In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 63.2 – He Seems to be Pregnant

Thinking of this, Fang Chengjun sighed again. Last night was really not the right time. If the accident had happened after they all had children, he would surely have gone after Gerd.

Putting on the clothes he took out of the cleaning machine, Fang Chengjun came to the parking lot to find his aircraft. As a result, he didn’t know what was going on, but his new aircraft could not start at all.

What was going on? Fang Chengjun frowned and asked someone to pick him up while looking for someone to repair it.

The people who came to pick him up arrived almost at the same time as the repair service. As soon as they arrived, the repairman dressed in blue inspected Fang Chengjun’s aircraft.

“This is the latest flame wings aircraft or the upgraded limited edition, there should be no problem…” The repairman said as he checked, but then his face suddenly changed. “Sir, you shouldn’t let me repair this model of aircraft.”

“Aircraft model?” Fang Chengjun looked at the maintenance staff in front of him in bewilderment.

“Yes, it’s an aircraft model with no parts in it except for a thick metal shell and a pile of waste.” The repairman said.

“… If there is no accident, the waste should be the rest of the aircraft after its metal parts have been removed.” It was a great honor for him that Gerd knew which aircraft was his.

Fang Chengjun couldn’t help laughing at the thought that Gerd probably came here with clenched teeth to ‘scrap’ his aircraft after leaving the guest room today.

He will keep this aircraft as a memorial.

The repairman looked at Fang Chengjun in bewilderment. This man took a model and let him fix it, then suddenly laughed. Was there something wrong with him?

Fang Chengjun asked the odd looking repairman to leave and then got into his car. “Go to the First Legion. No, let’s go home.”

If he really went there now, he would only make Gerd uncomfortable.

Fang Chengjun was right. Gerd would be very uncomfortable if he saw him. In fact, Gerd was already very uncomfortable even if he didn’t see him.

He has spent almost every day in the First Legion recently and everyone inside was already familiar with him. When they saw him coming from a distance, a man slapped him on the shoulder and said. “Gerd, you are so late today. Is it because you have a rich nightlife like the Marshal?”

Gerd almost broke his teeth when he heard the word nightlife.

Last night was a bit of a blow to Gerd, who was out of shape today and almost melted warship parts, just as he saw Ren Sheng coming over.

“You look terrible. Didn’t you sleep well last night? I didn’t sleep well last night so I don’t have much energy today.” Ren Sheng yawned.

“Yes I didn’t sleep well…”  Gerd looked at Ren Sheng a little heartbroken. His face looked very happy, so just by looking at it, you could guess the reason why he didn’t sleep well last night.

“It was because of that bowl of soup. I am sorry. No, it can’t be all my fault, you drank that soup too fast. I wanted to stop you but it was too late.” Ren Sheng said. Last night Zhao Lingyu explained it to him, so he knew the effect of that bowl of soup.

“Soup?” Gerd asked.

“Yes, that bowl of soup is said to be very potent. Lingyu drank it before and needed to take several cold showers to calm down.” Ren Sheng said. According to Zhao Lingyu, that soup will make people very hot, of course, taking a cold shower should solve it so it was still okay.

It turned out that the reason he did something like that last night was because he drank the wrong soup? So he didn’t like Fang Chengjun as much as he thought he did? He himself said previously that he couldn’t like this type of playboy! Yesterday must be because he hated Fang Chengjun so much that he wanted to crush him!

Gerd immediately breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly thought of something. “Zhao Lingyu needs to drink this kind of soup?” Marshal Zhao actually had a problem in this area?

“No. Luckily you drank it, otherwise I don’t know what I would have become.” Ren Sheng’s heart palpitated when he thought about last night.

Just by the look of it, you could tell that Ren Sheng was tossed last night, Gerd couldn’t help but feel some sympathy, but soon found that his sympathy was completely unnecessary.

Ren Sheng was tossed last night and so was he! Thinking of this, Gerd immediately glared at Ren Sheng.

When Ren Sheng saw Gerd’s appearance, he became a little embarrassed. He took out two potions from his pocket and gave them to Gerd. This is a Nourishing Potion. It also has the effect of eliminating fatigue. If you aren’t well rested, take them and you will feel better.

This Nourishing Potion was worth billions. Gerd took them and wanted to keep them, but after thinking of the big loss he had last night, he should reward himself so he drank one.

It was worthy of being a magical Nourishing Potion. After drinking it, Gerd really felt much better, but for some unknown reason his abdomen suddenly became hot.

Gerd didn’t care about his physical condition. After drinking it he began to repair the warships again.

However, he didn’t know what was going on, but his ability was used especially fast. Not long afterwards, he became tired again and his stomach still hurt.

After doing it with Fang Chengjun he actually forgot to take a shower and now he definitely had an upset stomach! Gerd gritted his teeth, picked up another bottle of Nourishing Potion and after drinking it he finally felt much better.

For the next two days, Gerd became very easily tired and even his body temperature would rise unconsciously.

He didn’t understand what was wrong with him. He went to the doctor for examination, but nothing came out of it, so in the end he could only blame it on his own psychological problems.

Taking a deep breath, Gerd went back to work.

At this time, on a planet very far away from the Human Federation, a group of people who looked very similar to humans, but with brighter eyes and hair, sat around the table with a Nourishing Potion and a report about it in the middle.

“This potion sent by Corbien was developed by the research institute and there is a magical substance in it that can repair the cells of the body!”

“The effect of calming the fetus also exists. We found two pairs of pregnant volunteer couples, where both wives had a certain rejection of their embryos, but after they drank this medicine the rejection became much less. But the dose was too low so it couldn’t be completely cured. I am afraid that the children will need to be removed from the mother in order to survive.”

“Now, this is the only bottle of potion we have left. What do you think of the Human Federation?”

The man sitting in the main seat said something and then asked.

“Isn’t it a low level civilization? Why don’t we just bring them in?” Someone said, seemingly carelessly, but his eyes that fell on the bottle of the Nourishing Potion was very hot.

“Bring them in? What if they don’t want to cooperate?”

“I think that Ren Sheng himself is a little strange so we better catch him and study him.”

“Research? It is your research that has caused our empire to perish!”

“I think we should use the soft policy towards the Human Federation. We have helped the Human Federation before and they even have our abilities in their genes. We can bring them to us under the pretext of learning.”

“But what about Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng? After losing his ability, he suddenly recovered and Ren Sheng gave birth to four children at once.”

“Even if they’re a little weird, isn’t it the Nourishing Potion that is the most important?”

A group of people argued and finally decided not to use force.

In the beginning, what they heard about Zhao Lingyu was a bit strange. But when Ren Sheng gave birth to four children with abilities at once, they wanted to kidnap the two of them for research. However, the existence of the Nourishing Potion made them give up on this plan.

These people could develop Nourishing Potions, so can’t they also develop something else? The population of their empire was getting smaller and smaller. In the beginning, their genes were given to the human beings to see if they had the solution, so now when there is hope they naturally couldn’t destroy them.

It has been a month since Yang Ye got married, and Gerd finally finished upgrading the warships in the First Legion.

After drinking a Nourishing Potion, Gerd finally felt better. But then he found that the twenty Nourishing Potions he had bought had almost been completely drunk by him.

Some people will try to spend money when they are in a bad mood but he… After suffering in his heart he fell in love with drinking potions? Or with drinking such expensive potions?

Every time he drank the potion, he couldn’t help feeling distressed after thinking about how much metal he could buy with it. But if he didn’t drink it he felt sick all the time.

Taking a deep breath, Gerd pondered whether he should go to the hospital for a detailed examination, while working with the chief maintenance officer of the First Legion to study how to add a shield to the main ship’s engines. As he looked up he saw Fang Chengjun and Zhao Lingyu coming here. Seeing him, Fang Chengjun even showed a smile.

This guy was flirting everywhere! Gerd turned around and left.

But Zhao Lingyu called out to him, “Uncle Gerd, I have something to ask you.”

“What is it?” Gerd asked rather sullenly.

“It’s about the matter of the pills.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Pills? The previous package for making babies? Didn’t he already eat it? Gerd was puzzled, but still followed Zhao Lingyu to the office.

What Zhao Lingyu took out this time were two Pregnancy Pills, in separate packages. That he didn’t give them the first time. “Before I give you these Pregnancy Pills, I’d like to talk about how to use it first.”

“Shouldn’t they be eaten?” Gerd asked in confusion.

“This Pregnancy Pill is indeed eaten, but not by you, but your partner. If you have a woman you like, let her eat the Pregnancy Pill and she will be able to get pregnant.”

Gerd’s face instantly darkened. He was so proud of himself when he ate the two pills that time, but now it seems… he clearly did a foolish thing. Eating something that should be given to a woman!

“In fact, this Pregnancy Pill is not only for women, but even men can get pregnant after eating it.” Zhao Lingyu continued.


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