In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 15 – Clarification and Clean-Up

When Mrs. Locke heard Shen Qiushi’s declaration, she hated Wen Yue even more.

As expected, coming from a small family, she surely knew how to use these underhanded methods! 

Who was Zhao Lingyu? He was a national hero! Even if he wasn’t the one who saved Capital Star at that time, the recent publicity would be enough to let the public remember him. Even if the Locke family was at odds with the Zhao family, they were still polite on the surface. This woman was really good. First dragging her own son to the Zhao family to be humiliated and now even dragging her to humiliation!

No matter how much she hated Shen Qiushi, she only dared to make a few subtle jabs to her face and basically quit when she saw fit. But this ‘good’ Wen Yue even dared let people find trouble with Shen Qiushi!

Did she think that this circle was the same as the entertainment industry, where she was a popular superstar and could create a little scandal? 

Mrs. Locke glared at Wen Yue indignantly, then put a gentle expression on her face as she went to Shen Qiushi, “Qiushi, you are under great pressure now. You should walk around more and try to relax. In the future, the Zhao family will need to depend on you.”

At this time, if she turned around and walked away, she might be filmed by someone. Gritting her teeth, Mrs. Locke took Ren Sheng’s hand, abandoning her disgust and praised kindly, “This child is so beautiful and lovely!”

Mrs. Locke’s reaction was expected by Shen Qiushi, but it made Wen Yue’s face turn white. At this time, even if she knew she had taken the wrong step, she could only hold on strong, “Auntie, don’t be angry. Everyone is concerned about brother Lingyu’s health. Are you so happy today because brother Lingyu’s health is improving?”

Wen Yue’s voice was full of concern, as if she was exceptionally worried about Zhao Lingyu.

She had always known how high Zhao Lingyu’s prestige was, so from the beginning to the end, she never accused Zhao Lingyu of anything. When it was hinted that the Zhao family was regretting the marriage, she also deliberately mentioned that Zhao Lingyu was seriously injured and didn’t care about this marriage.

When Zhao Lingyu’s body was like this, it was obviously impossible for him to still care about marriage. So people only hated the Kay who didn’t deserve him or even Shen Qiushi. 

At that time when she was about to succeed, Shen Qiushi destroyed everything.

So this time when she saw Shen Qiushi happily shopping for clothes with Ren Sheng, she was ecstatic.

Zhao Lingyu was still bedridden and should be taken care of by his mother and his yet unmarried spouse, but they were happily shopping with smiles on their faces. Wen Yue believed that Shen Qiushi and the Kay would be criticized.

The public worshipped Zhao Lingyu, but not Shen Qiushi, or even more this Kay. 

Wen Yue asked her questions skillfully. Instead of asking how Zhao Lingyu was, she directly asked if Zhao Lingyu’s health had improved. Shen Qiushi didn’t know if she should praise her for being smart or stupid.

Wen Yue obviously wanted to take advantage of the public’s concern and admiration for Zhao Lingyu to show that Shen Qiushi didn’t care about him enough, so that Zhao Lingyu’s admirers and friends of the Zhao family would have a problem with her. How could she not think of her son when his situation was so bad? How could she still be in the mood to come out and play?  

“You haven’t even visited Lingyu since he came back from the front line, have you? Now, you want to start caring about him?” Shen Qiushi asked rhetorically.

Mrs. Locke felt that something was wrong with Shen Qiushi more and more. At first, she had always thought that Shen Qiushi was bluffing, but now… could it be true that Zhao Lingyu was really starting to recover?

If that’s true… Mrs. Locke’s face became black.

The Human Federation had never been calm and the fight against the aliens had barely stopped. The Human Federation was so large that even though some planets were in rebellion, some were being looted, and some were being taken away, the capital planet at the center of the Human Federation had always been peaceful.

In addition, for interstellar signals to be transmitted, it took time, so often these battles were nothing more than a few meaningless sets of data when they entered the public’s attention and there were only a few people who were interested in the heroes fighting the battles. 

The fact that Zhao Lingyu had such prestige this time, had a great deal to do with the Federation’s propaganda, but if they had known that Zhao Lingyu wouldn’t die, at least the Locke family would have tried to stop them. 

“Wen Yue, you must want me to say that Lingyu is still in poor health? I will need to disappoint you, Lingyu is much better now,” Shen Qiushi said directly.

“I told you the Marshal would be fine. He’s the strongest ability user in the Human Federation. ” Mrs. Locke revealed a surprised expression.

Wen Yue’s face changed a lot and the faces of the reporters turned even paler.

They were all people who had a friendship with the Wen family or directly belonged to the Wen family.  This time, they had tried every means to blend into the Mall. Originally, they just wanted to take a few pictures of Wen Yue and Mrs. Locke, but after seeing the photos of Shen Qiushi and Ren Sheng smiling and shopping for clothes sent by Wen Yue, they all ran over to accuse Shen Qiushi. 

“Auntie, about brother Lingyu’s situation, you shouldn’t tell lies.” Wen Yue could only hold onto this. In fact, she really didn’t believe that Zhao Lingyu would recover.

If Zhao Lingyu really recovered, what the hell had she been doing these days?

“You must really hate him. Do you need Zhao Lingyu to be in bad health for you to be happy?” Ren Sheng was a little confused at first, but now he could see what was going on and stared at Wen Yue with dissatisfaction.

Wen Yue originally wanted to say something, but choked when she heard this.

Ren Sheng, however, didn’t let her go yet. “…And don’t call Lingyu brother. I’m not happy to hear it!” Zhao Lingyu was his, what was this woman doing acting so close to him?! 

“Clap, clap, clap.” There was a sound of applause and soon a handsome man with peach blossom eyes and long sleeves came from outside. Many people followed him. “Well said, what does the Marshal have to do with her? It’s a bit shameless to climb into a relationship that has already ended.”

After he finished speaking, he waved his hand again. “Somebody, drive out all the rats who snuck in and invite out Miss Wen. By the way, we won’t do business with her in the future.”

“Yes, Master Fang.” The people behind the man answered and soon all the reporters were brutally taken out and Wen Yue was also asked to leave.

Seeing Wen Yue go away, Ren Sheng stealthily retracted the roots he had extended. He had wanted to make a fool out of Wen Yue, but it didn’t work out.. anyways, this was also good. He needed to hide his identity as a ginseng spirit. 

Ren Sheng thought no one knew about his little moves, but Shen Qiushi and Master Fang had some doubts. 

People with plant abilities would carry some aggressive seeds for self-defense, but they were not able to pull them away without energy fluctuating. Just now, what kind of plant was that, that could grow roots without leaves? 

Shen Qiushi made a secret note of Ren Sheng’s abnormality, but Master Fang only regarded it as a peculiarity of the Kay. “Madam Zhao and you little brother, I’m really sorry you experienced troubles here. Just put all your spending here today on my tab.”

“I’m not a little brother.” Ren Sheng murmured in dissatisfaction. He was older than all people here, why did everyone think he was small?

When he went back, he must absorb more refined soil and grow up quickly!

“Is it a little sister?” Fang Chengjun suddenly remembered that the Kay people had no gender distinction. “Sorry, I don’t know much about Kay people.”

“Ren is not a Kay.” Shen Qiushi said with a smile.


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