In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 53.2 – Four S-Class Ability Users

Shen Qiushi’s hand trembled, but after a moment of excitement her face suddenly changed.

Let’s not talk about Ren Sheng’s race. It must be her son who did something, so Reng Sheng had children. But her son had clearly said that he hadn’t touched Ren Sheng, but what was the result? There were kids already!

Also her son even took Ren Sheng to the battlefield! He even let Ren Sheng fight the Star Pirates!

For the first time, she learned that her son was such a scum! When she thought that her son had gone out early this morning in high spirits, but Ren Sheng slept until noon, Shen Qiushi looked at her son with a face full of unkindness.

“Boss, when sister-in-law said that he was pregnant before, it turned out to be true.” Wu Shuai said in shock. When he first heard Ren Sheng say he was pregnant on planet 12534 he started to pay a lot of attention to Ren Sheng. But when he saw that Ren Sheng could fight against the star Pirates he thought he must have heard wrong. But now it seems… that when their ship was coming back Ren Sheng stayed in his room all day, it should not be because he needed to nurture a baby, right?

Wu Shuai’s words broke the silence and made all the people with different thoughts come back to their senses. At this time the child in the projection also moved, turning around in Zhao Lingyu’s hand.

Zhao Lingyu, who had only casually grasped them in his hands before, was now watching them carefully with his hands together, not even daring to move.

The people of the First Legion and those close to the Zhao family were very happy at this time. After all, it was good for them that the Zhao family have new heirs. But for people like Roy and Yang Ye, this was something that made them very angry and even hateful.

“The eggs are too small. It’s certain that they can’t be raised.” Before the words ‘can’t be raised’ could be finished, Zhao Lingyu dug a brick from the ground with his foot and kicked it… directly smashing Roy in the chest, which made him spit out blood and fall to the ground. After that there was no movement.

“Zhao Lingyu, how dare you kill someone in public!” Yang Ye angrily scolded.

“He’s not dead.” Zhao Lingyu looked at Yang Ye with disdain and then went back to looking at the eggs in his hands. He wanted to kiss them so hard.

He didn’t know why, but the more he looked at the eggs, the more he liked them.

“Zhao Lingyu, your little boyfriend is also a Kay? I didn’t expect that he could give you a baby! But the eggs are so small? They must have been born prematurely, right? All Kay are born as Kays. Four at time, but they were born premature. Your children are most likely not ability users, but might also have low intelligence.” Yang Ye snorted coldly.

So what if it was four children? If they didn’t have abilities, it was exactly the same as if he never had children.

Zhao Lingyu dug out a tile again, but as soon as his feet moved an old man stopped him. “Marshal, let me check the children first.”

Zhao Lingyu knew this old man. He was the ability user with the most famous healing ability in the Human Federation, Yuan Xingdong.

When he was seriously injured and sent back to the Zhao family, this old man had come to treat him despite the danger, but unfortunately it had been completely useless.

Zhao Lingyu believed in Yuan Xingdong and nodded his head after a moment of hesitation. With Yuan Xingdong’s character, even if he found something wrong with the children, he would not say it in public. What’s more, the children were just eggs now and there were no medical devices here, so their genes couldn’t be tested anyway.

“Don’t worry, marshal. I will just look at their development and ability.” Yuan Xingdong smiled, “My healing ability is very soft and can be used to detect the powers of embryos.”

“I’ll trouble you.” Zhao Lingyu said. He knew that these children most likely had no ability so now he just wanted to let Yuan Xingdong see if they were healthy.

Yuan Xingdong approached Zhao Lingyu but didn’t touch the eggs. Only a soft white light lit up between his fingers and then approached one of the eggs.

Before Yuan Xingdong could touch the egg, the white light between his fingers suddenly disappeared!

“Oh my God!” Yuan Xingdong said in shock as the white light enveloped the eggs.

The white light on the surface of all four eggs disappeared!

“Oh God!” Yuan Xingdong’s face was full of disbelief.

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with them?” Ren Sheng asked in a hurry, he just felt that this old man’s ability was absorbed by the children.

What’s wrong with his children? Why did they absorb all kinds of messy things? Aren’t they afraid that the energy in their bodies will be too complicated in the future and they would explode?

“No problem! They are fine!” Yuan Xingdong’s eyes were red from excitement. “They absorbed my ability. Marshal, when I helped Madam Zhao while she was pregnant with you, my ability was also absorbed, exactly like now! No. Marshal, your fusion ability at that time might not even be that strong! It could only dissolve a little of my ability. These four children are all geniuses!”

Four children stronger than Zhao Lingyu? They must be all S-class! Because Yang Ye said that the children may not have any abilities before, they no longer envied Zhao Lingyu. But now, even stronger jealousy burst out.

Four S-class ability users! Four! How could Zhao Lingyu be so lucky?!

Yang Ye became even angrier and red-eyed at this time. He had brought his pregnant wife to show off, but what happened? His wife just got pregnant and he didn’t know if they would be able to keep it. But Zhao Lingyu had four at once…

Although these four eggs were now a little small, but the Human Federation isn’t without nursery equipment. It’ s not uncommon for a mother who was five or six months pregnant to let her child grow up in an incubator.

Perhaps other children have to worry about not being able to awaken their ability after being sent to the incubators, but these four… their ability has already awakened.

People around him looked at the eggs with a burning gaze. He was afraid that they would all want to rob his children, but Zhao Lingyu only thought it was unreal.

Ren Sheng blossomed and grew a child, but how could his children have his ability? What the hell was going on?

“Mr. Yuan, these children all have the fusion ability? Are they my children?” Zhao Lingyu asked subconsciously.

“Of course! Marshal their supernatural abilities are exactly the same as yours.” Yuan Xingdong looked at Zhao Lingyu discontentedly. “Marshal, Ren Sheng carried four babies at once, which is very damaging to his body. Probably because his body was not able to supply enough energy, these children were born prematurely, so you should take better care of him!” If Zhao Lingyu didn’t like his children before he saw them, he should be scolded. If you ask Yuan Xingdong – his wife had just given birth to these children through all kinds of hardships, but his husband even suspected that they weren’t his own. He was too scummy!

Shen Qiushi was even more eager to beat her son. After eating Ren Sheng and having children, there wasn’t much left to say. But her son still denied it! When she was about to beat him, she saw the four eggs in his hands and didn’t dare to move, so she just glared at him. “These children look exactly the same as you did when you were a child!”

Didn’t the swollen eyes make it impossible to see the children’s appearance?” Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help complaining, but he still explained. “Mother, I just said it wrong. I just think that Ren Sheng’s ability is very strong, so it’s strange that the children only inherit my ability.”

What’s so strange about this? It was simply unbelievable! He was still a virgin but he already had children and four at that… Yes, Ren Sheng seemed to have said more than once that these children were his?

Zhao Lingyu was very happy and wanted to laugh very much. But even if he wanted to laugh, he couldn’t help struggling. He didn’t understand how the children came to be. All kinds of expressions piled up on his face, which made his face look stiff.

But although his expression was stiff, his eyes were full of joy.

“Your ability is S-class so isn’t it normal they inherited it? ” Shen Qiushi glared at Zhao Lingyu again, then immediately grabbed Ren Sheng. “Mr. Yuan, please check my daughter-in-law, he must be suffering from having four at once.” Ren Sheng was so tiny, but had been pregnant with four children… Even if these four children are very small and didn’t deform his body, he must be very uncomfortable.

Yuan Xingdong, now greatly admired Ren Sheng, so naturally, there was no possibility of disagreement. His ability soon enveloped Ren Sheng’s entire body.

“Ren, how do you feel? Is there any discomfort? Did it hurt a lot when you gave birth?” Shen Qiushi asked worriedly.

“The birth was not painful at all and it was especially relaxing afterwards.” Ren Sheng said. Right now, he felt that his head was particularly light and comfortable.

A little pain and it was especially relaxing ? Was this a childbirth? Why does it sound like describing pooping? No, she couldn’t think any further. Shen Qiushi shook her head and removed certain thoughts from her mind.

“Probably because the children are smaller, he didn’t get injured.” Yuan Xingdong said again, somewhat puzzled. Was it because the children were small that Ren Sheng didn’t even tear? This birth was too easy! This child was just a baby!

No, he should not be a child since he was able to have children. Doesn’t that mean he is already an adult? It must be his race that makes him look so small.

“Great!” Shen Qiushi was very happy, but the corners of Zhao Lingyu’s mouth twitched slightly.

Ren Sheng’s four eggs grew on his head. Of course, they wouldn’t hurt his body. In today’s situation… maybe some of his hair was injured?

Zhao Lingyu desperately wants to know what the relationship between these four children and himself is, but they were in public and he didn’t know how to ask. In the end, it only became more and more difficult to hold it in.

“What’s going on? Why is there a crowd gathered here?” At this moment a voice sounded.

Everyone turned their heads and then they saw two familiar-looking people come through the door together.

No, not only did they look familiar. They simply knew these two people. One of them was Zhao Ping and the other was Elder Teng.

Only, wasn’t Zhao Peng almost dead? How come he suddenly looked like Zhao Lingyu’s brother? Elder Teng was also an old man, so how come he looked like this now, and all the wrinkles on his face were almost gone?

Did the two of them put on makeup or have plastic surgery?


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