In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 87 – Cooperation And Competition

The three children have never cried since their birth. At most, they would hum a little when they were unhappy, but now, Second Baby was crying. Not only did Second Baby cry, but Third Baby also sat up. This child was the same as the former Ren Sheng who preferred to laze around, but surprisingly, he now crawled to Ren Sheng’s side in the shortest possible time. Even the youngest, Fourth Baby, didn’t hold the PDA anymore and just looked at Big Baby with two gleaming eyes.

These days, these three children never asked about Big Baby. Ren Sheng previously thought that they had forgotten about Big Baby, but now it seems that they have always remembered their brother. It was also true that they were always together before… Ren Sheng bent down and put Big Baby down.

Big Baby was also a bit excited. Just after Ren Sheng put him down, he pounced on Third Baby. Third Baby who was thrown to the ground, opened his mouth and wanted to cry, but then he found that his brother completely covered his stomach and only his two feet were still exposed and moving…

The eldest baby was stunned as he stood up, only now realizing that he was much bigger than his brother… This baby was not an ordinary child, so it was nothing to be pressed up a little. But he became lazy again and simply laid on the ground, not willing to get up.

At this time, Second Baby finally cried enough and fell into the arms of the Big Baby. The two brothers were satisfied after a while and then the Second Baby said, “You are big. I also want to become big.”

“If you absorb more energy, you can also become bigger.” Big Baby said in the Ruoya language. Second Baby had listened to the Ruoya language these days, so although he couldn’t speak it smoothly, he could understand it, so he nodded repeatedly.

Hearing the conversation between the two, Ren Sheng immediately remembered one thing and then took out a storage bag from his arms and hung it on Big Baby’s neck. “Big Baby, this is for you.” Inside the bag was his blood, an energy stone, and other things, all of which the other three children had received before. Ren Sheng left a portion of each thing for Big Baby.

Big Baby did absorb a lot of energy and even grew bigger than the other three children, but his ability was destroyed in the absorption process, so you can imagine how painful he was at that time. Now, Ren Sheng only felt that he gave him too little.

Fortunately, although Big Baby no longer had an ability, the characteristics of the plant spirit were still there so he could absorb all of these things. Turning it over and seeing the things in the storage bag, Big Baby’s eyes lit up. Zhao Lingyu finally walked to him at this time. “Big Baby, let father hug you, okay?” Zhao Lingyu spoke in a soft voice so Big Baby looked at him, opened his arms and let Zhao Lingyu pick him up. He then pointed to his cheeks and said, “Kiss!”

Zhao Lingyu kissed the child’s tender and white face, and then found that Second and Third Baby were hugging each of his legs. “Father, kiss!”

This is how it used to be when these four children were still growing on Ren Sheng’s head, if he kissed one he must kiss each of them. Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but smile. Holding Big Baby, he squatted down and kissed the two children hugging his legs. Finally, even Fourth Baby sitting next to him was kissed, but as a result there was no reaction from Fourth Baby. Suddenly, when Zhao Lingyu stood up with Big Baby, Fourth Baby who was hugging Big Baby’s leg was also picked up.

Fourth Baby, opened his pair of big black eyes and expressionlessly hung on Big Baby’s leg, not letting go. Making Zhao Lingyu almost melt. The room was unusually cozy, but the doorbell brought the crowd back to their senses.

“Something wrong?” Ren Sheng opened the door and looked at Crohn.

“Big Baby’s identity card is available. He can now use many facilities, but it is under someone else’s name,” Crohn looked at Zhao Lingyu. “Now he still needs to hide, but I don’t think it will be for too long?”

“Yes.” Zhao Lingyu said, suddenly looking at Crohn. “The Emperor should already have children?”

“How do you know?” Crohn asked in disbelief.

“When I gave Keith the four Pregnancy Pills, he only took one, and these days, I heard that the Empress is sick and has not seen anyone for a month.” Zhao Lingyu said. The Ruiya Emperor was a ninth level ability user. Although the longest living ninth level ability user lived to 1000 years old, most of them would still die when they were eight or nine hundred years old. The Emperor was already more than seven hundred years old this year. How could such a person not want a child?  What’s more, the number of times Crohn has been in the palace these days was just a little too much.

“You are right, the Empress is pregnant, but the child surprisingly didn’t grow in the womb…” Crohn said. These days, the Emperor was very anxious. The Empress was only an eight level ability user and she was younger than the Emperor, but not by much…

At first, they just wanted to try the Pregnancy Pill, not expecting that the Empress would really get pregnant… Keith obtained a lot of Nourishing Potions in the Human Federation that he didn’t dare to eat before, so he sent all of them to the palace. He didn’t want to do it, but who made the Emperor their leader?

“Ask the Emperor if he wants to cooperate.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Crohn had left two communicators in the Human Federation, so Zhao Lingyu could still know some news about the Human Federation these days. There was nothing wrong with the Human Federation, but it still had a Ruoya Empire knife hanging above its head.

The Ruoya Empire was strong, not to mention their technology was also much stronger than the Human Federation’s… didn’t the people from last time use artificial intelligence to control all the robots at the convention center? If a few more people did it, the Human Federation would fall into chaos. Zhao Lingyu couldn’t turn a blind eye to all of it.

“Of course!” Crohn said and after finishing, he coughed dryly twice. “I can’t make a promise. I need to ask His Majesty first.”

“I’ll wait for your news.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Crohn nodded and turned around to leave. An hour later he knocked on their door again, “His Majesty wants to see you.”

“Let’s go there.” Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng.

“Alright.” Ren Sheng nodded

The palace was almost the same as the last time they came, but many of the furnishings had changed.  No sharp objects could be seen anymore. The once beautiful floor was now covered with a thick blanket.

Stepping inside on the thick blanket, they saw the chubby Emperor and the chubby Empress beside him.

The Empress was not beautiful and could only be described as benevolent, but when she sat together with the Emperor they looked very harmonious.

After seeing Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu, both of them stood up and had the robots bring in stools. Probably because there were so few people in the Ruoya Empire, there weren’t many people in the palace. The Emperor and Empress seemed to be the only ones living in this huge palace.

“You didn’t bring the children?” The Empress asked with a slight pity.

“They are too small.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Is that so…” The Empress nodded and subconsciously touched her stomach.

“The Empress is pregnant with twins? I can see that they are two healthy little ones, I think they will be born healthy.” Entering the country, Zhao Lingyu also got a new PDA that had a function of detecting pregnancy.

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to conceive easily because of my age, so I took both of the pills that Keith gave me. I didn’t expect…” The Empress smiled. She didn’t know whether she should be happy or not.

“As long as the Empress can eat something that will help the children, the children will definitely be born healthy.” Zhao Lingyu smiled. The Empress smiled faintly. “So, we will cooperate?”

During this negotiation, Ren Sheng has been standing beside him. Listening, but seemingly not understanding. However, he still listened very carefully. On the way back, he asked Zhao Lingyu about all the things he didn’t understand. Zhao Lingyu explained everything and finally touched Ren Sheng’s head. “I did it mainly for the Human Federation…”

“I know, that is our home after all.” Ren Sheng said. The Human Federation was the first place he encountered after coming to this world. He didn’t have a sense of belonging there at first, but now he missed that place very much.

“Thank you.” Zhao Lingyu said. The cooperation and pills all depended on Ren Sheng to provide them.

The cooperation with the Emperor was a long term thing, so their life didn’t change much except that a large chunk of Imperial Star land became theirs. A few days later, Ren Sheng received notice that he needed to go to the Cyber Mecha Competition.

Ren Sheng, who had been with his children for the past few days and could only spare a few hours a day to pilot a mecha, basically didn’t have time to pay attention to the various news online. But the competition still needed to be attended, so he quickly arrived at the competition venue.

In the cultivation world, many competitions would take luck into account, but the Ruoya Empire didn’t do that. After a two-by-two duel and the winner advancing, the remaining people had some more competitions from which a hundred people were finally picked to participate in the next competition. This was a very good rule, but among these people those who directly admitted defeat in the previous battle with Ren Sheng felt that he had relied entirely on his minor status to win. Ren Sheng felt helpless about that. 

With some helplessness, Ren Sheng  ushered in his second competition. The return of Big Baby made Ren Sheng’s mood great and he was also at the peak of his mental state. But it was a pity that as soon as he entered the ring, his opponent did something that made him grumpy.

“minor…” The man said and then unexpectedly put away his mecha directly. He then looked up and folded his arms, looking at Ren Sheng and giving a hum. “Letting the minor participate in the competition, should be the biggest injustice in the history of this competition. I admit defeat!”

Ren Sheng’s good mood disappeared. He participated in this competition to sharpen his skills, but now… after the first person admitted defect without fighting him, there came another person like this. Then, the people who will fight with him later will also do the same thing. He needed to use other methods to advance!

Although others may not be merciful to him when they fight for the top few places… at this time he would lose because he has no ability and if he won, everyone would only feel that his opponent went easy on him. Because someone threw in the towel, Ren Sheng and his opponent left the stage. Seeing that the man who admitted defeat was arranged to fight against others and his battle was still going strong, Ren Sheng couldn’t help frowning.

At the same time, in the anonymous forum, there were also some sour posts, one of which received a lot of attention as soon as it was posted. “Minors have too much of an advantage! It is expected that the future champions of the cyber mecha competition will all be minor.”

When this post was opened, there were two short videos of the mecha competition, both of which showed Ren Sheng’s opponent admitting defeat and below were the original poster words. “In this cyber mecha competition, the organizers actually let a minor participate in the competition! Can we beat minors? Of course not! It is only expected that he will eventually become the biggest dark horse of the mecha competition and let people admit defeat all the way to the final! Who let the minor precipitate?”

1 reply: minor? minor participate in the mecha competition? It’s too dangerous! This kind of competition should ban all minor participation!

2 reply: minor participation should be banned!

3 reply: minor are not fully developed and mecha training is very dangerous. It might end poorly if he is beaten, fortunately others admitted defeat.




15 Reply: I know that the birth rate is low, but some people are too biased towards minors. Those children are all spoiled and lawless. This bear child should be forbidden from participating in the competition, not only because he is a minor and can encounter danger, but because he disrupts the order of competition!

16 Reply: Upstairs 1, just because he is a minor, someone else needs to give up? Is this fair to those who participated in the competition?




157 Reply: I am one of the contestants and now I hope that I will not meet Greenton. Meeting him would be too bad. I can’t hit him and even if I hit him, who knows if someone will find trouble with me later?

158 Reply: I have met Greenton and he is a very serious person. Before the competition he already defeated a master. He is very strong and there is no need for anyone to give him a free pass!

159 Reply: Are you kidding me upstairs? His former opponent is 20 times his age and after hundreds of years of learning mecha , would he still be unable to beat him? It was because they couldn’t fight at all that they threw in the towel.




898 Reply: The world can no longer stop minors.

899 Reply: Bear children are the most annoying!




The comments under the post become higher and higher. The number of people who helped Ren Sheng speak also became fewer and fewer and then almost none. Even if some people felt that he shouldn’t be blamed for being minor, they would also say at the same time that he shouldn’t have participated in the competition.


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