In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 96 – Customization of Mecha

Just after the competition, the royal family announced the happy news of the Empress’ pregnancy. After that, the nourishing potion emerged, so everyone’s attention on the competition continued to decrease. Even Ren Sheng almost forgot that he could still get a reward for winning.

Seeing Ren Sheng’s expression, Blue Fatty apologized. “In fact, this is also our mistake. Originally, we should have informed you a few days ago, but a lot of things happened these past few days… we had  intended to wait until the rush purchase was over, but since I met you, it saves sending messages.

“I’ll get the award. Where can I get it?” Ren Sheng asked.

“I’ll send you the coordinates. By the way, Master Fern, who specializes in custom mechas, has been trying to buy a potion every day. He also issued a request for ten bottles of Nourishing Potion for a custom mecha, so the mecha you want may have to wait. Of course, it is also possible that Master Fern’s students can do it for you, so Master Fern would only be responsible for the final revision.” The Blue Fatty said. Master Fern’s status was not low and they didn’t have the ability to make Master Fern himself make a mecha for Ren Sheng.

But even Master Fern’s students were quite good at their craft, so even if these students made a mecha  for Ren Sheng was enough.

“Thanks.” Ren Sheng said. At the same time, he was a little surprised. Nourishing Potions were really easy for him to make. Basically, with the material for one pill, he could prepare a hundred and eighty bottles of Nourishing Potion, but a mecha…

Because creating a mecha required people who could manipulate metals in this country and many other abilities, the mecha that used a variety of materials and needed precise set up would still cost very much. But now to his surprise, it could be exchanged for ten bottles of Nourishing Potion…

“You’re welcome. All right, I’ll stop talking. I’ll see if I can get the nourishing potions. Although there are many competitors, maybe if the pie falls in the right stall, I’ll grab it.” Blue Fatty said with a smile and then moved to the trading area.

With Blue Fatty gone, Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu hugged their children and headed to the place where they would receive their rewards. Ruoya’s Imperial Star was a beautiful planet. Because of the small population, environmental protections, and good care, there were lush plants everywhere. There were also animals living on the planet, but they were afraid of the Ruoya residents.

But even if Imperial Star was beautiful, it was still not as beautiful as the virtual network. There were all kinds of either beautiful or rare plants everywhere in the virtual network,  making it look very vibrant. But unfortunately, there wasn’t the slightest spiritual energy here, so even if plants liked the sun, it was all false.

Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu were not in a hurry, simply walking slowly together to their destination and teasing the children in their arms.

The artificial intelligence virtual baby was very similar to a real baby, so it could be hosted and taken care of easily on the internet at any time. It was also very popular and each person had one, so when everyone saw Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu holding the babies they didn’t feel it was strange.

But the four children were very happy and even Third Baby didn’t sleep and looked around curiously. “Dad, look!” Big Baby suddenly said and then pointed to the billboard next to it. There was a small and dark-haired baby, which was very similar to Ren Sheng, with four children on the billboard. Followed by words encouraging others to find the baby and promising a lot of benefits.

There was no doubt that this was one of the ‘search notices’ left by the upper echelons of the Ruoya Empire in search of Big Baby. As for why the missing person notice would be played on the billboard that rents for a day at a sky-high price,  each Ruoya noble could inherit several inheritances. Since they were all very rich, they could be willful.

Ren Sheng didn’t think much about the royal palace after hearing what Crohn had to say about it. so now seeing the billboard, his heart shook. “Is it possible for McCarthy to doubt the identity of Big Baby?” It provides a lot of information, as well as the time of disappearance, many of which allow McCarthy and others to connect this missing child with Big Baby.

“Don’t worry, I’ve dealt with this matter since I got Big Baby back.” Zhao Lingyu said, after Crohn dealt with the identity of the eldest child, he went to see these people with the Big Baby’s information. At that time, because McCarthy had seen the man who kidnapped Big Baby, he was worried about what McCarthy knew, so he asked him to draw a picture of the man. 

As a result, the man McCarthy drew… when Big Baby absorbed the kidnapper’s ability, the man struggled and his face had long been destroyed. Even if the man’s own mother saw him, she might not recognize him. Of course, even so, he still found someone to dispose of the body. He will not give anyone a chance to find Big Baby’s abnormality.

“You are so good! You took a lot of consideration!” Ren Sheng smiled and looked at Zhao Lingyu.

“I want to protect you.” Zhao Lingyu said, looking at Big Baby again. “Big Baby, we are not safe now, so we can’t take you to see Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy for the time being, do you understand? Of course, if you are worried about Dounia’s health, I can try to give her some nourishing potions.”

“Thank you, Father!” Big Baby hugged Zhao Lingyu and kissed Zhao Lingyu on the face. Big Baby had soft lips, so when Zhao Lingyu was kissed, he felt like his heart melted. When the other children saw this, they all pouted and asked for a kiss.

“I can’t believe you bought four identical babies! I was already exhausted when I took care of one.” The red-haired beauty who found Ren Sheng together with the Blue Fatty at the beginning, looked at Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng in admiration.

“As long as you hold them they will not argue.” Ren Sheng said the relevant information with a smile.

“That’s true, but I can’t always do it and hold them all the time. By the way, Greenton, come in. I’ll give you the bonus first, and then you can wait here for Master Fern” The redhead added.

Ren Sheng nodded and agreed, wrote down his account, and in a short while, a sum of money was deposited into his account. Master Feng had not arrived yet, so Ren Sheng simply watched the news. Then he saw the news that said that today one hundred bottles of nourishing potion have been bought, but the buyers are mostly anonymous, so no one knows who the buyers were in reality.

The news of the Ruoya Empire was very advanced and there was also a button below that. If you clicked on it, you could see the live broadcast of the trading area. Ren Sheng immediately clicked in. There were many people in the trading area on the virtual network. Most of the people inside were all basically full of frustration and only one person was laughing.

His performance was so strange that the camera naturally focused on him and only then did people see that he was holding an order number. It turned out that he had bought a set of Nourishing Potion. Many people wanted a Nourishing Potion, but only ten people could buy it every day and each person could only buy 10 bottles. 

The degree of preciousness of this potion could easily be imagined, so most of the people who bought it kept a very low profile. But such a high profile person… “He should be trying to sell the potion.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Zhao Lingyu guessed correctly. After showing off, the person said, “This old man doesn’t intend to get married in this life and he also doesn’t have much family left. I didn’t expect to get it after coming here today. it will be sold to whoever bids the highest.”

Hearing the man’s words, the people around him shouted a price quickly. The man saw that no one was shouting the price anymore and immediately went to the person who called the highest price. “Pay the money and I will deliver the goods.”

“Sorry, I don’t have much money on hand right now…” The man turned around and walked to the second to last person who shouted the price. The second to last person had shouted a price that wasn’t low. if it hadn’t ended up beyond the price he could come up with, he wouldn’t stop bidding. Now seeing the potion that he originally thought wouldn’t reach him was delivered to him again, he was very surprised and quickly took out the money he had just shouted, intending to make a deal.

“Wait a minute!” An old man’s voice rang out, then a crowd saw a dry, thin old man running over. “Do you want a custom mecha? Ten bottles of potions in exchange for me personally making a mecha for you!” The old man’s face was full of hope and it was clear that he wanted the nourishing potion, but unfortunately the other person didn’t want a mecha.

“Sorry, I don’t need a mecha. I’d prefer to get more money to live in peace than a mecha that needs a big price to maintain.” The man who had been lucky enough to buy the nourishing potion at the beginning said.

“My wife has just been found to be pregnant.” The man who spent all his liquid funds to buy the nourishing potion also said. He would never sell these potions. The old man sighed, his face full of disappointment.

All this was recorded by the camera. Originally, even if Ren Sheng looked at these, he would only think of various aspects of life, but now he would think about it more. At this moment he looked at Zhao Lingyu curiously. “Zhao Lingyu, did you see? This old man also proposed to exchange ten bottles of potion for a custom macha. Just like master Fern!”

“He is Fern.” Zhao Lingyu smiled.

So that’s how it is. Ren Sheng looked at the live screen with some surprise. Zhao Lingyu was right. That old man was Fern and not long after Zhao Lingyu wasn’t able to see him on the live stream anymore, the man came over to them.

“You are the champion, right? What kind of mecha do you want to customize?” Master Fern was still a bit listless as he sat in front of Ren Sheng.

“One with a strong attack and more weapons. It must be powerful enough…” Ren Sheng said. He didn’t have to worry about not having enough mental power or hand speed and he only sought power. Ren Sheng said it very seriously. He even mentioned the color. But master Fern did not agree. “According to what you said, manufacturing it isn’t a problem. But I am afraid that this kind of mecha would require a high hand speed to pilot it, so are you sure that you still want it?”

“I want it!”

“Alright, come tomorrow to my studio. My students and I will measure all aspects of your data.” Master Fern said.

“Thank you, we will definitely prepare a generous gift tomorrow.” Zhao Lingyu smiled.


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