In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 55 .1 – The Role of Crystallization

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Although Ren Sheng said the children’s gender, Zhao Peng was still reluctant to believe it and asked for a hyperwave device. Regardless of the constant ring of the contact device, he just stared at the four children’s butts.

Unfortunately, he did not see what he wanted to see, he just saw four little farts – the space in the egg was too crowded so the children did not reveal their key parts.

In contrast, Shen Qiushi was more reliable. She ordered four incubators, and soon they were delivered. After that she started nagging. “Ren is a Kay, right? The eggs of Kays don’t grow bigger, so will the baby always be this small?”

If the child will always be that small, she would be able to squeeze the eggs with one hand… How can she take care of them? It was all Roy’s fault. He must have caused Ren to give birth prematurely, because he made Ren angry.

Shen Qiushi, who had never thought of getting Roy in trouble, made a secret decision.

“I don’t know. The kids will grow bigger, right?” Ren Sheng said sheepishly. When he was young, it took him a long time just to take a human shape and even longer to grow up. If they were like him… Shen Qiushi was an ordinary person after all, so it was possible that she would grow old before the four children grew even a little?

He must quickly help Zhao Lingyu prolong his life. If Zhao Lingyu dies before the children grow up… Ren Sheng also made a decision secretly.

“Let’s take a look first.” Shen Qiushi carefully picked up a child from Zhao Lingyu’s hand and put it into the incubator.

The egg stayed in the incubator for a while then suddenly popped up and ran out again, directly into Ren Sheng’s arms.

Shen Qiushi was shocked to see this scene. “Is everything okay? How are the eggs?”

“It’s okay, they’re very strong.” Ren Sheng said. The four eggs absorbed a lot of his spiritual energy and also absorbed a lot of energy from the golden energy crystal, they surely can’t be broken just by dropping them.

“This is an egg, it must be taken care of.” Shen Qiushi tried to take the egg from Ren Sheng’s arm, but didn’t expect the egg to jump away again and then jump into Zhao Lingyu’s hand. Then it intimately rubbed against Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu felt the smooth skin of the egg. “Mom, it’s already very late today, you and Dad should go to rest first.” He still had a lot of questions he wanted to ask Ren Sheng, but because his parents were there he couldn’t.

Shen Qiushi hasn’t held a child for decades, so she was reluctant to let go. But thinking that her son and daughter-in-law might have a lot to say, she left and Zhao Peng naturally followed after her.

After Zhao Peng recovered, he never had a chance to get close to Shen Qiushi. Before he came, he always thought about finding warmth with his wife and even thought it would be the best way to have another child. But now in his mind, there was nothing but those four grandchildren and his wife may be in an even worse state than him.

However, his wife should know more, Zhon Peng curiously asked. “What the hell is going on today? Ren is a Kay? What the hell is going on?”

“I don’t know, but the children have fusion ability so they must be Lingyu’s.” Shen Qiushi sent her husband the previous surveillance. “Just look at it!” That’s right! There’s another thing! “

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Peng looked at Shen Qiushi anxiously and asked.

“Lingyu and Ren haven’t registered for marriage yet, so their children can’t be registered in the Zhao family when they hatch. What should we do? I need to ask someone about the current marriage process right away! Also for Lingyu’s engagement leave, marriage leave, and maternity leave, too!” Nowadays, there were too few children, so when a couple had a child, the wife has a long period of maternity leave and the husband can also ask for leave. Her son  has never asked for leave before, so all of his leave added together can add up to a year or two and maybe give her a few more grandchildren!

Shen Qiushi took out her communicator and began to chat with people one by one, sharing her joy and receiving numerous blessings. Zhao Peng was also chatting and receiving blessings, one by one.

Many people in the Human Federation knew Zhao Peng. Basically most of these people didn’t sleep well that night and simply dialed his contact number over and over again, but he wasn’t bothered. He would pick up when he was free and if someone had a good relationship with him, he would show off their quadruplet grandsons If he encountered someone he had a poor relationship with… while he showed off his grandsons, he would also ask, “Has your wife given birth? Has your daughter-in-law given birth? Has your grandson-in-law given birth?”

After the patriarch of the Locke family talked to Zhao Peng, his face became dark.

When he had two sons, at first countless people envied him, but what about now? His two sons were not young, but he still didn’t even get to hold his grandson, but Zhao Peng had four at once!

“Dad, did you ask about the nourishing medicine?” Ethan asked. The match rate between him and his wife was high, but they were married for hundreds of years without children and now he wanted children like crazy.

“Zhao Peng said he didn’t understand and I should ask Elder Teng and Ren Sheng.” There was no expression on the Locke patriarch’s face.

“Dad, then you should go ask…”

“You want me to go and ask?” A protective shield appeared in the Locke patriarch’s hand, while he hit and kicked his eldest son Ethan several times. “Didn’t you just go to battle with Zhao Lingyu? Other people went to war with Zhao Lingyu and were able to become Zhao Lingyu’s friend, but look at you, what have you done? You even despised Ren Sheng and angered Zhao Lingyu! Today, Fang Chengjun also went to the celebration banquet, but why didn’t you?”

Ethan was also very regretful, but didn’t feel that he was at fault. “Elder Fang also went, so why didn’t you go either? Also our family has long offended Zhao Lingyu…” It was his father who had ordered the message to be delayed, in order to get the First Legion to suffer some losses from the Zerg Queen.

The Locke patriarch was speechless. How could he have thought that things would turn out this way at that time? He only wanted to give the First Legion a little trouble, so Zhao Lingyu’s accident was for him an ‘unexpected joy.’

Of course, right now, he doesn’t feel that it was a happy event at all.

The Locke family’s people are worried and the Yang family was not much better. But most nobles on Capital Star were very happy and excited, while busy counting up their own money, so that when the time comes they would be able to buy the Nourishing Potion.

They were afraid that the Zhao family would not sell much of this medicine. After all, they didn’t want to become young again, they only wanted to have children!

Stories of what happened at the Zhao family’s celebration banquet spread throughout Capital Star in a very short time. Although most nobles didn’t have a hobby of going online to make a big announcement, the people online still learned quickly about this matter.

When the news first came out, everyone was dismissive. The Marshal wasn’t married yet after all, so how could he suddenly have four children all at once?

But more and more and more news came out, making more and more people curious. Did their Marshal really have four children? This was too much! Sure enough, good people have good karma!

At this time, Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng sat face to face and were talking.

“You didn’t want to get married, Elder Teng said that many people are unmarried and pregnant, so I just wanted a child…” Ren Sheng explained the whole story and after finding out that Zhao Lingyu may really not know about his pregnancy with the children before, he added, “I’ve always told you clearly, they were yours, but it was you who didn’t believe me! You can’t blame me!” He looked at Zhao Lingyu who was so good to his fruit and thought that Zhao Lingyu knew. He really didn’t know that Zhao Lingyu didn’t…

It’s true that he didn’t believe it himself. But Ren Sheng also used to give him ginseng seeds, so how could he have thought that these things could still turn into a child? Reng Sheng was also a plant and not a human… humans and many human-like alien creatures aren’t able to have offspring, Ren Sheng was a plant so he thought they were completely different species… even if their species were the same, they were still the same gender…

Speaking of which, one’s ability to impregnate a plant should qualify as very impressive? 


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