In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 67 – Discovering Spiritual Power

There was no spiritual energy in this world. Ren Sheng has always felt very uncomfortable about it. If it wasn’t for the refined soil in Zhao Lingyu’s body, he as a spiritual plant wouldn’t be able to stand it for long.

But now, has someone actually felt spiritual power?

If there was enough spiritual power, he wouldn’t need the refined soil when planting spiritual plants and spiritual plants could be planted on a large scale. It would also be much easier for Zhao Lingyu to cultivate successfully.

Suddenly his eyes widened, Ren Sheng looked at Crohn and eagerly asked. “You came across it somewhere.”

Crohn originally did not like Ren Sheng because he couldn’t feel any energy coming from his body and didn’t want to answer his question, but then he suddenly thought about the fact that the Pregnancy Pill needed to be refined by Ren Sheng. So now he twisted his original expression into a smile.  “I accidentally felt it near the dark abyss, but although the energy there is similar to here, it is much more tyrannical. No, I think these two energies should be different.”

There were many  magical places in the universe. Although some places were magical, they have been explored over time, but there were still some places that no one could find details about.

For example, this dark abyss, which was said to be an abyss, was actually a vortex like Nebula formed by many stars in an area under special gravitational force. If you just passed around the nebula, you won’t lose your life as long as you don’t get too close. But if you passed through the area above the nebula that has no stars or planets… you don’t even have to think about it, you were bound to be sucked into the whirlpool.

The whirlpool looked dark and over time, it became known as the ‘dark abyss.’

Ren Sheng became much more curious. “What is it like? Is that dark abyss far away?”

“It might as well be very far for you, it is not a place that can be easily approached.” Crohn said. This man in front of him was just refining pills at home. Just what exactly was the principle behind these pills?

If it hadn’t been for the fact that Gerd had a baby in his belly and he secretly scanned and determined that Gerd was a man, Crohn wouldn’t have believed that there was really something like a Pregnancy Pill.

Ren Sheng was suddenly depressed. Zhao Lingyu pulled him behind him and changed the subject. “What does Mr. Crohn think of this medicine garden?”

“These plants are all new to me. However, using these plants to make the Nourishing Potions, I believe it. But what about the Pregnancy Pill?”

“It takes a lot of energy to refine the Pregnancy Pill and after taking the Pregnancy Pill, it will open up a separate place where children can be conceived in the eater’s body.” Zhao Lingyu explained. These days while looking up information in the dictionary, he studied all the pills in Ren Sheng’s hand.

Ren Sheng had read all the classics and could recite most of them from memory, but didn’t understand them. But, Zhao Lingyu had some speculations after studying them

Ren Sheng’s cultivation world was completely different from their earth. It was one huge continent and cultivation went against the laws of heaven and earth.

Female cultivators who wanted to cultivate with success, must chop the red dragon… Ren Sheng thought that it meant killing the red dragon, but after he checked, he knew that it actually meant severing fertility.

After killing the red dragon, they were no longer fertile, but many cultivators would then want to have children when there was no hope of advancement.

At this time, the Pregnancy Pill came into being. Although it was a human pregnancy, it was in fact more similar to today’s ordinary person’s in vitro fertilization. Only the Pregnancy Pill itself has special energies, so the child conceived could also have special abilities. But pure technology in vitro fertilization, there was no such a good thing.

For the use of energy, cultivators were much stronger than ability users. The strength of most ability users was predestined from the time of birth. But the strength of cultivators depended on their cultivation, which relied on them cultivating bit by bit. The difference between the two was not big, but it was precisely because of this that cultivators could produce pills with various effects, but ability users…

Up to now, the thing that was most useful to ability users was only energy crystals, but their use of energy crystals was completely superficial.

Zhao Lingyu ran the energy left in his body by Ren Sheng, while absorbing a trace of spiritual energy in the air, he was an ability user, but now he also began on his cultivation road.

Zhao Lingyu’s explanation made Crohn even more curious and eager. “When will the Pregnancy Pill be available?” He certainly couldn’t be the only one coming over this time, in fact, he still had some guards left in his ship, as well as a researcher.

When we get the Pregnancy Pill you could let this guy who studied all day long have a look. Although that person was very withdrawn and talked very little, his research level was really good.

“In two more days, we will be able to refine two of them.” Zhao Lingyu said. In fact, Ren Sheng has already accumulated a few, but giving them too easily might cause Crohn to not cherish them.

When he got the exact answer, a smile immediately appeared on Crohn’s face. “Then we’ll have to trouble you! If it really works out in the end and this medicine can be promoted, we will never treat you badly.” In the present situation, even if they let something leak between their fingers, they would still be able to make Human Civilization suffer a lot.

“Many thanks.” Zhao Lingyu said, while letting out a sigh of relief. The more these people valued them, the safer they would be, there was no doubt about that.

“Then… Can you let me see your children?” Crohn asked again.

Yes.” Zhao Lingyu nodded. Before he didn’t want to show Crohn his children, because he was worried that these people from the higher civilization would want to take back his children with them to study. But now that he knew that the higher civilization was short of children, he didn’t have such worries anymore.

If Crohn wanted to touch his relatives, he must first weigh whether he can afford to lose them.

The four children were now a bit bigger. Each egg weighed about one kilogram and they were also more responsive to the outside world.

When they felt someone approaching, they immediately jumped up and then made several jumps in the incubator.

Ren Sheng was used to their reaction, but Crohn covered his chest and took several deep breaths to calm himself down.

These kids… how dare they make such dangerous actions!

Zhao Lingyu just opened the incubator and let the children jump towards Ren Sheng.

“Be careful!” Crohn let out a cry of panic. Then he saw that children were already lying in Ren Sheng’s arms. Four eggs added up and not looking too big. Ren Sheng in order to hold them tighter, held two of them a little tighter, his posture very casual.

“These are precious children, how can you just grab them like this?” Crohn was frantic on seeing this scene.

Ren Sheng blossomed from time to time and he had countless ginseng seeds. Although he has deep feelings for these children and he looked after them every day just to feel comfortable, he really didn’t feel that they were precious. “I hold them firmly.”

The personal terminal on Crohn’s wrist already showed the condition of the children and the chubby babies made him feel that his heart was going to melt. But these children were all being “abused.”

For a moment, Crohn wanted to teach Ren Sheng a lesson with his ability, but he was still holding the babies in his arms. Crohn felt very uncomfortable. “You should be more careful. Even if you gave birth to the eggs because of your race, you can’t be careless. Let me show you.”

As soon as Crohn was about to demonstrate himself, Zhao Lingyu stopped him. He also anxiously observed the situation of the eggs. He found that the children in the eggs had been pushing against Ren Sheng, which seemed to reject him very much.

But they were very close to Ren Sheng and put their faces on Ren Sheng through the eggshell. Their faces showed an expression of satisfaction, which calmed Crohn’s depressed mood.

They obviously liked Ren Sheng very much. Was it because Ren Sheng was the one who gave birth to them?

Seeing this, Crohn was embarrassed to point out the responsibilities and could only babble on some precautions. “If your children like you, you should be closer to them. How can you let them stay alone in the incubator? This is not conducive to the child’s mental health… “

Ren Sheng didn’t like Crohn very much at first, but now when he heard him say this it made him listen more attentively as he nodded again and again. Later, he even looked at Crohn with admiration. “You know so much!”

“Of course, I got full marks in my pregnancy course!”

“Pregnancy course? Do you want to have a baby, too? ” Ren Sheng looked at  him curiously.

“… We Ruoya,  everyone has to take a pregnancy course. How can I… Of course I want to have children, but definitely not myself!” Crohn said decisively.

The average age of Ruoya was  500 years old and a strong person like him could live up to 800 years, so he had a lot to learn.

Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help frowning as he looked at Ren Sheng and Crohn ‘talking to each other very happily.’ After pulling Ren Sheng, Zhao Lingyu looked at Crohn. “Mr. Crohn it’s dinnertime. Shall we eat first?”

“Alright.” Crohn nodded and saw Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng leaving first, so he took out his PDA and sent out all the information about the situations he had encountered after arriving on Capital Star. One to his own spaceship and one to the Ruoya Empire.

He believed that those people would be as shocked as he was.

After finishing all of this, Crohn hurriedly caught up with Zhao Lingyu and planned to find a chance to get close to the children. As for taking the children to study and so on…

Such lovely children, how was it possible to conduct research? Even if Ren Sheng’s race was a little strange, there were many races in the universe. If they have time to study Ren Sheng’s origin,  they might as well study how to reproduce!


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