In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 65.1 – Ruoyan Empire

The technology of the Ruoya civilization was far superior to that of human civilization. The Human Federation has no way to communicate over long distances in the universe, but for the Ruoya civilization it wasn’t a problem. Although they were small in number, they could know the situation of the whole universe they own at any time, because of the observatories they established in the stars.

The Zerg Queen at first, actually appeared in the area of the Ruoyan civilization.

In the interstellar world, the Zerg race that eats everything was known by almost all civilizations. But unlike others, this creature has a superb reproductive capacity and the Zerg Queen was even stronger.

The Zerg Queen could devour planets and warships and it didn’t take a small price to kill her. So after the Ruoya civilization discovered its existence, it didn’t even try to kill it and just drove it away by killing the large number of Zerg protecting it.

Then the Zerg Queen, who felt that the Ruoya civilization was a difficult bone to chew, turned around and went to the Human Federation.

The Ruoya civilization found out about this, but didn’t stop it. The number of humans had reached 200 billion and if they continued to expand like this, they may find the Ruoya civilization. So they didn’t mind letting mankind run into some trouble.

When it was later discovered that the Human Federation had let the Zerg Queen go deep into Human Federation territory because of internal strife, allowing her to even swallow up a lot of resource stars and passing ships, they were even more amused.

But as a result, the Zerg Queen was killed by Zhao Lingyu.

When they got the news, the human abilities that were too weak to enter their eyes changed. Zhao Lingyu could get into their eyes.

It’s just that such a person was doomed to die.

But as a result… Zhao Lingyu didn’t die.

After Corbien sent the news back to Ruoya civilization, they ordered him to find the reason for Zhao Lingyu’s recovery. Otherwise, Corbien wouldn’t have risked getting onto Zhao Lingyu’s warship.

But instead of getting Zhao Lingyu’s genes, Corbien lost a large chunk of crystallized energy. Not to mention that Zhao Lingyu gained new abilities, as well as Ren Sheng who suddenly appeared beside him and gave birth to four children with abilities at the same time!

In order to give birth, the Ruoya civilization looked for other races and occasionally some people could give birth to some strange children, but they still weren’t like Zhao Lingyu.

Had it not been for the subsequent exposure of the Nourishing Potions, they would have already kidnaped Ren Sheng for research as soon as possible.

Of course, they would not hurt Ren Sheng, at most they would take some of Ren Sheng’s hair, blood, and other things for research. There would be a lot of aristocrats who would want to marry him.

There were too few of them. When they gave humans their genes, there were still more than 100 million people in the Ruoya civilization, but now there were only 100 million left, most of whom were old people. If this goes on like this, in 500 years the Rouya civilization would only have 10 million people left.

Now in the Ruoya civilization, countless inhabited planets have been abandoned and only their central star was still somewhat popular.

If they don’t solve their fertility problem, they can only perish.

The blue haired and red eyed alien was named Crohn, and was a  duke of the Ruoya civilization. He was also a rare eighth-level warrior of the Ruoya civilization and he came to the Human civilization in his own eighth-class warship, which proved that the Ruoya civilization attached great importance to Ren Sheng.

The first thing he did when he arrived in Human civilization was to find Corbien and then go to the Capital Star with the changed Corbien.

Crohn warships have a stealth device, so even when they were outside Capital Star their presence was not yet discovered by the Humans.

Crohn had wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about Human beings, but he unexpectedly stumbled upon a small warship spinning about in a dense pile of meteorites.

This warship was very low-level and slow, but the driver was so skillful that even Crohn, as a powerful mecha soldier, was shocked.

In particular, he found that the warship was attached with a strong spiritual strength!

Wasn’t a human being unable to use spiritual strength? Who were the men in the warship? Crohn stopped his ship after he was found by the other side and then appeared in front of them.

The man in the warship was Zhao Lingyu.

He met with Zhao Lingyu and made it clear why he was there, then Crohn looked at the man sitting next to him.

The man had black hair and dark eyes, and had a shy smile on his face, looking like a very harmless human youth.

“Corbien, how much do you know about Zhao Lingyu?” Asked Crohn.

“How much do you know about Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu?” Asked Crohn.

“This Zhao Lingyu is not simple.” Crohn said as his fingers moved and the situation of Capital Star appeared on the screen in front of him. Finally looking at the commercial street as people were coming and going… “Many people… Many children.”

Crohn who seemed to be so high and mighty, surprisingly softened his aura on seeing this.

“Those are ordinary people.” Corbien said. He has long been surprised by such scenes.

“We pursued power, but in the end even reproduction became a problem.” Crohn touched the corner of his mouth, calming his bitter smile.

At this time, the central building of the Capital Star had gotten the news of the arrival of the higher civilization.

A higher civilization came?

The upper echelons of the Human Federation, who were all aware of the existence of the Higher Civilization, were both shocked and delighted to suddenly hear this news.

They were shocked because they were afraid that the Higher Civilization would start a war, but they were happy because the Higher Civilization could bring great benefits. They could make a big step forward in the technology of the Human Federation just by knowledge leaking between their fingers!

The Locke family head immediately found someone to arrange various reception matters, Yang Ye began to arrange a guard of honor to greet them …… but while doing so he could also not help secretly hate them – how could higher civilization people just happen to meet Zhao Lingyu? Zhao Lingyu’s luck was just a little too good!

But Zhao Lingyu didn’t feel lucky at all. He had landed at the Federation’s military docking station with the alien warship and was analyzing the intentions of higher civilization.

No matter what, he had to protect Ren Sheng.

“Ren, I will go to the central building later, you go back first.”

“Okay.” Ren Sheng nodded his head.

“Marshal Zhao, this is your companion, right? Just let him come with us.” Crohn came out of his battleship and said with a smile, but the voice that came out after the translator’s translation, was basically emotionless.

Seeing Crohn, Ren Sheng’s hair stood up. In the Human Federation he would feel that certain people were strong but he was not afraid, but this person in front of him made him feel threatened.

The aura-restricting technique was used to the extreme by Ren Sheng as he hid behind Zhao Lingyu, trying to get Zhao Lingyu to block the opposite person from seeing him.

Ren Sheng’s performance made Zhao Lingyu raise his vigilance as he became more wary of the person in front of him, while somewhat regretting. He really should have hidden Ren Sheng a little better.

No, hiding him better would probably be of little use. These people of the higher civilization have been observing them. At that time, both he and Ren Sheng didn’t show any of their skill, yet but they already wanted his genes.

The only way to avoid it, was to face them.

Zhao Lingyu’s mind was turning rapidly, but nothing showed on his face. “Yes, thank you, Lord Crohn.”

Seeing Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng’s performance, Crohn looked them in the eyes.

An S-class ability user was the strongest existence in the Human Federation, but it was nothing at all to the Ruoya civilization. In the Ruoya civilization, the worst adults have the strength of an S-class ability user or what they called the third level.

So from the beginning, he didn’t put Zhao Lingyu in his heart at all. But seeing Zhao Lingyu now, he noticed that his strength was a little above that of an S-class ability user .

No wonder he could defeat the Zerg Queen! Crohn sighed in admiration, but when his gaze fell on Ren Sheng, it turned into disdain again.

He has always looked down on people with poor strength and little guts, and this Ren Sheng in front of him seemed to be just like this. But he could give birth, so it was an advantage.

Before Crohn came here, his parents told him to try to get along with Ren Sheng. It would be best to marry Ren Sheng, so despite his disdain, he smiled towards Ren Sheng, while taking a closer look at Ren Sheng’s appearance.

His skin was smooth and white, and his features were so good-looking, that it made people feel comfortable. Although his temperament was a little weak, it doesn’t matter if he stayed in the house…

Crohn’s eyes stayed on Ren Sheng for a long time, so Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help frowning. Ren Sheng also flinched behind him. The strange-looking man looked at him as if he wanted to eat him!

He was only willing to give himself to Zhao Lingyu, but he didn’t want to be eaten by that man! For a time, Ren Sheng was a little disgusted by the fact that his body was too big to be completely hidden.

Fortunately, at this time, the Human Federation government came to welcome the people of the Ruoya civilization.

The Human Federation government didn’t inform the public of the news that the advanced civilization came to Capital Star, but even so, they came up with the highest reception standard with many people invited.

Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu took a few steps back and looked at Crohn and the people surrounding him with a sigh of relief. At the same time, Ren Sheng spoke silently to Zhao Lingyu.


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