In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 59.1 – Treating the Marshal’s Wounds

It took Zhao Lingyu a lot of effort to convince Ren Sheng that this kind of thing didn’t require days off to do it.

“Then why did you not say it before?” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu discontentedly.

“You didn’t understand anything at that time.” Zhao Lingyu sighed. Now that their children were already in their room, it was impossible for him to ‘double cultivate’ with Ren Sheng tonight. In that case, he could still teach Ren Sheng some common sense.

Speaking of which, he was definitely the saddest man in the world. These days, as long as you didn’t have any problem with your IQ, you basically knew about sex since becoming a teenager. When people got married, many of them already had experience, but he still had to explain to his 100,000-year-old partner.

However, he was not angry and could slowly teach his lover all kinds of things. In fact, it was also a very interesting thing and it should be a good memory in the future.

“You didn’t say it.” Ren Sheng frowned, if Zhao Lingyu said it, how could he not know about it?

“Yes, it’s my problem. Let’s watch something together?” Zhao Lingyu clicked on his personal terminal and clicked on a video – Newlywed Husband Operation Guide.

Previously Ren Sheng had seen some educational videos for minors, but it was mostly about women and men and was in the form of cartoons, so it wasn’t very clear. But this time when Zhao Lingyu clicked on the video, a real person appeared.

Two handsome men at first explained how they married and then began to explain some knowledge, and personally demonstrate.

This was a video that Wu Shuai found for Zhao Lingyu’s wedding. At that time he fast-forwarded, casually glancing at it from time to time, but now he carefully studied it with Ren Sheng.

Ren Sheng’s knowledge of this area was really non-existent. As a plant, reproduction did not require them to do much, at most they needed the help of other animals to spread pollen. But after he took human form, he had been living in isolation.

He himself also had the urge to double cultivate with Zhao Lingyu, but he didn’t know exactly what it was for. Now slowly looking at it, he finally understood. 

It turns out that all of it was about that!

No wonder he liked to kiss and touch Zhao Lingyu and also had a reaction to it. It turned out that it was because of desire. Although doing it too much wasn’t good, there was also no need to suppress it.

Ren Sheng’s face was getting red and he couldn’t help extending his hand.

Although Zhao Lingyu also watched the video, he paid more attention to Ren Sheng. He also felt a little hot seeing Ren Sheng’s shyness, but still didn’t expect Ren Sheng to move his hand towards him.

The children were still next to them! Zhao Lingyu was sitting upright and wanted Ren Sheng to take his hand back, but he was reluctant to give up. Finally, he could only pretend not to know.

“Lingyu you are bigger than them.” Ren Sheng looked at the video and estimated the size with his hand.

Zhao Lingyu suddenly found himself feeling a little smug. Fuck, he shouldn’t feel proud of such a thing!

” I’m also very good, it says that the first time is very painful, but I think it was okay!” Ren Sheng said.

Zhao Lingyu coughed softly… “The children are still here.”

“What does it matter?” Ren Sheng put the incubator in the corner, took out a quilt and then lay down on the bed generously. “Come on!”




This time, Ren Sheng didn’t stop Zhao Lingyu from moving, but he was thinking about double cultivation and still closed his eyes and let his spiritual power slowly enter Zhao Lingyu’s body.

Zhao Lingyu’s body energy was very chaotic. Before, he had no way to guide those energies at all and because of the presence of these energies, he also couldn’t check Zhao Lingyu’s situation at all. But the day before yesterday, a special connection was established between them, allowing all these energies to enter his body, so he could now absorb them slowly, relying on his plant absorption ability.

Zhao Lingyu’s body was still moving, bumping into Ren Sheng, so he couldn’t concentrate. So he simply didn’t look at Zhao Lingyu. Just like the previous time, he guided energy from Zhao Lingyu into his body and the transmission even gave them a feeling of spiritual connection.

This comfortable feeling made Zhao Lingyu no longer able to bear it and he directly exploded.

“Ren, I will take you to the bath.” Zhao Lingyu felt very comfortable and kissed Ren Sheng’s cheek – he finally knew why so many people liked to have a partner!

“Go take a shower for what?” Ren Sheng clenched his legs, he had almost let his essence escape just now, but fortunately he blocked it just in time.

It was now to absorb his own essence and also Zhao Lingyu’s refined soil. There was no time to take a bath.

“Not washing will…” Zhao Lingyu wanted to say that not washing would give him diarrhea, but suddenly it occurred to him that Ren Sheng’s situation was different. He was afraid that the refined soil in his body was absorbed by Ren Sheng at the moment, so cleaning up, bathing and so on, Ren Sheng didn’t need it at all.

Even he didn’t need to clean himself up, because all the liquid from his little brother was sucked clean by Ren Sheng.

Such a warm thing as helping your partner clean up afterwards, he certainly wouldn’t have the chance to do it in this life…

Zhao Lingyu gave another kiss to Ren Sheng’s face. Seeing that a certain part of Ren Sheng had shrunk, he felt some frustration.

This time, Ren Sheng had a reaction, but he didn’t reach releasing point. But he did not dare to touch it, maybe he should read more information and hone his skills?

Ren Sheng rested for an hour, absorbed all that could be absorbed and what could not be was stored. Then he once again wrapped around Zhao Lingyu. “Lingyu, once again…”

The two previous times, rather than double cultivation, it was more like his unilateral tapping.

Although he was tapping into the energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body, that wasn’t good for Zhao Lingyu. If they continued to do it, Zhao Lingyu would definitely not be able to stand it…

He and Zhao Lingyu double cultivated in order to let Zhao Lingyu live longer. Not to let Zhao Lingyu be sucked dry by himself!

So let’s do it again!

The feeling of doing it just now was excellent, so Zhao Lingyu certainly wouldn’t refuse to do it again. He turned over and put pressure on him, but Ren Sheng wasn’t allowed to move as he did the first time.

So it was time to double cultivate again? Zhao Lingyu kissed Ren Sheng on the face and cooperated.

The energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body once again entered Ren Sheng’s body and with the energy brought by the refined soil, all the spiritual energy in Ren Sheng’s body collided.

“Give me a kiss.” Ren Sheng hugged Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu felt like he was about to explode, but he still picked up Ren Sheng and while Ren Sheng was still attached to him, he suddenly felt that there was an energy entering his body through his lips. The energy went around his body, entered Ren Sheng’s body again and then entered his body again, and so on.

So this was dual cultivation… not quite the same as the last time…

The back and forth energy made the two people feel so close, that in that moment, Zhao Lingyu even felt that if the world was about to end, it was still good.

Ren Sheng’s thoughts were much simpler. His spiritual power entered Zhao Lingyu’s body and then combed up the energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body. He even found certain wounds inside Zhao Lingyu’s body.

As a ginseng spirit, Ren Sheng’s spiritual energy was very gentle and also had healing effects. But in the end, it was still not enough and he should stop the circulation.

After biting his tongue, Ren Sheng reluctantly gave Zhao Lingyu a little bit of his blood.

The bitter taste filled his mouth. Zhao Lingyu opened his eyes wide in surprise, but Ren Sheng still had his eyes closed and then guided his spiritual power in Zhao Lingyu’s body while repairing certain damage inside Zhao Lingyu’s body.

The familiar taste and warm current were exactly the same as when Ren Sheng gave him his seeds, but in fact, what Ren Sheng gave him was not his seed at all but his blood.

Zhao Lingyu subconsciously wanted to let go of Ren Sheng, but Ren Sheng, sensing his action, entangled him firmly with his hands and feet, making Zhao Lingyu worried about injuring him.

The double cultivation lasted a full five hours and Ren Sheng didn’t let Zhao Lingyu go until he was completely out of strength and then he tiredly laid on the bed.

“Ren!” Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng anxiously without saying anything else. He hurriedly stood up, wanting to check on Ren Sheng’s situation.

“What are you doing standing up?” Ren Sheng roared powerfully.


“Come in and move quickly. I want to rest.” Ren Sheng slowly raised his foot and put his foot on Zhao Lingyu’s leg, kicking him. The energy collected from Zhao Lingyu was sent back again so he was worried about whether he would shrink again.


Zhao Lingyu always felt that ever since he started to be with Ren Sheng, he was stunned speechless particularly often.

Ren Sheng looked like he was seriously ill now, but even when he was like this, if it was done by someone else, it would be called “Loving until you die.”

In order to get close to the refined soil, Ren Sheng really went all out.


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