In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 53.1 – Four S-Class Ability Users

Seeing Ren Sheng run into the lounge, Zhao Lingyu immediately blocked the door.

Ren Sheng was a ginseng spirit and might reveal his true form. So of course, he couldn’t let others see it.

“Lingyu, what happened to Ren Sheng?” Shen Qiushi had originally left everything to Zhao Lingyu and firmly believed that he could handle it. But she didn’t expect that Ren Sheng would suddenly say that he was going to have a baby.

This child doesn’t have a lot of common sense and doesn’t understand the matter of pregnancy and childbirth. So it should be some nonsense this time, right? Shen Qiushi asked, while thinking about how to help Ren Sheng solve this matter.

“He may not be feeling well.” Zhao Lingyu said, thinking of the importance Ren Sheng attached to those four fruits, he couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. At the same time, he was also somehow looking forward to it, desperately wanting to meet the four fruits.

“When you feel sick, you hold your head and say you’re going to have a baby? If it’s really so easy to have a baby, I’m afraid the whole Human Federation would rejoice.” Yang Ye said, while he stopped the security guard who was about to kick out Roy and the aristocrat who bought him in.

He had brought Roy to the nobleman, so he naturally could not turn a blind eye at this time.

Zhao Lingyu naturally saw Yang Ye’s action. Although he was worried about Ren Sheng, he wouldn’t forget about Roy, who had tried to splash Ren Sheng with dirty water. “What does General Yang mean by this? Are you favoring criminals?”

“Marshal Zhao, you can deal with Roy, but Mr. Will brought your ex-fiancé with purely good intentions.” Yang Ye said. Will was working under his orders. If he allowed Zhao Lingyu to drive Will away, who would follow his orders in the future? “What’s more, shouldn’t you care more about your little boyfriend who is ‘having a baby’ right now?”

When Yang Ye said the last sentence in a sarcastic manner. The other people present also looked strange.

Let alone that Ren Sheng was a man who could not give birth, even if he was some other type, for example a Kay like Roy, he couldn’t give birth to a baby so casually…

Zhao Lingyu frowned and was about to use a tougher means, when the door of the lounge behind him suddenly opened. Ren Sheng poked out his small head from inside and extended a hand, then he put four ‘red eggs’ into Zhao Lingyu’s hand saying, “Lingyu, help me look after them.”

These four eggs have just been jumping on him. Even if he put them on the side, they would still jump on him, so he became worried about dropping them and could only give them to Zhao Lingyu before he changed his clothes.

The door closed again.

Zhao Lingyu’s hands were large so he could hold the four eggs with one hand. Looking at the somewhat warm eggs in his hand, the habit he developed some days ago even made him want to kiss them. Fortunately, he soon recovered and began to figure out how to arrange the identities for the four eggs.

“What is this?” Shen Qiushi asked.

“Marshal Zhao, aren’t these the things your little boyfriend gave birth to?” Yang Ye sneered, “Even the eggs of a Kay, aren’t so small.”

There were higher civilizations above human civilization. And around human civilization there were civilizations of the same level, as well as some lower civilizations.

In fact, the Kay belonged to a lower civilization.

The planet where the Kay lived was a small planet, with a small gravitation force. It was covered with vegetation and large wetlands, but not many beasts. Finally it evolved the Kay people.

The Kay had a petite body and adults were only about 1.4m tall. Moreover, they were born with non-aging genes and perfect skin. There was a time when many slave traders would secretly sell them to rich people of other races as s*x slaves.

Fortunately, the existence of the Universal Convention stopped the slave trade. When the Kay joined the Freedom Alliance, the casual sale of Kays was no longer allowed. But by this time, there were already a lot of Kays, with a high fertility rate in the Freedom Alliance.

Fortunately, although the IQ of the Kay wasn’t high, it was enough to engage in some simple jobs, especially housework. Many families in the Freedom Alliance would employ Kays and bachelors without much money would also marry Kays.

But unfortunately, a Kay would always give birth to more Kays, so there was some discrimination against them, which was also related to the way the Kay gave birth.

The Kay were gender-neutral and could not breastfeed. Naturally, when they gave birth, they weren’t viviparous, but oviparous. They usually laid eggs for three to five months after conception and the eggs would hatch within a month to six months, depending on the situation.

“Kay eggs are much larger than this and they won’t be red. Marshal, you’re just going to marry someone who’s full of lies?” Roy had already given up and made up his mind to gamble with both Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng. Ren Sheng could lay eggs this meant he was most likely a Kay. But the eggs of a Kay were usually about 2 kilograms and the smallest one a little over kilogram. But the size of these eggs… how could anyone give birth to such a small child?

“Who is full of lies?” Ren Sheng opened the door and walked out. Because there were still quite a few things to deal with outside, he just casually put on a pair of new trousers before going out. Now his hair was in a mess and his clothes didn’t seem quite right.

“Ren are you ok?” Shen Qiushi asked worriedly. Zhao Lingyu also looked over.

Yang Ye only snorted. “Didn’t you say you went to give birth to a child? Where is the baby?”

It’s here.” Ren Sheng pointed to the four eggs in Zhao Lingyu’s hands, his pair of eyes shining brightly with joy.

Ren Sheng really said it… Zhao Lingyu looked at the four eggs in his hand and was a little torn. He thought about stopping Ren Sheng, but when he saw Ren Sheng with his head held high, full of pride, he couldn’t do it.

Anyway, it was like this. No matter what, he had to clean up this mess. Letting Ren Sheng be happy for a while was okay. Moreover, they were truly Ren Sheng’s children.

He had thought about making up a race for Ren Sheng before, it was now time to look into it.

“Are you kidding? How can this be a child?” Yang Ye’s fiancée, Qiu Lu, didn’t believe Ren Sheng at all and shone a light on the eggs with the instruments in her hand.

Nowadays, every pregnant woman carried this kind of ultrasonic device with her in order to check the condition of the child in her belly at any time. Feng Kexin also used this kind of instrument before.

This ultra-wave device has basically no side effects and was usually used to see the child’s cute performance. With things being like this now, who wouldn’t like to see the lovely children?

The lovely children?!

Although the child in Yang Ye’s fiancée’s belly was still just a small embryo, the ultra wave device Yang Ye bought for his fiancée was the most expensive and the best in the Human Federation. It could not only capture the existence of the child, but also project it for other people to see.

Now, a three-dimensional projection appeared above the palm-sized machine, and inside the projection, a tiny child was curling up.

The child’s head was a little big and the body was very small. But it still looked like a five month old human fetus. His hands were on his chin and his eyes were closed. Although his eyes were swollen, it was still very lovely and made people’s hearts soften after seeing it.

A child! This was a child!

“Is there really a child in this egg?” Someone said in shock. “You didn’t turn the instrument on yourself, did you?”

Qiu Lu was also stunned. “I… I’m only a month pregnant…” Although she was wearing a maternity dress, the child in her belly was only the size of a soybean. How could it look like this?

At this time, the child in the projection moved slightly and rolled over. After the ‘didi’ sound of the superwave device, the projection area became larger and the four children became visible.


How many people have been chanting for hundreds of years, only to give birth to a single child?! But now there were four at once!

In addition to the previous one, one child pouted, a child put his hands together at the sides of his body and another child suddenly stomped his feet and then fell out of the projection area.

Everyone who saw the scene gasped and then they saw Zhao Lingyu stretch out his left hand to catch an egg that fell out of his right hand.

No… this wasn’t an ordinary egg! This was a child! Just now, Zhao Lingyu almost dropped the child!

After the moment of silence, everyone looked at Zhao Lingyu with angry and jealous eyes.

There was no expression on Zhao Lingyu’s face as he stared at the four eggs in his hands. Bewilderment appeared in his eyes.

These four fruits, which he watched with his own eyes, as they had grown from the size of rice grains in the beginning, to the size of eggs now. They have grown with his ginseng for a long time, but now…

There were children in these fruits!

Ren Sheng was so powerful that when he bloomed he could even give birth to a child? This… this was Ren Sheng’s children!

After being bewildered, Zhao Lingyu became ecstatic. Although these children had nothing to do with him, what’s the difference between Ren Sheng’s children and his?

For a moment, Zhao Lingyu was speechless from surprise, but Shen Qiushi wasn’t any better.

At the beginning, when Ren Sheng yelled that he was going to give birth, she only thought that Ren Sheng was making an oops. But she didn’t expect that Ren Sheng would actually lay four eggs and there were actually children in these four eggs.

She thought she would never be able to hold a grandchild in her life, but now her grandchildren were right in front of her… four at once! 


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