In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 63.1 – He Seems to be Pregnant

Ren Sheng was sitting at the bedside looking at the data on his PDA when Zhao Lingyu glanced at words such as ‘maintenance’ and ‘tonifying the kidney.’

Expressionless, he took the PDA from Ren Sheng’s hand and asked, “Why do you want to see this? Is it about that tonic soup?”

“Lingyu, this book says that if men indulge too much, they need to rest for a few days. Of course, proper maintenance is also essential.” Ren Sheng said seriously.

“Since when do I indulge?” Zhao Lingyu’s face trembled. Compared with the men who do it with their brides everyday he was almost abstinent.

Every time Ren Sheng wanted to double cultivate with him, he would be tired, but also so energetic that he was  too embarrassed to ask for a second time.

“But you can’t do it, can’t you?” Ren Sheng said. Zhao Lingyu didn’t double cultivate with him these days. Although he has almost fully treated Zhao Lingyu’s injury, he hasn’t yet taught Zhao Lingyu how to cultivate. Should he replace Zhao Lingyu in the future as a top?

But then he will have more trouble absorbing the refined soil.

I’m afraid no man will be happy to hear his lover say he couldn’t do it, so Zhao Lingyu directly blocked Ren Sheng’s mouth and only after a long time let go. “Today I will not cooperate with your double cultivation, so you need to listen to me.”

No double cultivation? No double cultivation, so what was Zhao Lingyu doing? But wasn’t this double cultivation? If they are doing something like this, but don’t exchange energy it would be really wasteful…

Ren Sheng held Zhao Lingyu blankly, as he subconsciously entered Zhao Lingyu’s body.

However, after his energy entered Zhao Lingyu’s body, Zhao Lingyu unexpectedly used his powers to fuse that energy.

Bastard! Unexpectedly grabbing his own spiritual power. Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu  discontentedly and was a little angry. Then he suddenly discovered that Zhao Lingyu stopped.

He was comfortable, so why did he stop? Was Zhao Lingyu really not able? When Ren Sheng wanted to sit up, Zhao Lingyu suddenly kissed him again, and then kissed him all the way down.

He has been married to Ren Sheng for several days and there were many times that they ‘double cultivated’. Zhao Lingyu saw Ren Sheng react as much as he did, but he never saw Ren Sheng reach the zenith.

At first he tried to help Ren Sheng with his hand, but Ren Sheng rejected his help so much that he had almost hurt him.

Later, after studying some things, Zhao Lingyu knew that he could use his mouth, but every time Ren Sheng was thinking about double cultivation and was in a hurry to get to the point so that the knowledge he learned was completely useless.

But today, he will use it…

Previously, every time he and Zhao Lingyu double cultivated, Ren Sheng would be very comfortable, but he controlled himself very well. Every time he discovered that his essence was about to spurt out he would stop the energy conversion and then focus on using spiritual power to block the exit to keep his essence from leaving and then slowly absorb it again.

But just today, the pleasure was too strong. In the end, Ren Sheng completely forgot what he had to do…




Zhao Lingyu subconsciously wanted to spit out what was in his mouth.

But at this time, Ren Sheng came back to his senses and seeing this scene he immediately wrapped Zhao Lingyu’s mouth: “You can not waste it. Swallow it quickly!”

“…” Zhao Lingyu remembered at this time that almost every part of Ren Sheng was a treasure so…

His seeds carried refined soil, so Ren Sheng’s seeds should be more precious than his hand-washing water, tears, and so on… estimated to be similar to blood.

In fact, the taste of all these things were the same as Ren Sheng’s blood. All had a strong ginseng flavor. Zhao Lingyu swallowed it and felt his body heat up.

At this time, Ren Sheng regretted it a little, so he bit Zhao Lingyu’s shoulder. “No, I should have reabsorbed it to… you absorbed my spiritual energy today and not to mention that you also eat my essence! You are a bad person!”

“Sorry…” Zhao Lingyu thought of the importance Ren Sheng placed on his blood and instantly felt apologetic.

“I don’t blame you, it actually felt quite comfortable. I used to use my spiritual power to block it before, but today because it was too comfortable I forgot…” Ren Sheng smiled towards Zhao Lingyu. He took a lot of refined soil from Zhao Lingyu, so it was good to give a gift in return this time.

Blocking it with spiritual power? No wonder that while he was clearly responsive at first during the double cultivation, he would then suddenly go soft. Zhao Lingyu’s mouth twitched. “You have been blocking?”

“Yeah, I can’t believe I forgot this time so I don’t know if I will shrink.” Ren Sheng sighed.

“it’s all right. I’ll give you the energy you need.” Zhao Lingyu pressed up, he always thought his skills were not good but now it seems… it seems that they were very compatible?

It’s just that plants are more difficult to communicate with. If he has any questions in the future, he must take the initiative to ask! Otherwise, he would be very depressed if he guessed a lot and ended up with an answer that made him spit blood.

That night, Zhao Lingyu had a very comfortable time and practically told a certain ginseng spirit that he didn’t need to drink tonic soup.

At the same time, in the guest room of the large hotel where the Yang family held the wedding reception, two people had a pleasant ‘war.’ No… several ‘wars.’

Fang Chengjun watched the person next to him finally fall asleep and sat quietly for a long time. Then he finally pulled the person into his arms and fell asleep in his arms.

If you wake up and find yourself in the same bed as your enemy how should you react? Gerd, seeing the face of Fang Chengjun, subconsciously stretched out his foot and kicked the person out of bed.

“One night is like being husband and wife for a hundred days. Do you need to treat me like this?” Fang Chengjun got up from the ground and said helplessly.

“Who’s married to you?” Gerd said angrily and was about to use his ability to beat Fang Chengjun up, when all the memories of last night appeared in his mind.

Who says you don’t remember crazy things you do when you get drunk? He remembers everything clearly! Gerd’s face was black. He pestered Fang Chengjun like this and that!

“You can’t turn your back and not admit it.” Fang Chengjun said. It wasn’t like he was unable to leave last night or even ‘calm down’ Gerd, which was even easier… he was an ice ability user.

If he really doesn’t want to, his S-class ice ability, if used, would certainly freeze Gerd. Not to mention just stopping Gerd’s ‘reaction.’ It would be very simple to make him unable to use certain parts in the future.

Unexpectedly, when he got drunk, he actually had sex with someone…  This is definitely a very crazy thing.

What flip-flopping… what account do we have before so I wouldn’t admit it?” Gerd stood up as he threw all his clothes into the cleaning machine beside him, without care. He stood straight, but his hands were shaking.

“Actually, it’s not bad for the two of us to live in partnership.” Fang Chengjun looked at Gerd. Actually he preferred men and he always liked simple minded people. Gerd was exactly the type he liked.

His grandfather didn’t force him to leave a successor, but it was something he wanted on his own… and Gerd… it didn’t have to be this guy. At first he had a crush on Ren Sheng, but now he was interested in Gerd.

If it hadn’t been for that, he wouldn’t have done such a thing last night. There were countless people who wanted to have sex with him, but he would never socialize with people casually.

When Fang Chengjun’s peach blossom eyes looked at him, Gerd felt that his heart was beating a little faster. He could no longer maintain the expression that he didn’t care about it and instead, he put on his clothes awkwardly.

Live with Fang Chengjun? Gerd remembered what happened last night and some parts of him were even a little painful. “Fang Chengjun, don’t joke around. Don’t you want to have children? Your lovers, are you sure that they would let it go?”

Who doesn’t know that Fang Chengjun has lovers all over the world? His skill was very good last night… Gerd’s face suddenly became black.

I had a few lovers before, but I don’t have one now.” Fang Chengjun said. In the past his goal was particularly clear… that was, he wanted to have a baby. He wouldn’t associate with a woman with a low match rate and would sign an agreement when he did so… he only had eight lovers before, which was not big when compared to his age of more than a hundred years old.

However, he was very likable and has always been very graceful to women, so there were always many women around him.

“Even if you don’t have a lover now, I won’t be your lover. Last night was just a mistake and we won’t have anything to do with each other in the future.” Gerd said. In fact, he really wanted to beat up Fang Chengjun, but was too embarrassed after thinking that he was the one who took the initiative.

Speaking of which, taking the initiative… Last night he really wanted to pull Fang Chengjun into bed. Could it be that he liked Fang Chengjun? Thinking of this possibility, Gerd subconsciously shuddered.

“Mistake?” Fang Chengjun repeated.

“Yes!” Gerd who finished speaking headed out.

Fang Chengjun watched him leave, threw his clothes into the cleaner, sat on the bed and lit a cigarette.

He was actually very mean, because he had already guessed that Gerd would react in this way, and he knew that he would not stay for long after waking up… Maybe it was just the end.

Both he and Gerd wanted children and unlike him, Gerd will probably get married.

But without emotional involvement, it would already be good to be a friend just like his grandfather and Mr. Teng… No, he was afraid that Gerd wouldn’t even want to be friends with him, so they will only keep bickering from time to time.

Speaking of which, Gerd had nothing against him today. He looked a little guilty, but it made him a little unaccustomed to it. It was Gerd who took the initiative last night, but he also took advantage of the situation.


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