In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 58.2 – Newlywed Marshal


“Lingyu, when we suddenly set out for planet 12534, I completely forgot about my online courses!” Ren Sheng suddenly remembered something. While he was in the universe, he couldn’t connect to Capital Star’s starnet and when they came back, there was a celebration banquet so he almost forgot about it.

“I will accompany you to class. After class, we will go to pilot the virtual warship.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Yes!” Ren Sheng nodded his head.

Ren Sheng learned the preschooler children curriculum, only to learn some general knowledge. So it was basically only playing games and so on, so even if he didn’t go to class for nearly a month, the impact wouldn’t be great. After sending Ren Sheng to class, Zhao Lingyu simply clicked on a childcare class and paid for a lesson to go to class.

“Boss?” Wu Shuai, who was holding a virtual child, was very excited to see Zhao Lingyu and accidentally pinched the virtual child in his arms a little heavier than he intended, which immediately caused the crying sound of an alarm of the child being injured.

After taking a look at the virtual doll in Wu Shuai’s hands, Zhao Lingyu made a decision – his children mustn’t be left in his care!

“This is the boss?” Ellie beside him was also surprised. She was already clueless about what she should do with the child in her arms and also made a mistake, shoving the bottle into the baby’s mouth a little too far.

The baby’s cries rang out once again.

Zhao Lingyu’s face was expressionless as he found a place to sit down and decided to rely on his own ability.

Virtual babies were as big as real babies and would cry out immediately if something was off and also needed to be coaxed all the time. At first Zhao Lingyu thought it was easy and only after trying it, he realized it was actually very difficult.

“Boss, it is said that these virtual babies are made with reference to the most difficult child to bring up and they are even a collection of the data of several difficult children. So as long as you can take care of it well, you won’t have to worry about taking care of your own child, but…“ Wu Shuai came up to Zhao Lingyu.

“But what?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“It is said that after learning this course, many people have decided to not have children! Of course, those who would do so are ordinary people.” Wu Shuai said.

Now that the life expectancy of ordinary people reached two hundred years and the age of childbearing was almost at 100 years. During such a long period of time, if you are willing to give birth you could have many, many children. But some people liked children while others didn’t, so they chose to not have any.

Thanks to those people, the Human Federation’s population growth could always be controlled.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t speak, but learned even more seriously. He already has children… four of them, so if he didn’t learn well, he was afraid that he would have no way to take care of the children in the future.

Zhao Lingyu soon finished his lesson and Ren Sheng was also released from school, so the two of them went to the virtual mall.

Nowadays, there were more people buying things in the virtual mall than in reality, so the virtual mall was very busy. Ren Sheng had no concept of money at all and just let Zhao Lingyu swipe his card to buy whatever he liked.

“Yu Lin, I want this multifunctional bed.” Ren Sheng saw with a glance the massage bed placed in the middle of the room.

“Yu Lin, I want this cabinet!” Soon, Ren Sheng looked at another cabinet.

“Yu Lin, this Jacuzzi is also very good!” Ren Sheng looked at a bathtub.




His own little ginseng vision was very good. All his choices were very expensive. Many of the things were even stored as treasures in the mall because no one would buy them.

“I will take this beautiful bed too.” Ren Sheng also took fancy to an antique wood bed.

The bed was carved from wood that was slightly purple and gave off a soothing fragrance. Of course, such carvings were impossible to make by hand and the pattern was also designed by a famous designer. It was very exquisite and there were also smaller patterns in the large pattern. If you looked at it with a magnifying glass, you could see that there were also corresponding poems in it.

Zhao Lingyu once again took out his card.

“Sir, you have already bought two beds before. Are you sure you want this one, too?” Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu had already bought so many things that the mall sent a real-life shopping guide. Now the guide advised them kindly.

“Sure.” Zhao Lingyu nodded. Before there was nothing Ren Sheng actually wanted. So now that he wanted something, he would not refuse.

“Do you want to buy it and take it home as a form of art?” Someone couldn’t help but ask. Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng had already bought many things and they were all expensive. So many people have been paying attention to them.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t answer a stranger’s words, but this sentence still attracted the approval of others. “Big brother, even if you have money, this isn’t a way to spend it. You should consider your own situation when you want to please your lover.”

Someone else jokingly asked, “Handsome, what do you think of me? I use my real appearance and didn’t use any fine-tuning. Shall we get to know each other?”

If a real aristocrat wanted to buy a bed, he wouldn’t do it in a virtual mall. They basically looked for people who made custom beds. In this way, this Yu Lin should be some rich second generation or some rich person with a weird aesthetic. Because of this, the people around them were not afraid of him at all.

Ren Sheng was immediately displeased. “We are married!” While he announced it, he also tried to drill into Zhao Lingyu’s arms. Unfortunately, now he was taller than Zhao Lingyu so his action looked very strange.

How could a tycoon marry such a person? Some people become depressed.

Zhao Lingyu was happy and once again swiped his card.

Fang Chengjun just happened to visit starnet when he was told that a local tyrant had bought a lot of things. Curious, he opened the video and saw that the strong man was leaning against a short man with an ordinary face. Then he suddenly felt like he was struck by thunder.

When he saw the information he was even more thunderstruck.

“Ginseng? Yu Lin? And this address…” It was the first time that Fang Chengjun knew that Zhao Lingyu would spend a lot of money to please others.

He stepped forward wanting to say hello, but stood still when he saw the faces of these two people. . Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng obviously didn’t want other people to recognize them. In this case, it was better for him to not come over.

Ren Sheng didn’t feel anything when he bought something. It was only when he received countless packages that night that he realized that he had bought just a little too much.

“I didn’t know there were so many things… What should I do?” Ren Sheng asked worriedly.

“It’s okay, I’ve decided to build another floating island above the island. When the time comes you will be able to use these things to decorate different rooms.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Although the cost was very high, it could not only increase the defensive power of the island, but could also increase the living and planting area, which would be very beneficial.

With the current technology, artificial small stars could also be made, so it wouldn’t cover the sunlight below the floating island.

“It’s good if it will work.” Ren Sheng smiled and picked out all the little things inside.

“When the time comes, we can also try to double cultivate in each room.” Zhao Lingyu thought about it when he bought the bed.

“That’s not good. Changing the environment all the time isn’t conducive to concentrating on cultivation.” Ren Sheng shook his head and refused. These beds were either too useful or too beautiful so he couldn’t help being distracted.

Cultivation this, cultivation that… But now whether it was Ren Sheng or himself, they really needed to improve their strength… or wait for a few days for when Ren Sheng became a little taller and his strength also became a little stronger, so they both could properly do it.

Zhao Lingyu gave Ren Sheng a kiss on the lips. “Let’s go eat dinner. By the way, send the children to the nursery. We will double cultivate later!”

“Why send them to the nursery? Just let the child sleep with us today.” Ren Sheng said. Since Zhao Lingyu has to rest well and couldn’t double cultivate, he might as well accompany his children. Now that the children could already handle some simple problems, they were also able to communicate a little with their spiritual power.

That night, Ren Sheng wrapped his children in a blanket and slept with them in his arms.

For fear of hurting his children, Zhao Lingyu didn’t dare to hold Ren Sheng in his arms and because of this fear, couldn’t sleep. On the contrary, Ren Sheng, who was very confident in his fruits, didn’t pay much attention to it. The blanket he held scattered and the eggs fell on the bed, one of them was even pressed under him.

The other three eggs bounced a few times and also took the initiative to burrow under him.

When Zhao Lingyu woke up the next day, he found Ren Sheng lying on the bed and that his four children had disappeared.

After looking around and not finding them, Zhao Lingyu could only wake up Ren Sheng. “Where are the children?”

Ren Sheng raised his butt and stomach vaguely, his stomach a little red. “My stomach is sore…”

Zhao Lingyu hurriedly looked over and eventually found a few squashed ‘eggs.’ So, Ren Sheng was hatching eggs last night?

“It’s okay, they can’t be crushed.” Ren Sheng took one of the eggs and pinched it twice, making some marks on it.

“You should still be careful with them,” Zhao Lingyu thought of the virtual baby he took care of on starnet. Compared to that guy, his son was really too powerful. Just too worry-free! Well in fact his child hasn’t yet been born.

That night, Ren Sheng still didn’t send the incubator to the nursery, which made Shen Qiushi come to inquire about them. “Ren, you and Lingyu are newlyweds and should live in a two person world. Even if you don’t feel comfortable, if you don’t put the children in their room, you can put them in my room. I will help you watch them.”

“No I will leave them with you tomorrow!” Ren Sheng shook his head. He was afraid that without the children there, he wouldn’t be able to resist pouncing on Zhao Lingyu, begging for double cultivation.

What’s the matter with these two children? Shouldn’t newlyweds like sticking together? Shen Qiushi became tangled again.

When they returned to the room, Zhao Lingyu also couldn’t help asking, “Ren, why did you leave the children in our room? You don’t want to double cultivate?” Compared to not being able to double cultivate, he was still willing to suffer a little when double cultivating.

“I want to, but you also need to rest. Didn’t you say that it should be at least one day apart? I told you a long time ago already that for your health, we’ll do it two days apart.” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu with green eyes.



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