In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 12 – Zhao Peng Recovers

Unknowingly, Ren Sheng had also lived in the Zhao family for half a month and the riots of energy around Zhao Lingyu became less and less.

But even so, the presence of the refined soil still made it difficult for him to lift his arm. Seeing this situation, Ren Sheng could only try to explain that technique to him.

Zhao Lingyu wasn’t stupid. On the contrary, he was very smart. Although Ren Sheng who had never taught anyone before spoke a bit of nonsense, but combined with the things that Ren Sheng had done before, he understood some of it vaguely and even started to take the initiative to try.

He could not move the refined soil energy, but there were other energies in his body. Some of these energies were not digested after being swallowed by the Zerg Queen. Other energies that were inside his body were from other ability users that tried to restrain his energy riots. These energies had aggravated his pain in the previous days, but now he could somewhat control them.

However, to control the compression of these energies in his body and refine them as his own – this kind of pain was by no means something that an ordinary person could endure. If he had not been lying on his bed and felt a similar pain for the past two months, he would not be able to endure it.

“You’re amazing!” Ren Sheng stuck to Zhao Lingyu’s side, admiring him more and more. He wasn’t afraid of the energy brought by the refined soil that was emitted from Zhao Lingyu’s body. Now that Zhao Lingyu could control the other messy energies, he was much more comfortable around Zhao Lingyu.

But even so, he was the only one in the entire Zhao family who could casually move closer to Zhao Lingyu. Shen Qiushi still needed to withstand the pressure brought by the refined soil if she wanted to get closer to Zhao Lingyu.

“You’re also very good,” Zhao Lingyu said and as soon as the words left his mouth, something was stuffed into his mouth by Ren Sheng.

Zhao Lingyu could not help but marvel at the mild and powerful energy that cured all the wounds he had suffered during the previous tempering.

Since the first time Ren Sheng kissed him, Ren Sheng had fed him spirit medicine six times. And every time he finished, he thought there wouldn’t be a next time, but Ren Sheng always continued to take more out.

However, even though Ren Sheng had taken the medicine out, he was determined not to say what it was and he didn’t even know where Ren Sheng had taken it out from.

He didn’t know if he should praise Ren Sheng for finally being alert or if he should be depressed.

Zhao Lingyu’s expression was observed by Ren Sheng and he instantly snorted, “Marshal, don’t even think about asking me what this is, I won’t tell you!”

“Why do you keep calling me Marshal?” Zhao Lingyu suddenly thought of something strange.

“Aren’t you called Marshal?” Ren Sheng asked curiously.

“My name is Zhao Lingyu, not Marshal.” Zhao Lingyu said, ”I’m afraid I won’t be able to be a Marshal anymore.”

“I thought… No wonder Auntie keeps calling you Lingyu. So can I call you Lingyu too?” Ren Sheng asked. At first, he thought Zhao Lingyu was named Marshal Linqyu. Now it seemed that he was not?

He knew so little, he really should keep studying!

“You call me Lingyu and I will call you Ren like my mother? Ren, how much of this medicine did you give me?”

“I have lots and lots of…” Ren Sheng said halfway through and looked guardedly at Zhao Lingyu, “I’m not going to give it to you!” It would be bad if this guy took his ginseng seeds, studied them, and found out who he was!

“You didn’t miss out on feeding me,” Zhao Lingyu sighed.

“Giving you food is different, I’ll give you more food, but I won’t give it to you,” Ren Sheng said.

“Then can you give me one less to eat and give it to someone else?” Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng, “Don’t worry, I’ll buy it with money or you can have something else if you want.” Such things were precious and Zhao Lingyu knew that he should be grateful that Ren Sheng was even willing to give it to him. There was no reason to ask Ren Sheng to give it to others, but he always felt that it was too wasteful for him to eat so much.

“Why should I give it to someone else?” Even if he didn’t plan to plant his own ‘children,’ he still didn’t want to give them to others to eat!

“My father was seriously injured many years ago and his health hasn’t been too good since then. This medicine would be very useful to him,” Zhao Lingyu said.

“You mean Uncle Zhao?” Ren Sheng asked with a frown.


As soon as Zhao Lingyu spoke, Ren Sheng ran out.

Zhao Peng and Shen Qiushi had been staying together these days, so when Ren Sheng rushed in, they were discussing what they wanted to teach Ren Sheng.

“Ren, why did you suddenly run over here?” Shouldn’t he be staying with her son at this time? Shen Qiushi looked at Ren Sheng in puzzlement. 

Ren Sheng, however, looked Zhao Peng up and down and then grabbed Zhao Peng’s wrist, frowning with a serious face.

“Ren, what’s wrong?” Zhao Peng looked at the child curiously. Not knowing why, he always felt soothed while staying with Ren Sheng, so in the end, he couldn’t help growing fond of this child.

“Uncle Zhao, so you’re not old, you’re sick!” Ren Sheng had always thought that Zhao Peng was old, but he was not. Instead, he was injured.

Although he was a rare elixir in the world that could prolong life, it had little effect on those who were about to die. Coupled with the fact that his master had always disliked people who were about to die, but did not want to die, he never thought about giving Zhao Peng some seeds. But Zhao Peng was injured and not dying from old age.

Thinking of the piles and piles of things that Zhao Peng had bought for him these days, telling him stories and teaching him all kinds of things, Ren Sheng paused slightly before taking out a ginseng seed and putting it in Zhao Peng’s mouth, “Just eat it, Uncle Zhao!”

“What did you say, Ren?” Zhao Peng suddenly felt a pain spreading through his body, as if it was tearing him apart, was this poison?

Zhao Peng was once also a Marshal and had encountered all sorts of dangers. But he had never been so easily fed a drug… Seeing that Ren Sheng was still standing in front of him and looking at him eagerly, Zhao Peng felt that he would not harm him.

He didn’t think there would be any murderer who would feed poison to someone so openly and righteously and then still stand beside him watching him. He was not even guarding against Shen Qiushi! 

What’s more, this broken body of his wouldn’t be able to live for long anyway. Feeding him poison, wouldn’t it be just like looking for trouble?

“What’s wrong?” Shen Qiushi asked, Discovering that Zhao Peng’s expression wasn’t quite right.

“I’m fine.” Although Zhao Peng was in severe pain, he still managed to hold back the pain and smile at Shen Qiushi. But Shen Qiushi still jumped up in shock, “You… you’re fine! Ren, what’s going on?”

“I gave Uncle my chil… pill to eat,” Ren Sheng said.

Zhao Peng found that he didn’t seem to feel anything other than pain and was only afraid that Shen Qiushi would find trouble with Ren Sheng. So he said, “I’m fine, don’t…” Before he could say anything to stop Shen Qiushi, Shen Qiushi suddenly picked up Ren Sheng and then kissed him on the face. Then not long after, tears came.

While wiping her tears, Shen Qiushi looked at Ren Sheng gratefully, “Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

Ren Sheng was hugged and kissed for the first time so his face turned red and his hands and feet curled up, not knowing what to do.

Shen Qiushi, however, hugged him tightly again. “Ren, thank you. You’ll be my child from now on, dear! I’ll give you whatever you want!” The fact that Ren Sheng had a medicine in his hands was long told to her by Zhao Lingyu. But that medicine was Ren Sheng’s after all and she was already very grateful that Ren Sheng would give it to her son. She was too embarrassed to coax Ren Sheng into also giving it to her husband.

What’s more, she wasn’t sure if the medicine would be useful to her husband, because Zhao Peng’s body had already been sentenced to death by the Federal Medical Headquarters.

But now, Ren Sheng suddenly slipped a pill into Zhao Peng’s mouth. Then Zhao Peng’s white hair turned black and his wrinkled skin looked much smoother.

Ren Sheng had given this miraculous medicine to her husband! Her husband’s health was obviously still improving!

None of them had given anything to this child. But this child… He was taking care of her son. He was treating her son and even treating her husband. At this moment, Shen Qiushi thoroughly accepted Ren Sheng.

Zhao Peng was startled by his wife’s shocking behavior and then realized that the pain in his body was getting more intense, even making him unable to sit up straight, so he could only fall softly to the ground. He was laying on the floor in pain but his wife was hugging and kissing another man, how should he feel? Zhao Peng groaned helplessly.

It was only then that Shen Qiushi noticed her husband’s awkward appearance, she put Ren Sheng aside and squatted down immediately, “How are you doing?”

“I… seem to have gained some strength, just a little painful.” Zhao Peng looked at his wife, wanting her to comfort him with a few kisses.

“It’s just a little painful, isn’t it? What are you afraid of?” Shen Qiushi slapped him on the shoulder and looked at Ren Sheng again, “Ren, do you want to watch cartoons?” As a husband and wife for so many years, Shen Qiushi naturally knew Zhao Peng’s thoughts, but kissing Zhao Peng… isn’t this teaching a bad habit to a child? And… at this time she wouldn’t dare to touch Zhao Peng.

“Want!” Ren Sheng nodded. He knew that eating ginseng seeds to repair the body would be painful, but it was definitely much less painful than what Zhao Lingyu experienced, so he didn’t care.

I really want to say that it’s pitiful. Zhao Lingyu was the most pitiful. Unfortunately, the electronic equipment would fail if it was too close to Zhao Lingyu, otherwise he would watch cartoons with Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Peng continued to lie alone, until finally the butler found him, “Master, what’s wrong with you? Your hair! Your face!”

The butler was surprised, so Ren Sheng explained again, “Grandpa butler, I gave him a pill.”

“Young Master Ren Sheng!” The butler looked at Ren Sheng in surprise, “Young Master Ren Sheng do you want a nutritious meal? I’ll get it ready for you!”

“Yes, yes, yes, can I have more?” Ren Sheng’s eyes were wide open. 

“I will bring a lot! Recently I bought new equipment with more flavors!” The butler ran to get them in a hurry.

Zhao Peng laid helplessly on the floor. Seeing Ren Sheng getting closer and closer to the screen while watching cartoons, he couldn’t help but say, “Ren, don’t get too close to the screen when you watch cartoons, it’s easy to get bad eyesight.”

“Oh!” Ren Sheng nodded and asked, “Are you not in too much pain, Uncle Zhao?”

“It’s better.” Just now, it was so painful he couldn’t even speak.

“You can’t get better with one, eat another one.” Ren Sheng gave him another one. Now his body had recovered, but his cultivation had not yet recovered. Although his ginseng seeds couldn’t restore his cultivation fully, it still allowed him to repair his damaged body and gave him the opportunity to cultivate again.

The so called opportunity to cultivate again allowed someone to regain their destroyed cultivation, but it would start over and be the same as when they were born.

Zhao Peng’s body ached again, especially the place where he had originally stored his abilities, it was as if he was being torn by something.

This seemed to be what it felt like when he had given up his abilities at the beginning. Now he no longer had any ability so naturally it was impossible to give up his ability once more. That was…

Was it possible for this thing to still fix his abilities?

For a moment, Zhao Peng wanted to hold Ren in his arms and kiss him for a few times.

However, this child was too simple. How can such a good thing be given to others so casually? Giving him two… He must give him a good education in the future. He can’t let this child be deceived by others! All kinds of thoughts flashed through his mind and Zhao Peng suddenly thought of what Ren Sheng had said before, that Zhao Lingyu would be alright.

At that time, although they knew that he had given Zhao Lingyu a miraculous medicine, they did not expect that the effect of the medicine would be so good. Now… Maybe his son would really be alright!

Ren Sheng was simply the great benefactor of the Zhao family!


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