DOASCC – Chapter 10.1 – Collapsed Mentality

Fang Huiwang finally gave Xie Ran his half of his funding. He wanted to stir up CP with Xie Ran so he could not quarrel with him in front of the camera. Moreover Xie Ran announced to break up their partnership, so he also was not in position to ask Xie Ran to listen to him again.

Not only that, he also had to force a smile and make a gentle and tolerant gesture.

“In that case, you can have a try.” Fang Huiwang gave half of the cash to Xie Ran: “I will work hard so you will still have my backing anyway.”

“No.” Xie Ran was unmoved as he spit up these two words, took the money and handed it over to the hotel manager, and told him some specific operations. After making sure that the manager had written it down, he nodded to the others: “You can go on, I will go back to my room first.”

He did not need the work provided by the program group so of course there was no need for him to participate in this discussion, but it was still really heartless to walk away without even looking at Fang Huiwang.

Everyone gossiping could not help but have deep sympathy for Fang Huiwang.

It was tragic, just too tragic.

In such a situation, the other two groups of guests who were fighting with each other became tacitly polite and asked Fang Huiwang to choose the job first in a very humanitarian spirit.

Mainly because Xie Ran really went to speculate in the stock market, leaving Fang Huiwang alone, no matter which job he chose he would still be obviously powerless, so rounding up, their groups already had an early advantage.

Everyone couldn’t make the Fang Huiwang’s situation even worse.

Fang Huiwang knew this but could only endure embarrassment and continue filming the show nonchalantly.

It was not until the discussion was over that he went back to his room with a sullen face.

The program team arranged a twin room for the guests so he and Xie Ran lived in the same room, which should have been a good opportunity for him and Xie Ran to develop a relationship, but now he was only filled with anger that was ready to be vented.

But when he got to the door of the room, Fang Huiwang had to calm down again.

He realized after the fact that Xie Ran was now both soft and hard so he could not do anything about him now.

Fang Huiwang debated from the bottom of his heart, then took a deep breath and pushed the door open: “Xiao Ran, I’m back, work….”

Before he had finished his words, he was suddenly stunned and forgot what he wanted to say for a moment.

Xie Ran had just finished taking a bath and came out of the bathroom with a still wet body. He was covered with an unstrapped bathrobe with a loosely opened collar that revealed the position of his chest and waist.

Xie Ran’s skin was white with a trace of coldness but it did not make him look frail. On the contrary, he had a good figure with long and smooth lines, and just the right amount of muscles.

He was wiping his hair, and the hair he had combed back till now had collapsed after it was wet, and hung softly in front of his eyes. Without the sense of superiority that he had during the day, his whole person seemed to have become warm and loving all of a sudden.

Just like ten years ago, when they were at “Tomorrow’s Starlight”. 

At that time, Fang Huiwang and Xie Ran lived in a dormitory and every night after Xie Ran’s shower, he looked just like this. His wet hair, fair skin, gentle gaze and when he was looking at him, his whole person seemed to be glowing.

Over the years, Fang Huiwang had seen all kinds of beauty in the entertainment industry, but no one was as pure as Xie Ran.

Fang Huiwang had always thought that when he climbed high enough, was rich enough, he and Xie Ran might be able to start over.

Yes, provided that his career was solid and he had power and money in his hand.

He almost succeeded, at the time of the New Year’s Eve concert, he was still full of ambition, when Xie Ran suddenly changed his mind.

When he thought of this, Fang Huiwang’s heart suddenly tightened.

Yes, Xie Ran must still have feelings for him, otherwise he would not have agreed to share the stage with him, let alone go to variety shows with him.

At this time, Xie Ran, who heard the sound, still looked indifferent: “What are you talking about?”

Because he was wiping his hair, his head was slightly sideways and water droplets reflected the light making his whole person shine, it was just like time went back to ten years ago.

Fang Huiwang made a frenzied noise in his heart. He had tried to persuade Xie Ran to give up the stock market and work a proper job but nothing he could say would change his mind.

“Nothing, just thinking about ten years ago.” Fang Huiwang looked at Xie Ran and spoke with a hint of ambiguity in his voice. “I still remember that in the “Tomorrow’s Starlight” competition, we lived together in the same way…. Do you remember?”

“I remember.” After wiping his hair, Xie Ran threw the towel into the laundry basket.

The atomic group of consciousness of the original body owner was integrated with him, and the memory was almost directly imported to him in the form of a database, not to mention ten years ago, he still clearly remembered his scores of the primary school entrance examination of the original body owner.

But if he had a choice, he would like to delete some of them.

Fang Huiwang was ecstatic because of this sentence.

Xie Ran said he remembered and he did not hide it or bluff, trying to draw a clear line with him. He answered him directly.

Sure enough, like him, he never let it go.

“Our days at that time were really simple and happy.” Fang Huiwang seized this rare opportunity, and took two steps forward, bringing the two closer together, his voice becoming softer: “Although everyday training was very hard, but with you at my side, that hard work was nothing…”

When he spoke, Xie Ran took off the bathrobe and changed into his pajamas. His movements are natural and smooth, without any sense of trying to avoid him.

At the moment when the bathrobe was taken off, Fang Huiwang only felt that he was agitated, and his throat seemed to become dry.

He unscrewed a bottle of water and drank two sips to calm himself down before carefully testing: “Xiao Ran….. do you still hate me because of what happened ten years ago?”

Otherwise, he didn’t understand why Xie Ran was so unpredictable during this period of time.

“Hate?” Xie Ran, like he had heard something strange, raised his eyes to look at him for a moment, seemingly smiling: “What is that?”

In the headset, Meng Feixuan burst out in anger. “Sir, he’s making things difficult for you, deliberately provoking your knowledge blind spot!”

“Hmm.” Xie Ran also just casually mentioned it. He did not care about it so he just laid down on the bed and began to prepare for sleep.

Fang Huiwang, however, completely misunderstood Xie Ran’s meaning.

The problem was that Xie Ran was running away from this problem, he did not dare to face it… so it was like this!

It felt like the crux of the problem had finally been grasped, so Fang Huiwang got excited all of a sudden.

He was not afraid that Xie Ran would hate him, hate meant he still had feelings, so he still had a chance.

“Xiao Ran at that time I was really out of my depth.” Fang Huiwang’s voice lowered with a bitter tone. “With our qualifications at that time, I was not able to resist the decision of my agency. But in these years, I have never forgotten the time we spent together…”

After talking for a while, he went with a flow. Then Fang Huiwang, as if he was making a big breakthrough, sat down on the edge of his bed, facing Xie Ran’s direction before he began to recall the past.

They didn’t stay together for a long time, and they didn’t even have many opportunities to be alone and intimate but with the filter of time, when he recalled it, everything seemed beautiful and sweet, and even the occasional quarrels became fresh and lively.

Fang Huiwang spoke lyrically, but Xie Ran didn’t listen to him at all. While he spoke, Meng Feixuan skillfully raised his own volume and began to report to him the progress of the studio project.

Directly blocking the sound of Fang Huiwang’s voice.

“…… The above is the cooperation application submitted by various institutions to the studio. Seeking Technology has also revalued me, and now the reported valuation has risen to 1.2 billion RMB.” Meng Feixuan was very professional about his work, he was well-organized, had accurate data and his electronic voice was smooth and straightforward. He never said anything unnecessary so there was no need for Xie Ran to use too much concentration.

Only when the report was over and he was sure that Xie Ran had no further questions, he changed the sound in the headset into soothing light music and with his electronic voice, he said softly: “Sleep, sir.”

“Mm.” Xie Ran answered in a low voice.

Before falling asleep, the last sound he heard was Meng Feixuan’s sneer: “Hot chicken, seeking technology has really underestimated my value!”

Xie Ran: “…”

His system also learned strange things today.

Fang Huiwang did not know anything about it. Xie Ran did not say anything, so he just thought he was getting acquiesced with his memories. He recalled past events one by one, gradually moving himself and becoming more affectionate.

Finally, after drinking a bottle of water, Fang Huiwang said everything he could think of, and couldn’t find anything anymore so he stopped talking and said softly, “Xiao Ran, I remember all these things. I haven’t forgotten it for a moment.”

Xie Ran was still silent.

Fang Huiwang waited for a while, but never heard Xie Ran speak so a bad premonition could not help but spring up in his heart.

In disbelief, he stood up abruptly and walked to Xie Ran’s bed.

Immediately afterwards, his expression could no longer be controlled and cracked open.

Xie Ran had fallen asleep at some point,


He was sleeping, very, very well!


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