In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 54.1 – Launch of a New Medicine

This is the first celebration banquet that Zhao Lingyu has held since he became a marshal. The previous battle already exposed the news that Zhao Lingyu had reawakened his ability. Therefore, there are many people who came to the celebration banquet.

They came to make friends with the Zhao family, but were shocked by the Zhao family time after time.

Not counting the fact that Zhao Lingyu’s little boyfriend, who was said to be unable to have children, just had four children with S-class abilities. But Zhao Peng, who was said to be dying, became younger and appeared brightly in front of everyone.

The luck of the Zhao family was really wonderful!

Many people felt that they came to the right place, but others feel that they shouldn’t have come.

At the first sight of Zhao Peng, Yang Ye immediately clenched the contact device in his hand, his expression very ugly.

Zhao Peng was from his father’s generation, but he was not much older than him. He could only look up to Zhao Peng before, so he was secretly happy when Zhao Peng had an accident, but now Zhao Peng appeared again!

The fact that his fiancée was pregnant originally made Yang Ye very excited, but now this excitement has long since disappeared into thin air.

He felt like a fool, obviously he wanted to see others as a joke, but ultimately he let others see his own jokes.

Yang Ye’s fiancée had already turned off the ultrasonic device in her hand and quietly followed Yang Ye without making a sound. In fact, compared to Yang Ye, she prefers Zhao Lingyu and the First Legion, but she was already pregnant with Yang Ye’s child. If she wants to live a good life in the future, she has to rely on Yang Ye, so naturally, she has to stand on Yang Ye’s side.

“Zhao Peng, long time no see.” Elder Fang greeted him with a smile, but his eyes focused on Elder Teng, like he was in trance. He already looked like he had one foot in the coffin, but this man looked so young.

“Uncle Fang.” Zhao Peng nodded to elder Fang and then looked at Shen Qiushi again, somewhat puzzled.

Even after this training, he didn’t fully recover his strength from his heyday, but he would no longer be weaker than other S-class ability users from the Human Federation. In addition, Zhao Lingyu has completely stabilized his position as a Marshal, so he also decided to make a comeback.

Today, it was precisely the day when he decided to make his comeback.

This morning, his wife told him that she would be waiting for him at the party and would become the most dazzling person in the whole party with him, but now… Zhao Peng suddenly found that his wife didn’t even look at him.

You have recovered? Very good.” Elder Fang smiled and said, “Today, there is so much good news from the Zhao family.” Even he couldn’t help but feel jealous

Shen Qiushi was originally watching Ren Sheng’s body, so only when she heard the movement did she notice that Zhou Peng had arrived.

Before, she had been looking forward to Zhao Peng’s arrival and even customized an evening dress to show off her husband, but now… How could her husband be more important than her grandson? What’s more, there’s not one grandson, but four grandchildren!

“Zhao Peng! Come and see your grandson! It’s the first time in my life that I have seen such a lovely child!” Shen Qiushi waved to her husband.

What about a big warm hug? Zhao Peng looked at her perfunctory attitude, a little depressed, and then became stunned. “Grandson?” How could he have grandchildren? Did his son cheat on Ren Sheng? No, his son was still with Ren Sheng even now…

Zhao Lingyu finally regained his mind at this time. He temporarily suppressed the matter of how the children come to be. While carefully holding the children in his hands, he showed the momentum of years of War. “The people who came here today are probably very curious about all of this. In fact, I wanted to give you an explanation today, but the birth of the children slightly disrupted my plans.”

Everyone looked at Zhao Lingyu quietly and even Yang Ye didn’t speak provocatively. Indeed, to provoke Zhao Lingyu at this time, was simply a matter of no longer wanting to live. Rather than competing with the Zhao family, they hoped to get the secret of Zhou Peng’s recovery and Elder Teng’s becoming younger.

Zhao Lingyu had already discussed today’s celebration banquet with his father. After Zhao Peng appeared in public at the banquet, he would speak up and put the matter of Zhao Peng’s recovery on the Face Nourishing Pill.

As for how the Face Nourishing Pill came about, he intended to let Ren Sheng and Elder Teng bear half the burden. This explanation was that Elder Teng and Ren Sheng knew each other from long ago and they discovered some special plants together. Elder Teng then used these plants to develop the Face Nourishing Pill.

Of course, the name they gave it would not be the Face Nourishing Pill, but the Nourishing Potion.

Because of this, Zhao Lingyu was not angry at all when he was provoked by Yang Ye. The effect of the potion was very obvious. Originally, after announcing it, he planned to give a little to the Yang family to let them lose face, but Yang Ye targeted him at his celebration banquet. It would be normal to be unwilling to sell the Nourishing Potion to the Yang family after that. After all, the output of this medicine was very low!

Zhao Lingyu thought very well, but didn’t expect that Ren Sheng would suddenly ‘give birth.’ It didn’t affect his plan, but it almost made him forget it and it wasn’t until his father arrived that he suddenly remembered it.

I was seriously injured and everyone must have been curious about how I was cured. My father after injuring his ability began to grow old like an ordinary person, but now he is suddenly in good health. Everyone must be curious. I think everyone is even more curious that my little boyfriend was able to give birth to four s-class ability users safely.” Zhou Lingyu said again.

“That’s right!” Fang Chengjun looked passionately at the eggs in Zhao Lingyu’s hand. He was not interested in how Zhao Lingyu and Zhao Peng recovered he only wanted to know how to have four children at once.

If he was a normal person he might even be a great-grandfather now, so he wanted to have children for a long time, but the ‘seed’ he sowed everywhere for nearly a hundred years,didn’t even give him a single child to his surprise.

“In fact, all of this is because Mr. Teng and Ren Sheng developed a kind of medicine called the Nourishing Potion, which is made from several special plants found in the interstellar world. It can remove the energy in a human body, improve the physique of human beings, and delay aging. Even more importantly, it has an excellent effect on fertility. “Zhao Lingyu said and then looked at Shen Qiushi. “Mother, please call Aunt Feng out.”

When Shen Qiushi heard Zhao Lingyu say this, she immediately dialed Feng Kexin’s contact number. They originally planned to put everything on the “Nourishing Potion” so now they just needed to add Ren Sheng’s four children to it, which was in line with the general direction.

Feng Kexin who was resting in a lounge upstairs was ready to show the effect of the “Nourishing Potion” after Zhao Peng appeared, so after receiving the message from Shen Qiushi, she immediately came down.

She didn’t understand the situation, but after coming down she saw that everyone was quiet and only thought that Zhou Peng’s appearance must have shocked them.

“Kexin, let everyone see your child.” Shen Qiushi said.

Without hesitation, Feng Kexin pointed the ultrasonic device in her hand at her stomach.

Feng Kexin was only three months pregnant so the baby in her belly was still very small. It’s face was still not fully developed, but it had two eyes which seemed to be a little too big, but it was a child!

Yuan Xingdong, who had just tried to treat Ren Sheng, but couldn’t find any wounds on his body was surprised and delighted to see this scene. “Mrs. Wesley, your child has been saved!” Elinor had asked him to treat Feng Kexin before, but there was nothing he could do so he felt sorry for both Feng Kexin and Elinor.

Feng Kexin wasn’t a stranger to the people present. She and Elinor have an ability conflict, so they couldn’t bear children and couldn’t keep her pregnancies. All the Capital Star aristocrats knew it very well.

A few days ago, Elinor distanced himself from the Wesley family, because their child had been lost. But now, it looked like a person who was said to be unable to have a child, was pregnant!

“Mr. Yuan, you can call me Kexin,” Feng Kexin smiled. “This child is blessed with great fortune and was saved, thanks to the Marshal.”

Was it the Nourishing Potion? At that time, you were about to lose your child, but now it’s saved. It’s really amazing!” Yuan Xingdong said excitedly, thinking of something. “But of course, the most amazing thing is that Ren Sheng can give birth to four at a time!”

Yes it’s all thanks to Mr. Teng’s potion.” Feng Kexin said according to the original plan.

After that everyone looked at Elder Teng with eyes that blazed so brightly, it almost burned him. This Nourishing Potion could actually cure Zhao Lingyu and Zhao Peng. It was really precious, but even more importantly, it could help you keep an unstable baby and even let people have four children at once!


The Human Federation spoke Chinese, because when they left the earth, the largest number of people were Chinese. Since the Chinese character 4 was similar to death, many sophisticated people didn’t like the number ‘four,’ but now when they thought of this number, they couldn’t help feeling a little excited and think it was a very lovely number.

In fact, Mr. Teng was at a loss about the current situation. He looked curiously at the eggs in Zhao Lingyu’s hand and only after Feng Kexin spoke did he regain his senses. “It was Reng Sheng who found the plants, I just helped to process them.”

It turned out to be a potion made by Mr. Teng… Yang Ye stepped forward and wanted to ask for it. The baby in his wife’s stomach was also unstable and according to the therapist he hired, the child will have to be taken out of her belly and raised in an artificial uterus by the five or six month mark, so it was highly likely that the child won’t be able to inherit hIs S-class ability.

Therefore, he was in great need of this Nourishing Potion now.


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