In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 56.2 – Studying the Double Cultivation Method

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Ren Sheng nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly.

It was only afternoon, so after buying the rings, it would be just about the right time to have dinner and watch a movie. Zhao Lingyu took Ren Sheng into the aircraft.

The speed of aircraft was very fast, which allowed a person to reach any part of a planet in a very short time. Most of the stores on Capital Star were concentrated in the commercial center, so Zhao Lingyu took Ren Sheng directly to the largest jewelry store there.

“When you get married, you have to wear a ring. So go and see what you like or we can customise something.” Zhao Lingyu took Ren Sheng into the jewelry store.

This jewelry store was very large and inside there were thousands of sales computers. Inside them you could view most of the styles available in the jewelry store. If you found something that you liked, the selected ring would pop up after you click on it, so you can try it on.

Ren Sheng just went in and ran towards the computers, but was pulled by Zhao Lingyu. “Let’s go upstairs.” On the computers downstairs, you could only pick ordinary styles and the really expensive ones were upstairs. Of course, you needed permission to go there too.

With Zhao Lingyu’s status, it was naturally not difficult to get permission.

Zhao Lingyu swiped his card and took Ren Sheng upstairs. At the same time, in a large house not far away, in a pile of various metal parts, a puffy-faced man looked at the alarm in front of him and jumped. “Zhao Lingyu?”

From the fifth floor, jewelry stores would only display some very exquisite jewelry. The higher the floor, the value of the jewelry got only higher and higher. Meanwhile, from the tenth floor onwards, it became the place where various designers were located.

Zhao Lingyu took Ren Sheng directly to the ninth floor.

The wide hall was filled with all kinds of jewelry, which looked very splendid. In the center of the hall, there was even a high tower built with various colored gems. There was a lamp in the middle of the tower that gave off a very common white light, but after passing through all kinds of gems, it gave the whole floor a gorgeous luster.

“It’s beautiful!” Ren Sheng used to think that jewelry was boring, after all these things have no energy and wearing them on the body was just a burden. But, when he saw this tower he suddenly felt like he liked jewelry.

“Do you like it? If you like it, I will give it to you.” A voice rang out, and a handsome man suddenly appeared in front of Zhao Lingyu. His body shape was not similar to Zhao Lingyu’s and his golden hair was combed back, with a slight beard on his cheeks which made him look very sexy. But even so it was impossible to tell his exact age. The appearance of an ability user would not change much between the ages of twenty and three hundred.

“Like it!” Ren Sheng said directly and looked at the other person again. “You really want to give it to me?”

Ren Sheng’s reaction obviously surprised the man a little, but he quickly smiled again. “Of course it’s true, if you like it, it’s my honor. Can I buy you dinner?”

“No, I want to eat with Lingyu.” Ren Sheng shook his head.

The man was stunned again and a bigger smile appeared on his face. “Your reaction is really unexpected.”

“Uncle Gerd, I can buy this jewel tower.” Zhao Lingyu said. The person in front of him was none other than the only member of the Ged family, one of the Five Great Families.

The Ged family was even smaller than the Zhao family and because of this, the Ged family, which originally controlled the Third Legion hadn’t appeared in front of other people in the last two hundred years. As for the reason…

Just two hundred years ago, old Ged died. Two hundred years ago, the old Ged who was in front of him, was only five years old.

“It’s not for sale.” Gerd smiled and looked at Ren Sheng. “You really don’t want to have dinner with me? As long as you say yes, I will give it to you.”

“You are a liar!” Ren Sheng frowned.

“Liar?” Gerd was stunned.

“You said you would give it to me, but you don’t want to give it to me now.” Ren Sheng said.

Gerd was stunned again. It was because he had heard the recent rumors that he had rushed over after knowing that Zhao Lingyu had arrived. At first, when he said that he would give it to Ren Sheng if he liked it, he thought that Ren Sheng would have a good feeling about him, but it turned out that Ren Sheng was not even willing to have a meal with him, while graciously asking for his things.

“Uncle Gerd, do you want a Nourishing Potion?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“No.” Gerd directly shook his head.

“Then?” Zhao Lingyu frowned. The Gerd in front of him was a little of a bad apple.

“I want to have a child. Ren Sheng, if you are willing to have a child for me, the whole jewellery building is yours.” Gerd said, looking at Zhao Lingyu. “I can also upgrade all the warships of the First Legion and make you a mecha. That’s right, a mecha. I have made breakthrough progress in my research recently.” The Ged family were all metal ability users, so when he didn’t become a soldier, he studied weapons and battleships.

The floor under Zhao Lingyu’s feet suddenly began to dent.

Gerd smiled and the metal floor returned to its original shape. “Ren Sheng can give birth to four at a time, it should be because of his special physique, right? Can we use artificial insemination, so he can have one for me? The conditions are open.”

“Mr. Gerd I think you shouldn’t want to be an enemy of the Zhao family.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Of course I don’t want to.” Gerd sighed. “So this path won’t work? However, since Ren Sheng can give birth, his children should be able to do the same, right? Can you marry one of your four children to me?”

Zhao Lingyu’s face immediately darkened, and Ren Sheng also frowned. “My children won’t marry you, you are too old.” His children can live for a long time, however this person in front of him can only live for two or three hundred years. How could he let his children find such a short lived partner?

Gerd felt like an arrow was shot into his chest and felt the corner of his mouth twitch as he added, “You aren’t willing to give me a child and you aren’t willing to marry your child to me. In that case, how about you give me a little more of this Nourishing Potion?”

Zhao Lingyu’s mouth twitched and he almost had to punch uncontrollably. Well, if he didn’t know that Gerd didn’t really covet Ren Sheng, he was afraid that he would have done so long ago.

“You give me the jewelry store, help the First Legion upgrade their warships, and we give you the Nourishing Potion?” Ren Sheng’s eyes lit up.

“…” That was a condition for having a baby! Well, letting Ren Sheng have a child was just him joking. Although his ability was strong, he was a researcher and simply couldn’t beat Zhao Lingyu who had experienced many life and death battles.

In fact, his goal at the beginning was the Nourishing Potion.

After taking a deep breath, Gerd said, “If the Nourishing Potion can guarantee to let me have children, then I agree to all of it!”

The Nourishing Potion couldn’t guarantee having children, but upgrading the warship and this jewelry store should be worth a lot of money? Ren Sheng was torn.

“Mr. Gerd, if you want to have children, you should go out more often and get involved with people, instead of staying in the lab all day.” The entire Capital Star knows that the only remaining member of the Gerd family was a research maniac and although he looked like a human now, he must have been in his untidy laboratory for a few days already.

He was two hundred years old and still had no children. In fact, it was normal if he stayed in the laboratory all day and didn’t go out with women. In this way, how could he have a child?

“I’m just trying to be efficient about it!” Gerd said.

Zhao Lingyu was a little helpless and was about to refuse, but Ren Sheng suddenly said. “You want medicine that guarantees that you can have children?”

“Of course.” Gerd said.

“The nourishing medicine we sell cannot guarantee to make people have children, but we can get a high concentration of it, which would definitely make people have children.” Ren Sheng said.

Zhao Lingyu was surprised to hear Ren Sheng’s words, but in the end he did not say anything but Gerd was very excited: “If you give me this medicine, I’ll give you the jewelry store right away!”

“This medicine will not be available for a while and will take some time.” Ren Sheng said.

“It will take some time, ah…” Gerd sighed and looked at Zhao Lingyu. “Lingyu, although I won’t rob you, you will certainly have many many love rivals in the future and there will also be some people wanting to call you father-in-law. You must be careful, I already see the boy from the Feng family move, you should be more defensive!”

Zhao Lingyu’s face darkened again.

When they left the jewelry building, Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng had a pair of rings on their hands from Gerd, which were unique in the whole galaxy. But Zhao Lingyu was not able to pay attention to it, feeling a bit torn.

Many people had asked him about Ren Sheng’s situation today and as for those who said that they were love rivals… Fortunately, he has confidence in himself.

Thinking of this, Zhao Lingyu suddenly thought of another thing. “Ren, the Nourishing Potion can’t guarantee that people can have children…”

“Lingyu, how about we secretly give him a different potion, a Pregnancy Pill? It doesn’t matter if it’s male or female, as long as you take it, you can have a baby!” People in the cultivation world had a hard time having children and having a child was even harder for them than for the people in this world, so someone invented a Pregnancy Pill…


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