DOASCC – Chapter 7.1 – What is the obsession?

The arrival of Meng Feixuan finally let Xie Ran know the reason for his transmission.

It turned out that Xie Ran accidentally fell into a coma in his original world. After being sent to the medical department, they found that his EEG activity was very weak and there was a possibility of brain death at any time.

It just so happened that on the day Xie Ran fell into the coma, it was announced that Zhuzi Technology had realized the replication of the atomic group of biological consciousness.

In other words, within the scope permitted by law, Zhuzi technology could realize the reproduction and preservation of biological consciousness which was memory.

After discovering that Xie Ran was likely to be brain dead, Meng Feixuan immediately copied Xie Ran’s consciousness and tried to save it. But an unexplained error occurred during the copying process, and a quantum superposition phenomenon appeared, which led to Xie Ran’s consciousness appearing in multiple worlds.

Perhaps because of the similarity with the information of Xie Ran in his time and space, and original owner’s unwillingness to return to their original lives, the energy of the consciousness atom group was particularly strong. This way, Xie Ran’s consciousness had been attracted and combined to form a phenomenon of “transmission.”

“In other words, I just announced to the public that we can replicate our consciousness, and then I became brain dead.” Xie Ran’s eyes lowered as he smiled: “What a coincidence.”

Meng Feixiang said in a serious tone:  “The TV series stored in my server tells me that this is no coincidence.”

“……” Xie Ran decided to continue to ask as if he had not heard him saying that he had saved TV series: “What’s going on now?”

Meng Feixuan: “We are urgently revising the procedure, but this is the first time this kind of accident has been encountered, and it can’t be solved for a while. I was worried about your situation, so I secretly entered the superposition state while they were not paying attention…. “

Fortunately, Xie Ran changed the name of the virtual idol to Meng Feixuan, which made it a more searchable option in the vast expanse of multiple time and space.

At this point, Meng Feixuan gave a long sigh of fear and said: “Fortunately, I am a program.”

Otherwise, he would have no way to pursue Xie Ran’s consciousness.

Xie Ran, still looking the same, gave a faint “um.”

Having determined the situation of the original world, Xie Ran also made a further judgment on his current situation.

It seemed that if he wanted to return to his original world, he should not only wait for the program of the original world to be repaired but also separate from the consciousness of Xie Ran from this world.

“He is so strong because his obsession is fused with the atomic group energy,” Meng Feixuan said with a snap of fingers from the mobile phone: “According to the conventional plot, we have to eliminate his obsession, so that his conscious atomic group can calm down.”

Xie Ran’s posture remained the same, but he only raised his eyes slightly: “What is obsession like?”

As soon as the mobile phone screen dimmed, Meng Feixuan’s voice fell silent.

Xie Ran had a nickname in his original world, “humanoid AI”, because he was smart enough and rational enough.

But the outside world only knew about one or two things.

Only Meng Feixuan knew that Xie Ran’s reason was not just ordinary reason, he suffered from a congenital lack of emotion and was unable to sympathize with the outside world.

Obviously, “obsession” had touched Xie Ran’s knowledge blind spot.

After a while, the phone lit up again, and a search page was displayed on the screen, which was the explanation of the meaning of “obsession” from Baidu.

The mobile phone issued a stubborn voice: “Sir, please feel it with your heart.”

Xie Ran: “……”

There was no fluctuation.

“It seems it’s time for me to come forward.” Meng Feixuan said solemnly, “Sir, don’t worry, I will try my best to teach you.”

AI teaching people about feelings, this would be considered as giving penultimate lecture to penultimate lecture.

It could also be said that he was very confident in his ability.

Xie Ran did not deny him at this time when his phone rang.

Xie Ran raised his eyes, there was still Meng Feixuan hanging around, so without him doing anything, the phone automatically pressed the answer button and Guan Shunan’s voice sounded: “Xie Ran, the filming schedule for ‘Somewhere Else’ has been decided, I’ll send you the file, take a look.”

‘Somewhere Else’ was the top variety show of the Snowball TV. The main content was to invite friends from the entertainment industry to travel long distances together and carry out various tasks. Because of the excellent production, the program ratings had been good and it was a resource many stars competed for.

The original body owner had previously signed a lot of cooperation with Fang Huiwang, so in addition to the New Year show, there was also this variety show.

In the original body owner’s memory, he and Fang Huiwang had already gotten back together at that time, so the two of them interacted intimately in the show, successfully contributing to the ‘Fang×Ran’ CP. Ironically, the original body owner’s sexual orientation was later made public, and the show became evidence for Fang Huiwang fans of his attack and harassment toward Fang Huiwang.

Thinking of the launch event that just ended, Guan Shunan hesitated and asked: “Xiao Ran, do you still want to be on the show with Fang Huiwang now? If you regret it, I can go to talk, our studio is not short of money now, so breaking a contract would not be a problem….”

After Meng Feixuan’s stunning appearance, Xie Ran studio’s value rose greatly and a large number of venture capital firms had lined up with the money in front of their doors. They said bluntly that their studio was now the best place in the entire entertainment circle.

“No.” Xie Ran interrupted her. “It’s just business as usual.”

Meng Feixuan hung off the phone and said with some surprise: “Sir, I didn’t expect you to learn the essence of obsession so quickly!”

Xie Ran was puzzled: “What?”

“You continue to participate in this program, isn’t it for that Fang Huiwang?” Meng Feixuan said with great experience: “Aren’t all tv shows performed like this? To eliminate obsessions, you have to resolve the grudges of the people associated with the obsessions.”

“What does it have to do with him?” Xie Ran did not seem to understand and faintly said: “I just hate breaking contracts.”

Meng Feixuan: “……”

The phone became silent again.



Two days later, the official Weibo site of Snowball TV released the heavy news that this year’s opening variety show ‘Somewhere Else’ invited three groups of “good friends” to participate in the show, including Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang who performed on the same stage during the New Year’s concert. The two would reunite for a week-long foreign trip.

At the same time, the warm-up session of ‘Somewhere Else’ would be broadcasted live.

As soon as the news came out, the whole network was in an uproar again.

Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang had not yet passed the aftermath of the New Year Eve’s performance and the later press conference. The fight between the two side’s fans was still raging. Netizens were also curious about their relationship, so, many people wondered if they were not hostile toward each other. They didn’t expect them to participate in the tourism variety show together in a blink of an eye.

How much did Snowball TV pay?

The fans of both sides that had been fighting inextricably, were directly dumbfounded, but ‘Feng×Ran’ CP fans that were so suppressed after the press conference felt like a resurrection armor fell from the sky for them.

Not only that, the warm-up session of this season had been changed to live broadcast.

The warm-up of ‘Somewhere Else’ was actually filming some stars’ preparatory work before departure as publicity tidbits, which had now changed to the live broadcast, making expectations of netizens higher.

Was there anything better than a live broadcast to see the true side of a star?

Although it was just a tidbit before departure, but, it was still  enough for fans to be excited, making the program attract unprecedented attention this time.

On the day of the warm-up broadcast of ‘Somewhere Else’, netizens switched on Snowball TV early, because there were three groups of stars, and the broadcast was also cut into three different channels. There was no doubt that Xie Ran and Fang Huanwang’s channel would be the most popular.

According to the process, the program team first picked up Fang Huiwang at his home, which was further away from the airport. As soon as Fang Huiwang entered in front of the camera, the comment section immediately became excited.

[Ahhhhhhh, Fang Ran CP fan is here!]

[I can’t believe they’re really going on a trip together, and I thought they turned against each other after the press conference, but it all turned out like this.]

[Have you forgotten that they have been on the same stage during the New Year? Their press conference just happened to be on at the same time, okay? If Xie Ran releases virtual idols, does it mean that Fang Huiwang can’t release one too?]

[5555, I was really distressed to death szd, after the press conference I really thought it would be it. Now seeing them on the show together, I am really feeling relieved!]

[Ow! We all remember that this program will arrange for people in the same group to live in the same room, so everyone knows what this means!]

[Hehe, it means that some people are going to suck blood again.]

[It’s just a business cooperation, ok? Can CP dogs stop crawling over these men?]


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