Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 26.1 – Straightening the Sect

“Tell me all about it.”

In the main hall of the Xuanyuan sect, a one armed man in black sat on the highest seat with a sword guard on his left side. There were several rows of people kneeling below. Four altar masters and one protector. These five people were kneeling in the first row, followed by their subordinates in the rear. The five forces separated by a clear separation.

Hearing the one-armed man at the top open his mouth, the five people below all trembled and no one dared to speak first.

This Venerable is not angry.” Wen Renhe only remaining arm propped up on the armrest as he enjoyed looking at his subordinates he leisurely spoke: “This daddy is just curious, two cultivators at the peak of Void realm, two level seven Mahayana realm cultivator how did you all get caught by a Mahayana level five protector’s net?”

Seeing that several people below still did not dare to speak up, Wen Renhe added: “Having gotten along for nearly a hundred years, you should know this lord. I don’t care whether my subordinates rebel or not, the Xuanyuan sect is a demonic sect. There is no taboo cultivation here and I don’t care whether you practice poisonous gu, charm, ghost cultivation, turtle shell power or whatever. The Xuanyuan Sect can tolerate all your small minds but the only thing I can’t tolerate is useless people.”

As soon as he said this, Shu Yanyan became energetic. Her kneeling was still standard, but her back became straighter. In this rebellion no matter what was said she was the ultimate winner, according to the Lord so she was the most useful and much better than the four kneeling next to her.

Seeing Shu Yanyan kneeling straight, Wen Renhe said: “Protector Shu, this Venerable observes that you seem to have something to say.”

“Venerable.” Shu Yanyan said in a loud voice: “In fact, this matter is not my fault after all, my subordinates were just trying to prevent the internal strife of several altar masters. This protector has the right to represent the Lord when you are not in the sect. How can my subordinates not be distressed and not intervene to stop it when they see several altar masters fighting?! As for the matter of moving altar master Shitan and master Ruan into the room… you are aware of this subordinate, if I am handling this matter shouldn’t I get some benefits for myself?”

Wen Renge nodded in satisfaction and said to Yin Hanjiang: “Protector Yin, remember what Venerable said before? If you and I were to break into the Xuan Yuan Sect directly, the protector Shu would directly welcome this lord so there would not be so much excitement to watch, would there?”

It was the first time that Yin Hanjiang had seen such a mischievous performance from his lord. He laughed in his heart, but did not show it on his face, just saying obediently: “What the venerable said is true.”

When he said this, Shu Yanyan could not make up for it no matter how thick-skinned she was so she had no other choice but say: “This matter still started because of altar master Ruan, If he didn’t support the appointment of altar master Shitan to join hands with him to deal with altar master Miao who had just advancement Mahayana and had no special cultivation technique and could still not use any charm skills how could I subdue the four altar Masters?”

“Shu Yanyan, don’t you dare to spit on people!” The grumpy Ruan altar master could not stand it anymore, he slapped the floor and said: “Is altar master Shitan supported by me? Pat yourself on the chest and say it again, who supported him up? Am I so f*cking blind to work with such a two-faced, three-dimensional little white boy?”

Altar master Shitan was a thin man with pale skin and a sick complexion. He looked like a weak scholar. Hearing what altar master Ruan said he lifted his hand to cover his lips, coughed gently and said weakly: “Ruan, I don’t understand what you mean when you say I’m a double faced, three-dimensional man. From the beginning, I didn’t intend to cooperate with you.  You came to me and said a lot of things in order to teach altar master Miao a lesson. You also took advantage of my illness to weaken all the gu worms of the master Miao. Can I not discuss such a big matter with the acting patriarch and the master altar Yuan?”

As soon as he spoke, the Miao altar master said gloomily: “The result of your discussion was that according to the altar master Ruan’s original plan, you gave me sick Qi and made all my companions sickly. Then let master Ruan take a big hammer and smash me into more than a thousand pieces, right?”

The pale face of the new altar master showed a trace of abnormal flush as he said softly: “Look at what you said, isn’t  altar master Ruan also sick? This was all altar master Yuan’s idea, he said that the best way to stop the two of you from destroying the unity of our Xuan Yuan Sect was to let both of you calm down.”

The chubby master Yuan didn’t like to hear something like this at this time so he narrowed his eyes and said: “But , master Shitan, I didn’t ask you to tell them that I forced you to do it. Nor did I ask you to leave a breath in the altar master Miao giving him the chance to let his gu worms bite me! “

“What’s wrong with biting you?” Altar Master Miao sneered “I’m just annoyed that I’ve been beaten more than 1000 times by some fool and have no genuine qi to maintain it. Otherwise, I would directly use your fat body to raise gu worms and your genuine Qi would be enough to raise Gu King!”

“Master Yuan, why don’t you tell me about the secret technique you performed on me before you forced me to pass the sick qi?” Master Shitan said: “It was you who secretly supported me to take over the position of master Qiu and also secretly promised me that Wen Renhe was dead and when the time came you would be the new Devil Venerable and I would be your protector. In order to control me, you took a strand of my soul and engraved it on the token. If you crush the token, my soul will be severely damaged. It would be impossible for me to advance to the Mahayana realm forever. In order to get the token back, of course, I had to cooperate with master Miao to protect myself! “

“Look Venerable, can you still blame your subordinates for this?” Shu Yanyan’s slender jade finger pointed to the four people, with an innocent expression and said: “When I arrived, the altar master Miao was beaten into a meat cake. Master Shitan was about to take master Yuan’s soul and refine it, and Ruan holding the turtle shell coughing and vomiting blood cursed altar master Shitan for betraying him. As the acting sect patriarch how could I let them act so recklessly in the main altar. Naturally I had to treat them equally and completely subdue them!

Wen Renhe nodded slowly: “Well, what Protector Shu said is very true, but I still need to trouble Protector Shu to burn this cultivation bed that is 100 meters in length and width that was moved into this venerable room. This Venerable doesn’t need a bed this big.”

Shu Yanyan’s face stiffened as her back bent deeply again, and said timidly: “My lord this is ten-thousand-year cold jade bed, I spent decades of effort to collect the materials to polish it, it can’t be burned.”

“Then smash it,” Wen Renhe said indifferently, “You smash it with your own hands and move it piece by piece, this venerable will watch you do it.”

“Yes.” Shu Yanyan didn’t dare to speak again, her arm still at her feet. She did not dare to look up.

Hearing that the venerable began to punish his subordinates one by one, the four altar masters did not dare to blame each other anymore. All of them shut their mouths and waited for Wen Renhe to deal with them.

“Protector Yin, what do you think are the sins of all of them?” Wen Renhe did not make a decision directly, but asked Yin Hanjiang for his opinions.

When Yin Hanjiang heard that these people did not even try to find injured Devil venerable but were fighting for power to profit from it in the Xuan Yuan Sect, he was already furious in his heart so when he heard Wen Renhe words, he said decisively, “Right Protector Shu Yanyan was presumptuous, occupying the Devil Venerable cultivation place and even calling herself ‘Venerable. When she destroy her cultivation bed, scatter her subordinates, seal her tongue so she will abstain from sex and speech for a hundred years.”

“Too cruel!” Shu Yanyan looked at Yin Hanjing and felt that the left protector was different from the past.


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    This daddy” of Wen renhe shookt me so much my stomach already aches from laughing but my mind is still comprehending it.

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    “This daddy” of Wen renhe shookt me so much my stomach already aches from laughing but my mind is still comprehending it.

    Hahaha everything is so serious and this LAOZI translation is sooooooo good! Inserted in an unexpected moment in the right scene xD

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