingyu with his own identity.

Just… men did not like others to be too active and this person was so active. Will Zhao Lingyu not pay attention to it? Not to mention that he was not a Kay and could not have children…

Zhao Lingyu will definitely kick him away!

Zhao Lingyu, who was thought to kick Ren Sheng, hugged Ren Sheng tightly. “Go back and kiss again.”

Showing love in front of the whole planet was something he had never done before. If he kisses again in public… he did not want Ren Sheng’s red face to be seen by others.


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