In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 28 – Trying A Little Harder

Although Little Green had robbed a lot of his nutrient liquid, Zhao Lingyu had also prepared more for him, so Ren Sheng’s mood naturally improved.

The nutrient liquid in the bathtub could be absorbed in a short amount of time if he wanted to, but thinking that it was prepared by Zhao Lingyu, he didn’t want to drink it all at once. Instead, he decided to sleep in the bathtub and absorb it slowly.

The feeling of lying in the nutrient liquid was so good that the more Ren Sheng laid there, the more comfortable he was. He slowly fell asleep, but in the middle of the night, the smell of refined soil came from outside!

At first, he thought he was dreaming. After all, apart from the fact that Zhao Lingyu’s body smelled like refined soil when he first met him, he hadn’t smelled such a good smell since. But after carefully sniffing the air, Ren Sheng suddenly jumped out of the bathtub and then rushed into the next room without hesitation… Even forgetting to put away his roots.

Zhao Lingyu was attacked that night again.

Ever since Ren Sheng arrived at the Zhao family, he wasn’t less ‘attacked‘ by Ren Sheng. Things like Ren Sheng pinning him down and pestering him happened several times a day, but never before had he been so embarrassed and speechless.

Seeing that Ren Sheng was about to pounce on him, Zhao Lingyu jumped up. Unfortunately, Ren Sheng did not care whether he was standing or lying down. His roots skillfully wrapped around him, and also wrapped around his waist all over.

What’s this called? Some time ago, he had thought that Ren Sheng was tied up by Little Green just like in one of those S/M scenes, but now he was the one tied up by Ren Sheng…

What’s more, Ren Sheng’s hands and feet were now turning into roots. He should have obviously felt horrible or uncomfortable, but Ren Sheng’s little face was full of joy. Smelling Ren Sheng’s smell, he didn’t feel disgusted at all, but instead felt very comfortable.

However, although it was a good thing to feel comfortable, these roots that kept digging into his clothes were not a good thing.

With Zhao Lingyu’s current strength, it wasn’t difficult to break those roots. But they were part of Ren Sheng. Let alone breaking the roots, he didn’t even dare to move. “Ren, stop!”

“Lingyu?” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu in puzzlement and obediently stopped moving. The refined soil would not run away, so he was not in a hurry.

“You get out of the way so I can take a shower, no…” Zhao Lingyu’s expression stiffened.

When Ren Sheng came in just now, he said that there was a lot of refined soil. However, even if he stopped practicing this technique, how could there be a lot of refined soil? Now the only thing that’s extra on his body was probably… semen. Was there a lot of refined soil in that thing?

“I’ll absorb the refined soil from you first, then you can take a bath.” Ren Sheng said. Although he didn’t understand why Zhao Lingyu wanted to take a shower in the middle of night, he had no plans to stop him. Of course, he first needed to get the refined soil in his hands before that.

The roots on Ren Sheng’s hands were digging into his pants and Zhao Lingyu subconsciously wanted to stop it, but thinking that Ren Sheng had been melancholy because he couldn’t absorb the soil, he didn’t stop him.

Ren Sheng’s roots were cool and slippery against his skin and the original stickiness in his crotch area disappeared completely… Although these roots were completely different from a human being’s, the thought that this was actually Ren Sheng’s hands suddenly made Zhao Lingyu feel that his little brother had the probability to raise again.

He hadn’t let off his steam after the injury and had been holding back for a long time. So, now he was able to rut against a tentacled teenager!

Subconsciously, Zhao Lingyu began to cultivate.

Seeing that Zhao Lingyu began to cultivate, Ren Sheng who had already sucked the refined soil from Zhao Lingyu’s body as well as the other liquids as nourishment, Ren Sheng, who was completely entangled with him, became very satisfied.

But after a while, he quickly frowned again and stood up.

Turning into a human, but leaving only the root from his foot to wrap around Zhao Lingyu, Ren Sehng quickly came to the window and created a small opening in the previously closed window.

A vine came in through the small opening and a small suction cup held the window firmly in place.

“Get out, if you dare steal my things, I’ll cut you into pieces!” Ren Sheng said fiercely.

He could not even cover the scent now. If the vine only wanted to rub, he wouldn’t mind. But he would never allow the other party to covet his soil – Zhao Lingyu was his!

Little green trembled and quickly retreated.

Ren Sheng suddenly left, so Zhao Lingyu also ended his cultivation. “What’s the matter?”

“Little Green came over,” Ren Sheng said. “It must have felt the scent of the refined soil, but I won’t give it to him!” Earlier, Zhao Lingyu’s smell of refined soil was extremely faint and he had a thick ginseng fragrance that was useful to plant spirits, making Little Green pester him all the time. But just now, the smell of the refined soil became stronger. Little Green must have also felt it, otherwise he would not have come knocking on the window in the middle of the night.

“I’m not going to give it to him, it’s all yours.” Zhao Lingyu busily said, while thinking about the origin of that so-called refined soil.

“Yes, give it all to me alone!” With a smug face, Ren Sheng asked Zhao Lingyu, “What was that thing just now?”

Zhao Lingyu just remembered that because he thought Ren Sheng was too young, he had set Ren Sheng’s computer account as a minor. As a minor, Ren Sheng certainly would not have the opportunity to see some incongruous things. He was also a plant, so he was afraid he might not have this type of desire.

“The things just now are the same as your ginseng seeds.” Zhao Lingyu began to cheat.

“So…” Ren Sheng’s good mood immediately disappeared. “This is too little….. ” It took him a long, long time to blossom and bear ginseng seeds. If Zhao Lingyu was just like him, then how long would it take him to eat a full meal?

“Too little?” Zhao Lingyu was stunned. What does that mean? Why did it sound like Ren Sheng disliked his abilities in some way?

“How often do you produce seeds?” Ren Sheng suddenly thought that humans should be different from him.

Zhao Lingyu automatically translated Ren Sheng’s words and thought about it for a moment before saying, “About once or twice a month.” He didn’t have time to relieve himself during his time in the military and it was all about frequency. But if he had a partner, he believed he would be able to do it several times a day.

It was amazing that humans could bear seeds every month. “That’s enough, but it would be even better if there were more!” He could barely make ends meet if it was once a month, but he could save up if he didn’t use it all…

“This depends on the situation, I can’t guarantee it. For example, when I was injured before there was no…” Zhao Lingyu said and looked at Ren Sheng awkwardly as he coughed – he actually talked about this with a teenager who didn’t know anything.

“Oh… you must think of a way to have more.” Ren Sheng looked serious.

“I will work hard.” Zhao Lingyu said, but knew that he would not have a chance to work hard.

He still couldn’t control his own strength, so he couldn’t relieve himself. He also didn’t want to find others, so he could only let Ren Sheng slowly wait.

After receiving Zhao Lingyu’s promise, Ren Sheng happily went back to soak in the nutrient solution. Zhao Lingyu, who wanted to take a bath, found that his body had been cleaned up long ago, leaving only a faint ginseng smell, so he didn’t wash it at all. Instead, he laid down again.

Now that Ren Sheng had a source of refined soil, he could continue to cultivate. But just how could this source of refined soil look like this?

Ren Sheng could only get refined soil he wanted in this way and it was impossible for him (ZL) to find anyone else in his life other than Ren Sheng. It was a little weird to have a ginseng spirit rush to his bed yelling ‘refined soil,’ but it would be even weirder if he was rolling there with a partner at the time…

Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help laughing and then he frowned. If Reng Sheng became involved with another person’s thing…..? He felt uncomfortable just thinking about it!

In fact, if Ren Sheng wasn’t so small, he could totally help relieve him. Reng Sheng’s hands were smooth and tender and his roots…

The image of Ren Sheng wrapping his roots around his little brother floated in his mind and for some reason, it actually made him a little excited. Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

His aesthetics had been completely ruined!

This evening, Ren Sheng was satisfied, Zhao Lingyu was struggling, and Little Green, after returning to Mr. Teng, sadly looked through the window at the iron house in the yard.

That smell would bring great benefit to him, but would also be very useful to his father. Just now, he also smelled another exciting thing, but unfortunately, his own kind would not let him get near.

Some water drops falling from the leaves showed that it was really sad. Little Green turned around and wanted to be comforted by Mr. Teng, but unfortunately, the old man was asleep. Finally, it had no other choice, but to shrink into the arms of Mr. Teng and sleep.

The next day, Ren Sheng was radiant and everyone could see that he was in a good mood, even to Mr. Teng, he was smiling and welcoming.

Zhao Lingyu sat quietly at the table trying to connect with Wu Shuai when he heard a noise. Hearing the movement and looking up at Ren Seng, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly when he thought of why he was in a good mood.

“Little Green, come and play with daddy.” Mr. Teng glanced at Ren Sheng and suddenly said with a smile.

Originally, Little Green had been circling around Ren Sheng but hearing his words, it retracted and wrapped around Mr. Teng making others similarly attracted.

Mr. Teng laughed and moved his hands. Suddenly, a plant grew up in his hand and soon three colorful flowers came out. He picked one for Little Green, which it immediately sucked in with its suction cups. Then, he looked at Ren Sheng and said, “Ren, do you also want it?”

Ren Sheng couldn’t take his eyes off it, wanting to know how the power of plant ability users worked. Seeing Mr. Teng picking flowers for Little Green, he immediately ran to Zhao Lingyu, “I don’t want it!”

Flowers are for childbirth and picking other people’s flowers is just unethical! However, these flowers were really pretty.

“Do you want to learn from me?” Mr. Teng asked again. The plants with two flowers left in his hand suddenly began to produce seeds and then those seeds sprouted and also bloomed in Mr. Teng’s hands. Mr. Teng repeated this process several times, finally sitting with those gorgeous flowers.

“No!” Ren Sheng said again. He could do it too. If Zhao Lingyu could produce ‘seeds’ a few more times, he would have enough refined soil to use some of it. Then, he could also bloom flowers and grow plants!

“Ren, do you like this flower? Shall I go and find a flowerpot for you to grow some?” Zhao Lingyu asked with a smile, intending to get a few plants from Mr. Teng for Ren Sheng to play with.

Little Green, who had been by Mr. Teng’s side, not sure if it understood Zhao Lingyu’s words or wanted to please Ren Sheng, rolled around some flowers and sent them all to Ren Sheng.

“You silly child!” The old Mr. Teng who was unable to abduct his own child, was struggling.

“Don’t touch these flowers!” Ren Sheng, who didn’t want Zhao Lingyu to like other flowers, said quickly.

These flowers were new varieties bred by him. Are they… disgusting? Mr. Teng was helpless.

In the time that Mr. Teng was trying to abduct Ren Sheng, Little Green tried to please Ren Sheng, while Zhao Lingyu urged Ren Sheng to study while making certain arrangements.

After Ren Sheng finally got Zhao Lingyu’s second seed, seven or eight days later, the Human Federation’s Human New Life Day arrived. 


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