In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 62.2 – A Bowl of Tonic Soup

Ren Sheng has just reached the average height of the Human Federation which was good, but if he continued to grow taller…

Zhao Lingyu used to lose control every time he met Ren Sheng, but now… Just imagining Ren Sheng growing taller than him, all his concern disappeared as if a basin of cold water had been poured on him.

Although double cultivation was good for his body, it won’t work if it keeps going on like this… Zhao Lingyu has been finding excuses not to double cultivate for several days in a row now.

“Lingyu, do you want to come and test it?” Ren Sheng asked.

“No need.” Zhao Lingyu shook his head. He was very familiar with his body data, so he didn’t need to test anything.

“Then let’s go back. Mom said she cooked something delicious for me, so I must eat more today.” Ren Sheng thought of that machine’s suggestion and said.

“Good food?” Gerd looked over. He had been working hard in the First Legion for a month and he became tired of eating the meals in the canteen every day.

In fact, the food in the First Legion’s canteen was actually good, but it no longer tastes good enough to eat three times a day. So now, Gerd was thinking of going out for a big meal all day.

“Are you going?” Ren Sheng asked. Gerd had been working diligently these days, so his impression of Gerd became much better.

“Since you invited me of course I am going.” Gerd smiled slightly and the beard that had grown out recently because he had been busy repairing the warships made him look very sexy.

“Are you sure you want to go? Don’t you have a wedding banquet to attend?” Zhao Lingyu glanced at the testosterone-emitting man in front of him with slight dissatisfaction.

“It’s not like you don’t know about the wedding banquet?” How could one have enough to eat? I might as well eat a meal first and then go there later.” Gerd said.

Gerd was helping him upgrade the warship for free. Although he gave him a pregnancy pill, he ate it by himself. Zhao Lingyu didn’t refuse him in the end. They made up their mind to give him another pregnancy pill when he finished upgrading the warships, because Ren Sheng had recently finished refining two more.

When Ren Sheng returned to the Zhao family, he went into the kitchen and looked at Shen Qiushi. “Mom, is the soup I wanted ready?”

“It’s ready, I put a lot of good stuff in it.” Shen Qiushi said.

“Thank you, mom.” Ren Sheng smiled and glanced at the soup that was cooling next to her. “Is it ready to eat?”

“It’s ready.” Shen Qiushi said. Seeing Ren Sheng pick up the soup and carry it towards her son, she couldn’t help showing a tangled expression.

After Ren Sheng ordered a lot of things from the Internet yesterday for her to help cook the soup, she went online to check all those things, but as a result… These things were actually all aphrodisiacs!

This soup was obviously not for Ren Sheng to eat by himself… then wasn’t it for her son to eat? She also felt that her son was very powerful, wasn’t the result of it seen just a few days ago?

Shen Qiushi would like to ask Ren Sheng what is going on, but it was too embarrassing to ask. As for her own son… obviously, even if she asked he wouldn’t say!

She also didn’t want to blow her son’s confidence for good…

When Ren Sheng served the soup, Zhao Lingyu’s nose twitched and his expression became extremely odd.

After he first entered the army, he started as a junior soldier, entered the special unit by mistake and received a lot of training.

For example… how to resist beauty honey traps.

For this, he finished it well at first, but later on, he also suffered some hardships. Because while beauties used shames they also used drugs.

He was young and vigorous at that time and took all kinds of medicines, which left him with a deep impression. That bowl of soup in front of him… this soup shouldn’t be considered as an aphrodisiac, but regarded as some kind of tonic. Back then, he drank a lot because he didn’t find that it was poisonous and as a result… For several days after that, he thought about women every day.

Did Ren Sheng give him this tonic soup because he didn’t feel good these days? The corners of Zhao Lingyu’s mouth twitched, wavering between proving his ability and Ren Sheng growing taller.

“Lingyu, I made soup!” Ren Sheng immediately said when he saw Zhao Lingyu. Zhao Lingyu hasn’t double cultivated with him for several days. He was not burning with desire, but was afraid that his previous behavior had accidentally hollowed out Zhao Lingyu.

Therefore, it was  better to make up for it first and wait for Zhao Lingyu to talk about something else.

“It smells good.” Zhao Lingyu said as he took the soup and  put it on the side.

“Taste it.” Ren Sheng said, looking at Zhao Lingyu expectantly. This soup was nutritious and tasted good. After eating a few spoonfuls, Zhao Lingyu should be able to make up for the depleted essence in his body.

In the future they should still exercise restraint in things like double cultivation.

“Let’s eat first.” Zhao Lingyu began to think about what to do with the soup, even though he could drink it… he really didn’t need it.

“You should drink soup before dinner, if you don’t drink it I will drink it.” Almost all the dishes on the table were seen by Gerd, but he didn’t think that there was anything unusual. This bowl of soup smelled very fragrant, not to mention that it was his first time seeing it.

He helped Zhao Lingyu repair the battleship for more than a month, so he didn’t have a chance to have children. So what was drinking a bowl of soup now?

Gerd was a little thirsty. After picking up the soup, he drank it all. After drinking it, he found that he had gone a little too far so he now looked gracefully at Shen Qiushi, who just came out. ” Mrs. Zhao, the soup you stewed is really delicious.”

Shen Qiushi’s heart that had been tangled suddenly dropped, so this soup was not for her son! She knew that her son was still young, so he shouldn’t need this kind of medicine to nourish his body! It was Gerd who was even older than her husband that needed this tonic.

It’s just that… she put a little more ingredients in the soup when she made it. It was still okay for this person to drink it, right?

It shouldn’t matter.. After all, it was just a tonic for the body, so at most it will only be harder for this man tonight.

Thinking of this, Shen Qiushi said, “Come, these dishes also taste very good, you should try them.”

“Thank you, I will definitely have a good taste.” Gerd said with a smile.

After filling his stomach with soup, Gerd was unable to eat anything else, so he didn’t eat much. Just after he finished eating, he politely said goodbye and then left the Zhao family for the Yang family.

Yang Ye’s wedding was held in a very grand way, with a shower of flower petals falling from the air all the time, making the whole wedding venue look romantic.

What was even more amazing was that the falling petals were nothing else but the precious Dream Love Flower, which could grow only in snow and ice and emitted a very attractive fragrance. Many people would think of their favorite person after smelling it, hence the name.

Gerd naturally knew about the Dream Love Flower, when the sweet fragrance arrived to his nostrils, he subconsciously remembered the woman he once loved, and then ..… he saw a scene of Fang Chengjun leaving with his beloved in his arms!

Damn Fang Chengjun! Gerd scanned the circle, then walked towards the corner. “Nephew Fang, why are you staying in the corner today and not looking for some beautiful women?”

“Uncle Gerd you already found the mate you wanted?” Fang Chengjun said, smiling faintly.

Was it that easy to find a partner? Gerd Give an ‘hum.’ “I’m not like you who don’t refuse anyone.”

Fang Chengjun subconsciously wanted to stab Gerd, but when he spoke his words changed completely. “I can’t help it, who let my medicine be taken by others? I can only cast a wide net now.”

Hearing Fang Chengjun talk about the medicine given by Ren Sheng, Gerd immediately became smug and poured a glass of wine. “Come, let’s toast to your bad luck.”

“Cheers.” Fang Chengjun also raised the wine glass in his hand.

Gerd drank it all in one go, very boldly, so it didn’t take long for his face to turn a little red.

How could a little drink go to Gerd’s head? Fang Chengjun poured another glass for Gerd and coaxed him to drink, while preparing the camera on his PDA intending to take some pictures of Gerd’s blushing face.

Fang Chengjun mixed in the business world, so his alcohol capacity was extremely good. Because of this he completely did not expect Gerd, a person who was already more than two hundred years old, to have no alcohol capacity to speak of.

Gerd was the only one left from the Ged family and was basically addicted to research since his childhood and basically didn’t socialize with others. He hadn’t even drunk much wine before. Now, after drinking a few drinks in succession, he became drunk without exception. Not to mention that he ate too much in the Zhao family, so now he threw up.

Holding a drunkard, his clothes become dirty… Fang Chengjun looked disgusted, but couldn’t leave him behind, so he could only  drag Gerd to the guest room of the hotel where the wedding banquet was held, and then take off their clothes, planning to take a bath.

With his clothes gone, Gerd seemed very happy and began to make different movements with his upper body.

“I didn’t expect you to be so good at being a technocrat…” Fang Chengjun pinched Gerd’s chest.

Gerd suddenly hugged Fang Chengjun. “Are you seducing me? Come on, let’s do something happy. “

“Take a bath first!” Fang Chengjun pushed him into the bathroom.

“Yes, we have to take a bath before doing it… Baby, you wash with me.” Gerd pulled Fang Chengjun into the bathroom.

This was the  first time that Fang Chengjun has seen such a restless person after being drunk, and he didn’t know if it was because he hasn’t vented for too long but after Gerd rubbed against his thigh with a certain part, his eyes that were looking at him pitifully, looking like a coquettish.

“What the hell!” Fang Chengjun suddenly found that he also had a reaction and could no longer maintain his demeanor.

“What the hell?” Gerd asked.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” Fang Chengjun asked.

“What I’m going to do with you.”

“Do you know who I am?” Fang Chengjun asked again.

“You are Fang Chengjun.” Gerd jumped on it at once. “Today I’m going to show you how good I am!” As he spoke, he kissed him thoughtlessly.

A drunkard dared to talk big. Fang Chengjun turned over and pressed on. After kissing him for a long time, he felt that he was too wild.

But then Gerd entangled him with his feet.




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