Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 13.1 – Breaking The Frontlines

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It was only then Wen Renhe casually took out one of the transmission talismans sent by several altar masters and the Right Protector and listened.

Shu Yanyan’s artificially flustered voice came from the transmission talisman: “Oh my God! Lord,  the righteousness path arranged to set up a desperate spirit formation. Me and Altar Master Qiu don’t have the strength to destroy it. Alas, I can’t do it. we’ll try my best to endure their abuse till your lordship comes to save us.”

Wen Renhe: “…”

Even though he knew it was an act, Yin Hanjiang was still a little angry as he said: “As the Right Protector she shouldn’t expect the Lord to save her. She is incompetent!”

Wen Renhe was quite satisfied with Yin Hanjiang’s words. Protector Shu’s acting was first-rate in the matter of seducing  men, but her acting when she feigned defeat in battle was just too bad.

Yuan Tanzhu’s talisman was different. When Wen Renhe smashed Yuan Tanzhu’s communication talisman, a voice full of panic and anxiety sounded: “Lord, when I was patrolling in the north of the mountain, I saw a large number of righteous path cultivators, all of them above soul transformation realm, but fortunately the other two altar masters were also around at that time. We led our regiment to fight, but the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was suddenly cut off, so we could only fight with our own genniue Qi. Venerable, we need to destroy the Desperate Spirit Formation immediately, and this subordinate begs you to use the Burning Sky Drum!”

According to these two summons that were intentionally made for righteous path to listen to, Wen Renhe should rush to the Desperate Spirit Formation with the Burning Sky Drum to destroy the formation first.

Therefore, there should be an ambush prepared on the way from the main altar to the Desperate Spirit Formation, with an unknown number of experts from the righteous path.

Wen Renhe said with satisfaction: “Half a year ago I fought with scattered immortals at Wanli ice field. It is clear that I was able to defeat cultivators with higher realms than me, but my power did not improve in the slightest, and ordinary battles no longer improved my cultivation. I hope that this time, experts of the righteous path are gathered together and won’t disappoint me.”

Saying this, he transformed into a ray of light and flew towards the direction of the Desperate Spirit Formation at an extremely fast speed. 

Yin Hanjiang’s Imperial Devil sword followed after him, but was completely unable to keep up with Wen Renhe.

In the past, he had always waited for Yin Hanjiang, but today he didn’t restrain his strength. His speed was way faster than that of Yin Hanjiang’s.

Even though Yin Hanjiang had already broken through the Realm of Void and had comprehended a very profound sword Qi on the Burning Sky Drum, he was still unable to keep up with Devil Venerable’s speed.

When Yin Hanjiang caught up with Wen Renhe, he saw him in the middle of the formation, surrounded by a dozen Mahayana realm cultivators.

When Yin Hanjiang saw this, his eyes turned red, and he became so angry he wanted to rush into the formation to fight alongside his Lord.

Who knew that at this moment Yin Hanjiang would hear a ruthless, angry shout: “Retreat!”

Yin Hanjiang paused and stood outside the formation, saw Wen Renhe turn his head with a content smile: “I was completely unaware that the righteous path would actually send their elites to deal with me. I am very happy, don’t spoil this Venerable pleasure, Protector Yin.”

Yin Hanjiang knew Wen Renhe, he had been watching the Devil Venerable for so many years, every action and expression of Wen Renhe, Yin Hanjiang knew very well. He could tell that His Eminence was truly surprised and happy.

Wen Renhe had great expectations for the Massive Demon War. When he analyzed it privately with Yin Hanjiang, he felt that the righteous path might send around ten Mahayana experts and maybe some scattered immortals from various sects. Wen Renhe felt that ten would be a bit small and it would be difficult for him to break through without being on the verge of death, but it was good for the other ordinary disciples, who could make a breakthrough.

Neither he nor Yin Hanjiang would have guessed that the righteousness path would bring 12 Mahayana masters, 8 scattered immortals and one Heavenly immortal. All 21 masters arranged their array in advance to encircle Wen Renhe, vowing to kill the number one demonic path sect master.

Unlike what was recorded in the book, in which only Shangqing sent out their full strength, this time the entire five righteous sects sent their main force to battle.

“Hahahaha!” The sky echoed with Renhe’s laughter.

Yin Hanjiang could hear from his laughter how happy he was at this time. He really believed that even if he died in this war, it wouldn’t matter.

This was different from the plan! There were too many opponents. Venerable was really in danger.

Yin Hanjiang quietly closed his eyes and immediately opened them again. His eyes were filled with determination as he rushed towards the array with his sword.

For the first time, he disobeyed His Lord’s order, and even if he had to die, he would rather die before his Lord. Watching his Lord encounter danger while he could do nothing, Yin Hanjiang couldn’t stand it.

“Alkaid (star symbolizing destruction) has already appeared.” The Master of Jiuxing sect saw Yin Hanjiang and reminded others: “Polis (star symbolizing power) has already fallen and Alkaid has gone mad. They must be eliminated together, or they will surely bring disaster to the world.”

A Shangqing sect’s scattered immortal casually flung out a metal ring with a dragon carved on it. The golden dragon was biting its tail with its mouth. This was the second immortal weapon of the Shangqing school: Dragon Locking Ring!

Under the power of the Dragon Locking Ring, even immortals would be trapped. Seeing that the Dragon Locking Ring was about to trap Yin Hanjiang, a long black halberd in golden light rammed into the ring with a clang, making the ring turn into a golden dragon and tightly wrap round the Seven Star Killing Halberd. Wen Renhe followed and appeared in front of Yin Hanjiang, stopped him and whispered: “Go!”

“My Lord!” Yin Hanjiang was holding his swords, his eyes bloodshot, never taking a step away from Wen Renhe.

Wen Renhe understood what he was thinking, the Master of Jiuxing sect was right, if Polis died, the Alkaid would definitely go mad. Yan Hanjiang could not watch his Lord being surrounded by so many people and turn away.

“I promise you, I will never die.” Wen Renhe stretched out his hand and pressed it against Yin Hanjiang’s heart.

His face was so close to Yin Hanjiang, so close that their lips seemed to be almost touching. Yin Hanjiang looked into his Lord’s eyes and heard Wen Renhe say: “Ten years from now, the Desperate Spirit Formation will be broken and you will see how This Venerable will break it!”

After that, Yin Hanjiang was pushed out with a strong hand. His internal Qi pushed Yin Hanjiang out of the gap exposed by the formation when the Dragon Locking Ring and the Seven Killings Halberd had fought.

Yin Hanjiang watched as the formation boundary immediately closed after he was pushed out. His Lord was trapped in the formation with twenty-one experts at the same time. But unable to resist Wen Renhe strength, he was pushed further and further away until he was barely able to stop above the formation.

“My Lord!” With a cry of pain, Yin Hanjiang’s magic sword merged into his body, transforming into countless blood swords that flew directly to the north of the mountain range.

In the northern part of the Xuanyuan sect mountain range, hundreds of cultivators above soul transformation were engaged in a fierce battle with the Yuan Altar Master and the others. After the Desperate Spirit Formation was set up. Not to mention Demonic path but even Righteous Path cultivators were unable to invoke the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

However, the Righteous path came prepared this time, and the nine Void Realm cultivators at the rear were manipulating the nine flags making nine magical weapons form a spatial channel to channel the spiritual Qi from the distant spiritual veins continuously.

Each righteous cultivator wore a magic weapon that was connected to the Different flag, providing them with spiritual Qi.

The Demonic path couldn’t absorb the Qi, while the Righteous Path had the power to success. Thus the war was a battle of attrition. As long as the genuine Qi was consumed completely, the Righteous Path would win!

Countless whirling blood swords were like speeding arrows, passing through the clouds. Surpassing the demonic path cultivators, several righteous path cultivators forced the altar master Ruan Weiyi, into the formation, concentrating all attacks on him.

“Yin Hanjiang, I’ll f*ck your grandma!” The Ruan Altar Master hurriedly offered his shield, helping Yin Hanjiang and himself to block the attack.

Yin Hanjiang completely ignored the anger of Ruan Altar Master. Ruan Weiyi has Earth spiritual root. This spiritual root has the greatest affinity to the ground and its main attribute is defense and the strongest at that. He wanted to destroy the flags as fast as he could but he couldn’t recklessly rush to the flags alone. He needed someone with a strong defense, hence he selected  Ruan Altar Master.

Even though Altar Master Ruan was a Mahayana stage cultivator he knew that he must obey Yan Hanjiang’s orders at this time. This brat didn’t care about his life when he fought and if he resisted Yan Hanjiang would kill himself first.

While cursing Yin Hanjiang, Altar Master Ruan yelled: “What are you all doing? Quickly support me and Protector Yin, if you’re f*cking dazed I’ll be killed!”

Under the roar of Altar Master Ruan, the demonic path finally concentrated their strength, no longer defending themselves at all, and struggled to kill open a path for Yin Hanjiang.


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