In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 61.2 – Refining the Pregnancy Pill

The effect of the nourishing potion was quickly confirmed by the people who bought the potion. After getting the news, some people who didn’t get the potion at the auction regretted it very much. The Zhao family didn’t make any moves after auctioning seven batches of potion, so they didn’t know if the potion would be sold in the future.

Those who didn’t get it regretted it very much, but those who got them were very excited and some people have already studied the potion.

The Locke family has little demand for nourishing potions, but they still spent a lot of money to buy them from Fang Chengjun, either for personal use or for research.

As one of the five big families, the Locke family also has its own business, mainly dealing with medicines. The Locke family’s medicines research laboratory was the most well-equipped and advanced in the entire Human Federation and had many medicine research geniuses.

But now there was nothing that these people could do about the nourishing potions.

“Master, we have dispensed the medicine according to the composition of the medicine, but the medicine has no effect at all. According to the current situation, it should be some special substances in it that make it work, but we can’t synthesize it.”

“Six billion per bottle of potion and you used five bottles to come up with such a result?” The Locke family head had an ugly expression. Even if he was rich, he would be heartbroken to lose thirty million all of sudden.

This potion also contains a brand new kind of energy inside…”

“Continue the research!” The Locke family head said and left the research institute without looking back.

At this time, on an agricultural planet far away from Capital Star, someone unknowingly replaced a package on a docked spaceship.

Zhao Lingyu was obviously about to die, but suddenly he had a new ability. Corbien had even already reported the news that Ren Sheng had given birth to four ability users at once. With these two pieces of news, the authorities finally decided not to punish him for losing his energy crystal. But was asked to commit a crime and capture Ren Sheng and his children, and send them to that place.

Capture Ren Sheng? No kidding, okay? Ren Sheng was Zhao Lingyu’s sweetheart. What ability does he have to kidnap him? Corbien was struggling when the nourishing potion appeared.

It was not good to kidnap Ren Sheng, but it wasn’t a problem to get some potion. Corbien left a bottle for his own research and sent the remaining five bottles out, intending to continue to commit crimes.

Zhao Lingyu was not ignorant of this news.

Needless to say, about the situation of the Locke family, Yang Ye’s purchase of nourishing potions couldn’t be completely hidden. He only gave his fiancee four bottles so the news was more or less traveled. At this time, the Star Pirates who associated with the higher civilization should have already gotten the nourishing potion.

It was definitely better to let those people study the potions than to let them study Ren Sheng. If they don’t know that Ren Sheng was special and needed his plant ability to refine potions, Ren Sheng would be safe.

Of course, if this nourishing potion was somewhat inadequate… Zhao Lingyu went back to look at the types of plants that could refine the pregnancy pill.

Zhao Lingyu’s actions, naturally, couldn’t be hidden from Ren Sheng.

Zhao Lingyu was in a hurry to try to refine the pregnancy pill? After Zhao Lingyu left, Ren Sheng looked at those plants and stretched out his hand.

In fact, for him growing these plants with his spiritual energy didn’t take much work and it was okay to use up a little bit because he could always double cultivate to ensure his cultivation.

Several plants soon grew up and produced seeds again. He once again picked up some of the seeds and then replaced some of the seeds he used.  After ripening what he needed to use, he then went into the laboratory in the First Legion.

Before when making nourishing potions, Ren Sheng didn’t input his spiritual power at all. But this time, he used his spiritual power from the very beginning, using high technology to control the temperature and then using his own gentle spiritual power to melt one kind of spiritual plant materials together.

Ren Sheng had never made pills with his own hands before. In theory, he had a wealth of knowledge and had watched his master refine pills countless times.

What’s more, he was a spiritual plant himself and his knowledge of plants was absolutely incomparable to other alchemists.

This time, he put his heart and soul into it and felt that the spiritual plants seemed to be a part of him and he could control them well.

The spiritual plants needed for the pregnancy pill all have strong energy. In fact, it was also a kind of domineering pill, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to transfer it to the human body.

But at the same time, it needed to have a certain soft energy, which was the only way to allow the embryo to survive.

He didn’t know how long it took to condense in front of Ren Sheng, but they didn’t become pills for a long timec. This world lacked spiritual energy.

For a pill like the pregnancy pill, it needed to absorb enough spiritual energy for it to be successful. Ren Sheng frowned slightly and poured all the water into the basin next to him.

His master used to get something from him to add to the pill mixture in order to increase the success rate of the pills, so he also prepared some before the alchemy, including ginseng and a basin of his own hand-washing water.

He thought that he would need to use his ginseng seed, but it seemed that this hand washing water was enough! Of course, this was not ordinary hand-washing water, but super hand-washing water made by gathering all the flavors he leaked out into the water.

The water in the crucible evaporated instantly, leaving behind only some black powder and two golden pills.

With the material he used, he should be able to refine at least five pills, but it was a pity that he didn’t have enough experience and there was no spiritual energy in this world. In the end, only two pills were formed and he wasnot sure about the efficacy of these two pills.

Even if the effect was not very good, you shouldn’t die after eating it. Ren Sheng put the pregnancy pill into a bottle and went to find Zhao Lingyu. “The pregnancy pill has been refined, but I don’t know if the effect is good or not. “

“You ripened the herbs?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“Yes.” Ren Sheng nodded his head.

“Don’t do that next time, if you accidentally use up the refined soil… “ Zhao Lingyu frowned. Although he had a lot of refined soil inside his body, it was still only that much. If it ran out…

“It’s all right. When we’re done with it, we’ll find a planet with better soil. I will take root during the day and double cultivate with you at night… Then I will be able to live on.” Ren Sheng said. When he still didn’t know about the soil at first, he planned to do that and then slowly wait for his injury to heal.

“Ren… I’ll call Gerd and Fang Chengjun.” Zhao Lingyu said

Ren Sheng was very unreserved toward him, so he should also no longer doubt Ren Sheng’s feelings.

Hearing that the pregnancy medicine was refined, Gerd and Fang Chengjun arrived at the Zhao family as quickly as possible. Finally meeting on the Zhao family’s floating island.

Thinking that he accidentally let Fang Chengjun have children, Gerd was very angry. So after seeing Fang Chengjun’s aircraft, he simply hit it directly.

“Uncle Gerd, don’t you feel like blushing when you target a younger generation like this?” Fang Chengjun came out of the aircraft that had been flattened and looked at Gerd wordlessly.

“We are less than a hundred years apart, so we don’t have to pay too much attention to seniority.” Gerd used his metal ability to repair the front of his aircraft and watched Fang Chengjun become more and more standoffish.

Gerd’s aircraft was built by him, so after he repaired it with his ability, it looked exactly the same as a new one, but Fang Chengjun’s aircraft still looked trashed. Having done so, Gerd reached out and patted Fang Chengjun’s aircraft. “Your aircraft looks so fragile that you may not be able to drive it.”

His own aircraft was only damaged on the surface, but he was afraid that he really can’t fly it… Fang Chengjun smiled and said, “Yes, this aircraft is too fragile. I will need to ask uncle Gerd to take me home later.”

He needed to send Fang Chengjun home? Dream on! Gerd reached out his hand and clapped the air twice on Fang Chengjun’s aircraft. “Who says your aircraft can’t fly? It just looks a bit ugly!”

Technical geeks were good at fooling people, Fang Chengjun smiled and looked at his aircraft with his mouth twitched slightly.

On top of his beautiful silver aircraft, there were now a few big words written – “I am a pig!”

“So that’s how Mr. Ged sees himself, even leaving a message on other people’s aircraft to… Don’t worry, I’ll help you promote your metal ability, you’re using it really well.” Fang Chengjun quickly resumed smiling.

Gerd’s face changed several times, finally angrily cancelling the words and then entering the Zhou family’s house ahead of Fang Chengjun.

“You are here? This is it, if you eat it you can get pregnant!” Ren Sheng took out a glass bottle with two golden pills faintly glowing, that looked very tempting.

“Is it really possible to have a baby?” Gerd’s eyes were full of excitement.

“There should be no problem.” Ren Sheng bowed his head.

Ren Sheng was obviously a little uncertain. Fang Chengjun noticed this, but Gerd didn’t. He not only didn’t notice, but even suddenly grabbed the bottle from Ren Sheng’s hand and poured the two pills into his mouth.

These two pills were a little big so Gerd’s face bulged up. After chewing a few times, he finally could only swallow them forcefully.

Finally swallowing the two pregnancy pills, Gerd adjusted his suit and glanced proudly at Fang Chengjun next to him. “It’s always better to take more medicine to take more insurance. Ahem, I’ll go help the First Legion upgrade their warships right away.”

“Good, good,” Ren Sheng nodded repeatedly and remembered another thing. “You eat two so you will give birth to two.”

“Really?” Gerd was unusually surprised.

“It should… be true.” Ren Sheng was still a bit unsure.

But even so, Gerd was already very happy and only Zhao Lingyu swallowed back his words.

He had already seen the jade slips, if you wanted to have a child after taking a pregnancy pill you needed to sleep with another person and the one who would give birth was the one who took the medicine.


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