In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 64.2 – The Arrival of the Ruoyan

Although the simulated flight was very realistic, there was still a difference from actual flight. The warship flew up and down, and from time to time it would change direction. Even if there is a fixed device, it is difficult to adapt in time, so a wrong button was often pressed.

Not to mention, many people like to fly over meteorites in simulated flights to show their flying skills, but if they still do so during actual piloting… maybe they will hit the meteorite!

These problems have also been discovered by Ren Sheng. At first, he thought that with his current growth he would adapt very well, but in fact, he encountered a lot of problems such as pressing the wrong button and even couldn’t help but begin to dislike the fact that his hands were too short and wanted to use his roots.

“Ren, use your hands for the time being and then use the roots when you get used to them.” Zhao Lingyu knew Ren Sheng’s idea very well so he explained.

“Alright.” Ren Sheng became very careful when piloting, but even so he accidentally bumped into a basketball-sized meteorite. Although the meteorite was shattered by the warship’s shield, it still made the whole scout ship a little unstable.

Obviously the warship had detected the meteorite, but there was no time to dodge. Ren Sheng subconsciously used his spiritual energy and began to explore the surrounding environment.

There was no air in the empty universe so his spiritual energy extended very fast-and everything around it appeared completely in front of Ren Sheng.

The training ground here was man-made meteorites, so everything was found and thrown in by the First Legion from elsewhere and in addition to meteorites, there was a lot of space junk.

Today, the area that Ren Sheng could explore with his spiritual power was not large in space, but with his spiritual power he could press buttons more accurately and change the direction of the warship the moment before it hit the meteorite.

It surprised Zhao Lingyu that Ren Sheng had made such rapid progress. He also vaguely felt that there was a surge of energy in Ren Sheng, but he didn’t know what it was so he simply wrote it down and planned to ask again in the evening.

At this time, Ren Sheng had already flown from the primary area to the intermediate area and after practicing for a period of time, he flew into the advanced training ground.

There were many meteorites in the advanced training ground and some meteorites even pulled each other because of the gravity. Not only that, but the quality of the space junk here was also very good. If this junk hit the spaceship, it would definitely make a hole in the spaceship.

Ren Sheng slowed down for a period of time, then after getting used to it, he took out his roots and made various difficult actions in the training field with the help of his spiritual power.

Even the most powerful scout ship captain in his corps couldn’t do this step. Zhao Lingyu looked at the many roots growing out of Ren Sheng’s hands, flying around the console. His heart filled with pride. His partner had become more and more powerful… even more dazzling.

Just at this time, Ren Sheng suddenly stopped his movements. “Someone!”

“Someone?” Zhao Lingyu flipped through the detection system of the ship, but there was no alarm. However, when he observed the nearby star map, he obviously felt something was wrong in a place nearby.

At the same time, a huge battleship slowly emerged from space. This battleship wasn’t as big as the First Legion’s main ship, but it still gave off a great pressure.

On the huge battleship, there were also several big blood-red words that were very unfamiliar to Ren Sheng, but which Zhao Lingyu had specially studied lately.

“Ruoya civilization…” Zhao Lingyu took a deep breath, these people came faster than he thought.

“There is a communication signal coming through.” Ren Sheng said.

“Let’s change our position and connect again.” Zhao Lingyu said. He sat in the main driver’s seat before he connected the communication signal. On the screen in front of him, a man with blue hair, red eyes, and very fair skin appeared.

According to certain secret information of the Human Federation, when the Human Federation was almost destroyed by the interstellar beasts and other races in the universe, it was the Ruoya civilization that suddenly bailed them out and then sent some researchers to create a batch of ability users for the Human Federation.

At that time, the number of manufactured ability users wasn’t small and there were many S-class ability users. But just a generation later, there were many more low level ability users, but S-class ability users had become rarer than before.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t know why the Ruoya civilization wanted to help humans, but at least he was sure that the Ruoya civilization had no intention of annexing humans. If they really had such an intention, he was afraid that the Human Federation would have already disappeared a long time ago.

“Hello, human.” The alien who had blue hair and red eyes, but was still very similar to humans said.

“Hello.” Zhao Lingyu nodded towards the other party, not being too condescending.

“You’re great.” The Ruoya human said, his voice rising and falling a little.

Zhao Lingyu paid more attention and found that the other party had used auxiliary translation equipment. Human language was very different from theirs. “Thank you.”

I’m not praising. I’m telling the truth. Zhao Lingyu, you’re very good.” The man said again.

This man actually knew him. Zhao Lingyu, while informing the Human Federation government, recalled the star pirate Corbien.

Corbien wanted to get his blood at that time, so the advanced civilization would have paid attention to him for a long time.

The people of Ruoya civilization have indeed paid attention to Zhao Lingyu for a long time.

They were one of the few advanced civilizations in the universe, with highly developed science and technology, while their own power was also very strong. But at the same time they have a fatal defect.

It was very difficult for the people of the Ruoya civilization to reproduce.

In fact, a long time ago, the people of the Ruoya civilization could have several children in their lives, but then they slowly changed.

After the high development of science and technology, the people of the Ruoya civilization have found some ways to improve their strength, which resulted in their life expectancy getting longer and longer, and their strength getting greater and greater.

This was originally a good thing, so the people from the Ruoya civilization were very happy. But thousands of years later, they suddenly found that the number of newborns was frighteningly small.

After the union of two powerful Ruoya, the conceived child would be born with great power. But this conceived child’s force was completely different from the mother’s, so it was often rejected by the mother’s body.

In the past, if the Ruoya child was relatively weak, it could be eliminated by medical means. But now when they become more and more powerful, embryos often have no chance of development and they would be eliminated as a threat to the mother.

As for in vitro culture… each Ruoya has different powers which exist in their genes. Embryos cultured in vitro also have power, but without a mother that could provide it with her power, it would eventually die without exception.

By the time the Ruoya civilization discovered human civilization, their numbers had shrunk to only 100 million.

100 million people, which sounds like a lot, was actually an appallingly small number.

The permanent residents of the Human Federation’s Capital Star was 2 billion. In addition, if the several nearby residential planets and garrisons were included, it added up to 28 billion. Further away from Capital Star, human beings had hundreds of residential planets.

The Ruoya civilization has more stars than human civilization, but they only number 100 million people!

If the number of their people was too small and they annex or enslave other lower civilizations and let these lower civilizations learn their technology, it would likely lead to the end of the Ruoya civilization. Something like this was not uncommon in interstellar history.

Because of this, they will never lay their hands on lower civilizations, nor will they give them a chance to get in touch with them. At that time they only hoped that the newly made human ability user women could help them reproduce.

Unfortunately, they failed. The newly made human ability user women had the same problems as the Ruoya. As for the unchanged ones… such a weak human being couldn’t bear the energy of the Ruoya people at all.

When the plan failed, the Ruoya people naturally left, but they still left several people to observe human beings. On one hand to see if there was a way for human beings to solve the problem of reproduction and on the other hand, to monitor human beings and not give the humans a chance to surpass the Ruoya civilization.

At the same time, if human beings found any resources urgently needed by the Ruoya civilization, they would also take them away. Among them, the most important resource was the crystallization of energy.

Now if you are two to three months pregnant, in order to support the embryo they need to provide the embryo with the energy from the energy crystal.

Energy crystals couldn’t guarantee the survival of the fetus 100% of the time, but it could at least improve the survival rate of the fetus.

In this way, humans and the Ruoya people had some relationship and developed without interference with each other. Until the day the Zerg Queen suddenly broke into the Human Federation and Zhao Lingyu didn’t die after fusing the energy of the Zerg queen with his ability.


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