Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 10.1 – The Dao Is Merciless

Before Baili Qingmiao it was He Wenchao who was the fastest person in the Shangqing sect to advance to the Golden Core realm. He became a Golden Core cultivator in just three years, after he built his foundation at the young age of 18. Cultivation was a way of stealing from heaven and it became more and more difficult to cultivate as you advanced. It was relatively simple to attract Qi and gain Qi Enlightenment. Ordinary martial arts practitioners could do it even if they only had good physical durability. The foundation building was the real threshold to enter the world of cultivation. This threshold eliminated countless people. How many people, who yearned for this cultivation path, were stopped in front of this high threshold and unable to advance until they died.

And even if you advanced to foundation building, would you be able to reach immortality?

Probably not.

There were many people, who had come to a stand still in the foundation building period for more than 50 years, and had not formed a golden core until their life force was exhausted. Qi enlightenment is to absorb the energy of heaven and earth into the body, Qi Refinement is to refine them for their own use. Foundation building is to build the foundation and use heaven’s and earth’s Qi to force out the acquired impurities in the body and achieve the innate body. The golden core realm is to form golden cores in the Dantian and for the first time your divine sense can look inside its body. It is then, when dantian is emerging and the body becomes a world of its own, truly transforming cultivator from mortal to immortal.

It was already a miracle that He Wenchao was able to form it in three years. But what about Baili Qingmiao? When she was just 18 years old, she built her foundation and at the end of the year before her master could teach her the mental cultivation of Golden Core, she already advanced to Golden Core!

Elder Qing Yue of the Deacon’s Hall had checked Baili Qingmiao’s cultivation and confirmed that her Qi was normal and not devil qi. She cultivated the heart method of the Shangqing sect and she understood the heart method of the Golden Core realm with her own strength.

Such a talent has never appeared in the Shangqing sect before.

Elder Qing Yue nodded his head in satisfaction, a light smile played on his lips. After offering incense to his ancestor he rang the Shangqing sect’s Moon Bell.

The Shangqing sect’s Moon Bell was precisely one of the three great immortal artifacts of the Shangqing sect, guarding Shangqing sect mountain’s protection array for many years, the bell’s ringing could be heard throughout the sect unless the cultivator ringing it was on the brink of the death. Ordinary Golden Core cultivators were not worthy of the Deacon Hall elders summoning the whole sect. Even He Wenchao who advanced to Golden Core three years ago failed to receive this treatment. Baili Qingmiao situation was rare, and Elder Qing Yue decided to activate the Moon Swinging Bell after careful consideration.

As soon as the Moon Swinging Bell rang, He Wenchao, who was tossing in the bed with Shu Yangyan at the bottom of the mountain, also heard it.

With the sound of the bell the voice of elder Qing Yue spread to everyone’s ears: “Lingyun peak, Baili Qingmiao under the master Qing Rong advanced to Golden Core, it took her a year.”

He Wenchao froze.

Shu Yanyan also heard the sound of the moon bell, but she was not a disciple of the Shangqing sect so she could not hear the voice of the elder Qing Yue. She pretended to not know anything and encircled He Wenchao neck with her jade arm, whining: “Young He, don’t bully this concubine, hurry up…”

Excellent acting, worthy of being the Right Protector of the Xuanyuan Sect!

He Wenchao, however, was no longer in mood. He hurriedly got up, and got rid of her smell on his body with a purification trick. Shu Yanyan looked over questioning: “Young He?”

He Wenchao said indifferently: “I suddenly remembered that I have some important business to attend to, I need to return to the sect. I may not be able to visit you these days. Be good and wait for me.”

 After saying that he turned around and left, Shu Yanyan propped herself on her arm and leaned lazily on the bed: “Putting on clothes and imminently turning over a new leaf, yuck!”

“Baili Qingmiao has returned to the sect.” A voice came from the window, Shu Yangyan  was startled and looked intently. She didn’t know when Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang had broken the window.

“So it was Venerable, you scared this subordinate almost to death. I thought that my cultivation had regressed and my vigilance had become so poor that I didn’t even know that someone had broken in.” Shu Yanyan didn’t hurry to put on her clothes or cover herself with the blanket and looked at the both of them frankly.

However, as if they were blind, Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang ignored Shu Yanyan’s appearance and posture. Yin Hanjiang used a purification trick to clean the table and chairs in the room for Wen Renhe and used the Clear Wind Technique to blow away the strange smell in the house and opened the window, before he invited his Devil Venerable to take a seat.

Shu Yanyan: “…”

She flattened her mouth and threw clothes on her body with a casual move. She saluted the Lord and looked at Yin Hanjiang, then her face froze: “Yin Protector, have you already reached soul combination ?”

Shu Yanyan’s heart rose with caution. Yin Hanjiang and her were Devil Venerable’s left and right protectors, yet the venerable highly valued left protector. Before Shu Yanyan could comfort herself that Protector Yin was only at the soul combination stage and his magic sword although strong, it hurt the body and soul, and couldn’t last too long. Otherwise, it would be demonized. In comparison, she was a little more powerful. However, in just six months, Yin Hanjiang has risen from the soul transformation realm to the soul combination realm. Wouldn’t it be just a matter of time before he broke through the Realm of Void?

The Right Protector felt a sense of crisis!

Unexpectedly, Venerable shook his head in dissatisfaction and said: “It is only a soul transformation, it is not even close.”

That’s not right! Shu Yanyan felt that she smelled something different. Her pair of alluring eyes looked back and forth between Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang. Yin Hanjiang has not changed, he was always silent and loyal, Lord was as powerful and cold as ever, and the way they got along hadn’t changed. ……..

Shu Yanyan narrowed her eyes and found that Protector Yin was standing a little closer behind the Lord than before, and the posture of Protector Yin guarding behind Wen Renhe was also a little bit more relaxed than in the past.

It was just a little bit, but it gave a totally different feeling.

The alarm bells were ringing in her heart, so she hurriedly went forward and got down to business: “My Lord, in the past half year, I have committed myself to He Wenchao and helped him cultivate until Nascent Soul, so that He Wenchao will have the opportunity to participate in the important matters of the sect. Knowing the location and position of their Nascent Soul realms disciples, the five major forces of Shangqing, Heavenly Sword, Jiuxing, Biluo and Wuxiang Temple, as well as the disciples of other smaller sect, they will set up  large arrays in the north and south of Xuanyuan Sect temporarily blocking the spiritual veins, so that they will have no heaven and earth Qi to support them when they engage in battle. “

Shu Yanyan told how much she had given and how much information she had received these days so that she could compete with Protector Yin for credit. She wanted to show Protector Yin that it wasn’t enough to just follow and flatter the Venerable as she had made some real achievements!

Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》 has  depictions of the Massive Demon War from the perspective of Baili Qingmiao, who was only a golden core disciple at the time and didn’t know much about it. Within ten years her specific daily routine was all about her older material brother, thinking about him, worrying about him, missing him, saving people on the way and showing her good character as a female lead. It was unknown how the Righteous Way was arranged, Wen Renhe also did not know, but with information, they had the outline plan of the righteous path.

“This subordinate believes that we need to send two experts to prepare in advance at the location of the arrays, take two ingenious positions, destroy their array, and then wipe out these Nascent Soul disciples in one stroke!” Shu Yanyan raised her eyes, the feminine warmth in her eyes disappeared, leaving only fierce cruelty. She was dressed in white, but as beautiful as a blooming Manzhu Shahua (flower – ), waving gently to lure the lost people to the other side.

She was ruthless, cold-hearted, and would never stop at anything to achieve her goal. This was the true character of Xuanyuan Sect’s Right Protector Shu Yanyan. As she spoke, the star of Dubhe ( In Chinese astrology symbolizing lust ) appeared in the night sky, shining brightly.


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