In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 27.1 – There’s So Much Refined Soil

Yang Ye waited outside the Zhao’s mansion for a long time without being able to go in. Finally, he could only say a few nice words and leave, ready to find another way.

As a result, before they could even think of a way to get the medical staff into the Zhao mansion, Mr. Teng even took the initiative to open a public channel on starnet and uploaded a photo of Zhao Lingyu.

In the photo, Zhao Lingyu was lying on a bed,and he didn’t look completely fine, but he looked much better than before.

Immediately following the photo, Mr. Teng sent another message that Zhao Lingyu was getting better and needed to rest. However, the treatment method of the Federal Medical Headquarters was not suitable for him.

Originally, many people didn’t understand the Zhao family’s actions of blocking the medical staff, but after seeing such a reply they were left with only giving their blessings. Not only was Yang Ye very angry at this, but even Zhao Lingyu felt a little uncomfortable… he had unexpectedly resolved this matter so quickly.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Teng.” Zhao Lingyu thanked him seriously.

“No need to thank me, it’s just a small matter.” Mr. Teng waved his hand. If Zhao Lingyu had asked him to do something illegal, of course he wouldn’t have agreed to it. But Zhao Lingyu only wanted to get rid of the people from the Federation Medical Headquarters, so he had no reason not to help. “Those people from the Federation government didn’t look right to me. You should be careful.”

He was willing to come over in the first place because he wanted to help Zhao Lingyu, but the people who brought him here obviously thought differently from him. If not for that, he wouldn’t have lost these people before coming here.

Only a strong man like Mr. Teng dared to say that the leadership of the Human Federation was not right. Zhao Lingyu always respected and appreciated Mr.Teng, but when he saw Little Green pestering him, he became a little torn.

Mr. Teng noticed Zhao Lingyu’s gaze and explained, “Although Little Green can understand human speech because of his mutation, no matter how much I teach him, he only has the IQ of a four or five year old child. He often can’t express his ideas clearly, so if it does something wrong please bear with it.”

Mr. Teng spoke politely, although his temperament was sometimes strange, he appreciated Zhao Lingyu. Not to mention that Zhao Lingyu had Ren Sheng next to him. Even though his Little Green was beaten and disliked by him, it was still eager to try to get close to Ren Sheng, making him think highly of Ren Sheng as well.

“Mr. Teng, don’t you find it strange that a plant has the IQ of a four or five year old child? You are not afraid of other people knowing?” Zhao Lingyu inevitably thought of Ren Sheng when he heard Mr. Teng’s words.

“There are so many strange creatures in this universe, Little Green can’t be considered strange compared to others, as for the others… I will always try to protect him as long as I live. When I am nearing the end of my life expectancy, I’ll definitely make arrangements for it first.” Mr. Teng laughed.

“Also…” Zhao Lingyu said, sighing again in secret. Mr. Teng didn’t hide Little Green’s speciality because it didn’t have anything else that could be coveted by others. Just a certain level of intelligence and aggression, but Ren Sheng…

He was afraid it would take a lot more effort for him to protect him.

Worried that Mr. Teng would notice something, Zhao Lingyu no longer continued with this topic and just asked Mr. Teng about his next arrangement. “Mr. Teng, what are your next arrangements? Do you want me to help you find a place to stay?”

“No, no, no, I’ll just live here. Ren Sheng is a very talented plant ability user. I can teach him by staying here.” Mr. Teng said as he looked towards Ren Sheng who had been standing behind Zhao Lingyu without speaking.

“I don’t need you to teach me.” Ren Sheng ducked behind Zhao Lingyu and peeked his small head to look at Mr. Teng. Zhao Lingyu had warned him before not to let Mr. Teng see his flaws. Now, of course he had to hide from this person.

“In the Human Federation, I’m one of the strongest ability users. If you receive my teaching, you will be able to become stronger in the future, not to mention that others will definitely not dare to bully you!” Mr. Teng said. He was in good health and should live for another few decades, so during this time, it would not be difficult for him to protect Ren Sheng. “I’ve lived for so many years and saved a lot of family wealth. If you are willing to be my apprentice, those will be yours in the future.”

“I don’t want it.” Ren Sheng refused without hesitation. He wasn’t an ability user and he didn’t need to be taught by someone. Not to mention that Zhao Lingyu had already said that he would protect him. As for Mr. Teng’s family fortune… all he wanted was the refined soil in Zhao Lingyu’s body, he couldn’t look at anything else.

It’s just a pity that recently the amount of refined soil that could be absorbed was so little…

Mr. Teng didn’t expect that someone would refuse him, so he become inevitably more curious about Ren Sheng, while Zhao Lingyu was soothed – Mr. Teng’s Little Green was now intent on climbing up on Ren Sheng, but his little ginseng wouldn’t leave him.

“Little fellow, you should think about it,” Mr. Teng’s gaze turned from Ren Sheng to Zhao Lingyu. “You should know that the two of you are quite different, so together you will definitely encounter a lot of resistance. But if you become my disciple, no one will gossip about you.”

Ren Sheng still shook his head without hesitation, it was true that he and Zhao Lingyu’s identities were much different. Zhao Lingyu was a human and he was a ginseng, but he couldn’t change that even if he became Mr. Teng’s apprentice.

Rubbing against Zhao Lingyu’s body, Ren Sheng was filled with satisfaction.

He didn’t know what was going on, but even though the smell of refined soil was fading from Zhao Lingyu’s body, he still liked to hug Zhao Lingyu and touch every inch of his muscles.

As Mr. Teng looked at the apprentice he fancied hugging Zhao Lingyu as if no one else was there, a hint of complex emotion flashed in his eyes.

When he was younger, he had also had times when he had such strong feelings for someone, but the feelings would eventually dissipate and in the end, it would be a wasted effort.

However, Ren Sheng had an advantage over him. As a Kay and ability user, he might be able to give birth to the Zhao family’s child.

It’s just that the Zhao family’s child was not so easy to conceive….

“Mr. Teng, there’s no need to force Ren if he doesn’t want to learn from you. Even if he doesn’t know anything, I’ll protect him for the rest of his life.” Zhao Lingyu stated seriously.

Zhao Lingyu’s expression was so convincing that it couldn’t help make people want to believe him. Mr. Teng looked at him and eventually didn’t say anything, but he cheekily stayed.

Mr. Teng was so old that Zhao Peng could call him grandfather. Of course the Zhao family couldn’t get rid of him. In fact, Shen Qiushi felt very honored that he was willing to stay in the Zhao family home, so she prepared an extremely rich dinner.

Although Zhao Peng had recovered after eating the ginseng seeds given by Ren Sheng, his abilities had severely deteriorated. In order to train his ability, he had already left the Zhao family. Therefore, Shen Qiushi, Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng were the only ones who received Mr. Teng and among them, it was Shen Qiushi who sincerely entertained him.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been back to Capital Star. Capital Star’s food is really nostalgic… This is the meat of the Beagle Beast, right? It’s grilled really tender.” Mr. Teng cut a piece of meat and put a small piece of tender green leaf into his mouth, his movement indescribably elegant.

“If Mr. Teng likes it, I will make sure to prepare more next time.” Shen Qiushi said with a smile.

“Thank you very much then.” Mr. Teng smiled, “But I still have one more thing to trouble you with.”

“What is it?” Shen Qiushi asked curiously.

“Little Green likes to drink some plant-use nutrient solution while I eat.” Mr. Teng touched the vine on his arm.

“Lingyu has just ordered a large batch of nutrient solution, I’ll have someone bring some.” Shen Qiushi said. After learning that it was really Little Green who was conscious and not Mr. Teng plotting against Ren Sheng, she became very enthusiastic about both Mr. Teng and Little Green.

The housekeeper quickly brought a large bottle of nutrient solution and Little Green who had been leaning towards Ren Sheng, looked at the large bottle at its feet and stuck its root in it while continuing to stretch its branches towards Ren Sheng.


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