In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 2 – To the Capital Star

When Ren Sheng woke up, he felt that the place was not right.

As a ginseng spirit, he likes sunshine and land, and is sincerely close to these two things. But now, he couldn’t feel anything!

He definitely felt a strong breath of life when he fell through the space-time crack. There had been soil under his feet, but now that he had been unconscious for a while, how could there be nothing left?

Could it be that he was caught? Ren Sheng was shocked, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case.

Before this, a group of people had suddenly broken into his residence, chasing after him to steal what his master had left him, and also coveting his body, hoping to eat him directly. Although he ran away, he was still injured. When he came out of the space-time crack, the injury became more serious and even made him unable to stay awake.

Now, someone must have taken advantage of his weakness and locked him up!

The room surrounded by metal, was airtight, and not even a trace of aura could be sensed. Naturally, he couldn’t even use his magic power since he was seriously injured. He was afraid he would need to let these people just cut off his flesh. He won’t die for a while, so they will be able to keep every piece of meat fresh…

The more Ren Sheng thought, the more he believed that this was the case. His injuries had not been tended to carefully and he was unable to use his magic power at the moment. He was almost like an ordinary person now.

“Master Roy, are you awake?” While Ren Sheng was trying to figure out how to escape, the door of the room was suddenly opened and two tall and strong men came from outside.

Ren Sheng subconsciously shrank to the corner and then found something wrong with this situation. The accent of these two people was very strange and their bodies didn’t have even a little bit of magic power!

How could those people find two people weaker than him to guard him? Was this a conspiracy?

Dino noticed Roy’s panic and deliberately softened his voice, “Master Roy, you have been unconscious for a long time. Although we have given you nutritional injections, you still need to eat something. What do you want to eat?”

Who was this master Roy? And what about eating? He was a ginseng spirit, if they find a proper feng shui land for him to take root and let him bask in the sun, he will not need to eat at all, do these people not know it?

No, he can eat too… Are these people going to feed him with spiritual food to fatten him up and cut his meat off later?

Seeing that the delicate teenager was frightened and did not speak, Dino and the soldiers around him looked at each other and could only walk out first.

Because there were very few Dream Star people when the ship exploded, Dino immediately informed the closest garrison. Now, they were on a military ship and were on their way to the Capital Star.

The explosion of the Freedom Alliance’s ship was strange, but as things stood, it had nothing to do with this bride. This poor Kay was probably extremely terrified.

“Dino, from now on you will take care of young master Roy, so get him something to eat first,” said the young Major. The future bride of the Marshal looked small and weak and he had never been good at dealing with such people.

“Yes, Major!” Dino immediately gave a military salute. Although he didn’t think the Kay was worthy of the Marshal, he was still the Marshal’s future wife and he would take good care of him.

Even though the ship was a military spaceship, the ship had very few personnel on board since military personnel at the station could not be transferred at will. As a result, it was only when Dino arrived at the kitchen that he realized that there wasn’t even a cook there.

He then wanted to take all the food from the spaceship’s kitchen, but it turned out that the cooking machine here could only make nutritious meals.

With three bowls of nutritious meals of varying flavors, Dino went to the Kay’s room again. “Master Roy, do you want something to eat?”

Ren Sheng stared at him without saying anything and became more and more aware that things were wrong.

If those people had captured him, they should have made some sort of restriction or something to lock him up. Why would they just use some ordinary iron to make a house? Besides, there were no new wounds on his body, only the original ones. Those guys who suddenly broke into the cave that Master had left for him, weren’t they dying to take a bite out of him?

“Master Roy, everything is all right now, we’ll reach the Capital Star in ten days.” Dino tried his best to comfort the Kay in front of him. Although he would be taken back to the Capital Star for questioning because he witnessed the explosion of the spaceship and found the bride, if he wanted to visit the Marshal, he still had to rely on this future Marshal’s wife.

Ren Sheng listened quietly. Although he couldn’t understand most of the words that this person said, he could still understand that this person wanted him to eat.

This person didn’t mean any harm and was still a mortal. Was he really mistaken before? Ren Sheng’s eyes were on the three bowls of food. Although it was just the food of mortals, it was still better than nothing for the current him. A pair of hands was about to turn into roots, when Ren Sheng thought that the man in front of him was just a mortal.

“Master Roy, there are only nutritious meals in the kitchen.” Dino was a little embarrassed and was about to say a few more words, when he saw the young master Roy in front of him pick nutritious meals and pour it into his mouth. First he ate one bowl, soon he ate the second, and then he ate the third bowl.

This… He didn’t even chew it!

“Do you want more?” Dino asked in a low voice. Ren Sheng nodded without hesitation. Soon, Dino brought three bowls of nutritious meals again. Ren Sheng also poured them into his mouth in turn.

Dino brought three more bowls, and Ren Sheng also poured them into his mouth.

“Master Roy, if you eat too much, your stomach will ache. You can eat it next time.” Dino felt faint sweat on his forehead. He had ran to the kitchen six times in total and Roy had eaten eighteen nutritious meals.

Each nutritious meal was provided according to the food capacity of an ordinary soldier. Although people with abilities usually ate more, eating 18… In terms of the amount of food, this Kay was just like the Marshal.

It occurred to Ren Sheng that human beings could not eat too much, so he nodded and gave up on eating more, which inevitably made him feel a little depressed.

Dino breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “Is there anything else you want?”

“I want to eat more for my next meal.” Ren Sheng murmured. Although he met a group of villains before, this person seemed like a nice guy.

The voice of the teenager was soft and waxy like a child. Although his accent was a little strange, it was surprisingly pleasant to hear, but the words he spoke…

Dino took a conscious look at the teen’s stomach, was it really okay to eat like that?

“No? Then could it be only a little less…” Ren Sheng looked at Dino pitifully.

“Of course you can, I’ll bring it later!” Dino reached out and wiped off his sweaty hand. Didn’t he just eat a bit more? Isn’t that what ability users do? He shouldn’t make a fuss.

“Thanks,” Ren Sheng said, showing a smile.

Dino suddenly wanted to marry a wife and have a baby. Will his child be so well behaved and cute in the future?

No, this was the Marshal’s wife, not some child! Dino left in a daze.

The military spaceship quickly flew towards the Capital Star and at this time the people from the Capital Star also got the news.

The elderly butler hastilly entered the mansion with the communicator in his hand and saw a man and a woman sitting face to face eating a meal.

The man looked quite old, with a head full of white hair and was coughing from time to time, but the woman was very young and beautiful.

But this beautiful woman looked at the elderly man in front of her with an unusually gentle gaze.

These two people were the masters of the Zhao family, one of the five great families of the Human Federation, Zhao Peng and his wife, Shen Qiushi.

“Master, Madam, there is news coming from outside that something has happened to the Freedom Alliance’s ship.” the butler whispered.

“What’s going on?” Shen Qiushi turned her head and frowned slightly.

The old butler quickly explained what had happened and also mentioned that the explosion of the ship was suspicious.

“Get someone to pick up that child and then have someone look into this matter,” Shen Qiushi quickly said.

“You really want Lingyu to marry that child? Lingyu’s body… ” Zhao Peng said. They had been told that their son would only be able to live for a few more months and yet many people were asking them to send him away from the Capital Star, just in case the energy in his body would suddenly riot one day and explode.

All the energy from the planet the Zerg Queen devoured to lay her eggs was now inside his son’s body. His son can no longer do the things he did back then. Now he can only wait for death and be afraid.

“I wouldn’t have agreed to such a ridiculous thing if that President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce hadn’t insisted. But if the power of that person is not weak and is really soft, at least it would make Lingyu feel better.” sighed Shen Qiushi. Her son would feel better if someone used their gentle ability on him, otherwise, she wouldn’t have agreed to let the Kay come to them.

“If he’s good, we can adopt him later, if he is not we will send him back.” Zhao Peng said again.

Shen Qiushi nodded, her gentle eyes shining with tears. Originally she had thought that her husband only having a few years left to live would be the most desperate thing. Unexpectedly, her own son now only had a few months left.


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