Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 24.1 – Walking Side by Side

The purpose of Wen Renhe’s trip was to refine a sword for Yin Hanjiang, preferably an immortal sword, or at worst a quasi-immortal sword.

After exchanging the token and his promise to help Baili Qingmiao in the future for the Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron, he took Yin Hanjiang to the Wanli ice fields again.

At this time, the Wanli ice field should be renamed as ten thousand miles of fire, eleven years ago the pale white scenery became a sea of fire. Then even experts like Yin Hanjiang and Wen Renhe did not dare to get too close to the ground and could only observe the Wanli ice field from the high altitude.

“In those years, the scattered immortal of Purple Spirit Pavilion had been cultivating under the ice layer with the help of ground fire. Not being able to find the snow flame, Baili Qingmiao became frostbitten in the Wanli Ice field and only then the snow flame appeared in front of her. In order to find the essence of the scattered immortal, this venerable lifted the ice layer of the Wanli Ice field and earth fire which was freed from ice layer suppression changed the climate of the Wanli ice field. ” Wen Renhe said.

Even Yin Hanjiang, who did not pay attention to anything expect his lord couldn’t help wondering: “Why would the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm change according to Baili Qingmiao’s imagination and the items she imagined would turn out to be real?”

Yin Hanjiang took out the Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron and couldn’t believe for a moment that such a divine object was real.

“Will it suddenly turn into a white mist and disappear?” Yin Hanjiang asked.

When Wen Renge saw that his eyes were clear and full of curiosity, he smiled lightly and said: “When the heavens and earth were chaotic, everything was just a nothingness of energy. Then the innate gods woke up in the chaos and created heaven and earth with their own power. Then they created everything in the world. This is the unification of all laws. Everything between heaven and earth is derived from the original “one.”

Yin Hanjiang cultivated the realm of Void in a hundred years so his enlightenment was extremely high. He thought for a moment and said: “What lord means is that the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm is neither a cave nor a palace yard, but just like the beginning of heaven and earth a mass of chaotic energy. What we see today is a miniature of the time when heaven and earth first changed?”

“Perhaps.” Wen Renhe was not quite sure if his own guess was correct so he could only give Yin Hanjiang an ambiguous answer.

“Then how can you explain that when her eyes opened it became dark and bright when she was unconscious? How is it like the candle dragon from ancient legend that opened eyes for day and closed his eyes for the night? It just happened all in reserve.” Yin Hanjiang touched the Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron still looking astonished.

He always remained calm in front of Qiu Congxue and Baili Qingmiao, remaining as emotionless Protector Yin. But in front of Wen Renge, he learned to show some curiosity.

“The book mentions that Baili Qingmiao was born as an innate deity in her previous life. She was responsible for spreading disease, disaster and death in the world. No beauty could be seen by her eyes. Wherever she looked it would bring disasters. If the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm is just a mass of chaotic energy attracted by Baili Qingmiao, it naturally would reflect her fate faithfully.”

When awake, it was gloomy and scary, only in her dreams,  would it be beautiful.

This was also the case with this book《Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》. As one comment said the author gave the female lead a powerful divine personality, unbelievable qualifications, opportunities, a beautiful face and wonderful character but after shaping such an excellent female lead, the author gave her to He Wenchao to trample on.

Baili Qingmiao probably could only get what she longed for in her dream.

“No matter what, this Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron is definitely real, and the Seven Colored Blue Lotus Heart can definitely cure He Wenchao injuries. It just unknown if Baili Qingmiao’s treasure will have a chance to be used.” Wen Renhe said.

In fact, even if Qiu Congxue became a scattered immortal, she could still return to the Xuanyuan sect and get help obtaining some cultivation technique. With Qiu Congxue intelligence, staying in the Shangqing sect will not have any influence on the other sect much less become a nail from demonic path to righteous path. Just for this reason he should bring Qiu Congxue back to the Xuanyuan sect.

The reason why Wen Renhe let her return to the Shangqing sect was because he was curious about how Qiu Congxue, a variable in the plot, would change her fate if she stayed with the female lead.

Wen Renhe was very interested in Qiu Congxue’s approach.

After all, no normal cultivator would say to He Wenchao “ If there is a need for medicine for a scattered immortal and rubbish disciple with absorbed Nascent Soul, everyone knows which one to save.”

After Baili Qingmiao fainted, Qiu Congxue was “concerned” and wanted to recover her soul which means she really became attached to her disciple Baili Qingmiao. She even wanted to pass on the mantle of ghost cultivation to her, with such a “caring” master following the heroine, how will the plot develop? Wen Renhe also wanted to know.

Putting the plot aside for the moment the most important thing right now was helping Yin Hanjiang refine his sword.

When a cultivator has his own bound magic weapon, they could rely on the spirituality of the treasure to gain a more thorough understanding of the “dao”. Wen Renhe hoped that after Yin Hanjiang accepted his new sword he could let go of his attachment to him and really make plans for his own future. In this way, if one day, Wen Renhe really died as it was written in the book, Yin Hanjiang could maintain his sanity and not go crazy like in the plot.

Red Underworld Sword who already had its spiritual nature, sensed that Wen Renhe wanted to refine it. It came out of its sheath and was about to escape but was enveloped by a blood light cage.

“Venerable.” Yin Hanjiang did not expect that Wen Renhe would actually cut off his own arm so the arm could turn into red mist as he held Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron in his hand and forcibly fused it with the Red Underworld Sword.

“If you want to refine a divine weapon in the center of the earth fire, someone must bath the sword with blood.” Wen Renhe said calmly, “Since ancient times, the masters of the demonic path would capture and refine cultivators above the Nascent Soul as the vessel of the weapon and lock their soul with magic treasure in order to refine the peerless magic weapon.”

Of course, the righteous cultivator who wanted to refine their magic weapons would not choose the same path and they would try to capture spiritual cultivation.

Spiritual cultivation was the spiritual things of heaven and earth, such as unicorns and other spiritual beasts all belonged to the realm of spiritual cultivation. Righteous cultivators would take fragments of spiritual beasts that belonged to spiritual cultivation as a tool for refining so they could refine quasi-immortal weapons.

Of course, there were also some dying cultivators who would fuse with their magic weapon in order to gain new opportunities.

None of the above methods would be used by Wen Renhe. Wherever it was, Nascent Soul cultivators or fragments of spiritual beast would have rich and pure genuine Qi. But he as a blood cultivator was different, his body and soul was one. Mahayana realm cultivator arm was enough to match the entire genuine Qi of Nascent Soul cultivator.

Yin Hanjiang wanted to stop Wen Renhe from refining his sword, but he was bound by a blood whip. He could break it with his cultivation but this blood whip was made from Wen Renhe other arm so breaking free by force might hurt his lord.

Yin Hanjiang could only watch as the blood light wrapped around the Red Underworld Sword and the Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron rushed into the earth fire, while Wen Renhe recitated the heart mantra and his severed arm began to absorb the power of the earth fire like crazy.

“Boom”, “boom”! The lava of the ten thousand miles of fire plain roared and countless hot lava boiling under the surging ground fire splashed with countless fires.

Heaven and earth seemed to sense that a divine weapon capable of stealing the energy of heaven and earth was about to be born and the sky became enveloped in clouds as the heavenly tribulation began.

Lava with temperature that could melt the rock spewed up high into the clouds, colliding with the first heavenly thunder, actually stopping the thunder with its power.

During the lightning, a pure black sword gradually formed, Wen Renge immediately said to Yin Hanjiang: “Collect the sword!”

Yin Hanjiang withstanding the pain in his heart rushed into the lightning. He could not let the effort of his lord go to waste.

Against the second heavenly thunder, Yin Hanjiang held the sword and warm current poured into the palm of Yin Hanjiang from the handle. He actually felt a trace of guardianship directed from the sword to him.


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