In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 57.2 – Finally Getting Married

“Colonel Wu Shuai,” Zhao Lingyu suddenly said. “I just helped you enroll in an online study class on ancient earth history and culture. You can start tomorrow and strive for early graduation.”

“Marshal, Ellie has already enrolled me in an early childhood care class…” Wu Shuai said sadly. “I even needed to take a make-up exam on the history of the Human Federation, so ancient earth history…”

“So there is even more reason for you to learn. You can rest assured that this kind of online course can be learned at any time and you only need to have one class every day. But if I find that you did not go to learn…” Zhao Lingyu looked threateningly at Wu Shuai.

Wu Shuai was instantly too afraid to speak.

Unlike the previous banquet where someone openly opposed Zhao Lingyu, this time the banquet was very calm and quiet, because everyone sincerely blessed the new couple.

Even the Yang and Locke families were not foolish enough to offend Zhao Lingyu, because of the effect of the divinely rumored, Nourishing Potion.

“Ren Sheng, you are so beautiful today.” Fang Chengjun looked at Ren Sheng and was stunned. “I really start to regret now that I didn’t chase after you the first time I saw you.” The first time he saw Ren Sheng, he had a very good feeling about him, but unfortunately although his heart was moved he didn’t act. Now thinking about it, he regretted it… four children! If only these four children were his.

“See, wasn’t I right? There are many people who regret missing your partner, so you must be careful about Fang Chengjun.” Gerd, who cut his hair short and was also clean-shaven today, looked very handsome as he said to Zhao Lingyu, “Is the medicine made for me ready?”

The topic changed just too fast. Zhao Lingyu went up and took Ren Sheng’s hand, ignoring Gerd. He looked at Fang Chengjun. “He will only like me, you can’t compare to me.”

“…” Even if he was broken-hearted he would still be hit. This was just too cruel! Well, he actually couldn’t be considered broken-hearted. He had good feelings for Ren Sheng, but it couldn’t be called love. Only seeing Zhao Lingyu have a wife and children, he couldn’t help feeling some jealousy.

“Nephew Fang, there is no future in being a mistress.” Gerd looked at Fang Chengjun smugly. He was much older than Fang Chengjun, so there should be no conflict between them. However, fifty years ago he fell in love with a girl, but that girl liked Fang Chengjun.

What’s so great about a man like Fang Chengjun, who was not only shorter, but also better looking than a woman? Since that time, Gerd started having a problem with Fang Chengjun.

Fang Chengjun was actually not short, just a little shorter compared to the taller Gerd and Zhao Lingyu. He looked at Gerd with his peach blossom eyes. “It’s still better than some people who want to be a mistress, but can’t do it.” When that girl became his girlfriend, Gerd still didn’t give up, but unfortunately even when they broke up that girl still didn’t like Gerd, who had hidden his identity.

“I don’t feel in love as easily as some people do.” Gerd looked at Fang Chengjun with disdain and wanted to already have Ren Sheng’s medicine in his hand so he could have a baby.

Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng left long ago. Zhao Lingyu wanted to socialize with others, but Ren Sheng was too impatient to do that, so he simply began to pay attention to the acquaintances around him.

Elder Fang came to attend the last celebration banquet, so he also naturally came for this wedding. Carrying a glass of wine he walked toward Elder Teng. “Long time no see.”

“It’s been a long time. I didn’t expect you to be so old.” Elder Teng glanced at elder Fang and said sarcastically, yet with some sadness in his eyes.

“Yeah, we are already so old, can’t we both talk calmly and peacefully?” Elder Fang said.

Elder Teng took a deep breath and finally nodded.

At the same time Elinor saw his wife. He has been wandering outside the Zhao family’s home for the past few days, just so he could meet his wife. So now that he finally saw her, he was naturally very excited.

“Kexin, the child…”

“The child is fine.” Feng Kexin smiled faintly.

“Kexin, come back with me.” Elinor added.

“I heard that you are about to resume your original position?” Feng Kexin asked.

“No, I won’t go back to garrison anymore. I got this kind of job because of my family, so I can lose it at any time. I will never do it again in the future.” Elinor said. He had been following the family until now and only now did he realize that he had actually done some things wrong.

“I’ll wait.” Feng Kexin said, touching her stomach again. The effect of the Nourishing Potion was very good, but this golden crystal was even better, so she was more willing to stay in the Zhao family house.

Elinor’s face instantly turned bitter.

“Since you don’t want to continue working in the garrison, shouldn’t you go find another job? Are you planning to let your children drink the northwest wind in the future?” Feng Kexin added.

“I’ll go find a job tomorrow!” Elinor was surprised to hear Feng Kexin’s words and suddenly felt that he had been too decadent these days. He has a child now, so he naturally needed to give his child his best and also make money!

These people could try so freely, making Zhao Lingyu feel relaxed. Many people were giving him a toast, but it didn’t have any effect on him, so he didn’t pay attention to it. But Ren Sheng who also drank two cups had a face as red as a tomato, which was also reflected by his clothes.

Ginseng can get drunk? Shouldn’t he be able to turn the wine into nutrition? Zhao Lingyu was a little worried, but at the same time thought of a way to go back early.

Picking up Ren Sheng, Zhao Lingyu said directly, “Sorry everyone, my partner isn’t a good drinker so I’ll take him away first.”

“I’m not drunk.” Ren Sheng was a little confused about the situation.

“That’s what people who are already drunk would say.” Zhao Lingyu kissed Ren Sheng and left the party venue. After seeing Ren Sheng’s state, he didn’t have time to think about anybody else.

Her own son actually took Ren Sheng away like this. Shen Qiushi took a deep breath and could only receive the guests.

Obviously it was her son’s wedding, but now all the work was on her… But she also wanted to go and warm up with Zhao Peng!

Although Ren Sheng didn’t break the wine down into nutrition, he wasn’t drunk; this little bit of alcohol could never make his mind unclear.

But Zhao Lingyu hugged him and left just as he wanted, saying nothing.

Although Zhao Lingyu no longer needed to live in the alloy house in the courtyard, this was where he and Ren Sheng met and got to know each other, so he didn’t move back to his old room and treated it as his new house.

Just as they went into the house, Ren Sheng bit Zhao Lingyu’s mouth and began to rip off Zhao Lingyu’s clothes.

Zhao Lingyu wasn’t wearing clothes with defensive capabilities like in the past. The suit he was wearing was made of silk, which was spat out by some kind of animal raised on a nearby agricultural planet. Although this kind of clothing was comfortable and breathable to wear, it would break as soon as it was torn, and Ren Sheng had already started to tear it.

“You are just stripping me naked like this?” Zhao Lingyu helplessly glanced at his naked body.

“Wait a minute!” Ren Sheng said and directly stripped naked as well. “I stripped myself naked too! We’re the same.”

Ren Sheng’s boldness was nothing new and Zhao Lingyu had already seen his body a long time ago, but even so, this body was still very attractive to him.

“Let’s double cultivate!” Ren Sheng directly wrapped around him. Yesterday was the day Zhao Lingyu should give him ‘seeds,’ but since they would double cultivate today, he didn’t want them.”

“Ren, if I didn’t have refined soil would you still like me?”

“I don’t know.” Ren Sheng shook his head, only to feel his body become hot. He has been looking forward to double cultivation with Zhao Lingyu for a few days already.

“If someone else had refined soil inside them, would you like them?” Zhao Lingyu asked again.

“I didn’t like you at first either.” Ren Sheng said. He only thought of Zhao Lingyu as a piece of land at first, but it was no longer like this.

Ren Sheng’s answer was very honest and it was what Zhao Lingyu wanted to hear. After giving Ren Sheng a kiss on the lips, Zhao Lingyu asked the last question “Do you know what it is like to like?”

“I just want to double cultivate with you and it doesn’t matter even if I can’t increase my cultivation!” Ren Sheng used his hand to fiddle with the two ‘beans’ on Zhao Lingyu’s chest. He had already forgotten the double cultivation technique so he was not sure if it would work.

If he could bear it at this time, he wouldn’t be a man…




Zhao Lingyu, worried about Ren Sheng’s body, was very careful. But he obviously overthought. As a ginseng spirit Ren Sheng’s body was naturally superior to that of a human and he wouldn’t be easily injured.

Not only that, after Zhao Lingyu entered, he also remembered a bit of dual cultivation techniques.

Obviously, they were about to explode while still trying to concentrate on cultivation. But looking at the teenager underneath, he couldn’t help feeling a little guilty… Zhao Lingyu’s only thought about the bridal chamber for a long time was bad, especially when he worked for so long, but Ren Sheng still did not let out.

Not to mention, when he woke up the next day, he suddenly felt that the person in his arms was not the right size.

Ren Sheng’s body was not so big! Zhao Lingyu suddenly sat up, opened his eyes wide and found out that… Ren Sheng had grown up!


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