In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 70.1 – Participating in the Exhibition

Gerd was walking.

After Keith had started advising him on mech design, he was given strict control over his diet and exercise, so he had to live a healthy life.

He obviously preferred to stay in the lab and work on the mechs, but was ‘driven’ to walk in the yard.

“Have you had any discomfort lately?” Keith wrote down all the data and looked up at Gerd.

“It’s not uncomfortable, it’s just that my abilities don’t work often and I also get tired easily. I need to take some Nourishing Potions then.” Gerd said. He felt that he had made the right decision to live in the Zhao family’s house.

It was impossible for him to fill out the application form and apply for a donation, so if he doesn’t live in the Zhao family house, he would need to spend a lot of money to buy Nourishing Potions. Even if he was rich, he couldn’t bear spending so much money.

However if he ate too many Nourishing Potions, it will also make him feel the side effects of the Nourishing Potions.

Gerd, who had always been proud of his fit appearance, suddenly found that his skin was much fairer and he looked much younger. He was not as dignified as before.

“Eh.” Keith lowered his head again.

It was at this time that Ren Sheng walked out. “Gerd, I have a new medicine here, come and try it!” The Qi Replenishment Pill not only has the effect of replenishing spiritual energy, it also allows low-ranking cultivators to eliminate the impurities in their bodies, to quickly restore their bodies. With so many uses, Gerd should be able to eat it now.

Even if he couldn’t eat it… with him around, it was a simple matter to help Gerd absorb the excess spiritual energy.

“What does this medicine do?” Gerd no longer dared to eat anything indiscriminately.

“New medicine?” Keith looked at Ren Sheng with an expressionless face.

Keith’s cold appearance made Ren Sheng feel a chill all over his body, but he still answered Gerd. “This medicine should have the effect of nourishing your body and it’s also good for the child.”

“Is that so?” Gerd took a pill and ate it without hesitation. At the same time, he also felt a warm current spreading through his body, making him very comfortable.

He even felt the two embryos in his body for the first time, as if they were absorbing this warmth.

Because of the importance of children, Gerd never thought of hurting the two children in his belly. But as a man, he sometimes found the two children too boring… until now when he felt their existence.

Gerd’s expression was a little stunned but Keith quickly stepped forward and put some device on Gerd to continue observing his situation.

Gerd strength was not weak, S-class ability users were able to fight against a warship. Therefore, it took him only a little more than ten minutes to absorb the Qi Replenishment Pill.

Of course, because he was not a cultivator, a lot of spiritual energy leaked out of him. Finding this out Ren Sheng didn’t hold back and placed his hand on him to absorb the excess energy.

“Ren.” As soon as Zhao Lingyu came out, he saw Ren Sheng placing his hand on someone else. His expression was a little helpless.

“Lingyu!” Ren Sheng’s eyes bent from a smile.

Keith finally wrote down all the data that needed to be recorded at this time and then raised his head. “Pregnancy Pill.”

“Huh?” Ren Sheng was a little confused.

“You have new medicine ready, how about a Pregnancy Pill?” Keith asked.

Ren Sheng froze, then remembered that he had not even given the Pregnancy Pill to Keith and Crohn yet so it was no wonder that Keith didn’t respond when he said there was a new medicine.

There are also Pregnancy Pills. Here are four of them.” Zhao Lingyu handed a bottle to Keith. “The reason why there are so few pills is because there are too few raw materials.”

Keith nodded and looked down at the pills in his hand.

Mr. Keith, if you want to check this Pregnancy Pills effect, it would be best if you found someone to take it.” Zhao Lingyu added, he also wanted to know if this medicine was useful for the Ruoya.

Keith nodded without any expression on his face but his pair of eyes slightly narrowed.

“Mr. Keith, who are you going to let try the medicine?” Gerd looked at Keith curiously.

Keith didn’t say anything as he just gripped the medicine bottle tightly and nodded towards Zhao Lingyu before turning around and leaving.

Seeing him walking away, Zhao Lingyu smiled and looked at Ren Sheng. “Ren, will you guess who will end up pregnant?

“Huh?” Ren Sheng looked up in a slightly bewildered manner.

“Well, the Qi Replenishment Pill is refined, right? Let’s go and see the children. Maybe it will work for our babies too.” Zhao Lingyu said.

The four children had barely grown these days and there was still no sign of them coming out of their shells at all. They also didn’t like the energy crystals as much as they did at first. Because of this, both Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu become a little worried.

The four eggs were still red, like large red gems when they sensed the approaching Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu. They all moved and on top of one of the eggs there was even a bulge.

“The child moved!” Ren Sheng looked at the egg in surprise.

Perhaps sensing Ren Sheng’s excitement the egg moved even more and the other three eggs also started moving.

“Baby!” Ren Sheng kissed each egg with surprise and used his spiritual power to start observing the condition of each egg.

Spiritual power could completely show the situation of the eggs to Ren Sheng, but what makes Ren Sheng feel a little helpless is that as long as his spiritual energy enters the four legs it would be absorbed by the eggs and was never returned to him.

Their fusion ability was very powerful. Indeed, they were worthy to be his children.

“Recently, it is no longer possible to use ultrasonic devices to observe the children, because they have more and more energy.” Zhao Lingyu said. After communicating with Crohn, he also knew that the people of the Ruoya Empire were now divided into nine levels according to their strength. His strength was different from that of ordinary people, so it was difficult to define. As for his children, Crohn said that his children should have a fifth level of potential.

“They know how to protect themselves!” Ren Sheng kissed the eggs a few more times and then took out a large bottle of nutrient solution that Zhao Lingyu had bought for him.

Pouring the nutrient solution into the basin next to him, Ren Sheng took out two more Qi Replenishment Pills and crushed them inside before putting all four eggs in. “Lingyu, let’s see if the babies like to take a bath.”

“Is this okay?” Zhao Lingyu looked worriedly, will they drown? You know, Kay eggs could not be washed with water at all, because that would most likely wash off the protective layer on the eggshell and then allow germs to invade the eggs.

“There should be no problem, they are very powerful ……” Ren Sheng said and then looked at the basin and gulped. He also wanted to get inside, if his children didn’t like to soak, he would absorb all the goodies himself!

Ren Sheng was hoping that his children wouldn’t like to soak in the Qi Replenishment Pills and nutrient solution, but he didn’t want the four eggs to roll happily on the surface of the water after coming into contact with the nutrient solution.

They couldn’t speak yet, but the aura around them seems very cheerful.

“They like to soak in this water!” Ren Sheng said.

“I can see that. They still became a bit bigger.” Zhao Lingyu looked at his children with a slightly nagging feeling.

Just putting them to soak in the nutrient solution would make them unexpectedly grow up! How similar are they to Ren Sheng?

If he knew it was so easy to make these eggs grow, he would have made a swimming pool of nutrient solution for them to soak in!

Speaking of which, plant seeds also needed a lot of water before they could germinate. So when you think about it, he was clearly treating his children too poorly.

Thinking that these children had been put in a dry place before, Zhao Lingyu felt apologetic. His guilt reached its peak after he tried to take his children out of the basin that had been already drained but the four eggs struggled out of his arms and jumped into the basin again.

His children were really fond of soaking in water.

Lingyu, do you think we should find a place to plant them and then water and fertilize them?” Ren Sheng suddenly said. Speaking of fertilizing, he looked at the place three inches below Zhao Lingyu’s navel.

“…” Zhao Lingyu took a deep breath before he said, “Let’s just grow them without soil. I think they like the Qi Replenishment Pills and everything else.”

“That’s true.” Ren Sheng nodded his head.

While Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng were taking care of their four eggs, Crohn, who had taken Corbien for a stroll outside, returned to the Zhao family.

“There are so many children in the Human Federation and those ordinary people really can give birth. If only we could do the same…” Crohn sighed.

In the Human Federation, there were even some people who were willing to abandon their own children. It’s incredible!

Corbien lowered his head and didn’t say a word. His ability allowed him to mix well in the Human Federation, but his combat power was very weak. Listening to Crohn complaining was okay, but he doesn’t even think about talking with Crohn equally.

Crohn also didn’t mean to listen to Corbien’s opinion, so he just waved his hand and let him leave, humming as he went inside his room.


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