In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 66.2 – The Pregnancy Pill is Released

No, it’s not time to think about it. What they should be most concerned about is how Gerd got pregnant.

Ren Sheng’s  origin was unknown. Laying four eggs at the same time, they could only think his race was somehow special, but Gerd… The Human Federation had a record of his genes. He was a man, so how could he get pregnant?

The only people who knew were Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu.

Gerd was unexpectedly pregnant and it seemed that Fang Chengjun was a father. Ren Sheng looked at the two men curiously and had no idea what was going on.

These two people were together and even have children together, so why did they behave so coldly? If he was Gerd, he would jump on Fang Chengjun. No, Gerd seems to be taller than Fang Chengjun? It would be weird if he jumped on Fang Chengjun.

Ren Sheng only thought about these things, but Zhao Lingyu had even more things to think about.

From the first time he met with Crohn, he was analyzing his intention and at this time, he finally found some problems.

Crohn seems to attach great importance to children.

Crohn, who had wanted to see his children before, was now paying extraordinary attention to Gerd’s pregnancy.

Zhao Lingyu originally wanted to use Nourishing Potions to trade with higher civilization, after all Nourishing Potions have many effects. Just conditioning the body and delaying aging makes it difficult to resist it, but now it seems that maybe a Pregnancy Pill would be more valuable in Crohn’s eyes?

It was also true that ability users were created by them, so the problems encountered by the human ability users may be even more serious for them.

Thinking of this, Zhao Lingyu gave Ren Sheng a soothing look and then stood out. “Mr. Crohn, I think I know what’s going on with these two kids.”

“What’s going on?” Crohn looked at Zhao Lingyu.

“Mr. Ged ate the Pregnancy Pill I gave him.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Pregnancy Pill?” Crohn repeated the pronunciation.

“That’s right, it’s Pregnancy Pill. As long as you eat a Pregnancy Pill and have sex with anyone, you will be able to get pregnant. If you eat several pills, you will be able to have several babies.” Zhao Lingyu said. “Ren Sheng ate four pills and gave birth to four children. and before that, Gerd took two.”  His and Reng Sheng children were special so he couldn’t let Crohn look at them casually. In that case, it was a good idea to divert his attention with Gerd.

Pushing the cause of pregnancy to the Pregnancy Pill will make people pay less attention to Ren Sheng.

“Is there really such a thing?” Crohn suddenly released a strong aura, but soon sucked it back again, then looked apologetically at Gerd. “Sorry, I was too excited.” He almost hurt a pregnant woman. No, pregnant man, it’s unforgivable!

“There is such a thing, but the ingredients needed are very precious.” Zhao Lingyu said. “Before Mr. Ged helped me upgrade the First Legion’s warships and I only gave him two of them.”

Zhao Lingyu acted calmly, but privately, he had clenched his fists. This Crohn was strong… very strong. He was now above everyone in the Human Federation, yet there was absolutely no way for him to compare with this person in front of him!

Just upgrading the warships for two children? Crohn almost wanted to ask himself, if he sent Zhao Lingyu a fleet, would Zhao Lingyu give him a few of these pills.

However, before the word could come out of his mouth, he swallowed them back.

If he really sent Zhao Lingyu a fleet, the Human Federation’s technology would absolutely soar, which would be very unfavorable to the Ruoya civilization.

But although he didn’t ask, Crohn’s expression was very eager. He was thinking about seeing Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu’s children, but now he just wanted to get the Pregnancy Pills and couldn’t wait to have a child immediately.

Speaking of having a child… Crohn has been interested in both Ren Sheng and Gerd. If he could choose, he was more likely to choose the Ruoya. Turning his head violently, Crohn’s gaze landed on Corbien who had been following him for the past few days.

The sweat rose on Corbien’s head. “Your Excellency the Duke…” He only wanted to be a quiet Star Pirate in the Human Federation, having children and things like this he had already given up.

Seeing Corbien acting like this, Crohn lost interest. If he really wanted someone to give birth, Corbien was still too weak. It would be better to find a ninth-level Ruoya, but that kind of person would be overwhelmed, and he can’t beat the other party. The child’s guardianship would also be difficult to do. Crohn’s heart flashed with many thoughts before he finally looked and smiled toward Zhao Lingyu. “Mr. Zhao, this Pregnancy Pill… is it possible to give me one?”

“Of course I can, but I am afraid that you will have to wait for a few days.” Zhao Lingyu said. “The herbs required for this Pregnancy Pill are only cultivated by me and only Ren Sheng can refine it, which is very time-consuming and laborious.”

The person in front of them wanted the Pregnancy Pill and they happened to have the Pregnancy Pill in their hands. So they were invincible for now, unless these people could study the Pregnancy Pill thoroughly and find out how to refine it. But until then, they would never hear them.

The refinement of the Pregnancy Pill required spiritual energy, which means that no one else could refine it.

The stone that had been weighing on Zhao Lingyu’s heart since Crohn appeared was loosened and he began to think fast, studying how to maximize the benefits.

Crohn could easily see through Zhao Lingyu’s mind, but he simply didn’t dare to force Zhao Lingyu now.

If the Pregnancy Pill really existed, then the opportunity to make the Ruoya civilization brilliant again may lie in Zhao Lingyu’s hand. But if the Pregnancy Pill was fake, Zhao Lingyu would not be able to bear the anger of the Ruoya civilization.

“No problem. I can wait.” Crohn smiled at Zhao Lingyu and asked, “I don’t have a place to live in the Human Federation so I wonder if I can stay in the Zhao family.”

“Of course. Mr. Crohn can visit my medicine garden if he wants to.” Zhao Lingyu said generously and said, “Of course, I also have a request. Trying to take my blood like last time, I don’t want it to happen again and I don’t want it to happen to my family. Mr. Crohn should be well aware of the importance of genes. “

“No problem.” Crohn said. He could understand why Zhao Lingyu didn’t want to be studied.

“If Mr. Crohn breaks the agreement, I will not provide a Pregnancy Pill again.” Zhao Lingyu was very serious. The momentum of his body was also very fierce.

“We can sign a contract.” Crohn’s expressions become serious. Getting some of Zhao Lingyu’s genes to study was something they prepared for before they came here, but Zhao Lingyu obviously rejected this idea.

He knew that Zhao Lingyu probably has some secrets, but finding out Zhao Lingyu’s secrets wouldn’t allow them to have children, so this Pregnancy Pill was much more important.

 “Good.” Zhao Lingyu nodded. His body was very hard now, so it was almost impossible for Crohn to get his genes, but as for Ren Sheng, he had some other special means. The most important thing right now was paying attention to their children. So in the future, it would be better to hide them in his pocket.

“I’m already tired. Let’s go and have a rest.” Crohn said. He was no longer in the mood for the party.

The party had just begun, but as Zhao Lingyu thought of the aura released by Cron before, he just nodded. “No problem.”

Zhao Lingyu left with Crohn and when they were already far away, the rest of the guests began to talk.

When the Zhao family launched the Nourishing Potion, it was already magical enough for them. But it turned out that after the Nourishing Potion, the Zhao family came out with the Pregnancy Pill, which was also favored by higher civilizations?

Zhao Lingyu felt threatened when he first saw Crohn, but some people’s thoughts were the opposite. The Locke family and the Yang family didn’t feel that Crohn was a threat and even felt that his arrival was an opportunity.

But now this opportunity was robbed by the Zhao family…

Yang Ye’s face became ugly and Ethan was even angrier… so angry that he almost exploded when he saw Gerd. “Gerd, I didn’t expect you to be willing to become pregnant just like a woman, it’s really ‘admirable’.”

By this time, Gerd had already given up on keeping his pregnancy a secret and hooked the corners of his mouth into a sexy smile. “It’s better than someone who doesn’t have any children.” He was pregnant with two at once. How good was he? It was just that only one of them has a metal ability, which made him a little upset.

Ethan’s face became dark.

Gerd looked at the corner of Ethan’s mouth and went out. Seeing it Fang Chengjun followed him without hesitation.

He wanted to be with Gerd before and now that he has his baby in his belly, he was even less likely to give up.

However, looking at the way Gerd was right now, he didn’t seem to want to be with him. Fang Chengjun really wanted to go back to  a month ago and slap himself on his self-conscious face.

What? Wait for two people to have a baby before getting together… Looking at his grandfather’s experience he could see what the consequences would be like. But he still wanted to follow his grandfather’s path. No. Now, even his own children will be lost!

“What are you doing?” Gerd looked at Fang Chengjun angrily.

“If I don’t follow you, who will I follow?” Fang Chengjun smiled. Now he didn’t care about anything else but pestering Gerd!

“Don’t you still have the pregnancy pill? If you want a child, find someone else to have a baby! If you are still feeling you are losing I can also give you my pregnancy pill, I no longer have use for it.”

“I just want our children, and those two can be saved for later.” As soon as Fang Chengjun’s voice fell, Gerd aircraft had already flown away.

After getting in his own aircraft, Fang Chengjun chased him closely.

Ren Sheng was still with Zhao Lingyu at this time.

He has lived for more than a hundred thousand years, so his cultivation was not low. In fact, he was on the verge of soaring into the sky.

At that time, if the cultivators had not broken into his master’s cave mansion, he might have ascended into the sky from that cave mansion and gone to the immortal world.

In view of the fact that he was a Ginseng spirit with long cultivation that had never been contaminated with blood, it can be said that he wasn’t in any danger during his heavenly tribulation. But at that time, his master’s cave was breached…

His attacking power was very weak and he estimated it was only comparable to a Nascent Soul cultivator. Fortunately, he was able to escape.

At first he escaped from the siege of a group of Nascent Soul cultivators, but then he encountered Void and Mahayana stage experts and couldn’t escape at all.

This Crohn in front of him, was equivalent to a cultivator at the Mahavana realm, though only at the early stage.

If he had known, he would have disobeyed Zhao Lingyu and only double cultivated without making love. With Zhao Lingyu a little more powerful, his safety could be guaranteed!

“Don’t be nervous, think of something else.” Zhao Lingyu held Ren Sheng’s hand. Recently, he always had a mysterious feeling that he could sense Ren Sheng’s moods.

Ren Sheng took a deep breath and let himself think about something else, such as Gerd’s children.

In the cultivation world, after a cultivator gets pregnant, they all have to take a lot of pills to warm up their bodies. Should he get some for Gerd as well? Although the Face Nourishing Pill could warm the body, it couldn’t cure the symptoms. Gerd should take some qi-supplementing pills and so on.

When Ren Sheng thought about it, he no longer felt afraid and was much more at ease. At this time they have already arrived at the Zhao family’s home.

Crohn got off the aircraft, strode inside, and suddenly paused again as he looked at Shen Qiushi and Feng Kexin in surprise, as they came from afar.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Crohn?” Zhao Lingyu asked. He had already asked Shen Qiushi to hide his four children before they came, so what was wrong with Crohn now?

“I’m so happy, two more children…” Crohn looked at his personal terminal and said with emotion. Then he looked curiously at a small piece of gold crystal on Feng Kexin’s wrist. “Energy crystal? It’s really good for pregnant women to wear this. It can improve the baby’s ability level. That’s what we did at the beginning, but as a result… “

Later, everyone’s ability level was getting higher and higher, but it also became more and difficult to have children.

“Two children?” Zhao Lingyu was a little confused, there was only one in Feng Kexin’s belly.

“This beautiful lady is pregnant too.” Crohn admired, as he looked at Shen Qiushi. “Beautiful lady, if you were not pregnant, I would definitely pursue you.”

Zhao Lingyu has the impulse to punch Crohn in the face. This man coveted his wife not too long ago and now he coveted his mother. He must cultivate harder in the future, so he could do so! Mustn’t let such a thing happen again.

No, what did this man say? His mom was pregnant? Zhao Lingyu looked at Shen Qiushi’s abdomen in surprise.

His mother was just over a hundred years old and it was very normal to still be able to have children, but now… his younger sibling would be younger than his children?

Zhao Lingyu was just surprised, but Shen Qiushi didn’t believe it at all. “This is impossible. When I hurt my body…” after giving birth to Zhao Lingyu, her body got so hurt that she was never able to get pregnant again with a second child, so how could she be pregnant now?

By the way, Ren Sheng gave her a lot of good food… Shen Qiushi remembered how she used to eat the Nourishing Potion as a snack. So did Ren Sheng take good care of her body?

But… she was waiting to hold a grandchild, but now she was pregnant. What happened?

“There will never be a problem with my personal terminal.” Crohn said. These humans aren’t willing to admit that they were pregnant. Why did it matter?

“I have something to do, excuse me.” Shen Qiushi said and then turned around, at first slowly walking forward and then walking faster and faster, and eventually running.

“Pregnant women can’t run!” Crohn looked at Shen Qiushi helplessly.

“Mr. Crohn let’s go and see the medicine garden?” Zhao Lingyu said.

Although he wanted to stop Shen Qiushi’s inappropriate behavior, thinking that the child in Shen Qiushi’s belly had nothing to do with him, Crohn didn’t care. “Where is the medicine garden?”

“It’s right behind here.” Zhao Lingyu led Crohn and headed there.

Next to each other, the greenhouse looked very spectacular. Crohn followed Zhao Lingyu into the room and saw a plant he had never seen before. He also sensed strange energy. “I seem to have encountered this kind of energy somewhere.”

Spiritual plants would produce spiritual energy and there was some escaping from the flower room. Ren Sheng was comfortably taking a deep breath when he heard this and immediately stared with round surprised eyes. Crohn had encountered spiritual energy before? 


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