In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 35.2 – Fetal Education And Jealousy

What story could he tell to the ginseng fruits? In fact, wasn’t it Ren Sheng who wanted to hear a story? Zhao Lingyu laughed lightly, but didn’t obediently start telling a story right away like the other day, instead he asked, “Why have you gotten so many books related to pregnancy and childbirth lately?” He brought Ren Sheng back to their room just to ask about it – God knows how surprised he was when he suddenly found Ren Sheng browsing books related to women’s pregnancy.

This little ginseng, he didn’t suddenly want to have a baby with a woman did he…? 

“I’m having a baby!” Ren Sheng pointed to the grape-sized fruits. “Although I’m different from a human and there are other differences, I don’t care. I think that fetal education could still be very useful.” Humans, unlike plants, had a little consciousness when they are still in their mom’s bellies, so his children should be the same, right?

“So that’s how it is…”

“So you have to tell them stories for an hour a day and you can touch them a little more.” Ren Sheng said. He couldn’t compare his fruits to anyone else! So… even if he felt weird when they were touched, he had to endure it.

Uh… it was actually very comfortable being touched for a long time.

“Good.” Zhao Lingyu answered. Although he had to tell a story, the real benefit was that he got to hold Ren Sheng and touch him, which was very good.

Zhao Lingyu agreed and Ren Sheng chose a comfortable position to start listening to the story. He liked to listen to Zhao Lingyu’s stories and insisted that Zhao Lingyu tell him more.

Every night, Ren Sheng stuck to Zhao Lingyu and during the day, he took classes for half a day before watching movies and TV with Shen Qiushi. Because he liked the actor who played Zhao Lingyu, they watched all the movies and TV shows he acted in before and agreed that none of them could be compared with ‘The Last Moment.’

However there was no doubt that the two of them liked this actor.

“Ren, Komozi is coming to Capital Star!” Early in the morning, Shen Qiushi found Ren Sheng.

“Komozi?” Ren Sheng asked puzzledly.

“Cough, that’s the actor who played Lingyu in ‘The Last Moment.’ When Lingyu fought with the Zerg queen, he was on Dream Star. I heard that he came to Capital Star this time to publicize ‘The Last Moment’ on one hand and to thank Lingyu on the other.” In the past, when Zhao Peng’s situation was bad, Shen Qiushi had no time to chase after stars. But now that Zhao Peng was better and not here, she could still have some fun.

Komozi was very handsome and had good acting skills, so it was okay to like him a little.

“Thank Lingyu?” Ren Sheng’s eyes lit up with pride.

“Yeah, he’s going to have a concert. Let’s go together?” Shen Qiushi asked with a smile. Ren Sheng was really too good. He didn’t go out or indulge in games. He didn’t act like other children at all.

“I’ll have to ask Lingyu first.” Ren Sheng said.

“Lingyu agreed, as long as we bring old Teng with us!” Shen Qiushi said. She was not sure how many times Zhao Lingyu told her that she must not leave Ren Sheng alone.

Her son definitely had his eyes on his wife and had forgotten his mother! So it’s only right to take his wife to forget her son.

Shen Qiushi and Ren Sheng were both celebrities now, so if they wanted to go to the concert, they had to make some preparations. Shen Qiushi asked the old butler to order a make-up machine urgently.

“Stick your head in, and this machine will scan your face and give you a make-up according to your requirements or even make you look completely different. This is the technology that Komozi used to look like Lingyu.” Shen Qiushi first set up the machine, and then transformed herself into a gorgeous beauty and also turned her long black hair into brown wavy curls.

Her face looked completely different, but the smell of her body did not change at all. Ren Sheng looked at the machine with great interest and finally gave himself a new face as well, with Shen Qiushi’s help.

“It’s a pity that it looks uglier… Fortunately it can be removed directly with the machine later.” Shen Qiushi looked at Zhao Lingyu and sighed, then picked out a small military uniform for Ren Sheng to put on. “This is what Lingyu bought for you. I think you will look great in it.”

“Yes.” Ren Sheng nodded, his face now barely looked fake, but it made him feel a bit uncomfortable that his face was covered in this stuff.

Komozi’s concert was held in a large concert hall on the Capital Star. Shen Qiushi especially chose spacious VIP seats in front of the concert hall for comfort.

She sat Ren Sheng between herself and Mr. Teng, then briefly introduced the place to the two people who had never attended a concert before. Soon all the lights in the concert hall went dark and all kinds of bright lights appeared.

Nowadays, the most popular male star in the whole Human Federation was Komozi, who was known to his fans as His Highness the Prince. He descended from the sky and made a lot of movements mid-air!

Ren Sheng stared closely at the other party and after discovering that there was not even the slightest energy fluctuation around him, he was puzzled. “How did he fly?”

The people around him were cheering and their voices rose higher and higher, but Shen Qiushi still heard Ren Sheng’s words. “He wears magnetic shoes on his feet, so he can make all kinds of movements in the air by adjusting the amount of magnetic force.”

“Awesome!” Ren Sheng said with admiration. After he recovered from his injuries, he could fly now, but after seeing such a high-tech gadget, he felt his skill was nothing.

He had cultivated for so many years before he could fly, so it was really surprising that he could fly by just changing to a new pair of shoes.

“This is nothing. If you like it, Ren, I’ll go and get you one too.” It’s not difficult to lay a magnetic ground and get a pair of magnetic shoes.

“No need.” Ren Sheng shook his head. Although he thought it was amazing to be able to make an ordinary person fly, but he could already fly, so why would he need this? In contrast, he was more interested in aircrafts and spaceships, especially spaceships that could fly in space!

“Forget it then.” Shen Qiushi said. “Next time you like something, I’ll buy it for you.”

Ren Sheng and Shen Qiushi talked as if no one else was there. Old Teng leisurely drank tea on the side in sharp contrast with the cheering people around him. The people behind him who noticed this rolled their eyes angrily.

Ren Sheng actually didn’t enjoy today’s concert. He always felt that the sound was a little too noisy and… Komozi, who was now on the stage, did not look like Zhao Lingyu, so he didn’t like it.

However, even if he didn’t like it, he could still not deny that the concert was a success. Komozi was a person who could really create a good atmosphere, so all people who watched the live performance were very excited. Later, even Shen Qiushi began to scream like the ordinary fans.

When the concert was about to end, Komozi bowed towards the people below and suddenly said, “As you all know, I had been training on Dream Star before. If it wasn’t for the Marshal, I’m afraid I would have been swallowed by the Zerg Queen. So my final song will be for the Marshall. It is my newly written song called ‘Hero’!”

Hearing that the song was dedicated to Zhao Lingyu, Ren Sheng immediately became interested, staring closely at the platform above, full of excitement.

This song, which was written according to the scene at the time, captured the uncertainty at the beginning and the joyous gratitude of the later rescue. Ren Sheng could not help feeling proud as he listened to it.

“You are my hero, my eternal hero…” The song ended and Komozi bowed toward the public before leaving the stage. However, the people who attended the concert were still very excited.

Shen Qiushi didn’t want to be squeezed by the crowd and decided to walk slowly, which resulted in Ren Sheng hearing a lot of gossip.

“The prince sings so well!”

“That song ‘Hero’ at the end was so touching!”

“It’s all thanks to his highness’ voice, isn’t it? The prince has admired the Marshal for a long time and was saved at that time…”

“His Highness said in the past that he would never act as someone’s else by make-up, but he made an exception for the Marshal…”

“If only the Lord Marshal and his Highness were together!”

“Yes, his Highness is so handsome and has money. He is much better than that Kay that’s around the Marshal…”




Ren Sheng’s mental strength spread out as he listened to all the people speaking around him. The more he listened to the words of the people around him, the worse he felt so when he looked back, even Komozi’s song sounded somehow wrong.

Thinking of Komozi, Ren Sheng thought of Wen Yue and Fang Rumeng, and suddenly felt sour in his heart.


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