Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 28 – Bullshit

When Wen Renhe threw the book he also used a trick to make it seem to the people like two books were thrown. He was a cultivator at the peak of the Mahayana realm so it was easy to fool ordinary people. Zhong Lifei also did not notice that only one book was thrown over, only Zhong Liqian’s puzzled eyes faintly swept over. He also saw the book cover, confirming that this book never belonged to the academy so where did this book come from?

The Devil Venerable had no intention of explaining, when he saw another book appear he was no longer in mood to stay in this literacy meeting. He directly transmitted to Shu Yanyan: “No matter what way you use, you must get Zhong Liqian out of the Zhong family’s scope. If you do this your punishment will be reduced by 99 years.”

The remaining year was considered to be given on account of two altar masters who soaked in the water prison and the two who were moved to her cold jade bed. One year was not a difficult task for Shu Yanyan. Her eyes lit up when she heard that her punishment could be reduced for so many years so she immediately said, “I will definitely live up to the trust of the honorable lord!”

Leaving with these words, Wen Renhe silently nodded to Zhong Liqian and left the literacy meeting directly through the window, moving so fast that the ordinary students in the literacy meeting didn’t even notice.

The three sons of the Zhong family saw it, but Wen Renhe already silently bid goodbye to Zhong Liqian who saw that he was a cultivation expert and did not want to cause any problems, so he concentrated on carrying on with the literacy meeting. Zhong Lifei was so furious and wanted to lift the table on the spot, but Zhong Liqian took the brush out of his hand and wrote a poem on the wall with his brush and ink.

He was so graceful and elegant that even when he wrote the poem it looked inexpressibly spontaneous, Zhong Lifei whose pen was taken away from him, knew that Zhong Liqian would not allow him to make any more noise so he suppressed his anger, returned to his seat and took a sip of the wine.

At the end of the literacy meeting, all of the scholars who visited today were very impressed with Zhong Liqian and were reluctant to part with him. Zhong Liqian told the crowd that students from all over the world were welcome at Wuliu village and they could come to talk about poetry and literature at any time.

All of them were now happy to leave, Shu Yanyan who secretly observed Zhong Liqian got up and waited till the end. Seeing that Zhong Liqian was really ignoring her she walked out of the academy courtyard slowly.

After walking a few steps, she heard someone behind her call her: ‘Girl, please stay here.”

Shu Yanyan laughed lightly, turned around and saw that it was Zhong Lifei. In her heart she thought that small fish was also okay. The most important thing was that she could use Zhong Lifei to trick Zhong Liqian so she could capture him. Then the venerable will release her subordinates!

For the sake of the whole forest, Shu Yanyan was willing to try the occasional roadside wildflower.

Let’s not mention how Shu Yanyan hooked up with Zhong Lifei. After Wen Renhe took the book, he flew with Yin Hanjing to the deep mountain away from the Zhong family. Then laid a formation with Yin Hanjing guarding from the outside, he read the book at ease .

The thickness of the first volume of 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1 )》was similar to that of 《Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》which was also a long book with more than one million words to read so Wen Renhe took out table and chair from his space so he could read it carefully.

This was a thick book so it took him three days and three nights without stopping to finish the book, and after reading it, Wen Renhe had very mixed feelings.

Strictly speaking, if this book was just an ordinary story, he would find it very interesting. Some of the plot elements make the blood boil which makes him only want to clap for the protagonist.

The protagonist of this novel was a male who lived in an ordinary town as a child. His father was unknown, and his sickly mother depended on him. The main character was the leader of his poor family and was highly respected by his peers, but the children of the rich families next to him often bullied him. The servants of this rich family also looked down on him. But the protagonist told himself that he would not bully others, and that he would definitely make a name for himself in the future.

One winter day he went to the mountains to cut wood, and when he came home, the whole town was dead. The hero suffered a big change, crying bitterly he attracted the passing cultivator who detected he had the rarest spiritual roots, opening his road to immortality.

He became everyone’s beloved elder martial brother in the sect, but he always had a deep shadow in his heart and was always looking for the murderer of his family and friends. Master said that town extermination might be done by the demonic path so they could cultivate some demonic path technique so he vowed to get rid of the demonic path and defend the righteous path as he would cultivate hard in the future. After he advanced to Foundation Building he went down the mountain and met the family that bullied him back then. The family was not exterminated because they moved their family before it happened, the protagonist taught them a hard lesson to avenge his past shame.

Later, he became the leader and took in many younger brothers. These younger brothers include the common people who were not welcomed to their own families due to being sons of concubines, a true cultivator who after a change of heart changed from demonic path to righteous path and there were also senior people of the previous generation who have been engaged in the discussion with his peers. He was also fortunate to meet an ancient god who became his master and guided his cultivation. This master helped him overcome many crises so he became very grateful to his master.

He also met a variety of lovers, these lovers were willing to live together peacefully and his eldest wife would take care of everything very well so he respected his first wife very much.

The first volume ended when he with the help of his master finally used a ruse to get rid of the suspected killer of his family who was master of the demonic path. But then he found a new clue, proving that the person who slaughtered his town was not the master of the demonic path but someone from the upper world.

In order to find the enemy, the protagonist took his wife’s best qualified little sister to fly to the immortal world. With this the first volume was over. At the end it was written that for continuation of the plot of immortal world – please check out 《The God of Destruction (Volume 2)》.

There was nothing wrong with the story itself but once the characters names were mentioned it seemed to be too much.

In the book 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1)》the main character was called He Wenchao whose first wife was Purple Spirit Pavilion Master. Who liked to mess with his unruly younger material sister Baili Qingmiao. One of his younger brothers was Zhong Lifei and the master of the demonic path they killed at the end of volume one was called Wen Renhe.

This book was written from completely different angle than 《Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》which the same plot but from the perspective of Baili Qingmiao in《Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》, the 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1)》from the perspective of He Wenchao completely changed the interpretation!

For example, when Baili Qingmiao was imprisoned by the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master, who was about to marry, He Wenchao pointed out that Baili Qingmiao had Seven Deadly Sins Fate, and wherever she goes people would die and disaster will always follow her. In order to protect his beloved little sister, He Wenchao shielded her in the back of the mountain, not letting others hurt Baili Qingmiao.

From Baili Qingmiao side, He Wenchao heard that the Purple Spirit Pavilion has a pill that could save the sect headmaster. When he went to their door to ask for the medicine, he was seen by Purple Spirit Pavilion Master and had to marry her in order to save the sect master. He also told Baili Qingmiao to be patient and not to make a scene, and locked her in the back of the mountain to keep her from ruining the wedding.

Wen Renhe: “…”

Then the plot of Zhong Liqian saving Baili Qingmiao from the back of the mountains happened. From Baili Qingmiao, someone took her out from this sad place and she was very thankful to him. But from He Wenchao’s perspective, it was – “Oh, my God, someone is stealing the main lead wife, so let’s get rid of Zhong Liqian this hypocritical little white face.

Wen Renhe: “…”

If he himself was not the mastermind and the master of the demonic path who was the last one to die, he would almost believe in this black and white story written in the 《The God of Destruction》

The title page of 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1)》 has a sentence that was almost the same as the one of the title pages of 《Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》which was 【Due to excessive plot holes, the plot was not recognized by the readers. Therefore, choose a character with the highest popularity among readers to verify the rationality of the plot, and make appropriate modifications.】while 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1)》 was 【The plot gradually deviated from the original one and was no longer recognized by readers. Therefore, we choose a character who is most loyal to the main character to correct the plot holes that do not match the original]”.

The 《The God of Destruction》 appeared above Zhong Lifei’s head so it seemed that he was the “most loyal character to the protagonist.” in the same way as Wen Renhe was the most popular supporting character in the text.

Wen Renhe put the two books on the desk for reflection. The appearance of the《The God of Destruction》 made him more and more sure that their world was real, and the characters had their own consciousness and ideas, not for any higher power to shift.

One book was from the heroine’s perspective of the world and the other was from the male protagonist’s perspective. These two books were the projection of the same world from the eyes of two different people. If the protagonist was replaced by Wen Renhe himself he was afraid it would be another very different book.

In the eyes of Baili Qingmiao, what Wen Renhe did in the Sea of Blood was to save her, but from He Wenchao’s perspective he had a vendetta against him for destroying his family and taking his wife. But because his strength was a bit worse than Wen Renhe in order to get rid of Devi Venerable who planned the war between righteous and demonic path he trapped and killed Wen Renhe in the Underworld Blood Sea with the help of his master who was living in his own divine consciousness while also saving his little sister Baili Qingmiao who was taken away by him.

The story of He Wenchao in the 《The God of Destruction》seemed more sensible and reasonable than in 《Abusive Love Affair》at least the reader could fully understand why He Wenchao did some things but from Wen Renhe’s point of view it was just a bullshit!

Wen Renhe’s palm landed on 《The God of Destruction》and he said in a cold voice: “You want to try to use the Underworld Blood Sea to kill this venerable? This venerable would like to see if you will have the ability to do so.”

He put away the two books, removed the array, and saw Yin Hanjiang who was guarding the outside and asked: “Has the right protector sent any new news?”

“The Right Protector sent a message yesterday that she has already captured Zhong Lifei and is about to use him to deceive Zhong Liqian. According to Zhong Lifei, Zhong Liqian’s power is unpredictable, and he has immortal weapons to protect his body so he is not easy to deal with. The Right Protector hopes that the lord will help so you can capture Zhong Liqian together.” Yin Hanjiang replied.

Without speaking, Wen Renhe turned into a bloody light and together with Yin Hanjiang arrived at the foot of Cangdome mountain in an instant.

The Zhong family had a house outside of Willow village. At this time Shu Yanyan lived in that courtyard and circled with Zhong Lifei everyday, after warming up they would recite poetry and paint, living a very comfortable life.

When Wen Renhe broke the formation and entered the mansion, Zhong Lifei was in the middle of love affair with Shu Yanyan, seeing two people suddenly appeared in the room, he was shocked and was about to defend himself, when he saw a blood red flower appear in front of him, then he immediately got lost in his mind.

“Right Protector” Wen Renhe holding a book in his hand said coldly: “Pull out his cultivation and make a puppet. We will use his soul to lure Zhong Liqian down the mountain!”

“Good!” Shu Yanyan eyes lit up as she used her palm on Zhon Lifei dantaian, taking his nascent soul in a fast and ruthless and extremely skilled manner.

“You, you…” Zhong Lifei was about to say something when his cultivation was destroyed by the viper-like beauty next to him. 


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