In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 45. 2 – Reaching Resource Star

This time after the battle began, Elder Teng flew the battleship so that Ren Sheng couldn’t hit him, while frantically pouring bombs towards Ren Sheng. As a result, Ren Sheng had already run away with his warship smeared with oil.

Elder Teng chased him for a while, before he turned back and then smashed Elder Teng’s warship into a pile of scrap iron.

This time when the battle ended, Elder Teng gave Ren Sheng a slightly admiring look, “Come again.”

“Good.” Just now, Ren Sheng just wanted to show Elder Teng how to escape. Then Elder Teng used his tactics very cooperatively and Ren Sheng nodded again.

Elder Teng was a good student this time and began to pull away as soon as he entered. He intended to set up traps to lure Ren Sheng over in accordance with his past experience, but Ren Sheng wouldn’t stop chasing him!

He did whatever he wanted to do. The two battleships were so neat that they shuttled between the meteorites together.

They chased each other for a long time and he was about to stop and fight, when Ren Sheng suddenly threw out many bombs again and blew him up.

“Let’s die first so we can go to dinner. We’ll continue later.” Ren Sheng said. Elder Teng’s level was about the same as his when he didn’t use his roots.

Killing him and going to dinner? Elder Teng silently took off his helmet in a fit of anger.

Although someone could bring the food to the cabin, Ren Sheng insisted on going to the restaurant. “In this way, we can eat early and deliver food to Lingyu. I haven’t seen him all morning!”

On the way to the restaurant, Ren Sheng and Elder Teng attracted a lot of people’s attention. When they got to the restaurant, a major came over excitedly and saluted Ren Sheng. “Ren Shao, can you teach me how to pilot a warship?”

“Ah?” Ren Sheng was a little at a loss.

At this time, Sutton finally calmed down and said, “Young Master Ren, I saw a video of you piloting a battleship against someone else. It’s really great. I hope you can teach me!” They all saw the battle between Ren Sheng and Elder Teng just now.

Ren Sheng, who did not understand strategy at all, was still at a loss, but Elder Teng took a look at Sutton. “Do you want to be my younger martial brother?”

Sutton was stunned, but then he remembered that Elder Teng was also Ren Sheng apprentice so his expression became more eager for a moment.

When Ren Sheng was about to refuse, Ethan and his assistant just happened to come from outside. Seeing an outsider, Sutton closed his mouth and went straight back to his seat without saying a word.

Ethan didn’t have the First Legion’s simulation number, so naturally he didn’t know about Ren Sheng’s warship battles. Seeing that Sutton was looking at Ren Sheng excitedly, coming and going he just thought that someone had just confessed his love to Ren Sheng. Now he looked at Ren Sheng with slight disdain. “Attracting bees everywhere.”

Ren Sheng rolled his eyes at him and then went to look for Elder Teng. “Disciple, there are flies coming, let’s go!”

“These First Legion people are simply crazy. That Ren Sheng is nothing and has no ability, but they still respect him very much!” Seeing Ren Sheng enter the box, many people saluted him along the way and Ethan complained to the people around him.

The assistant beside Ethan was looking at Ren Sheng and Elder Teng in shock. Only when these two were gone did he look at Ethan. “Young master, the person beside Ren Sheng who appears to be his disciple seems to be Elder Teng.”

Ethan didn’t notice when no one hinted at it. But when someone reminded him… Elder Teng did not have a son, so that person should be Elder Teng. Did Elder Teng have plastic surgery to get accepted as Ren Sheng’s student? Was this Ren Sheng really so charming?

Ren Sheng, who was considered to be extremely attractive, ate his  meal as quickly as possible, then he happily brought Zhao Lingyu his meal.

When Zhao Lingyu drove his subordinates out for dinner and monopolized the command room to eat the delicious food Ren Sheng specially brought, Ren Sheng patted him on the shoulder, “You must eat more to make up for it.”

“Oh? Why?” Zhao Lingyu asked in confusion.

“There’s something important to do tonight.” Ren Sheng found that Zhao Lingyu didn’t understand and explained, “Today it’s time for you to give me refined soil!”

“…” Zhao Lingyu suddenly looked forward to the evening. No, what he should be more concerned about is that Ren Sheng even specially gave him food to make up for it… did he look so ‘useless?’

Of course, Zhao Lingyu will not be ‘useless.’

Last time, because of the special circumstances, Ren Sheng didn’t pay close attention to Zhao Lingyu’s body. But this time he could not help saying, “You are really big! It’s as big as my arm, when will I be this big? Well, I’ll eat more, and I’ll be bigger than you in the future! “

“…” Although he hoped that Ren Sheng would be a little bigger than he was now, but growing bigger than him… let’s just forget it.

Now, let’s go straight to point!




Putting the refined soil away, Ren Sheng shook off his hands “My hands are so sore.”

Zhao Lingyu tidied himself up and held Ren Sheng’s hand and slowly rubbed it.

Although Ren Sheng always makes him speechless, having such a small ginseng around makes him feel that the world was gorgeous.

Lying beside Zhao Lingyu, Ren Sheng twisted his body at first and then rubbed against Zhao Lingyu, “It’s strange, obviously I don’t have refined soil inside me, but I’m surprisingly just like you.”

Something was poking on his leg, so Zhao Lingyu stiffened.

“Lingyu, will you touch it for me too?”

Zhao Lingyu did not agree. Knowing that even Ren Sheng tears were priceless he naturally did not dare to let Ren Sheng vent freely, lest Ren Sheng hurt his body. However, he always acted as human cushion for Ren Sheng at night even when he couldn’t bear it. So he was a little bewildered. Ren Sheng reacted, does it mean he has grown up a little?

Although he did something rather absurd at night, Zhao Lingyu didn’t forget about planet 12534. Early the next morning, he got up and made arrangements, explaining the situation of planet 12534 and the trajectory of the nearby planets to his soldiers, while having two small scout ships leave the fleet and take the lead in going to planet 12534 to investigate the situation.

In the twinkling of an eye, it was already the fifth day.

There wasn’t any new news about planet 12534 yet, but it was time to give Ren Sheng ‘rations’ again.

After the two of them warmed up, Zhao Lingyu touched the vaguely red fruits on Ren Sheng’s head and talked about some peculiar races in the stars. “Four-legged people have four legs and a tail in addition to hands, their form is very peculiar and there are a lot of them in the Freedom Alliance. But because their genes are different from humans, their racial characteristics are also different from humans. The two sides can’t have a next generation, so no one will want to talk to these alien races and no one would like to be with this alien race…”

“That’s interesting. I’ll go and have a look later!” Ren Sheng was full of anticipation.

He said he wanted the little ginsengs to hear his stories but it was obviously his little ginseng himself who wanted to hear a story. Zhao Lingyu waited until Ren Sheng fell asleep before he laid down next to him.

On the eighth day, at eight o’clock in the morning Capital Star time, the scout ships that were sent out came back bringing a lot of information to Zhao Lingyu. The star pirates had plundered many commercial ships in the previous half month and these days, they had been loading energy ore to those commercial ships as if they wanted to empty the whole 12534 planet.

“You guys continue poking around for information, but remember to not get too close and come back if there is any danger.” Zhao Lingyu said again.

“Yes, Marshal!”

The First Legion’s warship was only a half day away from planet 12534.

Corbien sat on a chair made of the most expensive bright gold wood in the Human Federation with his two feet raised high, “How is the mining going? Have you found the energy crystals?”

“The mine has been blown at the bottom, and we have found some energy crystals.” One of Corbien’s men said excitedly. “There are two whole cubes of energy crystallization on this planet.”

Corbien who had been leaning lazily in his chair, raised his eyebrows and there was a trace of excitement in his eyes. “How can there be so many?”

“There are so many! The Human Federation is so lucky!”

“Now they’re out of luck. Tut Tut, without the energy crystal, I’m afraid this resource star will disintegrate. It will not be easy to rescue all the residents who stay here…”

“Boss?” Corbien’s men looked at him with some bewilderment.

“Pass down the order to let the guys load all the energy ore they have collected on the ships, along with anything they want to take with them. We will leave here in four hours.” Corbien said.

“Boss, we’re not going to fight against the First Legion?” Corbien men was a little confused.

“I’m crazy to let a group of shrimps and crabs fight the First Legion!” Corbien said, tapping his fingers on his chair. “All you have to do is tell them to go back, then you will lead the men to retreat.”

“What about you, boss?”

“Me? Of course I’ll stay here. I want to meet our great Marshal.” Corbien smiled.

“Boss, isn’t it dangerous for you to stay here? This planet is about to disintegrate… “

“What’s so dangerous? Isn’t it just disintegration? Can I die because the planet disintegrates? What’s more, Zhao Lingyu certainly won’t let me die.” Corbien said, rubbing his face in the mirror next to him. Then it didn’t take long for him to completely change his appearance.

After admiring his appearance, Corbien smiled and said “Go ahead and evacuate with your men early. I’ll stay and watch. The expression on Zhao Lingyu’s face when he would want to chase after them, but instead would be dragged down by the people on this planet would certainly be very interesting.”


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