In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 21 – Another Height Difference

The region where the Human Federation was located was very large. It took a month to transmit messages from the two farthest inhabited planets and connecting to the starnet was even more impossible. However, with the current technology, it was still possible to connect several similar planets, but setting up interstellar transmission equipment required a lot of money.

The Capital Star, as the economic and cultural center of the Human Federation used such technology to connect the starnet with several surrounding residential planets and the starnet was also the most developed.

In some of the remote planets of the Human Federation, the starnet was still the same as it had been on Ancient Earth, where only computers could be used to browse planet information, but on Capital Star, holographic networks had existed for thousands of years.

Earlier, Ren Sheng had no identity chip and knew nothing about technology. Shen Qiushi only used her computer to let him watch some cartoons and things like that. But now that Ren Sheng’s identity had been taken care of and he understood the world, he had no problem entering the virtual starnet.

A helmet for minors and a new bound account was prepared for Ren Sheng. Zhao Lingyu took Ren Sheng to the starnet, but before going online, he did not forget to teach Ren Sheng several precautions. “Each account can only set three virtual bodies. This can allow the helmet to scan you and generate the virtual body from it. But for safety purposes, you better set it by yourself. Also, don’t use your real name.”

Ren Sheng, full of excitement, nodded. Zhao Lingyu had already told him in detail about the holographic network and showed him certain videos taken from the whole network, so naturally he was really eager to try it out.

“Let’s go online together and I will take you to class.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Good.” Ren Sheng put on his helmet and then began to set it up.

Zhao Lingyu also entered the starnet at this time. His account was a special one and he could set up ten virtual bodies. He could also camouflage his own account and set the information he wanted others to find. But before today, he had only set up two. One was a direct scan of his original appearance and the other, although it was a disguise, was an online virtual battle strategy expert. No matter which one he logged into, they were not suitable to accompany Ren Sheng.

After pondering for a while, Zhao Lingyu also created a new character.

Zhao Lingyu was worried that Ren Sheng would be waiting anxiously, so he was not willing to spend time building a new character. Finally, he chose a very popular model and then slightly changed the appearance taking into account Ren Sheng’s small size to change his height to become a little shorter.

Although it felt good having Ren Sheng sit in his arms, he was not used to such a big difference in height between two people, which made him feel uncomfortable and even a little like a beast.

When Zhao Lingyu appeared at the landing square, there was no one around him, so he waited for a while before seeing a light flickering around him.

The little guy was here? Zhao Lingyu looked over, ready to receive a hug from the other party.

However, the situation was completely different from what he imagined.

Seeing the large man standing beside him, a head taller than him, Zhao Lingyu became speechless for a while. At this moment, a prompt box appeared in front of him. ‘Ginseng wants to engage in intimate activities with you, do you agree?’

After a moment of silence, Zhao Lingyu nevertheless chose ‘Yes.’ Then Ren Sheng who was originally separated from him, rushed into his arms… No, it should be said that he rushed over into his arms and hugged him.

Reaching out and pushing Ren Sheng away, Zhao Lingyu asked indifferently, “How did you think of using such an appearance?”

“I made it according to you, don’t I look very strong? It’s a pity that they won’t let me use your face or anyone who resembled you too much.” Ren Sheng said excitedly. Ever since he knew that he could set his own appearance, he wanted to have a huge body and naturally he did not hesitate to set it similar to Zhao Lingyu. Unfortunately, the system wouldn’t let him make it look exactly like him and in the end, he had no choice but to choose a face provided by the system.

The body was exactly like his and the height was not half bad. It was obvious that this little boy knew him very well. But he had deliberately chosen a general figure and lowered his height. Compared with the tall ‘him’… even if the difference between the two was not as great as in reality, he was still smaller than Ren Sheng.

He wanted to reduce the height gap between the two, so could this disguise be considered successful?

“Zhao Lingyu, I’m a bit uncomfortable with the appearance you used.” Ren Sheng admired his appearance with great interest and thought…He couldn’t even jump into Zhao Lingyu’s arms anymore!

“Just get used to it,” Zhao Lingyu didn’t know whether he was talking to himself or Ren Sheng. “By the way, you can call me Yu Lin (Rainforest) or Big Brother from now on.”

Ren Sheng nodded. “All right.”

“Let’s go out. I’ll take you to the enlightenment class first and then I’ll take you to the Plant Ability Course to register.” Zhao Lingyu said. Many of Ren Sheng’s behaviors made him look like a plant ability user, but he had found out that Ren Sheng was not a traditional plant ability user. He didn’t even tell his own mother about this, so he wanted to let Ren Sheng first learn about it and understand the situation of plant ability users so he could disguise himself better in the future.

Ren Sheng also knew that he had been mistaken for a plant ability user, but he didn’t dare to ask any questions about it. But now, hearing that he could go and learn about plant ability users, of course he wouldn’t refuse. Except, he originally wanted to hang onto Zhao Lingyu, but when he compared their heights, he found that it wouldn’t work at all.

But he wanted to get close to Zhao Lingyu. It was really strange, he obviously couldn’t feel the refined soil in Zhao Lingyu’s body in this place, so he didn’t know why he still had these kinds of thoughts?

Tangled, Ren Sheng took one of Zhao Lingyu’s arms. However, when he did this, a colorful man suddenly appeared in front of him, while looking at him in shock. 

“Boss? What’s wrong with you?” Wu Shuai felt like he was going crazy. After he found that his own boss’s account had logged on to the starnet, he rushed over and actually saw what appeared to be his boss wrapping his arms around another person. How could his boss behave like this?

“I have something to do now. I’ll find you later.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Only then did Wu Shuai notice the man next to him, who was a little shorter than himself. He found that although he used a popular public face, he was still imposing. Suddenly realizing it was his real boss, he breathed a sigh of relief.

He truly deserved to be his boss. He could make such a strong man look like a little bird relying on someone else.

Wu Shuai looked at Zhao Lingyu with admiration and soon left, leaving Ren Sheng feeling somewhat baffled.

Zhao Lingyu glanced at Ren Sheng and used his guardian’s authority to bind the other person to him. After choosing the location of the tutoring class, they arrived at the destination after the light flashed.

Although there were schools in reality, they were expensive, so many parents chose to educate their children online. Most of these children used their original appearance and a guardian led them into the class in an orderly manner.

“Hello, are you here to enroll your child?” A young girl asked curiously, while looking at the two men in front of her.

These two people should be a loving same-sex couple, right? Their physiques matched, but the behavior of the tall men was somehow awkward. The newly graduated teacher looked secretly at Ren Sheng who looked around, full of curiosity.

“I came to register him,” Zhao Lingyu pointed at Ren Sheng beside him.

“Huh?” The young girl was puzzled.

“I gave this kid the option to automatically select his appearance and he set himself up like this.” Zhao Lingyu said without changing his facial expression and at the same time, helped sign Ren Sheng up for the class.

The girl looked at the basic information and realized that Ren Sheng was using a helmet for minors. However, most parents worried about their children behaving badly, and used their parental authority to set the appearance for their children, so it was rare to see a child that was allowed to play by the adult.

Isn’t this guy afraid that his kid would fall in love with this appearance or something? Anyway, it was too early for people in the beginner class to talk about love.

The young girl glanced at Ren Sheng and after accepting the setting of a four or five year old child in a nearly two meter body, she thought it was kind of cute.


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