In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 32.1 – Having Children

Ren Sheng suddenly came over to ask questions and while Zhao Lingyu could of course say something to fool him, he didn’t want to lie to Ren Sheng.

In the future, even if someone else lusted after him, he was afraid that he wouldn’t look for beautiful and handsome men, but for a Kay with a petite figure… However, the only person in the world who could turn his hands and feet into roots and still look like a teenager after living for more than 100,000 years was Ren Sheng, and he was the one he liked.

“Shouldn’t I have just asked you?” Ren Sheng noticed that something was wrong with the atmosphere around him and became worried.

“It’s fine, but we can talk about these in private.” Zhao Lingyu said. This was nothing to him. Not to mention there were still many people who thought that Ren Sheng was a Kay, there were also many people in the Human Federation with thin figures and a baby face, which made them look like a child even after they grew up.

It was a pity that he himself was so tall that standing together with Ren Sheng, he made him look even smaller.

“Then I will need to talk to you in private Lingyu, I still have something to ask you.” Ren Sheng said again.

Zhao Lingyu took Ren Sheng directly to the upstairs lounge “What else do you want to ask?”

“Is it necessary to have children to get married? You can’t marry me if I can’t have your children?”

“No, what’s wrong with not being able to have children as long as I like you?” Zhao Lingyu said. Ren Sheng was not only unable to have his children, he was not even the same race as him. If it weren’t for Ren Sheng, he would have already been dead, so how could he still care about having children?

“So that’s how it is.” Ren Sheng nodded “In fact I can actually have children. See, I have a bud here. It will grow and produce green flowers and eventually ginseng seeds.”

Ren Sheng parted his own hair, the middle of his hair was a little different.

“You’re not going to have a flower on top of it, are you?” Zhao Lingyu asked with some concern. If this happened Reng Sheng would be unable to go out.

“No, now that I’m transformed, I’ll always be like this.” Ren Sheng said, unless he turns back and flowers and ginseng seeds will come out. Otherwise he will only have thicker hair “Linyu, aren’t I powerful? I can have children! However, even if the ginseng seeds are planted, it will still be difficult for them to be enlightened. ……” Is this considered to be fertile or sterile?

If that was the case hasn’t he just eaten countless sons and daughters of Ren Sheng these days? Zhao Lingyu coughed “You don’t need to bother about having a child, human childbirth is different from plants. If you like children let’s plant them together, and I’ll be very good to them.” It would be nice to have a child like Ren Sheng.

“I don’t want one. What if you like him and don’t like me anymore?” Ren Sheng shook his head.

“Then we won’t have children.” Zhao Lingyu said, after deciding to be with Ren Sheng, he never thought of having children.

Ren Sheng nodded, and Zhao Lingyu said again, “I’ll let Ellie accompany you. If you want to eat anything, let her get it for you. You can see what is going on down there from this monitor, I still have things to deal with so I’ll come back to accompany you later.” Ren Sheng got so many questions it was obvious that someone else told him something, if he goes down again, he may encounter something again.

“Good.” Ren Sheng nodded and fiddled with the surveillance screen in front of him.

When Zhao Lingyu walked out of the room, he found Wu Shuai, who had disguised himself as a bodyguard standing by the door and looking at him with a gossipy expression.

“You call Ellie here. I want to know what happened before.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Ren Sheng played alone for a while before Ellie walked in with a big plate of his favorite food.

Seeing the food, Ren Sheng was in a much better mood. After stuffing several pieces of roasted meat into his mouth, he noticed Ellie’s tangled expression, as if she was trying to say something. “Ellie, do you have something to say?”

“Ren Sheng, are you really not a Kay? Is the Marshal really going to marry you?” When she first learned that Ren Sheng was not a Kay, she thought it would be impossible for Ren Sheng to be with the Marshal. But looking at the Marshal’s attitude, it was obvious that the Marshal liked Ren Sheng very much and she even got lectured!

“Yeah.” Ren Sheng nodded.

“The Marshal likes you very much, Ren Sheng, so you should be nice to the Marshal.” With the Marshal’s temperament, it was impossible to have illegitimate children after marriage. In this way, there will be no next generation in the Zhao family.

“Of course I’ll be nice to him, I like him too, so he has to be nice to me too.” Ren Sheng said.

Ren Sheng’s answer made Ellie laugh. This person was really foolish, but it was probably because this person was so simple that the Marshal liked him so much.

Ren Sheng was not interested in watching the surveillance monitor, so after eating he simply took his communication device to look up the information.

He looked up none other than marriage and childbirth.

The PDA with the underage mode on could not find anything incongruous, so in the end Ren Sheng found a cartoon explaining origins of small children.

“A child is conceived from a part of the mother plus a part of the father, with the genes and love of both parents. Although some families have children conceived from two mothers or two fathers. ….”

The educational videos for ordinary children were not long and easy to understand. Because ordinary people with today’s technology could already have the next generation regardless of whether it was men or women, it also talked about this type of families.

When Ren Sheng saw it later, it dawned on him.

For some plants it was also like this, a male and a female grow together, and the male pollinates the female plant to produce fruit, and so should humans.

If he and Zhao Lingyu have a child, it would definitely look like Zhao Lingyu and him. Ren Sheng suddenly had some expectations and then frowned afterwards.

How was he going to have such a child?

By the way, he has pistils, if Zhao Lingyu can pollinate, he could bear fruits… touching his head, Ren Sheng felt thoughtful.

“Ren, Auntie is here!” Just at this time, Shen Qiushi opened the door and walked in.

“Auntie!” Ren Sheng laughed and dodged the hand of Shen Qiushi that was trying to rub his head.

Shen Qiushi changed to squeezing his face. “Ren, some people just like talking nonsense, don’t care about them.”

“I know.” Ren Sheng nodded.

“Ren is such a good boy!” Shen Qiushi smiled “Auntie will wait for Ren to grow up to become my daughter-in-law!”

“Yes!” Ren Sheng nodded and asked “Auntie, what did Lingyu look like when he was a child?”

“Lingyu as a child? He was very cute when he was a child, and a delight to watch!” Shen Qiushi said, taking Ren Sheng’s communication device to open a certain folder online. “I took a lot of videos and photos of him at that time and I also saved some in my private account online, I’ll show them to you.”

Ren Sheng waited obediently for a moment and then he saw Shen Qiushi open a folder with a white, tender, and fat child on the cover of the folder.

“Look, wasn’t Lingyu cute when he was little?” Shen Qiushi asked with a smile.

He should be cuter when he was a child, but this was Zhao Lingyu!

Seeing all kinds of pictures of Zhao Lingyu, Ren Sheng’s eyes grew brighter and brighter.

Shen Qiushi suddenly chuckled. “Ren, I’ll show you my treasured video from my collection.”

Hearing this, Ren Sheng immediately focused on the communication device and then saw a fat baby about a few months old on the screen.

He was sitting alone and then suddenly fell down. He tried to get up and raised his foot. Then he stretched out his hand and grabbed his feet again. Then he frowned and stared at his feet. After a while, he put it into his mouth.

Ren Sheng suddenly felt itchy in his heart.

Shen Qiushi and Ren Sheng went over Zhao Lingyu’s growing up history together.


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