Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 24.2 – Walking Side by Side

The killing intent and the guardian heart mingled together without the lightest repulsion, this was Wen Renhe’s Qi!

When a divine weapon was completed it must undergo the heavenly tribulation which were 9 thunders stronger than another. The first two lightning were silver-white, the third heavenly thunder was purple. If Yin Hanjiang wanted to use the sword he had to take advantage of the weakness of the sword when it was facing heavenly thunder to make it accept him as master.

In the silvery purple third lightning, you can see Yin Hanjian sitting cross legged in the air, with his long sword lying in front of him that emitted a cry not wanting to be refined.

At this moment Wen Renhe had nothing more to do, he was not far from the thundercloud position, as he looked at Yin Hanjiang.

If it was Yin Hanjiang, he would be able to refine this sword. Wen Renhe had such confidence in him.

In the light of thunder, outside Yin Hanjiang and the long sword appeared a boundary, guarding a person and a sword. Then fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh heavenly thunder came as he remained there without moving.

Each of the nine heavenly thunders was twice as powerful as the previous one. The first one was tolerable but from the right to nine it was already strong enough to destroy the Wanli ice field.

Under the eighth heavenly thunder, Yin Hanjiang’s boundary finally showed a crack. The earth fire of Wanli ice field churned, and the temperature over the whole plain reached a terrifying point. If mortal iron was thrown into the sky it would melt and disappear without a trace before it would be able to reach ground.

In order to destroy this newly formed immortal sword, the thunder clouds gathered in a hundred mile radius, the clouds had completely turned purple as the ninth thunder was ready to strike.

This time, Yin Hanjiang’s boundary would not survive, if he did not subdue the immortal sword before then, both the sword and the man would be destroyed by the purple thunder.

Yin Hanjiang tried to communicate with the immortal sword in the boundary, hoping that it would become his own sword. His divine soul released countless good intentions to the long sword, hoping that it would help him protect his lord. However, the immortal sword did not listen at all and was bent on breaking the boundary and getting rid of the control of heaven and earth.

Why does this immortal sword refuse to be tamed? This was a sword made from the blood and soul of his lord which should inherit a part of Wen Renhe’s Path of Slaughter. Yin Hanjiang told the sword that he wanted to protect Wen Renhe so why did the sword refuse to obey?

At this moment, the boundary could not even withstand the pressure of the ninth heavenly thunder, and broke open under the thunderclouds, exposing Yin Hanjiang and the sword that was trying to escape to the thunderclouds.

He could no longer control the immortal sword, the pure black sword even showed the intention of rushing towards the thunder cloud as if it wanted to fight against the thunder!

Yin Hanjiang stretched out his hand and held the sword. The sword intent surged into his divine soul and he could hear the sword saying over and over : Battle, battle, battle!

Yin Hanjiang was 18 years old when he came back to the border town in trance because of his fierce fighting spirit. Watching from afar as his lord suppressed all his cultivation and led his soldiers to fight like a mortal. Wen Renhe did not try to protect himself with every move even when he was stabbed in the shoulder, his halberd didn’t stop moving because of the pain.

He stood dumbly in front of Venerable and wanted to become his sword and guard. But the venerable Wen Renhe’s weapon was halberd so he said to himself, “My Lord does not need your protection.”

Does Yin Hanjiang’s life have any meaning if he doesn’t guard his lord?

The lightning light turned into a purple dragon, roaring as it swept confused Yin Hanjiang. Wen Renhe, who was watching from afar, slightly raised his hand but finally lowered it after a moment.

If he helped Yin Hanjiang at this time he would never be able to get rid of his heart demon.

Wen Renhe would not care if Yin Hanjiang died for him. What he cared about was Yin Hanjiang becoming crazy because of him.

Devil Venerable was used to seeing life and death, whether it was his own death or the death of his subordinates he does not care at all. What he wants is to die properly, to give his best without regret. He hoped that Yin Hanjiang would understand that what he wanted was not a puppet, a subordinate who is only loyal, but a vanguard who can kill the enemy alongside him. The sharp sword that would pierce the heart of enemies.

Yin Hanjiang, can you understand that?

The purple thunder has completely enveloped Yin Hanjiang, Wen Renhe quietly watched his disappearing figure, after all of it, is this the end?

Suddenly, through the thunder and lightning, “Sham” , a long distant chant as a lightning sword, faced against the sky thunder, cutting through the sky into the thunderstorm. Just like black dragon in the purple thunder clouds tumbling, countless sword lights flash as thunderclouds suddenly scatter!

Yin Hanjiang, dressed in rags, held the sword in his hand. The hilt of the sword was pure black and the body sword shone like stars.

Wen Renhe said in a deep voice: “Your name is Alkaid, the alkaid sword.

Alkaid’s star symbolizing destruction shone unusually dazzling as the Alkaid sword buzzed constantly. Wen Renhe Seven Killing Stars halberd could also not control its trembling.

It was from joy.

Happy that heaven and earth gave birth to a magic weapon that fully understands it. Happy that there was finally a weapon that could walk side by side with it till they ascend to heaven.

On the road to cultivation, there was never a shortcut. Since he had made up his mind to take the path of breaking the sky, sacrificing even his body to become a god. On this path no one needed to guard but they fought against the way of heaven with their own strength!

Yin Hanjiang slowly flew to Wen Renhe, his eyes were deep and hard to read. This time he did not kneel down but looked straight at Wen Renhe as he said in a loud voice “Yin Hanjiang understands.”

Not a subordinate, but Yin Hanjiang.

Wen Renhe laughed cheerfully, the Seven Killing Stars halberd nudged down the Alkaid sword and they kept buzzing. Wen Renhe said gratefully: “Between heaven and earth I am happy to have one person who is parallel to this venerable.”

Yin Hanjiang also showed a light smile, this time, he finally did not fail to live up to the teachings of his lord. He subdued the alkaid sword and his sword intent also became stronger.

Wen Renhe doesn’t need Yin Hanjiang’s protection. What Wen Renhe needed was a companion who could stand back to back with him, holding his own weapon as they go against the will of heaven!

Wen Renhe let go of the Seven Killing Stars halberd and let it chase and fight with the Alkaid sword, he raised his hand and held his hand as he faced Yin Hanjing.

Both palms clenched into a fist as he made a silent oath with his eyes.

The two of them looked at the sky at the same time and saw Polis and Alkaid stars reflecting each other’s brilliance, shining with even stronger brilliance than before.

But at the same time, Dubhe ( the star symbolizing lust) who was nearby also shone brightly, almost overpowering the light of Polis and Alkaid.

“Hmm?” Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang looked at each other. What did Shu Yanyan do that caused her qi to skyrocket so much?

Speaking of which, after the Massive Demon War of the Righteous and demonic path he hadn’t returned to the Xuanyuan sect for the full year. He did not know what it was like now.


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