Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 9.2 – Seven Killing Halberds

After the battle, both sides suffered great damage. The headmasters and scattered immortals of several major sects were slaughtered by Wen Renhe alone, who was also hurt and hidden, then he was saved by Baili Qingmiao.

Baili Qingmiao saved Wen Renhe and at this time He Wenchao’s foundation had been damaged. Unless he finds a suitable Heavenly material and earth treasure to refine his new soul bound magic weapon, he will grow old and die within five years.

Baili Qingmiao burst into tears when she saw her elder martial brother lying on the bed with such serious injuries. She heard that there was a fairyland world in the Gold Coast Cliff, and there may be elixir or materials in it, so she secretly went to the Gold Coast Cliff to help her martial brother find the medicine.

On the way there she met Wen Renhe, who seeing that Baili Qingmiao wanted to go to such a dangerous place alone, accompanied her. They went through all kinds of dangers on the gold coast cliff, and finally found the treasure of the fairyland, the broken Yue meteorite iron. Baili Qingmiao happily took the relic back to He Wenchao and didn’t mention how much danger she had encountered. She just wanted to let his elder martial brother recover.

Unexpectedly, during the year of her adventures, He Wenchao encountered several near-death crises. The elders of Shangqing sect send younger martial sister Liu Xinye to the material older brother who was possessed by the demons. Then regardless of her own strength of only the Golden Core realm, she forcibly cultivated together with He Wenchao and used her own yin to save He Wenchao’s life. After that her cultivation dropped from the Golden Core realm to Foundation building realm.

He Wenchao who was helped by Liu Xinye, although he didn’t return to his original state his life was saved at least. With the treasure that Baili Qingmiao found, he spent three years in seclusion, refining the broken Yue meteorite iron and became a Soul transformation cultivator in one go.

Baili Qingmiao learned about He Wenchao and Liu Xinye in the three years of his seclusion, and spent every day in tears during those three years. However, every time she saw Liu Xinye cultivating with the group of new disciples who was now sickly and weak, she became soft hearted again. Liu Xinye’s qualifications were not inferior to Baili Qingmiao, and she was also a proud daughter of heaven, and was treated like a star in the sect. Now that she had fallen into the Foundation Building stage, to bully and avoid her many disciples of the sect said that she took  advantage of the crisis and committed herself to He Wenchao. So how could Baili Qingmiao bully such a woman, She could only gnash her teeth and bear it.

After He Wenchao exited seclusion, he helped Liu Xinye find the elixir to regain her cultivation. Baili Qingmiao who was holding back for three years had a big quarrel with He Wenchao and asked him if he had feelings for Liu Xinye.

He Wenchao grabbed Baili Qingmiao shoulder at that time and comforted her in a warm voice: “Sister Baili, you also saw that I was seriously injured at that time. I had no idea what happened, it was sister Liu who took the initiative! Qingmiao, you should know that you are the only one in my heart since childhood. But I owe younger martial sister Liu, if I don’t help her heal her I will never feel at ease in my life. In future during my heavenly tribunals my heart will be eaten by demons. I have to help her, younger martial sister. Can you understand me just once? Besides, Sister Liu is so miserable now, don’t you sympathize with her? “

Baili Qingmiao pointed to her heart and said in tears: “Elder martial brother, you can only see that Sister Liu cultivation has been damaged for you. But what about me? When I was on the brink of death on a golden coast cliff and you didn’t see it, elder martial brother will you just pretend it never happened? “

“Of course not!” He Wenchao hugged Baili Qingmiao: “I will live and die with my younger martial sister. The pain in your body also pains my heart!”

Then He Wenchao tried every means to coax Baili Qingmiao, he also caught fireflies in the back mountain to light up the stars for her, He also used his newly cultivation to  to roam the sea of clouds with Baili Qingmiao and spoke sweet words to her in the sea of clouds.

After Baili Qingmiao’s anger finally subsided, she even accompanied He Wenchao to help find elixir for Liu Xinye. She thought that after finding the elixir, her elder martial brother wouldn’t owe Liu Xinye anymore. But then Liu Xinye hurt her the most and she didn’t even thank Baili Qingmiao for everything she had done for her.

What was worth mentioning was that Liu Xinye was the woman who was refined into the everlasting soul lamp by Yin Hanjiang. She owed Baili Qingmiao and finally paid it back with her own life.

A cause and effect were all set.

Wen Renhe recalled the plot and had little interest in the Abusive Love between Baili Qingmiao and He Wenchao. In his case it was Yue meteorite iron that he paid attention to.

He Wenchao took Yue meteorite iron and refined it into a fan. It was the configuration of the male lead to display how handsome he was.

He Wenchao’s Thunder Spirit Root and Yin Hanjiang’s Golden Spirit Root ( not sure how I translated before this roots) were both attributed to Yin. So the materials suitable for He Wenchao were also suitable for Yin Hanjiang. If it was any other item, like snow flame that was destined to belong to Baili Qingmiao, they wouldn’t be able to obtain it but only exchange with Baili Qingmiao.

However, in the original book, it was clear that Yue meteorite iron was acquired by Wen Renhe for Baili Qingmiao. It originally belongs to him so this Venerable should have full authority to deal with it.

This Venerable Devil thought, why should it be given to He Wenchao?

Wen Renhe had a relationship of cause and effect with Baili Qingmiao, but he has nothing to do with He Wenchao. Regardless of his death, he will not take out his own things to save He Wenchao.

Thinking like this, Wen Renhe waved to Yin Hanjiang: “come here.”

Yin Hanjiang hesitated for a moment before he walked over and sat beside the Lord, and heard him say: “There is a fairyland on the gold coast cliff and there is hidden broken Yue meteorite iron. Ten years from now, the gate of the fairyland will open. This Venerable will take Broken Yue Meteoric Iron and you take it to refine a divine weapon.”

This time, Yin Hanjiang didn’t refuse. His Lord would not allow him to refuse.

Wen Renhe was satisfied with his obedience and said: “The Broken Yue Meteoric Iron is a heavenly opportunity of this Venerable and this Venerable must to take it. However, I am destined to have a bloody disaster in the middle of the Demons War.”

Yin Hanjiang’s face sank as he listened to his words, the magic sword felt his emotions and returned to Yin Hanjiang’s hand with a “Sham” sound.

Wen Renhe appeased him by saying: “Don’t worry, it’s not a death calamity. You cultivate well, and if I go missing at that time, come to this location to find me.”

He then pointed out for Yin Hanjiang the location where he was seriously injured and exiled in the book. This time, he wouldn’t need Baili Qingmiao to save him. Wen Renhe entrusted his safety to Yin Hanjiang’s hands.

In 《Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》 Yin Hanjiang should have also actively searched for Wen Renhe too, but he was always disturbed by righteous disciples. By the time Yin Hanjiang found Wen Renhe it was already after he and Baili Qingmiao found the Broken Yue Meteoric Iron at the Gold Coast Cliff.

The man in the book was seriously injured at that time and knew fully well that he might not be able to suppress those ambitious people Xuanyuan Sect, so he did not take the initiative to contact his subordinates even though he had the opportunity. At that time, he didn’t even believe in Yin Hanjiang.

At this time, he already read the book and knew that Yan Hanjiang would never betray himself!

Knowing that there was a calamity approaching Wen Renhe, Yin Hanjiang became very anxious and practiced in the Xuanyuan sect every day. Hoping he could break through to the Void realm before the war. If he had more strength, he would be able to help his Lord a little more.

After receiving the news from Shu Yanyan, he instructed the four altar masters to prepare for the battle.

Six months had passed since the encounter in the town and Baili Qingmiao was not there. He Wenchao often went to look for Shuyan Yangyan under the pretext of patrolling the mountains and getting rid of demons. During this time even without the help of snow flame he advanced to the Nascent Soul realm according to the plot of the original book thanks to his dual cultivation with Shu Yanyan.

After advancing to the Nascent Soul realm, you could obtain more resources from the sect. The sect leader and several elders were quite optimistic about He Wenchao and even told him many things only elders should know.

He Wenchao received such tangible benefits and of course liked Shy Yanyan even more. He even bought a mansion for her in the town, and the two of them lived like a loving couple! Which was also unlike the appearance of fight that happened in the book.

In the book, Shu Yanyan died at the hands of He Wenchao. She could be regarded as a huge obstacle in the early stage of He Wenchao’s cultivation. He Wenchao really suffered a lot. He Wenchao hated her so much, he killed Shu Yanyan during the first chance he got.

Shu Yanyan’s skill in snooping for information were superb. She asked for a lot of righteous side arrangements and pretended to be innocent. She also secretly passed the news to Wen Renhe and asked: “Lord, when can I dump He Wenchao to go to my subordinates? Six months! I only touched one man for six months. Can you understand the feeling of eating only one dish for six months? It’s too painful!”

Wen Renhe: “Respect can open possibilities, You don’t need to eat other food.”

Shu Yanyan: ” …Six months to only absorb the aura of one person? “

Wen Renhe: “When you’re in closed-door cultivation, can you still be unhappy with the qi of heaven and earth being absorbed and move to another place?”

Shu Yanyan: “…”

She didn’t expect her cold-hearted Devil Venerable to understand her. She secretly hoped to fight quickly and kill He Wenchao before the war with the righteous patch.

Meanwhile, Baili Qingmiao finally returned to the sect and reported her realm to her mentor. Becoming the youngest golden core in history and shocked the entire Shangqing sect.

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