In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 6 – Marshal Ability

Ren Sheng went to take a bath first.

Of course, he didn’t even bother to wash off the bloodstains from his body and instead absorbed them all. The blood he couldn’t digest right then, was infused in his body.

When he was finished, he rolled around happily in the bathtub, which was already filled with water. Although he didn’t need much water nowadays, lying in water was also nice. It would have been even better if he could put some of the mushy food from the spaceship into the water. 

The water alone could easily make him puffy.

After taking a bath, Ren Sheng went downstairs to eat under the guidance of the housekeeper.

Shen Qiushi prepared a lot of delicious food because of her good impression of Ren Sheng, but for him who had basically never eaten human food before, these vegetables and meats of various kinds that still retained their original colors were completely incomparable to the nutritious meal that was served to him on the spaceship.

“There’s a paste… no, should it be a nutritious meal?” Ren Sheng curiously asked. He estimated that the table would be worth ten servings of nutritious meal. He could not eat all the dishes, nor could he absorb them directly unless he chewed them.

He wanted to eat a nutritious meal instead of so many colorful and flavorful foods? Shen Qiushi looked at Ren Sheng in puzzlement.

Instead, the butler waiting next to him immediately said, “If Young Master Ren Sheng wants to eat a nutritious meal, I’ll go prepare it right away.” Ever since he had seen how much Ren Sheng cared about his young master, Ren Sheng’s importance in his heart had risen again and again, and because of this, he also deliberately asked Dino and the other private soldiers what he liked to eat.

“En.” Ren Sheng showed a big smile towards the butler.

The old butler’s face creased with laughter, he didn’t have any children and used to take care of Zhao Lingyu as if he was his own child, but Zhao Lingyu had grown up too fast. In the blink of an eye, he wasn’t needed anymore and he had never married or had children. Now that he saw the tiny Ren Sheng, he couldn’t help putting him in his heart.

Aren’t all little children a bit silly? Kids are like this, aren’t they?

The old housekeeper brought twenty nutritious meals at one time, seeing the amount of food, Shen Qiushi was even more surprised, but Ren Sheng smiled even more happily, “Thank you! What’s your name?”

“Ren Sheng, you can call the Butler, Grandpa,” Shen Qiushi said.

“Thank you, Grandpa!” Ren Sheng immediately said. Before Dino only gave him eighteen portions, but this butler gave him twenty portions and each portion was even larger. What a great, good man!!

“Ren Sheng, the nutritious meal doesn’t taste good, so if you don’t like it, forget it,” Shen Qiushi said again.

Ren Sheng had already eaten three bowls in one go.

After eating the twenty nutritious meals cleanly, Ren Sheng wiped his mouth. “Have you gotten the food for the Marshal? Better make it like this too, it’s quick and easy to eat!” Ren Sheng said. This paste food was absorbed as soon as he touched it. This couldn’t be done with pieces of meat and vegetables. It was definitely a rare and good thing and it also tasted good.

Did the kid want nutritious meals just so he could eat faster? Shen Qiushi brought over the blood-supplying agent and made a high protein nutrient meal for Zhao Lingyu. She then took the initiative to hold Ren Sheng’s hand, “Let’s go together, I will help you find a feeding jug for his medicine.”

Because of Zhao Lingyu’s current special situation, not only did they make a lot of arrangements on this island, they also sent away many of their former servants. So they did almost everything by themselves at the moment.

Nodding his head, Ren Sheng looked at Shen Qiushi eagerly, wishing he could immediately rush to Zhao Lingyu’s place. He could not let a person who carried such a large amount of refined soil die!

Ren Sheng was anxious to save him and forgot that even if the Lord Marshal died, the refined soil would not disappear, but would be even easier for him to absorb.

After eating the unknown thing with a strong bitter taste, Zhao Lingyu felt much better and his control over the energy surrounding him was also enhanced.

Previously, after he returned to Capital Star and was treated, his health kept getting worse and even showed signs of self-destruction. Although Medical Headquarters concluded that the self-destruct range wouldn’t be large and was completely controllable, he still didn’t want to stay here.

Maybe he could be sent away now, while the rioting energy was reduced and wouldn’t hurt the ship?

It was just a pity that an elixir with this kind of effect was wasted on him. If it was used for others it could save many more people.

Zhao Lingyu was mulling this over when he suddenly felt someone approaching again, it was the same child who told him he will come over again.

His mother did not even try to persuade this child? Zhao Lingyu turned pale and tried to control the energy around him.

Ren Sheng had arrived beside Zhao Lingyu and was wearing a special protective suit. This protective suit didn’t have any gaps at all, which made him feel a bit uncomfortable but seeing as it could help him withstand many attacks, he still wore it.

“Marshal, eat something!”

“Why don’t you leave?” Zhao Lingyu frowned slightly.

“I’m not leaving. I’ll be taking care of you from now on!” Ren Sheng proudly took out the small metal jug he had been protecting in his arms and aimed the mouth of the jug towards Zhao Lingyu’s mouth, while his whole body was firmly protected!

Some of the scattered energy struck Ren Sheng’s protective suit, making a mark so forceful that Ren Sheng could not help but shake, but the jug in his hand remained steady.

Zhao Lingyu couldn’t speak, because the jug was in his mouth. He could only look at the person in front of him in a daze. These energies, even if they didn’t cut the boy’s body, they were still absolutely enormous. But this person did not even say a word.

Ren Sheng gently swung his body to slow down the impact of the surrounding energy, while watching Zhao Lingyu eat the entire jug of blood tonic nutrients! Only when it was empty did he take back the jug. He then pounced back on Zhao Lingyu, busily removing his gloves, while groping him at the same time.

Zhao Lingyu’s mood turned into embarrassment at this moment. The person in front of him had clean eyes, but could take such an obscene action… It really seemed somewhat incomprehensible.

Even more, he couldn’t understand why he felt soothed after being touched by those small hands. Was it because he had some special hobby that he hasn’t been attracted to people before?

Surprised by his own thoughts, Zhao Lingyu almost forgot to speak to his mother at the door.

 At this time, however, Ren Sheng had already checked out the characteristics of the energy in and around the Marshal’s body beneath him. Of the vast amount of energy, the main one was of course the energy of the refined soil. This energy was very strong and it almost succeeded in destroying his body. At the same time, it also had the characteristic of having an endless life, which was a sure sign of death to Zhao Lingyu.

Apart from the refined soil, there were also some very chaotic energies. Some were warm like fire, some were soft like water, some were like lightning, and some were cold as snow. But these energies were rather similar to those he saw in the bodies of other people before.

When other people came close to the Marshal, both the refined soil energy and the messy energies would repel them. But the Marshal had some control over those energies and basically didn’t have to worry about his own safety now.

As Ren Sheng contentedly drew from the vast energy gained from the refined soil, he closed his eyes and began to imagine himself stretching his branches and leaves. Shen Qiushi distinctly felt that the riotous energy around her son’s body became somewhat smaller.

Obviously, the energy in her son’s body had become more and more chaotic these days, but now it was much smaller. For a moment, Shen Qiushi thought that she was mistaken.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Peng asked, seeing that his wife’s expression was a bit strange.

“I feel that the energy rioting around our son has become smaller.” Shen Qiushi’s expression was complicated, “Could it be that Lingyu can’t support it anymore?”

“Don’t think nonsense. Lingyu’s ability is fusion just like mine. Once too much energy is fused, we can’t bear it and it will cause the energy to riot. This kind of riot will only become more and more powerful and will not weaken. If it is weakened, it can only prove that his body is recovering.”

“Lingyu can fuse the energy from the Zerg Queen and recover his health?” Shen Qiuishi asked in surprise.

“The Zerg Queen was about to give birth and had already devoured several planets and countless energies with the help of the ordinary zerg. Lingyu should have no way to fuse such a massive energy source at all, and even if he did, his energy would immediately riot causing his death. But he persevered, so maybe there really will be a miracle.” Zhao Peng consoled.

The abilities of the Zhao family were very special. They were the only ones that possessed them in the entire Human Federation. They could fuse other energies to enhance their own strength, as well as fuse certain energies or objects outside their bodies.

Confronted with the Zhao family, even some good warships might be melted down to scrap metal at some point. And if you accidentally sent out an attack, it could be fused and absorbed by the other side. It was because of this that the Zhao family was known as the Gods of War in the Human Federation.

However, this was not necessarily a good thing. With such a supreme ability trait as the Zhao family’s, unless they never fought or improved their strength all the time, they wouldn’t be able to live out their natural lives –  after all they were not fusing their own energy.

Nowadays, the life expectancy of ordinary people was between one hundred and fifty to two hundred years old and for powerful ability users it was entirely possible to live past five hundred years old, but the Zhao family… Zhao Peng was only one hundred and twenty-nine years old this year and Zhao Lingyu was only forty-eight years old.

“Maybe there really will be a miracle.” Shen Qiushi watched the young man moving energetically, as if he was a lone boat in the sea that kept holding on. Not knowing why, she suddenly relaxed a little.

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